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Trust Your Revelation

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Galatians 1:12For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. 

Make no mistake, the Holy Bible is the Word of God. However, please realize that God speaks to all of His Believers who have faith in and love Him when He chooses (the caveat  of “when He chooses” should apply, for God went 400 years without speaking to Israel before Christ was born). Also, we must be aware that God, being a righteous merciful loving and understanding God, reveals Himself to people in the context of their times and cultures. Make no mistake, God does not change, but man does! In addition, God will not give a “special revelation” to one person that no one else gets, and no revelation from God will contradict any prior revelation. Now, you have some outstanding circumstances, such as Daniel and John being told to “seal up” parts of their revelation in the books of Daniel and Revelation. You also have the prophet Ezekiel being told to defile himself. However, you can and should trust the Bible, and you can and should trust what God puts in your heart. This is not so much that you are having faith in the Bible or in the revelation, but having faith in God! So many people have a fear of God, which is the name of a demon. I do not mean a reverential fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom. I mean an irrational fear of God that keeps you from loving Him, praying to Him, obeying Him, and receiving and acting on revelation from Him. Religion builds up this fear of God in order to get people to believe that only “special” people can receive revelation from God and act on it, or that you can only receive revelation from God and act on it if you have this “special mission” or if you follow some arduous impossible ritual. They do this to God’s people only because they do not have true love for or faith in God themselves (and hence cannot hear Him), or they want power, or they are just demon – filled evil deceivers. But do not listen to them. Have faith in God’s Word to everyone and God’s Word to you, because it is faith in God! Have faith that God will never leave you or or forsake you. He will not unleash His wrath upon you and cast you into Hell just because you made a mistake. As a matter of fact, God will supernaturally act to keep your mistake from harming you or anyone else. Mistakes do not anger God and damn your soul. What does that is making a conscious decision to do what you know is wrong: not a mistake but a choice!   So you can trust your own revelation, and you can also trust the revelation given to others. Again, God does not change but man does. Evidence that man changes: God passing mankind from the Garden of Eden (where nothing was required of Adam and Eve save they not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and for Adam to name the animals and keep the garden) to an informal system of sacrifices to the flood to the law to the new covenant. Each phase (some use the term “dispensation”) is determined by man’s progression, and there are at least two more phases coming: the Great Tribulation and the Millenial Reign of Christ. But evidence that God does not change is that God’s same rules apply no matter the time, culture, or person. Now this sometimes causes unfortunate confusion to those who are not guided by the two main principles: love/obey/trust God first and then love your neighbor. Those who for whatever reason tend to rely on the concrete rather than the spiritual often find themselves running into barriers because the Word that was given to a specific person at a specific time for a specific circumstance may seem ambiguous, confusing, or contradictory. It becomes all the more pronounced when a person decides to blame himself or God rather than even the limitations of the person that God is revealing the Word through! There is some debate within Believer circles whether the Word of God – including the Bible – is from God or is God – inspired. In other words, whether it is God using man as a transcriber (typewriter), or if the Holy Spirit is a guide that causes an individual to express God’s Word in his own way. I fall in the “God’s Typewriter” camp myself, but the upshot is that there is little difference: in each case God’s truth is being revealed and does the will of its writer. The only caveat is when the writer or speaker makes a conscious decision to substitute God’s Word for his own, and the result is (as I have myself witnessed in preachers) a loss of “anointing”, which causes the discourse to lose its spiritual elevation and degrade to a common plane, no matter how gifted the speaker. Indeed, I have all confidence that this was the case with many of the “lost books” that contain otherwise factual and spiritually useful information but did not make it into the Bible and otherwise did not stand the test of time.  

