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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Luke 12:48 – But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

When Elohim gave me Faith Does Not Come By Hearing it caused me to see Matthew 25:14 – 30 in a whole different way. In Faith Does Not Come By Hearing, I wrote that when God created your spirit man, He tested (tried) it, to see its character, and then used it to create the living human individual you in the time and place in history to do His Will. For this purpose, God used the Word portion of the Triune Godhead to create Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world from sin. And for the purpose of betraying this same Yeshua Hamashiach so that He would go to the cross for you, me, and even in theory this very same betrayer, God used the spirit man of an unbelieving thieving betrayer to create the person of Judas Iscariot!

And this is why we should not strive against God. This is not why we should curse God for the things in our lives. This is why we should not seek things that are not ours and are not meant for us, even under the heretical auspices of a lot of the “Word of Faith” teaching, which is really nothing but ravening witchcraft wolves in Christian sheep’s clothing. We are to realize that God put us on earth for one reason and for one reason only: to serve Him. To carry out His plan for the ultimate fate of this world and mankind and its place in HIS eternity. We have to not “accept our lot in life and make the best of it”, but rather to LOVE where God placed us, rejoice in it, and work as unto God in it! If your job is to clean sewers, then do it with the attitude that the better you clean that sewer the closer Jesus Christ’s return is!

This is not to say that we are puppets; robots on a string. We do have free will. But God knows how we are going to EXERCISE our free will by virtue of His having “foreknown” us as spirit men before He created us as people. He knows how we are going to respond to the environments that He puts us in. He knows that when the heat is on which among us are going to rise to the challenge and which are going to melt. That is why the verse “God will never expose us to temptation beyond which we can bear” is so absolutely incontrovertibly true: He knew based on what He saw in our spirit man before He used it to make our person what the person that the spirit man would make could bear. But as I said earlier, we are not robots. We have our own wills, and that is always a wildcard, a variable. But for our own protection, those of us who are saved through Jesus Christ need to use that will to always seek God’s Will! If we stray too far from the path that God has set out for us, then we may go past the point of no return.

And then, there is the case of the person who only received one talent. Now in this parable, God called three men His servants. Note that He did not choose everyone, just three. The minimun qualification: having to profess Christ. Those who do not profess Christ can never be considered God’s Servants! Now the spirit man of exemplary character that chose Elohim as his God through Jesus Christ, God gave five talents. The spirit man of middling character who professed Christ, God gave two talents. But then there was the last case: the spirit man who professed Christ that was borderline good and borderline evil. God gave him ONE TALENT. Now though that person professed to love God, his heart was far from Him (Matthew 15:8), so that which he had (his ministry) was taken from him and given to the exemplary fruitful one, and he was cast out. So it was one who, while not predestined (in a foreknown sense) to be one of Christ’s sheep was nonetheless given a chance, and he blew it. So, we are not going to consider the two GOOD servants, nor the incontrovertibly evil ones that were never hired as servants, but rather the marginal one who was hired as a servant, chose wickedness, and was cast out. Why? It is because of those that the profitable servant MUST evangelize and show works, chief of all charity (the true love of Christ). 

