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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Isaiah 11:6 – The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

Growing up, I had a very strong emotional attachment to dogs because of some spiritual issues – demons if you will – that I needed to be delivered from. So, of course, I was a huge fan of Charlie Brown because of Snoopy. I was no different from most people in liking Snoopy best. Indeed, the late creator of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts comic strip from which the characters came, Charles “Sparky” Schultz, stated that he was always concerned that Snoopy would take over the strip, which was never his intention! Unfortunately, Schultz’s worst fears became reality. In the imaginations of most folk, Snoopy comes first and Charlie Brown is the loser butt of jokes. This is just an example of how Satan works to re – direct people’s attention and affection from that which is most important and edifying to that which is ancillary. For instance, maybe Satan cannot stop you from going to church. But if you are not vigilant, he can stop you from caring about what is most important, which is learning, living, and loving God through Jesus Christ, and instead seduce you into directing your attention to rituals, traditions, sacraments, doctrines, personalities, positions, etc. If you are someone who regularly has to fight off wandering attention and sleep during the sermon but are attentive during the rest of the service, then this means you! Either you have the problem and need salvation or deliverance, or your church has the problem and you need to find a new one! This is the same manner of re – direction that Satan uses in something that seems so innocuous and meaningless as Charlie Brown versus Snoopy, and how he has been so effective. This is done to hide the real meaning and inspiration in Peanuts.

And that is most regrettable. While Snoopy certainly had a role in the script, his primary role was that of comic distraction with his secondary – and yet most important – one was societal observation and commentary. The main character was always supposed to be Brown, a boy who despite his many flaws and trials had great character, indefatigable ambition, and indomitable optimism that sprang from his Christian faith. He was based on Schultz himself, a Midwestern Protestant old – fashioned liberal. At the time, Charlie Brown was extremely subversive. Schultz WAS, after all, liberal in a time before mainstream liberal politics declared war on Christianity. (Indeed, in Schultz’s day the right wing was the political movement that represented most anti – Christian ideals.) Schultz not only promoted female empowerment and racial integration, but depicted children as little grownups (he originally wanted his script to be named Li’l Folks) largely absent from adult influence. The amazing irony is that in these evil last days, Peanuts is STILL subversive, but in an entirely opposite context. Female empowerment and racial equality have been embraced (and regrettably replaced with gender feminism and radical racial politics) in “mainstream” cartoons. Further, virtually all cartoons depict adult influence as either absent or negative. But right up until the time of his death, Schultz portrayed Brown as a strong Christian.

This is subversive not so much because contemporary cartoons are more likely to glorify paganism, occult, witchcraft, etc. than Christianity, but because Brown’s Christianity was portrayed in the context of a total lack of adult authority or influence. You never saw any parents telling Brown to go pray, teaching him Bible verses, or taking him to church. Instead, Brown – and his best friend Linus, who if anything was even more put upon than was Charlie – had a spiritual AND intellectual knowledge of Christianity. They were able to relate incidents in the Bible to their daily lives, and draw upon Bible principles to give them strength, inspiration, and motivation in their trying lives. Now contrast this with our current perverse world where we are told that children cannot possibly understand or make their own informed choices about religious beliefs on their own. It is on this basis that prayer, Bible stories, and even Christmas plays and carols were removed from schools! We are told that children cannot be exposed to religion without parental presence and consent, and that religious indoctrination to children is akin to child abuse. We are told by leading child psychologists, psychiatrists, and educators that children are too young to apply logic and reason to religious matters. That we must wait until children get older so that they can form religious opinions on their own. What these people really mean is that they do not want children to form a love for God while they still have an innocent childlike faith! They want you to wait until your child has been exposed to various forms of atheism, skepticism, rationalism, relativism, cynicism, ecumenism, disappointment and disillusionment (demonically influenced areas which schools and other influences are more than happy to provide) to prevent them from ever forming a sincere true Christian faith.