And so, in these contexts we must consider and examine Paul’s letters. Please fellow – Believers, our purpose is not to justify Paul or our own interpretations, revelations, traditions, and actions, but rather to justify God. So long as our attitude is “let God be true and every man be a liar” (as stated by Paul himself in Romans 3:4), for if God is true and even a righteous man a liar then that man can repent, but if God and His Word be a lie then we are all not only in vain but doomed indeed! Consider what C. S. Lewis wrote in the modern apologetic masterpiece “Mere Christianity” that if Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, then He and all of the 5oo people who saw Him after His Resurrection were the worst sort of evil people, resulting in not only the crushed dreams and deaths of so many people, but also diverting them from the true path to righteousness and salvation! And keep in mind: the New Testament is merely an outgrowth, a renewed phase of the Old. So it is either all true or all a horrible evil lie, a notion unthinkable. So how to we reconcile some of Paul’s more difficult pronouncements? Well, realize that in some cases, Paul specifically states that he is giving his own opinion (I Corinthians 7). Also, it is obvious that some of Paul’s statements were mistranslated or taken out of context. For instance, Paul states that women be silent in the church and commends female church leaders in the same epistle! Also, consider how Deborah led the whole nation of Israel, a fact which a Hebrew Pharisee scholar and former Sanhedrin Council member Paul obviously knew; there were also the prophetesses Miriam (Moses’ sister), Huldah, Noadiah, Isaiah’s wife, and Anna (who lived in Paul’s time). Undoubtedly there were more women of great spiritual significance known to Paul!  So, of course Paul would not mean to muzzle any woman – or man – with a gift of the Holy Spirit to preach, teach, prophecy, interpret, etc. Paul was merely specifically addressing certain behavior (gossiping and other vain speech, which still goes on today I might add) and women using their anointing as an excuse to behave in an undignified unbecoming manner. Consider how a woman engaged in vigorous praise, or “shouting”, allowing her hair to be uncovered back in those days to a woman in the considerably skimpier attire that is acceptable in these days – yes, even in church – dancing right out of her dress! People have to consider that the only true role consistently given to women in the Bible was the relationship to man as Christ is to the church (whose analogy incidentally was given by Paul in describing marriage); that being the woman being subject to man but still having plenty to do, including preaching and administrative responsibilities.  So have faith! Know that the Holy Bible is true. Know that the revelation that God puts in your heart is true. Faults exist, but they are of this world, not with God. But faith overcomes faults. Love overcomes faults. If things that are in the Bible trouble you, take it to God. Do not put your trust in man or institutions save God lead you. Do not try to resolve it with your own intelligence: that is the root of false doctrine! Instead, rely on God’s intelligence. It may not be easy, it may take years of study and prayer, but the truth IS out there! If your prophecy does not come to pass, continue in the faith. The Bible DOES say that prophecies do sometimes fail (I Corinthians 13:8). How is that possible? Because prophecies come to people and people may fail! But that same verse says that love (or charity) never fails. Why? Because God is love, and God does not depend on man, so love will not. Make no mistake, people, including people of God, sometimes get deceived. No man is perfect, not even the righteous. But God is perfect! That is why you MUST put your trust in God and let every man, including the righteous man, be a liar!Especially when we consider that a prophecy may SEEM to us to not come true but it actually does. Some things do not come to fruition in our lifetimes, or in ways that we can see. And oftentimes we simply cannot understand the prophecies, and sometimes that is by design, as when God told Daniel not to worry about the meaning of the Word that he received, because the prophecy was about people living in the last days. This especially applies to the Jews. Because they did not understand the prophecies, as far as they knew (and know) the Messiah did not come when He was supposed to and in fact may never come. God’s Word is not dependent upon the ability of man to receive or comprehend it! That is why no matter what we must continue to seek, continue in prayer, continue in obedience, continue in faith, and continue in true love. We cannot allow the stumbles, disappointments, misunderstandings, contentions, and strifes erode our faith and cause our love for God to become mere religion: traditions and rituals which are things of the flesh. That is what happened to the Pharisees and Sadducees at the time of Jesus Christ. They had not heard from God for 400 years, and the land was filled with poverty, subjugation by the Romans (and before them the Greeks), and with sectarian struggles between the various Jewish groups. Because they personally did not hear from God and because they did not appear to be receiving the promises and prophecies handed down before them, they lost their faith and began to worry about pleasing themselves and competing with others. They thought that God had forgotten about them, so they gave up on God.
But even in that time, there were still righteous people, and there were still people who wanted to be righteous. God used those righteous people who despite all that was going on held on to their faith and love. People whose faith and love in God was unconditional, just as God’s love for us is. God used them to send John and Jesus into the world, and those people followed first John and then Jesus. You have to be the same way. No matter how much trouble you are having with your faith, no matter how much trouble you are having with your discernment and prayers, no matter how far off the promises, prophecies, and blessings seem, and no matter how much you feel that life has gotten too hard and you wish that the Rapture would just happen right now, you have to press on. Hold onto your faith. Believe your revelation. Believe your Word from God. Believe in God and His Word!

