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Posted by Job on March 24, 2007

II Timothy 2:15Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Every day, every hour of the day, inside churches and outside churches, people are rejecting the Bible. They reject its power. They reject its righteousness. They reject its final authority. They reject is literal truth and inerrancy. Now they will claim to love its history. They will claim to love its values. They will claim to love its traditions. They even claim to love its impact on world culture and history. They do this because of a need to seem tolerant, valid, moral, even righteous in their own eyes and before the world. All morals, all righteousness, all purity, all reason demands that they accept SOME of the Bible. After all, who can disagree with “thou shalt not murder”? Who can disagree with “love thy neighbor as thyself”? Who can disagree with “judge not lest ye be judged”? Who can disagree with peace, justice, and “the golden rule”? But alas, these people cannot accept all of the Bible. They want to accept some of it. The parts which sound good TO THEM. The parts which sound consistent TO THEM. The parts which sound righteous TO THEM. The parts which THEY want to keep. So they tell themselves the big lie, which is that it is possible to keep SOME of the Bible without rejecting ALL of it. THAT is why you have people claiming such nonsense as morality being evolutionary. Why? No one wants to oppose morality. Without morality, without standards, there would be chaos. So they claim that morality, just like man and even the Bible itself, just happened out of nowhere. Even worse are the so – called Christians who claim that the Bible is merely stories and allegories, not to be fully believed, but instead should only be referenced in the context of philosophical and legal constructs that can be adapted to changing times. Which is, of course, ridiculous, for the Bible read as a philosophy or law is confusing, antiquated, contradictory, and barbaric. Even reading the Bible as literature or history is utterly useless. It makes for bad literature because God goes from being an excessively overused plot device to barely being seen or heard to do much of anything after the destruction of the first temple save for Jesus Christ being God in the flesh, and even Jesus Christ mostly departs from the scene after the gospels. And it makes for bad history because so many of the people and events recorded in the Bible, often in excruciating detail, are simply of no consequence in any secular context. So the Bible has meaning only as not only truth, but as absolute truth; the only truth. Yet that is the very meaning which everyone, especially Christians, seek to deny. The question is: why? The answer is sin. Despite what you have heard, it is quite possible to follow the Bible, because following the Bible is not something that is done by action of hand or profession of mouth but rather by the faith and will of the heart. So, the problem is not that it is impossible not to sin, because the Bible itself says that it is impossible not to sin and moreover says that one should not even try. The problem is that one should DESIRE NOT TO SIN. Make no mistake: THAT is what people cannot accept. And you know what? It is more tolerable to preach in your little “Christian” megachurch that God does not want you to sin than it is to preach the truth; that God does not want you to DESIRE to sin. Why? If you preach the LIE, then people are comforted with the LIE. Why? Because the LIE is unattainable, and everyone knows it. They will say “Hey, what God wants of us is too hard, so therefore God, being loving and righteous, will not punish be for failing to do the impossible. Instead, He will reward me for my good works.” Therefore, you will believe a LIE because that LIE will allow you to believe that it is OK to want to sin and be an unrepentant sinner. Most of all, that LIE, your very own STRONG DELUSION, keeps you from having to acknowledge the TRUTH, which is that unless you change you will die in your sins and spend an eternity in the lake of fire, and that will happen not because of what you DID, but because YOU LIKED DOING IT AND DID NOT EVEN WANT TO CHANGE! THAT is the reason why you will fail God’s test and be judged unrighteous by a God who will retain His Righteousness. It is not because God is this evil God who created some standard that was too high for you to meet because God created you for the purpose of your destruction and is gleefully awaiting that day! God forbid! God’s Own Word, the Bible which you reject, says that it is not His Will that any should perish; that the lake of fire was not prepared for man but rather for Satan and his demons! No, you will be destroyed because you loved your sins more than you loved God. That means that you loved yourself more than you loved God, and thereby you made yourself a God. Well, God’s Word said THOU SHALT HAVE NO GODS BEFORE ME! But you are a lover of self with all your lusts, filths, abominations, blasphemies, and corruptions, and not a lover of God. And for that reason, the only thing that awaits you is your destruction. Your only future is judgment.

And that is why you hate the Bible. The whole book is about YOU and what will happen to YOU. You want desperately to believe that God will save you for your works’ sake, but the Bible tells you that it is a LIE. So you reject that part, but that makes the whole thing a LIE. So you tell yourself that the Bible cannot be true, because if it is true, then judgment is true. If the Bible is true, then the judgment is true, and the judgment is coming after you. And your judgment does not merely await you, does it? No, it does not. The only thing that awaits is REWARD. True followers of Christ who have accepted the truth of the Bible and have thereby decided that they do not wish to desire sin in their hearts, THEY are awaiting something. THEY are contending something. And something is REWARD. But you? You are not contending for anything. You are not awaiting anything, because you have not been granted that privilege, you have not been given by the free gift of grace that status. I will tell you the status that you do have, though: THE STATUS OF HUNTED PREY.