Schultz depicted Charlie Brown and Linus as children possessing not only emotional spiritual religious belief, but an intellectual knowledge foundation to confirm it. Moreover, their faith was not limited to or a function of their rational intellect, but instead their rational intellect was confirmed and enhanced by their faith. Schultz depicted Brown and Linus as being mature spiritual beings independent of adult influence or guidance, daily walking and growing in faith as a result of their trials and circumstances. The mainstream medical, psychological, and educational community would have us believe that life’s disappointments will cause a child to question and ultimately abandon such faith in Christ, but with Charlie and Linus the opposite occurred. And best of all, a clear contrast was made between the virtuous, faithful, longsuffering Charlie and Linus and the other more worldly characters in the strip. The other characters, despite not having to endure the tribulations of Charlie and Linus, had negative traits such as selfishness, pettiness, obsessiveness, and even meanness that Charlie and Linus lacked. Where Charlie and Linus were flawed characters (Charlie the unpopular loser and Linus the insecure dreamer), they did NOT have FLAWED CHARACTER, and their Christian faith was the clear reason why. Moreover, their Christian faith that they had formed and developed in a vacuum, without any adult indoctrinating, guiding, or forcing beliefs onto them, was the reason why!I know what you are likely thinking. You are thinking that I merely transferred my obsession from Snoopy to Brown (and Linus), and that I still have some serious spiritual and psychological issues to deal with. At the very least, I need to watch a good bit less TV and realize that “Peanuts” is fictional! Well, let me tell you that the late Charles Schultz himself would disagree with you, and that moreover Satan would love it if you think in such manner! Let me remind you: Charlie Brown is based on Schultz himself, and Linus on one of Schultz’s own friends! The faith, the Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the God Himself that was in the Charlie Brown character, what MADE the Charlie Brown character, is in millions of children today! Many millions of children all over the world have accepted Christ into their lives. They believe on the Son and strive to love and obey the Father no matter what life throws at them. Satan daily uses the schools, television/music/magazines, popular culture, their friends, churches, and yes their own parents to tempt them, to try to destroy their faith and ultimately them, and yet they still trust him!

These children are the spiritual descendants of Samuel, whom God spoke to at a young age, and David, who slew the giant at a young age. They are spiritual descendants of the little child who made one of the most spectacular miracles of the Bible possible by sharing five loaves and two small fishes with Jesus Christ so that he could feed the five thousand. So, ignore what the child development experts tell you. Ignore even what many preachers and other parents tell you! Our children CAN accept Jesus Christ into their hearts, even at an early age. Our children CAN develop true, sincere faith backed by intellectual knowledge and develop real power, even at a young age. Our children CAN become little evangelists, prophets, teachers, preachers, ministers, servants, etc. for Christ, even at a young age. Our children can even provide critical spiritual assistance to learned adults, even at a young age.

Contrary to popular belief, childhood is not the worst time for a child to be evangelized. Childhood is not the worst time for a child to give his life to Christ. Childhood is not the worst time for a child to begin to work for Christ. Instead, it is the best time. Why? Because that is when a child’s faith is strongest. All one has to do is merely transfer the strong faith that a child has in his parents and adults to the True Parent, the True Father, the True Vine! And yes, this can be done without participation from the parents. This SHOULD be done without the consent of the parents. Why? Because a saved child can lead his unsaved parents. And even if the parents never become saved, why should the child not be used by God? Why should the child face condemnation? Nay, the children of this country – of this world – need to be preached the gospel. They need salvation, regardless of what the adults say!

