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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

II Samuel 22:50 – Therefore I will give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and I will sing praises unto thy name.

Once I read a newspaper article about a prominent performer of Brazilian ritual dances. This fellow put so much effort into his routine that he would lose several pounds during a show and cover everyone seated in the front rows with sweat. The large adoring crowds that paid large sums of money to see him not only did not mind being sprayed with his body fluid, they considered it a fringe benefit, a thrill, even an honor! Admiration was universal for this artist except for one dissenter – an expert scholar and critic in the field of Brazilian ritual dance – who had seen a performance and pronounced himself disappointed, because the dancer did not experience a state of “uncontrolled euphoria”; a “spiritual elevation” during the show, which according to him all “authentic” performers of this ritual routinely experienced. So, he derided the fellow as a “pop star” who was merely serving as an entertainer for unknowledgeable non – Brazilian crowds, not someone who was truly devoted to and excellent at this ritual dancing.

Now all Christians who choose not to go through life with blinders on know the truth: this Brazilian ritual dance is paganism, literal devil worship. Those who immerse themselves into this dance – and whatever else goes with it – obviously become possessed by demons, with the most dedicated becoming so possessed that the demons manifest by taking control over the body of the dancer! In “Pigs In The Parlor”, Frank and Ida Mae Hammond refer to one of this class of demons as “the demon of worldly dancing” and speak of their experience casting it out of a man, but obviously those demons merely open the door to much more powerful demons, including but not limited to witchcraft, violence, and sexual immorality of all sorts. So the critic was not only denouncing the dancer for not being sufficiently devoted to Satan and devil worship to the point where he was totally owned by demons, but he was attempting to wage a public campaign of intimidation, humiliation, and financial pressure to FORCE this performer to totally sell out to the enemy! Only by doing so would he be recognized as “a legitimate artist” by the experts and his countrymen!

Now realize that Satan’s kingdom and ways are in many respects a twisted, depraved, corrupted, inferior imitation of The Real Thing from which he was cast down; The Kingdom Of The One True Most High God. God has his people worship him with dancing, singing, and other forms of praise, so Satan has his evil workers do the same. Just as God’s followers have prayers, Satan’s followers have chants. God’s people have the cross, anointed oils, and other symbols and sacraments, and devil worshippers have a wide array of objects and symbols. And just as worshipping God causes an outpouring of the Holy Spirit with all the gifts and fruits thereof (including but not limited to power), devil worshippers acquire more demons – and more powerful ones – with their idolatry. And so on.

But there is one difference. Where people owned by Satan urge each other to become more open, demonstrative, intense, dedicated, and aggressive during their rites, many, even most Christians do the opposite! Indeed, can you imagine an expert scholar and critic claiming that an internationally acclaimed award – winning Christian or gospel artist was not authentic unless he or she were prone to vigorous “holy dancing” during performances? Note that I did not say prophecy, speak in tongues, or any other takeover of the Holy Spirit or even emotion i.e. “shouting”? Of course not! Rather, precisely the opposite pressure is applied to Christians, and furthermore virtually all of it comes from the church!

And it would have to! Sinners whose children go out and head – bang and simulate obscene violence and sexual activity not only every weekend in clubs but frequently during the week in their very houses – with many often losing control in the process – are not in the position to throw stones at Christians from their glass houses! After all, there have been no reported incidents of Christians who are doing the holy dance and speaking in tongues one minute and committing rapes, murders, assaults, and self – mutilation the next! Not only are sinners unable to make the same claim, but the true carnage is not reported nearly so much as it would be if it WERE Christians doing it! For instance, imagine were it Christians killing their parents, friends, classmates, innocents, and committing suicide instead of kids who listen to heavy metal and rap music and playing violent and demonic role playing video and board games. And imagine had the Columbine killers been fundamentalist or evangelical Christians rather than homosexual video game and heavy metal music addicts, especially since they were racists who took special care to kill the only black person that they saw during their rampage, shouting “I hate n*ggers!” in the process! So no, sinners are in no position to suppress our praise! But CHRISTIANS go ahead and do the job for them!

It was not always this way, and it should have never become this way! The proof is in the Bible. Most obviously, how many references to praise and worship are in the Psalms alone? And those references to praise have nothing in common with the sedate routine that passes for the poor imitation of worship that goes on in most churches. Psalm 150 (conspicuously saved for last!) is not only a command but an EXHORTATION for the believer to praise the Lord any where and which way he can! Furthermore, Psalms 34, 71, and 72 speak of CONTINUOUS praise.