Sometimes it gets so bad that you just have to say it over and over again, not in your head but out loud. No matter where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, you have to keep yourself from falling into the insanity of unbelief by saying over and over again “I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead. I believe that God loves me and is blessing me. I believe that I am going to Heaven.” If you ever stop saying that, and if you ever stop saying that out loud, well you know what, you are going to stop believing it. You will say you do and even maybe think that you do, but you won’t FEEL it! At that time, you will pass from being a person of the promise to being a person of the flesh, from a faithful loving person to a cold dead religious shell, from one who knows that he is saved by faith to one who hopes that he is saved by works! It isn’t enough to pray. The Pharisees and Sadducees prayed. It isn’t enough to sing songs, dance and shout, tithe, and do great works, even miracles, and commit yourself to decades of Christian study and service. Lots of people who are going to burn in the lake of fire forever do those things. No, if you are going to stand, you are going to have to be willing to speak life into your situation. You are going to have to speak life into your faith by calling it out!Enough with saying that you believe. You have to say WHAT you believe; WHO you believe in. You have to say WHY. Look at faith as a muscle: if you do not use it you will lose it. Exercise your faith by speaking it. Exercise your faith by reminding yourself of all the things that God has done for you. Exercise your faith by admitting that if the God of the Bible does  not exist then your whole existence is a wretched wasted exercise in vanity, and only by the existence of the God of the Bible does your existence take on meaning! Exercise your faith by admitting that you HAVE to believe in God because there is really no other option that is acceptable to you! Exercise your faith by proclaiming that let God be right and all men be wrong, even your heroes, even your pastor, even you! You have to exercise your faith until you come to the realization that there really is nothing out there worthwhile but God! That for you God is all there is, and because God is all there is then God is all that you need. And once you get to that point, you have to exercise your faith by staying there.   You cannot exercise your faith by works. You show EVIDENCE of your faith by works. You cannot exercise your faith by hearing the Word of God. Faith COMETH by hearing the Word of God. You cannot exercise your faith by seeing and experiencing miracles and wonders. People in the Bible saw everyone from Moses to Elijah to Jesus work miracle after miracle and STILL did not believe. Exercise is an ACTION, a PHYSICAL ACTION, and you have to exercise your faith by speaking it. Exercise your faith so that it is not dependent upon this thing or that thing happening when and where. Exercise your faith so that it is not affected by this Bible translation saying this thing and that Bible translation saying that thing. Exercise your faith so that it is not affected by some latest archaeological find that allegedly contradicts the Bible. Exercise your faith so that if your family leaves you, if your pastor is exposed as corrupt, if your church falls, if your health fails, and your money and job go away, you will be as Job and still have faith, and say “Though He slay me yet will I trust Him!” As a matter of fact, so you can be BETTER than Job and say “I am still blessed and I can still serve God!” You can be like Joseph, who after years of slavery and during his years in jail KNEW that the very brothers who sold him to the Ishmaelites would one day bow to him! But in order to get there, you have to exercise your faith until your faith and love get to the point where they are totally completely independent of everything but God. It is not only possible, but it is desired by God of you, and it is absolutely necessary to stand in these evil days where the anti – Christ spirit and all other manners and forms of demons are multiplying among the earth. God wants people who will not only stand, but fight back. Are you ready to join the war? Then get in the gym! Go to basic training! Exercise your faith!  Prayer:Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please lead your people away from becoming deceived and discouraged. Please inform your people that their faith has to be in You alone, and that they must learn to decouple their faith from any other consideration. May people realize that they simply need to speak their faith into existence, first to themselves so that it will be real, and then to others for their edification. Lord, when people hear a Word from you, may they trust it. May they not fear failure, for You will not fail them! May they not fear disappointment, for You will always mend broken hearts. May they not be afraid to go out and believe and do for you because they fear getting hurt, for You are not the author of fear! In the Name of Jesus Christ, may Your people learn to love and trust you in spirit and in truth. Amen. Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are fear and mistrust. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!  (Original document here)


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