There is this Bible verse and accompanying doctrine that states that when you are young, you must receive milk because you are not ready for meat, and when you are older and ready you receive meat. Again, read the Bible with a spiritual mind, with faith and understanding! That has nothing to do with chronological age! Instead, it refers to spiritual condition, which is a function of faith. A little child’s faith can far surpass that of a very old man, especially if that man’s spirit has been corrupted by a lifetime of experiences apart from God. But because we misunderstand the scriptures; we want to protect our kids; and because we are secretly jealous of them and do not want them to surpass us in knowledge and faith (especially at such a young age) we stunt their spiritual development. We hide spiritual truths from them, keeping them babes. We spend virtually their entire childhoods teaching them the same Bible stories over and over again. The Bible is NOT a bedtime storybook! It is the truth, the Word of God! We should be teaching children how to read the Bible, how to do the things in the Bible, how to have faith, how to have power. Why cannot a child cast out devils in the name of Christ Jesus? Why cannot a child evangelize, teach, heal, or prophesy? Why cannot a child speak in tongues? Why cannot a child use his or her gifts to glorify God? Why cannot a child take leadership positions in the church, especially over other children? What matters is not the body but the spirit, and the child who gives his heart to God already has a grown Holy Spirit within him, and if that child has faith the Holy Spirit can guide that child to do anything that God wills! Why do we allow the state of someone’s physical body to try to limit what God is capable of working through that person to do?

And why do we cede God’s authority to man? Why cannot a child still be evangelized and saved even if his parents disagree? It may be hard. You may be criticized, scorned, even accused of harming the child. But were not many faithful accused, tried, even slain for the gospel? What we are trying to do is to get the church to the next level, and do not think that it will happen without resistance, without trials, without pain. But if it is the will of God, it will happen, and it will happen so that God alone will be glorified. It will happen to do the will of God alone, not any man, including any parents; including any schoolteacher; including any government bureaucrat, including any child development expert, including any child welfare social worker. Joel 2:32 says that whoever will call on the name of God through Christ Jesus shall not only be saved, but also receive spiritual deliverance. Do you honestly believe that a child cannot be “whoever”?

Just as God used a mule to warn Balaam, he can use a child to do his will. We need to get our children, our little boys and girls, to be as Linus and Charlie Brown; to walk in faith. To love God and trust him no matter what happens with that awesome childlike faith. We need to put aside our own precious egos and learn from whoever will open their hearts and allow God to use them. We need to see that if God was able to use Samuel and David, he can use our kids. Our kids can be those prophesied by Joel in 2:28-29. Give me one good reason why this does not include the children? Even if it does not, why cannot we train up children in the way they should go, revealing to them the Word, the spiritual and intellectual, from a young age, so that they will be used in the manner that God wants them to as Joel prophesied when they are 16? Why do we have to give them over to the world to be corrupted, and then have to go pull them out of the street, spend years getting them back to where they would have been to begin with, and they won’t fulfill Joel 2 until they are 30 or 40 years old? What profit is there in that? So they can have their childhood? So they can fit in with their friends? So they can be happy? A thousand times no! Psalm 1:1 applies to children! Children can corrupt themselves and be corrupted! Children can sin! Why do we ignore that fact?

Why do we run away from the reality that Satan wants to destroy our kids? Why do we ignore that record numbers of children are being molested, neglected, and abused? Why are we not questioning why record numbers of children are experiencing problems ranging from asthma to autism, and not asking if they are demonic in nature? Why are we giving our children over to atheist and secular experts and doctors, with their Ritalin prescriptions, humanism, and paganistic New Age practices? Would it not be better to tell our children about God, about Christ, about the apostles and prophets, about Satan and demons, about the rapture and judgment, about the war between good and evil that God has already won, about original sin and redemption through the cross, about salvation by grace than to let them absorb all this evil in cartoons and video games? To allow them to hang out with the children of witches, occultists, pagans, devil worshippers, etc.? People are going to come at you with the lie that you cannot shelter your child; you cannot protect your child from everything; you have to teach them how to deal with the real world by letting them experience it. No, you cannot protect your child from everything, BUT GOD CAN! Instead of allowing your child to experience sin, allow your child to experience GOD through JESUS CHRIST! What kind of foolishness is shielding our children from the true power that they can have in Jesus Christ while exposing them to sin? Your children can experience “the real world” and go as lambs among wolves the right way: under the guidance and protection of Christ Jesus! They can deal with the children of devils – and the devils themselves – the way God intends them to. God can use them to win converts among the heathen. God can even use them to go against and cast down those who will not convert.