I am not going to guess which percentage of the population is marginal, borderline. But if you truly love God and your neighbor, you must know that every one counts! Therefore, we must boldly preach the gospel at every occasion and place that the Holy Spirit motivates to so that every marginal spirit man has a chance to hear and receive Christ. (Incidentally, it also hastens the entry of the “above marginal” souls into the kingdom so THEY THEMSELVES can preach to more marginal souls.) Some people, by virtue of their nature, are going to seek God. Some because of that same virtue will reject Elohim. But those who neither fully seek God or reject Him, those are the ones who need to hear the gospel, and hear it with conviction! I said in Faith Does Not Come By Hearing that God’s trial of them when they were created as spirit men was their first chance, well hearing the gospel on the earth may well be their last (some disagree, alleging that everyone who does not hear the gospel will be given one final chance after the final resurrection) . Now some of these people are out in the world, just living their lives not thinking of God. Others have strongly considered giving their lives to God, but they have doubts (which this ministry and many other excellent ones that specialize in apologetics give you much ammunition to help them resolve). Others still have been ensnared in the trap of dead Christian religion, which is so vile because A) their having been in a place where they have continuous exposure and chances to learn about Christ and the Bible and accept them personally means that they will be judged by a higher standard; that they did in fact have their chance(s) on earth and B) the legalism, works, univeralism, rejection of final Biblical authority, and whatever other devil’s doctrines that they are receiving will ensure that they will NEVER meet that standard, which is a personal relationship and faith in the Risen Jesus Christ as God and Lord of their lives, and acceptance and faith in that alone being what saves them. Whether the mountain for these marginal souls is doubts, false religion, the false pleasure of sin, the false security of self – righteousness (of “values” and “being a good person”), or never having been preached to, we true Christians have to zealously seek these people according to the Will of the Lord so that through faith the mountain will be removed and cast into the sea, and these people can join the Body of Christ! And that is the first battle. And when we are not evangelizing them, we are to pray for them. Without ceasing. No matter how coldly they reject us, no matter how evil they act or badly they treat us (and Satan will engineer things in order to get you to give up on them), we have to keep praying for them, especially when they demand of us to stop proselytizing them.

The second battle, and the far bigger one no matter how hard – or easy! – it was to get them to accept Christ, is to show them love, pure religion undefiled (James 1:26 – 27). We do this in order to keep them from burying their talents in the sand. We do this to keep them from being the ones who, after hearng the gospel and receiving it with gladness, having it choked out of them because of persecution and tribulation or it drying up and dying in the sun because of the cares of the world (the parable of the sower given in Matthew 13). And we especially do it to keep fake Christians from driviing them off with their hate, meanness, unacceptable sacrificies, vain works, fear, idolatry, lusts, and destructive words. Satan counts these marginal souls as his own, and we have to do God’s Will and represent true Christianity, not a religion but as a relationship, a total commitment to dying to self daily for Jesus Christ, to claim them for YHWH. Jesus Christ died for these marginal souls too! (He even died for the utterly corrupt Judas Iscariots!)  So it is for their sakes that we must continue the fight the good fight of faith, that we not be lukewarm or double – minded.

Paul himself did the same. How many of his letters did he send to the Corinthians, Romans, and many others who were marginal and wavering, and allowing themselves to be seduced into unsound practices and false doctrines. And what did Paul say was the greatest weapon to be used against Satan in contending for the marginal saints? LOVE! Paul even said that out of love the Christians must deliver the flesh of a Christian living in sin to the devil for the destruction of that Christian’s flesh so that his soul MAY be saved on the day of judgment (I Corinthians 5:1 – 5)! Now of course the legalistic apostate Christian, the “holiness or hell” heretics, will tell you that the way to deal with such marginal souls is to subject them to “church discipline”, which is rules and regulations which even if they are keeping are not going to save them anyway, and let us not forget the many satanic accusations! Such a thing is guaranteed to either drive such a person away from Christianity altogether or to forsake true Christianity for one where he gets the false impression that he needs to “assure his salvation” through works and signs.

If you are unsaved, take heart! Say this prayer and go through the rest of your life knowing that you are already saved and whatever situation that you are in or what you might be doing at any given time is God’s Will or what God already knew would happen to you and loves and accepts you anyway, even to the point of the temptations and sins that you will inevitably commit. For the rest of you, it is time to get to work. There are many marginal souls out there that need to be won, encouraged, led, taught, and DEFENDED. (That is right, spiritual warfare and intercession baby!) If you love God, then you love God’s people, and you will realize that every thing that you say, do, think, etc. EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING is something that in the spirit realm can and will be used for or against a person whose eternal fate is literally at stake and on the edge. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I am claiming right now that you are going to be a true person of God who rises up and meets the challenge. Amen.


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, may the marginal souls be brought into and kept into Your Kingdom of Heaven by Your Grace, Love, Mercy, and Power, and may ALL of Your children, Your called servants, know that we are to be Your laborers and agents in this regard, and may we know our mission and heed Your call in the manner which pleases You. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 



The demons that work in this area are legalism, and false doctrines. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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