Yes, that is what you are, my friend. You are an antelope. You are a rabbit. You are a chicken. You are a mouse. You are a fly. And judgment, that coming judgment day, is stalking you. You are its prey. My friend, tomorrow is not promised to you. It is not even known to you with certainty that you will finish this document. If you do, you cannot deny that the sad fact is that by the time you get through reading this, several people will have died. Now you may dispute whether some will go to reward and the rest to damnation of flame. You may dispute the standards which determine who receives reward and who inherits flame. But you cannot dispute that even if your life does extend past the amount of time that it will take for you to read this document, others will not be so fortunate, and you also cannot dispute that just as right now is their day and time, your day and time is too coming. So, my good friend, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Judgment is coming, and unless you are born again through the one who is commonly called Jesus Christ but His Name was more likely Yeshua HaMashiach, then judgment is coming after you.

The coming judgment is a roaring lion. It is a ravening wolf. It cannot be stopped or delayed. It cannot be pleased or appeased. It knows no pity, it has no compassion. Judgment is not even death, for death itself will be overtaken by it, and the grave with it! Now a partial judgment my friend, already happened during the time of Noah. But God remembered Noah, and the partial temporary judgment was appeased. Why? Because it was the judgment of WATER. And its purpose was to cleanse creation of corruption for a time so that it could have a second chance, a second dispensation, during which Shiloh Emmanuel the Redeemer would come. But the next judgment will be by FIRE. Its purpose will not be to cleanse creation of sin for a second chance, but rather to destroy a creation that has run out of chances forever! All that is sin and all that loves sin will be destroyed in the second complete judgment, AND THAT JUDGMENT WILL LAST FOREVER! There will be no second chances for that which loves sin, but rather a new heaven and a new earth will be created for God and for all of His Servants WHO HATE AND HAVE REJECTED IT! And regrettably my friend, that does not include you. And that is why you are prey and I am not. That is why you are the fox to judgment’s hound. That is why you are the pigeon to judgment’s hawk. That is why you are fish to judgment’s shark, squid to judgment’s killer whale, and bug to judgment’s wasp. That is why you are the wildebeest to judgment’s crocodile. That is why you are the fly to judgment’s frog, the worm to judgment’s robin, and the moth to judgment’s spider. The difference is that where sometimes an occasional lucky intended victim will escape the jaws of its pursuer, forcing it to either find another quarry or starve to death, there will be no escape for YOU, lover of sin. Not only will judgment overtake you, but it will be in no danger of starvation for it will spend an eternity with you as its meal!

And when that day comes when judgment overtakes you, oh what a live one you will be. At your Creator will you shake your fist. Against Him you will gnash your teeth. Upon His Name you will spit and curse. Against His judgment shall you rebel. And of His Righteousness and Love you will accuse and deny. The whole point of your presentation will be that God’s standard was too hard, that you never knew the truth, that you never had a chance, for God had it out for you from the beginning and it just isn’t fair. After you are done, you will do at death what you never did in life, which is bow before Him and confess His Word as Your Lord. You will be made to confess that God IS Righteous, that God IS Love, and that it is because of that Righteous Love that you must be forever destroyed, tortured in an indescribably grievous flame, because you loved your sin more than you loved His Righteousness. Your love of sin you accepted, His Love of Righteousness you rejected, the choice that you made was your own for reasons none other than your own selfish arrogant pride, and that you had your chance and you blew it. You had the Bible and decided that it was not true. It was not because you could not live up to the Bible’s standard, but rather because you did not want to. God will take you through every minute of your wretched wasted existence which was so depraved that it would have been better had you died in the womb, and show you each and every chance you had to accept the gospel and rejected it. He will show you each and every time a preacher spoke to you, and you scoffed at him. He will show you each time you knowingly came near a Bible and passed it by. He will show you every time you read the Bible and denied its meaning. He will show you every time you sat in church allowing your ears to be tickled with what you knew was a lie. And then he will show you every time you persecuted a Christian for his unwillingness to abandon or compromise the truth and join you in your love of sin and your being prey for judgment! And after all of that is done, God will command His servants, those who did not join Satan in a rebellion that like you Satan knew was destined to fail but tried it anyway because of the pride in his heart, to take you and cast you into that same judgment that can never be filled, pleased, or appeased, but instead will spend an eternity trying to be filled, pleased, and appeased with you.

