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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Revelation 16:14 – For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. 

I rarely pay attention to the domestic press anymore, preferring instead the international press. No, I am not one of those who regards the international press as superior! Instead, one has to read the international press to know what is truly going on. No, I am not one of those “act locally think globally” folks. Rather, it is how I keep what Jesus Christ instructed me in Luke 21:36:  to watch and to pray and be mindful of the times. The truth is that for all intents and purposes, there IS no local anymore; everything is global. From multinational corporations to trade and treaty unions to global nongovernmental organizations to worldwide social and political movements, everything that goes on inside a particular nation is going on in a similar fashion somewhere else, with the goal to make every nation conform to uniformity. So, if it is going on in America it is also going on in France, Israel, and Brazil, so chances are you are going to find out more actual information reading about it on a foreign (to you) website than a domestic (again, to you) one.

Why? Because the people leading and following this global movement do not want the true nature of their actions to be known. They want everyone to think that the decisions that are being made with regards to their nation are being made by that nation for the primary benefit of that nation. They do not want everyone to know that the same actions are being taken all over the globe, and to advance the interests of any particular nation, but rather to advance the interests of the “globalists.” So, though the very same economic or social policy that is being enacted in America is also being enacted in
Belgium, the Americans will promote it for “American reasons” and the Belgians will promote it for “Belgian reasons.” So, if you read about the very same issue in
Belgium, you will find that it is being promoted and justified with a completely different set of “facts.” You would have a difficult time filtering the misinformation if you read about the issue in a domestic newspaper, because they will portray the issue in terms designed to make you support it according to the culture that you have been raised in and the demands and desires that you will have because of it. But go to another pasture and see people of like mind and purpose as the propagandists in
America try to pull the same wool over the eyes of a different group of sheep, then you are more likely to detect what is truly going on. For instance, Americans are highly competitive and individualistic. Europeans tend to be more cooperative and collectivist. So, the papers in America will report a policy change as “keeping us #1 by increasing your opportunities and giving you a voice”, while the papers in
Germany will say about the same policy “it will bring us together and help us work towards the common good.” Since a German is not going to care about being #1 or about individual opportunity, and an American is not going to see his future happiness as a function of the overall health of society, by reading about the same policy in the other’s media will make you less likely to be influenced by appeals to your emotions as shaped by your culture and more likely to pay attention to facts.So, in the future, do not believe them when the political, business, and social leaders will tell you that a policy is being implemented to address a particular issue in a city, state, or nation. Instead, the policy is being implemented to bring a city, state, or nation in line with a global consensus. Even where there may appear to be contention and competition, it is still global. Take politics, liberals versus conservatives. The liberals of every nation are part of a global leftist movement, and conservatives work globally to oppose it. Sure, there are entities who choose not to participate in this, but they are always the ones labeled pariahs. But even with them, when you look under the covers, even the “pariahs” that we are attempting to “isolate” are only a layer or two removed from everyone else.  

Whatever this global consensus is, you can be sure of one thing: it is against God and His people. Why? Because they are the world, and the world has rejected God. So really, what is going on is Satan consolidating his forces against God and the people of God to concentrate their power and maximize his control and authority. He is working to line up all governmental, economic, political, social, media, etc. institutions to where they will speak with one voice and act with one mind (his voice and mind) in a very forceful manner with the goal of persecuting the people of God and hindering the spread of the gospel. So long as the politics, economics, and social dynamics remain unique to a particular nation, there will always be places where Christians will congregate and pursue their agendas others because there will be environments more conducive to it, and they will use that place as a “power base” from which to operate their agenda of going forth and making other places more hospitable for Christians. A good example is how Christian political, religious, economic, military, social, etc. leaders all worked and prayed together to cause Soviet communism, with its severe restrictions on and persecution of the church, to fall. Remove the Christian power base in
America, and how will they organize to oppose the enemy? Well, Satan’s goal is to make EVERY NATION hostile to Christianity so there will be no one country where Christians can use to work to make it better for Christians in other nations.

