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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Isaiah 53:5 – But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Most Christians realize that when Christ died on the cross, He made us physically healed. The Christians who have knowledge of spiritual warfare also know that Christ’s death and resurrection gave us spiritual healing through deliverance from demon spirits, including from those that cause mental and severe emotional problems. But how many of us know that Christ’s death and resurrection also gave us healing from emotional pain and hurts? That is often not taught, not even in the church. We are instead taught that we are either supposed to simply “get over” our emotional pain or to “live with them.” Indeed, we regard the ability to either suppress or function around and despite emotional pain a sign of our character; evidence of salvation! Some people even regard it as a type of forgiveness. That is wrong teaching, my brothers and sisters in Christ! Jesus Christ did not come to help you have a better time to live out your sentence, He came to set the captives free! And Jesus Christ did not come to get you out of maximum security prison for a felony only to see you transferred to minimum security prison or to a halfway house or to work – release or even to probation for a misdemeanor. Jesus Christ died for ALL your sins, took the weight for ALL that you have gone through, the punishment for ALL that you have hurt or have been hurt by to set you totally free!

It seems that far too many of us in the church have taken on worldliness. We have read too many psychology and psychiatry books. We watched too many talk shows. We have failed to detect all the humanism and New Age witchcraft and occult omnipresent in the television shows that we watch, the news articles that we read, or in our school textbooks. So, we think that it is just OK to sit around and stew in the smelly festering boiling cauldrons of our own bad feelings. We think that if we just talk about it, assert our will over it, understand it, and just convince ourselves that we feel better about it, that it will just go away, or at least we can live with it. If we are still upset that our father left us, then we are supposed to just tell ourselves that he was human and made a mistake. If we are still upset that our wife cheated on us, then we are supposed to accept that maybe we did not listen and were not attentive to her needs. If our child is in jail and we feel that we failed them as parents, we are supposed to blame the lack of afterschool programs, suitable role models, and the flawed culture. Nothing to solve the problem, just excuses to help us feel better about having them!

Do we not realize how unbiblical this is? Did not Jesus Christ tell us that nothing good can come from our just sitting around philosophizing about our problems or anything else? Our problems are not to be pondered, contextualized, and placed in some framework! Our problems are to be overcome with the Blood of the Lamb! We are erroneously taught that suffering trials and tribulations make us stronger. Were that the case, the unbelievers would be strong too, for do not the unbelievers also suffer trials and tribulations? We do not become stronger by HAVING trials and tribulations, we do not become stronger for ENDURING trials and tribulations, we do not become stronger for SURVIVING trials and tribulations! Do not the unsaved the same? We become stronger for OVERCOMING trials, tribulations, and diverse temptations by the Blood of the Lamb, by resisting Satan to force him to flee through the Name of Jesus Christ! Our emotional problems are not just something to live with, learn to accept, get over, or work around! They are for us to slay, destroy, overcome, for our God to arise and make scatter through the Name of Jesus Christ! We have been given power over them in the Name of Jesus Christ!

And do not think that I am just bashing the “modern New Age sensitivity.” The old – fashioned way is no better. Men were told “to be strong.” “Real men don’t cry.” Women were taught to find some big strong male shoulder to cry on. So the man does not cry, the woman cries all the time, and they are both worse off than they were before! Why not just solve the problem? To illustrate how foolish this is, imagine if your emotional problem was a health one; say it was cancer. Or if it was not even something life – threatening like cancer but merely a cosmetically disfiguring scar on your face. You would not desire to “get over it” or “live with it” or “understand it.” No, you would want to get rid of it! To be healed of it! Well let me tell you something, the emotional baggage that we carry around is much worse than a scar. It saps our strength, diverts our faith, wastes our time, and yes it does compromise our health and open doors for demons to enter! So that is why we cannot accept the ways of the world. We must use Godly methods, spiritual methods, to deal with the way that we are feeling inside.
I suppose that now you expect me to say that the first step is to accept that you have a problem, and once you do that then you can deal with it. No, that is so wrong, again it is of the world. The first step is to ASSERT, NAME, AND CLAIM that YOU DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM, THAT YOU NEVER DID HAVE A PROBLEM, BECAUSE BY HIS STRIPES YOU ARE ALREADY EMOTIONALLY HEALED! Tell that emotional problem or issue that it is just a trespasser on God’s property, that it has been discovered and found out, that it has no right there, and that in the Name and by the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ it has got to move! It has got to GO RIGHT NOW OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND INTO THE DRY PLACES BY THE BLOOD AND IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! And by the Blood of Jesus Christ that emotional issue, that emotional demon is BOUND from you and your body, spirit, soul, and mind are sealed off, protected, with a hedge around it FOREVER from that emotional issue demon and all like it IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

And do not forget about prayer. Go to the throne of God in the Name of His Son Jesus. Entreat the Lord God in the Name of Jesus for His wisdom, His strength, His power, His mercy, His love. Ask Him to deliver you. Ask Him to cleanse you. Ask Him to forgive you, to make you over, to make you right, to make you in a manner that pleases Him. Ask Him to wipe the tear away from your eyes, to breach the gap, to close the hurt. Men, there is no need for you to be Mr. Man all tough guy, get down on your knees and cry. God wants to be your Daddy, the only real Daddy that many of you will ever have, and make it better. Before God you can take off the mask, admit your flaws and insecurities and weaknesses, and acknowledge that it is just a game and you cannot stand without His foundation. But know that once your feet is on THE ROCK you can withstand anything and be that man of God that God wants you to be! Know that once you submit yourself for real with God, that once you start being real with God, what God is going to build on you the very gates of hell cannot prevail against it!And God has not forgotten about you either ladies. Stop looking for love in all the wrong places trying to fix that hole in your heart. Super glue won’t fix it ladies, and neither will the latex on those condoms that you probably can’t get those men that aren’t even your husbands to wear anyway. If you are looking for some big tall shoulder to lay down and cry on, if you are looking for someone to curl up with and talk to when you are lonely at night, God is there. Yes, I am talking to you married ladies too! If you have an emotional issue, then that is almost certainly blocking your relationship with your husband from becoming what God wants it to be. So the result is that you are in pain and your husband is in pain, both of you feel distant from each other, neither one of you knows why, and neither of you want to leave because you still love each other and you love God more. So take that problem to God and let Him fix it. Then get your husband to take HIS problem to God and let Him fix it. That is when the distance that the enemy has worked to plant those emotional issues in your life to put between you can be bridged … when you pray to your God and He scatters those emotional issues like chaff from the draft coming from a fiery furnace!

You do not need to be told how to cope with your emotional problems. You need to be told how to be DELIVERED from them! A great resource on this topic is the book by Bishop David G. Evans’ “Healed Without Scars.” Anyone who is giving you any other message is espousing bad doctrine, and not only do you need to go seek the right one, but you also need to correct that bad teacher if the bad teacher will hear. By and with His stripes you are TOTALLY HEALED! Accept, claim, and walk in your emotional healing today!

Lord in the name of Jesus Christ I accept my emotional healing today. Please Father God may all the members of the Body of Christ know that emotional healing is already theirs and may they claim it an walk in it. Lord God may the emotional pain and hurts of those outside the Body of Christ drive them to receive salvation through Christ so that their souls can be saved first and then their emotions can be healed. May your saints go forth spreading the message of emotional healing through the Blood of Jesus Christ to all that you would have them preach it to. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Deliverance:The demons that operate in this area are rationalism, New Age, humanism, false doctrine, false teaching, religion, rejection, resentment, fear, bitterness, insomnia, and lack of peace. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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