And you, despite how you might lie to yourself and others, despite how you are running away from it, despite how you are rejecting the loving God that so desperately wishes that you not receive it, know that your judgment is coming. You can hear it. You can smell it. You can taste it. You can feel it. You can even SEE it. In that little moment that you have when your mind slips between reality and fantasy, you see yourself in the flame. When you fall asleep and night and start to dream, you see yourself in the flame. When you step outside your door and leave your manmade house and your manmade car into God’s creation, you see yourself in the flame. And when you look past what you call the physical natural realm past the limitations of time and space and into the eternal spiritual realm, you see yourself in the flame. Now sure, it is just a glimpse, a shadow, and it does not last very long, only a hint of an instant, but for that time you see yourself in the flame! Why? Because in that hint of an instant the natural you sees the same thing afar off that the spiritual you is seeing up close! The spiritual you knows its fate, and desperately wants to avoid it and is doing everything that it can to warn you, begging you and pleading you to get reconciled with God before it is too late, before the mouth of judgment devours it! But the natural you? It tells the spiritual you no, to go and sit down. Why? Because I like sin. I like my lusts. I like my pride. I like worshipping myself. I like my false religions. I like to rant, to hate, to lie, to gossip, to cause dissension, strife, and confusion. I like to consider myself righteous because of works that are noble in my own eyes. So go away, spirit, I like my life just the way it is and have no fear of or love for this God of which you speak. I have a god of my own invention that suits me much more.

But there is just one minor detail: the Bible. Oh the Bible. Oh that book that describes what is going to happen to you. That book that describes why it is going to happen to you. That book that not only describes how one can avoid your fate, but why YOU are not going to take advantage of it. You cannot deal with it. You cannot abide it. And you cannot even tolerate anyone in your midst who does. So, therefore, you hate it. You may have seven or eight in your house, and you may even read it every day and not only quote it but thump it whenever you speak. But it is all a lie, for deep down inside you hate it because your love of sin cannot coexist with it. And you also hate me. You hate me because I love God and therefore have the Bible in me. You resent me because I will not follow after your lies. You loathe me because I will not accommodate your false doctrines. You reject me because I will not cast rose petals at your feet while you are walking down the highway to your destruction. You believe that the highway leads to heaven like that hymn says, but it does not, for the way to heaven is no highway. It is a tough, narrow, winding road filled with obstacles, rejection, pain, and persecution. If our Saviour had to endure the cross, why should our walk be a bowl of cherries? But the bowl of cherries is what you went after, and you eat your fill of it, and the part of each one that you love best is the core, rotten stinking and oozing with your own lusts and filthy abominations. Well, you are what you eat, my friend, and that is why judgment is going to eat you. And that is why you have rejected the Bible, for the Bible is Truth, and the Truth reminds you of your fate. And because you cannot face your fate, you choose to believe a lie.

Now my friend, I have told you. I have told you everything that you have ever done, and I have told you why you have done it. Moreover, I have told you everything that you will do, and why you will do it. It is not because I am some great prophet, but rather because I have seen everything about you in the Bible. The Bible is the Book of Life, and you aren’t in it! And that, my friend, is the real reason why you hate it. Now you can change. You can get on your knees and cry out to God at any time while breath is in Your Body, and He will forgive your sins and accept you in His Kingdom of Heaven. And I have already dedicated lots of my writing to those people. But this is to you, sinner. This is to you, who will harden your heart to everything that everyone who comes to you preaching in God’s Name from the Bible. This is to you, who have chosen your path and is following it. This is to you, who have made your bed and is about to lie in it. This is to you, who will never change because you have decided that if you cannot be your own god then there will be no god at all. Well then why, you might ask, am I dedicating this effort to you? Simple, because it is my job. I must do it so that when judgment day comes, God will remind you that you read this, and then remind you that you were warned.

And as for the rest of you, if you have not done so, repeat with belief and sincerity below.

Father God, the One True God of Heaven Who Created The Land, Sea, and All Things In The Earth, Above, And Below, In The Name Of Lord Jesus Christ. I Am Sorry For All My Sins. Please Forgive me. I believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) Born of the Virgin Mary Died for my sins on the cross Rose from the dead on the third day Ascended into heaven And is the one begotten Son of God And is God and part of the One God That is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) And who was God and man while on Earth.  I submit that you are greater than I and all elseI submit myself to your complete authority And promise to zealously seek and obeyYour will and your will aloneAll the days of my life. I humbly request, Father God, In The Name Of JesusThat I be baptized with the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost)And receive evidence thereof At the time that you in your infinite wisdomWould deem appropriate.  I believe that if I have said this prayer and fully believe and have faith in the contents therein that I am saved. I believe that this prayer and belief is all that is necessary to be saved And will hold fast to my salvation and the belief therein Whatever the words or actions of any man or spirit Save God himself. The Word Of God is the only Truth there is And I renounce all else.  In the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus ChristI thank you God for having mercy on meI thank you God for saving meI thank Jesus Christ for dying for my sins on the cross and rising again For defeating death, hell, and Satan And thereby through him giving me the victory over the same And thereby through him making a way for me to enter heaven. Thank you Father for accepting me into the Body of ChristFor my salvation And for my entrance into heaven should I sincerely obey and serve you henceforth and for the rest of my life. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.If you have fulfilled above, then urgently go tell someone and thereby bear witness of your testimony. If you desire instruction and guidance concerning your salvation, feel free to contact me at healtheland@gmail.com.


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