I am going to list one example: please note how abortion, homosexuality, and the denigration of marriage are being promoted in historically Christian western nations. Result? A decline in the Christian birthrate. Meanwhile, in these very same countries very liberal immigration policies are being implemented, as well as wage and labor laws that make the cost of hiring the native population prohibitive to make sure that there are going to be plenty of jobs to attract immigrants. Since the third world cultures of these immigrants reject abortion and homosexuality and rely on families and their standard of living is raised far higher than they experienced in their nations of origin, their birthrate explodes, far outstripping the (underemployed thanks to wage and labor laws) domestic population. (And of course, all of these nations heavily promote “multiculturalism”, “diversity”, “tolerance”, and “anti – racism” to make it socially, politically, and economically unacceptable for a member of the native population to voice their frustrations over not being able to find a spouse or get a job.) Result? The Christian native population is replaced by a pagan one. Meanwhile, the third world nations that Christians used to move to in large numbers seeking economic opportunity, a less stressful lifestyle, and to spread the gospel are now exceptionally inhospitable thanks to the “nationalism” that is taught in our universities. See, we give all sorts of opportunities to these nations to educate their best and brightest future leaders in our countries, and when they come to our universities we teach them to be “nationalists”, and that they should not accept (Christian) westerners into their nations (but that they SHOULD send their “workers” to the western nations). And so they do. Result? Christianity is by design decreased in one nation, and the remedy of moving to another nation where it will flourish is taken away.  

How can the church fight back? The answer has always been in the Bible: for us to come together on one accord as one body. Right now, it is very easy for these globalists to concentrate their international power and use it to war against the Christians in any particular nation. Why? Because with the exception of Roman Catholicism, churches have gone local. They have all retreated to their own boundaries of denomination, nationality, and culture. What is more, they have retreated within the walls of the church building and forsaken their ability to influence anything outside of their own sphere. In short, we have made ourselves sitting ducks by minding our own congregations in our own denominations or movements in our own lands. And no place is this more evident in America, where despite all of these Christians who vote, work in corporate America, and sell and buy goods, our #1 trading partner – and creditor – is
China, one of the largest oppressors of Christians in the world. The infuriating thing is that we now have the technology to go global: computers/Internet, TV, radio, and even MP3 players that can store the entire Bible plus a year’s worth of sermons that can be pre – recorded and given out with solar rechargers (the technology exists; all it requires is some Christian ministry to put it together) in areas where the church barely exists and is persecuted to the extent that it does. But instead of building global bonds, 99% of the money raised by churches is spent on the churches that raise it. This is even more foolish when you consider that this money is being spent in areas where Christianity is DECLINING. Not only is this money not being spent in places where Christianity could greatly increase with a fraction of the investment, but even in places where it is DECLINING, it is not spent in ways to reverse the decline. Modern Christianity is now most concerned with the desires of people who are already Christians, not the people who are not. Even the overwhelming majority of “converts” are people who decide of their own volition to show up at church and respond to an altar call. But Christians need to stop worrying about the desires of the local church and start thinking about how to build and structure a global church that will be able to survive and keep spreading the gospel in the soon – to – come future where true Christianity will be illegal all over the globe.

The example is very Biblical: look at the early church. Peter, Paul, Silas, John, etc. did not just stay at one church and mind its business. They traveled all over the known world, and the letters that they sent on the issues and condition of one church were copied and sent to all. And please note that in Revelation, Jesus Christ told John to send each letter to ALL the churches. He didn’t tell John to send the letter about Pergamos to Pergamos, he told him to send the Pergamos letter to Smyrna, Laodicea,
Philadelphia, Thyatira, etc.! Even in more recent times such as in 1700s and 1800s in the west, if a preacher delivered a sermon that others found compelling, it would be widely reproduced and distributed, and the pastors would all deliver the great sermons to their own congregation AND IN THE STREETS! That is how “Sinners In The Hand of An Angry God” by John Edwards transformed the culture of early America of one that was going headlong into “the cult of reason” that gripped
France into “the Great Awakening” revival. But in this day and age, virtually no one would even think of spreading the anointing in that fashion! These days, if someone comes up with a great sermon, he preaches it to his own church and a portion of it on his TV or radio show, and if you want the entire sermon you have to send in $15 plus shipping and handling to order your COPYRIGHTED version of it! And translating that sermon into Bengalese, Mandarin, or some other dialect and providing text and audio copies of it in some nation that is starving for the gospel and thereby sowing the seed for the creation of a place of refuge in that area where Christians could flee to if the persecution becomes to great in their native land? Apparently there isn’t very much money in that sort of thing.