Why? Because the Lord not only smiled on it, but he COMMANDED it! Christians have allowed ourselves to be focused only on the calls for solemnity and affliction. The fasting and praying with sackcloth and ashes. The mourning and lamentations. That happened, but most of it was either the result of sin, remembrance of a solemn occasion like Passover or The Last Supper, or to control the behavior of people when in the direct presence of the Lord in the tabernacle and temple lest God slay them as he did Nadab, Abihu, and Uzzah. So we are WRONGLY told that the only way to get God’s attention is with a broken heart. We WRONGLY apply the ceremony of solemn assemblies to ALL assemblies, purposefully shoving aside all the joyous assemblies and days of feasting!

Even worse, we assign the same behavior to victorious saints as we do penitent sinners! In the Bible, when the children of Israel went out into battle and were defeated, they put on sackcloth and ash and mourned and fasted, because the reason for their defeat was their sin of some sort, and they were trying to petition God in hopes of finding his favor again! But when the children of Israel WON BATTLES, it was ALWAYS followed by praise, singing, and thanking God!
The most explicit example that God doesn’t want his people to go around moping was when Samuel was mourning Saul. God told Samuel to get up! And why not? Saul should have mourned for his own sin! If he had, then he and his house would have been spared! But Samuel had not sinned, so what reason did he have to mourn? And Samuel also had no reason to mourn for Israel, for God was going to replace Samuel with David!
Going before God mourning when you have no reason to mourn does not please God. It offends him! There were several instances in the Bible where God stated that he rejected and hated insincere solemn fasting, prayer, and assemblies. God likes TRUE hearts, not pretenders! And if you have nothing to be solemn about, then you are a pretender! Instead of truly seeking the heart and will of God, you are just putting on an act because you want something, or because you are trying to appear pious before men! Remember what Jesus said about those who affected a sad countenance? What makes people think that their attempts to play manipulative emotional games with God is going to work?

But you see going all the way back to the time of David, there have been attempts to muzzle the praise of the saints, and they come from Satan himself. Recall that Michal, who tried to shame David out of completely giving himself over to the glory of God, was the daughter of SAUL! Unlike the virtuous Jonathan, with Michal the apple did not fall far from the tree! Saul loved himself and the opinions of the people more than God, and Michal cared more about the evil women that would mock her over her husband’s nudity than she did the recovery of the ark! David chose “vile praise” over the modest, dignified version that goes on at many churches! Make no mistake, the same people who are ashamed of and embarrassed by the unrestrained praise of their God will receive the same curse as Michal did. Moreover, if you are ashamed and embarrassed by God and things related to God, he will be ashamed of and embarrassed by you! The reason: the same as Saul and Michal. It is not as if the shame and embarrassment over praise is PERSONAL. No, it is shame and embarrassment before MEN. Not only that, it is shame and embarrassment before MEN who do not love God! In that, not only do you regard YOURSELF more than you regard your God, you regard SINNERS WHO HATE YOUR GOD MORE! And of course, such would make God so displeased that he is not going to want you in his presence!

Moreover, the Bible offers clear evidence that praise and worship was God’s plan. First, you had the wall of Jericho, where God told the Levites to march before the ark of the covenant blowing rams horns, and then the people giving a shout with the Levites blowing a hornblast when they were through marching around the city. Now I would imagine that their behavior might have seemed undignified – especially to the Palestinians – but God heard their PRAISE and knocked down the wall! Not their mourning, not their affliction, and certainly not their dignified public behavior but their PRAISE! Then later during the time of David and Solomon, at the instruction of God FOUR THOUSAND LEVITES WERE ASSIGNED THE SINGULAR PERMANENT JOB OF CONDUCTING PRAISE AND WORSHIP IN THE TEMPLE! Obviously not only did this please God, but he placed a very high priority on it. There was – and is – a reason, and it is for that same reason that Satan endlessly tries to attack and destroy our praise!