Why not? Did not God use David in the same manner? Did he not use Samuel? Did he not even use Jeremiah after Jeremiah complained of being too young? Are your children inferior to David, Samuel, and Jeremiah? To the contrary, your children should be doing greater things than David, Samuel, and Jeremiah! Why? Because unlike them, your child is living under the New Testament, the New Covenant! Unlike them, your child can be saved by grace if he gives himself to God and believes. Unlike them, your child has the power in the name of Jesus Christ. Your child does not have to throw a rock at the Goliaths that he or she will face on a daily basis. Your child can merely say “Go, in the name of Jesus Christ” and the demons in those Goliaths will have to move! Those bullies will have to run! Or better yet, once the demons in that bully goes, your child will be able to witness to that bully, whether it is a playground bully or some humanistic teacher, principal, or “guidance counselor”! If you do not believe this, it is not my problem, it is not God’s problem, it is not even your child’s problem, it is your own lack of faith, and you need to get on your knees and pray. You need to open your Bible and read. You need to turn on the TV or radio and hear some Holy Ghost filled preaching so your faith can come back. You need to get to the point where you can stop standing in your child’s way. You need to get to where you are like Samuel’s mother: a parent who gives up the child to God from day one! Are you not the equal of Samuel’s mother? Should you not be able to surpass the faith of Samuel’s mother, since unlike her you have your God living inside of you? Since your God’s Son who was God himself bought and paid for you and your child on the cross, and rose again to give you the victory over the lack of faith and the worldliness that you are experiencing now?Yet you would rather let your child watch the same demon filled TV shows, play the same demon – filled video games, and consume the same demon – influenced music and videos as the little unsaved boys and girls down the street. You let your little child’s imagination become the devil’s playground. Who knows what evil thoughts, what abominations Satan is pumping into your child’s spiritually neglected brain. Get up! Take your child’s mind off of idle idolatry! Get your child meditating on God! Get your child to find out how he or she can contact the spirit realm! Get your child to the point where he or she talks to God and God talks back? Why else do you think that God gave you a child? For what other reason? What difference is there between the upbringing that you give your child and the upbringing that everyone else gives them? So you take your child to church. So do Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and wiccans! Are you not better than they? Show it! Stop taking your child to the BUILDING and take your child to GOD! Instead of practicing the ways of the unsaved and playing the games that the unsaved children play, your child should be practicing preaching and laying on hands. They should be imitating Joshua, Moses, Deborah, and Paul, not whatever demons and conjurers they see in these fantasy cartoons and video games. Let go of the fear. Let go of the spiritual laziness. Let go of the worldliness. Renounce the lies that the followers of Satan have put into your head concerning how to raise a child. Surpass the standard set by the modern day Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes with their dead rituals, traditions, and religion. Leave those synagogues of Satan behind. And above all, quit being jealous because your child has more faith than you do. Quit thinking that your child has to run through the same sewer that you ran through; that he or she has to eat and drink from the same pig trough that you did in order to experience life, be happy, or be truly saved. Give your child to God so God can protect your child. Give your child to God so God can raise your child. Give your child to God so God can use your child. Do that, and you will see that a little child can lead you … if you are willing to follow.

Prayer:Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, I give my children unto thee to do what you what you will with them. I surrender myself completely unto you so that I will not corrupt my children or allow them to be corrupted. Lord, I will not be jealous of my children or my faith. Lord, may I desire my children to have a better, cleaner spiritual life than my own. Lord, if you will, may I learn and emulate my child’s childlike faith. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Deliverance:The demons that operate in this area are jealousy, religion, false doctrine, worldliness, idolatry, witchcraft, and occult. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!