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The Real Anti – Christ

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Deuteronomy 11:16 – Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them.

Most Believers have heard of “the anti – Christ”, but even many who believe in eschatology (meaning the future as given by God in Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, etc. is literally true) and diligently study it are somewhat confused because of religious tradition. A similar confusion exists over “the lake of fire” and “hell” and “soul” versus “spirit. By using a lot of terms interchangeably and in place of another, we somewhat renounce some understanding of the Word of God, and as a result walk in that much less power than we should have. Some people might say that it is not that important anyway, or that splitting hairs over esoterica should take a back seat to more important – and more explicitly stated and easily understood – issues like repentance, salvation, charity, and submission to God’s law. I disagree if for no other reason than some of the most important doctrines for believers are not clearly stated in the Bible, and three examples are sanctification, the rapture, and trinity. Things are in the Bible for a reason, and it is incumbent upon all Believers to put their faith and trust in what is in the Bible and what the Holy Spirit would rather than in religious traditions or the words of man. It is equally important to always adhere to the highest degree of accuracy whenever possible when discussing the Bible; to say what we mean and to mean what we say.

So, Believers should stop using “soul” interchangeably with and/or in the place of “spirit.” Your “soul” refers to your will, mind, emotions, and nature. Your “spirit” is that which is similar to God and his angels (or Satan and his demons) and will either live forever in Heaven or die forever in the lake of fire. Your “soul” is the link between your physical body and your spirit, and the fate of your “spirit” and the actions of your body depend upon your soul. “Hell” should also not be used interchangeably with or in place of “lake of fire.” “Hell” is a demon that holds captive the spirits of certain people until God’s final judgment. After God’s final judgment, all who reject Christ and are not written into the Book of Life from the foundation of the world will be cast into the “lake of fire” – the physical and spiritual place of judgment for the Godless, along with Satan and his demons, which includes “hell”.

And that brings us to “the anti – Christ.” The term “anti – Christ” is oft used interchangeably with and in place of “the beast” mentioned in Revelation and the “little horn” mentioned in Daniel 7 and in Daniel 8. “The beast”, which is the “little horn”, will be (or perhaps already is, as some claim) a physical person. The “anti – Christ”, as described in I John 2, I John 4, and II John 1, is an evil spirit which denies Christ. Now, some would argue that “the beast” will be the “anti – Christ” spirit personified, just as Jesus Christ while on earth was The Word of God personified. Such are supported by the fact that Revelation says that “the beast” will carry the name of blasphemy. Still, recall I John 2, which states that all who deny Christ are literal anti – Christs! With that, we should consider the motto of the United States: e pluribus unum, which means out of many, one. The beast will rise up from the waters, which Revelation 17:5 says represents the people of Babylon. So, the ONE BEAST will be the not so much the personification of the anti – Christ spirit but the REPRESENTATION of every person who ever lived that rejected God!

Out of many anti – Christs shall come ONE BEAST. How is this possible? Well, keep in mind that it is very possible for physical manifestations to come out of things that go on in the spirit realm. Indeed, some propose that EVERY physical manifestation had its origin in the spirit realm. God, after all, made creation with His Word and by His Spirit from the spiritual realm, and it manifested in the physical one. Satan, of course, is not God. Satan is not even man! So, Satan cannot create anything. I am not even convinced that Satan can truly destroy anything without the power of another! But alas, man is created in God’s image with the power of God! (Before you denounce me as a blasphemer, see the words of Jesus Christ in John 10:34 when Christ was accused of, well, blasphemy.) Man has the ability to create and destroy; to do things in the spiritual realm that manifest creation and destruction in the natural one! So, the creation of “the beast” in the natural world, an actual living breathing person who will be cast into the lake of fire, will be the physical manifestation of the consequences in the spirit world of the actions of every man who rejects God. You can contend over the subject of whether it will be man’s creation, God’s creation, man’s creation by God’s will, or what have you. The important thing to know is that “the beast” will be the result of man’s rebellion against God. As a result it will have all of mankind (save that of the Redeemed) poured into it, will have the number and name of a man, and the essence and nature of an un – Redeemed man. The beast will be of and by man, and un – Redeemed men will find him irresistible because the beast will be made of the same thing as what is within them. Man’s evil in the spirit realm will bring forth into the natural realm – an evil man.

And in a similar fashion will be the false prophet. The beast will take on political, military, and economic authority. The false prophet, meanwhile, will be a religious authority. Realize that every political/military/economic system has relied upon and co – opted a religious one. Even where the religions have the same basic belief, it takes a different form under some political/economic/military systems than others. Consider Christianity in a free society versus Christianity in a repressive fascist or Marxist state, or Christianity in a wealthy society versus a poor one: almost unrecognizable. That is because while faith in God is real, religion is created by man to serve man’s purposes. Strict adherence to religion will inevitably corrupt faith, and strict adherence to faith will inevitably destroy religion. So to last from generation to the next as well as to span cultures and nations that not only have nothing in common with but are even in direct conflict with one another, religion and belief systems must constantly compromise and reform themselves and each other, often resulting in something worse than before. So, as the anti – Christ spirit will use man to bring forth as a natural man who will be cast into the lake of fire “the beast”, the spirit of Jezebel (false doctrine, false teaching, witchcraft, etc.) will use man to bring forth the false prophet as a natural man who will be cast into the lake of fire. And the false prophet will create a religious system to support the beast’s economic, political, and military one.

Now this is the importance of choosing God only! Realize that the beast and the false prophet will come from every person who rejects God. It does not matter how wicked you are. It does not matter what false religion you choose. It does not matter whether you are Hitler or some peaceful good – natured person who chooses not to accept and follow Christ. It does not matter whether you are a Satanist or a Christian who denies God’s authority and judgment. Things as that determine how Satan is going to use you during your life on this earth, and how the result of your actions during your life on this earth will affect other people to come. So, to human logic, spending your life as a recluse in some New Age compound will not affect as many people during your life and in lives to come as will murdering millions of people. But in the spirit world, your actions will be just as responsible for bringing about the beast and the false prophet as anyone or everyone else.

That is why people have to wake up. They have to realize that there is no in – between. It is all or nothing with God. These false churches and fake preachers who do not challenge their congregations; this mindset that tells you that it is OK to have doubt, to “be tolerant”, to “be a moderate” is nothing but a destructive trap. What it does is let you think that you can get away with works without faith, when all the while you are working your way to the lake of fire and contributing to the creation of the beast and the false prophet. So enough playing around. It is now time to choose. What is it going to be? God or Satan? Are you going to work towards Jesus Christ coming back, or are you going to work towards the creation of the false prophet and the anti – Christ? Realize this: Satan, the false prophet, and the anti – Christ are all going to the lake of fire. They are going to lose. If you do not choose God and follow him all the way, faithfully openly and willing to suffer many things as Christ did for it, then you will lose with them and share their fate in the lake of fire. But choose God and go all out for Him and you are on the winning team! You will have a part in the new Heaven and the new earth and will reign with God forever! Again, do not be deceived. There is no such thing as “mostly good” or “just a little bad.” You are either all the way good or all the way bad, and what determines it is not your own actions but whether you totally accept and sell yourself out for Jesus Christ!

Now do not waste time worrying about the true Believers, the Body of Christ. We are going to be all right. This is about YOU, YOUR FATE, YOUR SPIRIT. These things are going to come to pass anyway. The only question is: when it comes to pass, which side are you going to be on? Answer that question the right way right now. Stop helping to bring about the beast and the false prophet into the earth. Say the Salvation Prayer and join the winning team today!

Prayer:The Salvation Prayer.

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are anti – Christ and Jezebel. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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