That reason is: praise is powerful. Whenever there is sincere praise, it results in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the lost, causing them to come to Christ. Furthermore, it awakens the Holy Spirit that is already within the found, giving them great power. When I say great power, I mean the power to heal, prophecy, raise the dead, cast out demons! Not only does liberating people from sickness, death, and demon oppression torment demons in its own right, but the people who see those things have their faith increased! It reminds them that they are not serving a dead, absentee God. It reminds them that if they would only serve God and have faith that all things are possible … that God will supply all their needs and legitimate desires! Such people would become filled with such faith and power that they would begin to praise God even BEFORE they receive their blessing! Why not? They have seen such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that they have no reason to doubt that it is going to come! I do not know that if you have ever seen anyone delivered from demon oppression or healed before, or if you have seen someone prophecy and it be confirmed true, but it is an amazing sight! Virtually anyone who witnesses it will inevitably come to the conclusion that if God is capable of such awesome displays of supernatural wonder, then certainly he can handle routine things like fixing their marriage, causing their kids to be obedient, and solving financial problems. And as the Bible says, faith in small things leads to faith in big things! Someone who becomes faithful that God will fix his marriage and acts on that faith by going back to his wife will in short order also gain the faith to do supernatural things too! And yes, these supernatural acts will also happen in the presence of sinners and the lukewarm. What better way to turn sinners into converts and lukewarms into hots than having them witness miracles before their very eyes during extended fervent praise services?

Further, let me revisit the speaking in tongues, prophesying, and even the holy dancing (when the Holy Spirit takes over a person) followed by a person going semi – conscious on the floor. The charismatic churches who are heavily into this have a bad reputation, sure. Not all of it is undeserved because many who have religious and doctrinal demons control many of these congregations, and others are run by outright witches who have duped their congregation into paganism unawares. But if you get a SINCERE charismatic congregation (i.e. one whose charismatic character is the result of sincere unrelenting pursuit of God through sound doctrine), the result is a real power center! Power, knowledge, and wisdom can the only result of the tongues, prophesying, and Holy Spirit takeovers. Its members receive visions and all sorts of revelations, and have faith that their God can do anything. Such churches are modern incarnations of the early church described in Acts 2 (among other places), as well as fulfill the prophecy of Joel 2:27-29 and confirmed again in Acts 2:16-18! And it is these churches that witches, devil worshippers, and other agents of Satan work to hard to infiltrate, pressure, and destroy! This is something that the Body of Christ must stand against!

But make no mistake, praise is what makes it all possible. Why? BECAUSE PRAISE DRIVES OFF DEMONS! They simply cannot stand being around a bunch of people praising God, especially when the praise and worship centers around Jesus, his blood, and his victory on the cross! And when the Holy Spirit comes down and people start describing the very nature of God and His Kingdom in unknown tongues and talking about things which will come to pass (i.e. the impending defeat and eternal torment of those very same demons) they simply cannot stick around! So the agents of shame, fear, doubt, accusing, corruption, sickness, hate, distraction, lies, defeat, and whatever other maladies that oppress or inhibit the saints are by and large absent from the area when the praise gets sincere and fervent. Unfortunately some do remain, especially in and around those who are doggedly unpenitent and bound, but even those are severely weakened and furthermore have no influence over the redeemed.

What is most effective is people who despite all of their doubts, fears, troubles and afflictions still manage to reach the state of exaltation. Some come to the conclusion that despite all that they are going through, God is still good! Others forget about what they are going through on earth and start thinking about the joy of Heaven! Others manage to attain the faith that God is going to one day pull them out of the mire that they are in! And for still others, it becomes a cathartic experience: an outpouring and release of grief, pain, sorrow, regret, stress, tension, and fear that could never be attained in a million years on a psychiatrist’s couch! Now it is THAT LAST GROUP who really turn the hand of God, unlock the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and cause the unbelievers and the lukewarm to believe. It is that LAST GROUP that sets in motion the events that sets the captives free! The very people who have every right to seek God with solemnity because of what they have done or what they are going through choose to praise instead! And this is what TRULY DEMORALIZES THE DEMONS! These were people who the demons had bound, right in their clutches. Either they were in these people, hanging around them, or working in their environments to create situations conducive to their frustration and failure. It is these people who have taken all that the demons can throw at them, their best shots and more, and are not only still standing, still holding on, but praising, overcoming, and winning the victory!
The best part is, not only are they winning the victory for themselves, but for everyone else in the place! The rushing in and outpouring of the Holy Spirit like gushes of wind, like cloven tongues of fire, like descending doves doesn’t just fall on them! And why should it? When people see the single mothers, the drug addicts, the homeless, the unemployed, the widows, the lonely, the divorced, the rejected and dejected scorned and ridiculed, the divorced, the ill and in pain, the people with kids in jail or serving in the military in some foreign battlefield somewhere, and THOSE LITERALLY AT DEATH’S DOOR get set free by their praise, not only do they get happy for them (and they do) but it increases their faith! And when THEIR faith, compassion, love, and joy increases, they get set free too! And when that happens, the demons have to go. And without the demons literally shrouding the minds, wills, hearts, and even bodies of the people, that is when sinners start to get convicted and feel the love and fear of God and all other sorts of miracles start to happen; because the people BELIEVE!