And Christians should also think globally in terms of DOCTRINE. Far too many Christians are preaching messages to appeal to a specific culture or race, and are not only irrelevant to other Christians but offensive to them. And in many places where the gospel was only recently introduced, thanks to the neglect of Christians where the gospel is strong, there is much false doctrine about because of people mixing Christianity with their own native religions, and the result is a false Christianity that is very seductive and spreads faster than the true form of it. If Christians are not taking it upon themselves to stand in as Christ for these people and offer them the true vine that will sustain them no matter their situation, then why do we expect anything else to happen? You have far too many Christians trying to save that which is dead, fighting to win small battles in churches and denominations that have long turned their backs on God, when there is a whole world out there of people thirsting for the Living Water for want of a preacher to come pour it for them. If we had a global mentality, we would see the value of giving the gospel to 100,000 people in another nation is greater than trying to preserve a “church” of 500 that already has the Bible but has rejected it in favor of modernistic theology and commitment ceremonies for homosexuals. We would take the tens of millions of dollars spent each year to make “Christian” movies (that barely mention Christ, let alone anything of any Christian significance that would cause the unsaved to convert or challenge the saved to seek spiritual maturity) to try to “put our values in the marketplace and create a positive alternative” and use it to give free screenings of “The Gospel of John” in nations where Jesus Christ is regarded as a prophet, philosopher, or violent political subversive. And we rail about such nonsense as “The War On Christmas” instead of working to keep Christians from being driven out of their homelands in Africa, the
Middle East, and elsewhere. And we spend more time working on trying to impose God’s righteousness on a particular nation through politics than giving prayer cover to our missionaries overseas fighting to win free will converts who will pray for US! Imagine if the money and effort spent mobilizing the religious right to elect politicians that make no effort to stop abortion or state endorsement of homosexuality (or the religious left to elect politicians who actually DO try to legislate away bigotry and wind up trying to make it illegal to preach from Leviticus) were spent on getting Christians out of Sudan (where they have been subjected to genocide for over a decade) and to a place where they can be strengthened and educated and then sent out into the world as missionaries and examples of Christian brotherhood? Instead, a nation purportedly filled with Christians cannot even get our government to ACT on
Sudan. A nation purportedly filled with Christians actually allowed our government to intervene in a war between Christians and Muslim invaders ON THE SIDE OF THE MUSLIMS, AND EVEN ALLOWED THEM TO BRING 200,000 MUSLIMS INTO OUR “CHRISTIAN” NATION BUT NOT A SINGLE CHRISTIAN! Instead, we allowed the media and government to COMPLETELY OMIT the Muslim aggression against a Christian nation with regards to the Bosnia/Kosovo conflict.

In this manner, we Christians have gotten so far removed from the ways of the early church and have gotten so selfish and self – absorbed. We are minding our own imaginations instead of looking to the heavens to discern the times. The times are evil indeed for Christians, and are going to get much worse very quickly. If we are going to stand in a fashion that will allow us to continue to quickly and effectively spread the gospel, it is going to have to be standing together under the headship of Jesus Christ and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit out of a sincere desire to do the Will of and please YWHW. Now do not be deceived, God is not going to allow His people to fall, but if we do not stop seeking our own hearts and by doing so neglecting our very brothers and sisters in Christ just because they are not over here with us and instead start doing God’s Will and start building up the entire Body of Christ, then we will not only quite possibly delay the return of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (many Christians place a bigger emphasis on returning Jews to Israel in order to speed Christ’s return than they do increasing the number of CHRISTIANS in Israel and everywhere else), but make it much harder on ourselves than it has to be in the meantime. For instance, imagine how much less judgment, captivity, and suffering that
Israel would have had to endure had they not forgotten God and given themselves over to idols? The failure of Christians to care about anything other than their own affairs will bring agony that is similarly preventable.


Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, please lead your children to start being mindful of the needs of Christians everywhere rather than concentrating on their own desires. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.    Deliverance:

The demons that work in this area are selfishness, self – centeredness, and laziness, causing Christians to labor little towards their own perceived problems rather than labor much towards the real problems of other Christians. Not only does this prevent protected Christians from helping persecuted Christians, but it dulls them spiritually so that they will not recognize the true nature of the threat of persecution that is soon to come to the Christians that are now protected, and that we will very likely need the support and aid of the very persecuted Christians that we are supposed to be allowing God to use to help. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!  


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