Yet, in the overwhelming majority of churches this NEVER HAPPENS! In most of the rest, it SELDOM HAPPENS! Why? Because of tradition. Religion. Culture. Routine. Ceremony. Appearances. Those and all of the other tricks of the enemy that the churches have not only accepted, but wholesale embraced! On one side of town, the entire church service is planned out in advance. I am not just talking about the sermon, but the entire service! Week in, week out, it is the same thing, with no variation. Conformity is demanded, emotion is repressed. A skilled preacher in this environment can both appeal to the intellect, play on the heart strings a little bit, and get everyone home in time to watch the football game or go have a cookout in the park. When people talk about what a great time they had in church, they describe it after the same manner as they would a car or some other device or machine! Well machines at first are cold and unfeeling, but over time they run hot and wear down! And that is precisely what has happened to many of our “institutional” churches, whose members no longer try to do the things that Moses, Elijah, Joshua, and Jesus Christ did. They no longer seek to be men after God’s own heart like David, to walk with God and not be found like Enoch. They no longer seek to have the quiet faith and resolve like Mary, the fire of Peter, the courage of Esther, the faithfulness of Ruth, the lack of regard for self of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo, or the ambition of Elisha. They are not seeking the startling transformation from Satan’s zealot to God’s zealot of Paul, or to follow the Holy Spirit seeking those whom we may help transform. They are not seeking simply to love and be loved like John. They are even seeking just to be faithful and make it in like many a minor and unnamed character in the Bible. And they are certainly not thinking about being martyred like Stephen! No, to these people, these are all stories, stories which they no longer even believe! To them the Bible is not living and true because they are not living and true, and they are not living and true because they have no praise! So these churches merely busy themselves with works and contending amongst themselves.

And even that is preferable to the church on the other side of town; the fake charismatic church. These are the churches where the ministers deliver fiery sermons, the dance and praise teams are energetic, the musicians are grooving, the choir is rocking, the people are jumping and screaming and running around the room, and not one of them feels a thing! These people are merely imitating the charismatic churches (usually the fake ones and even the demon’s dens masquerading as churches) that they have seen on TV or read about. Now when I say “read about”, I do not mean in THE BIBLE, but in some newspaper, history book, or religious periodical! Were these churches to actually follow the example of the Bible, they’d be real churches! Maybe not real charismatic churches, but real enough to help get people who come there seeking God through Christ to Heaven, and that is good enough! But instead of working on being “real” or “real enough”, they imitate and affect other people’s shouting and speaking in unknown tongues. Further, many of the people that they are imitating were simply imitating themselves! It has been rumored that some of these churches hold training seminars on how to speak in unknown tongues! It is not that these people are too lazy or dumb to follow the Bible and acquire the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit for real. It is that despite their fire and brimstone pretensions, they have no more faith that God’s Word is true, alive, relevant today, and that they can and SHOULD be doing the very same things that the Bible characters did in the Name of Jesus Christ. Fundamentally, they are no different from the church that treats the Bible as a bunch of allegories and tall tales across town. For that reason, their praise is not real, and offends God just as much as the aforementioned fake sacrifices and solemn assemblies! Lest you be deceived and ensnared by such a church, there are two tests. One is whether the church members show love, and the other is whether they produce works! And by works I do not mean food drives to feed the hungry or successful fundraising that builds huge cathedrals, but supernatural works of the Holy Spirit!

A perusing of history could probably turn up when praise was run from the “respectable” churches and the stated reason why. It could have been when the church leaders began to promote the notion that consistent ritual was the way to Heaven. It could have been because church leaders began to associate happiness of any sort as sinful; of spontaneous expression as disruptive; of utterances and visions as evidence of demon possession! My personal uneducated guess is that it either directly preceded or coincided with the church becoming not only virulently anti – Semitic but oppressive of its own members, but that issue is perhaps best left to the scholars and theologians. What is most important is the realization that the root of the suppression of praise is Satan, and it is done to achieve Satan’s goals! The proof of this is that it is those who worship SATAN who rely on ritualism and repetition. It only BECOMES random when a demon spirit enters into or manifests through a person as a result of or following the ritualism or repetition. By contrast, true worship of God is often spontaneous, flexible, and organic even BEFORE the Holy Spirit takes over! Why? Because God is love! When you praise God, you give God love and he gives it back! As a result, you are happy, and the joy manifests itself in ways that you cannot predict, control, or even contain! Meanwhile, devil worship is all about hate and selfishness, which is the nature of Satan himself. Experiencing true happiness or joy as a result of the worship is impossible. It can only be affected by the abuse of drugs and alcohol and with sexual intercourse, always a prominent feature of devil worship no matter what type or where or when it occurs.

The bottom line is that when Jesus Christ comes back, he is going to come back for a church that will vigorously praise the occasion, not one that will do some dignified toe – tapping from the same program that they have been using for 100 years. Not one that will be praise imitators. Nay, it will be one that has the love and joy in their hearts to appreciate the occasion, not to mention the faith to KNOW that the occasion is ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN THE WAY THE BIBLE SAYS IT WILL! Now I am not going to claim that praise is the most important part to being a Christian. But I do say that it is an integral part to true Christianity; far more important than many of the things that we spend a lot of time on (i.e. arguing over doctrine and administrative issues and fomenting competition/acrimony between the various sects and denominations) when we should be praising! Praise must return to the church, and we are the generation that must bring it back!

Prayer:Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that the true church again returns to the vigorous glorification of your Name and Glory. May the praise and worship come back, and the result be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the land as your word prophesied. Father God, I believe that the root of the lack of praise is unbelief combined with demonic forces; please help the people to believe and send your angels to subdue and rout the demons. Lord, your Word says that faith comes by hearing the Word of God, may these troubled days send the multitudes to seek the Word, and please lead them to where they may find it. And Lord, those who have accepted Christ but have grown weak in the faith because they have neglected your Word, please bring them back in and cause them to again immerse themselves in your Word and in love (including for their neighbor and for You above all) and obedience. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


Religion, doubt, fear, control, witchcraft, and false doctrine are the demons who operate in this area. These demons get a lot of support from principalities, as well as from human agents of Satan who attack the church directly and with subversion to stop, minimize, or redirect the worship and praise of the saints! It even includes “gospel” or “Christian” artists and preachers who do not mention God or Jesus Christ in their music, or if they do they do not acknowledge the sovereignty of the former or the deity of the latter. Or they only speak of the acts of the past, or try to equate spiritual acts in the past with common acts in modern times. Christians who still believe in the Bible (including an active spirit realm as an explanation for most occurrences as well as in miracles) are marginalized and derided. Another effort is to distract saints with pseudo – Christian allegories, or to defile God’s word and message with corrupt worldly things. These attacks are direct and constant, and Christians must counter with direct constant spiritual warfare!

Whenever possible and expedient (meaning at the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit), these demons must be cast out of individuals (including yourself) by the Name and Blood of Jesus Christ! Since these demons are assigned to stop praise, giving them exactly what they hate by having the deliverance ministry double as a praise service will be very effective. Joyous, loving praise music and singing and dancing as well as frequent mentions of Jesus Christ, His Blood, and His Victorious Resurrection and Ascension – especially in songs and readings of scripture – tends to work. So do the good old fashioned hymns, but song in a lively uptempo victorious fashion! Using this strategy with the direction of the Holy Spirit and in the name and Blood of Jesus Christ, these demons can not only be cast out of individuals, but groups of people at a time! Also, always remember to in the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ at the direction of the Holy Spirit bind the demons’ actions and command them to loose the minds and wills of the people being delivered, and forbid them from seeking help from other demons, principalities, powers, witches, etc.

Intercession is also a must. We must help get our brothers and sisters in Christ, both specific individuals, entire church congregations, denominations, geographic regions, and the entire Body of Christ to the point where they are at minimum free enough to where they can either praise or seek deliverance for their inability to praise. Inherent in this is the need to witness to the brethren, to let them know that the lack of sincere praise is a problem, and to help defend them against the activities of the Milcahs in the midst (and if the Milcahs are church members to drive them out!). This intercession can only be done at the direction and with the guide of the Holy Spirit and in the name and by the blood of Christ Jesus! In the name and by the blood of Christ Jesus, you must bind the evil spirits within the person or body for whom you are intercessing, and in the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ you must command those evil spirits to loose the will and mind of the person, persons, or groups. In the name of and by the blood of Christ Jesus, you must command those evil spirits not to seek help from any other demons, principalities, powers, humans, or other entity. Then you must pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ, asking him to guide the person, persons, or group to deliverance from the evil spirits and to restore their praise. When the praise is restored, that is when Luke 10:18 will come to pass!


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