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The Prosperity And Word Of Faith Blasphemers

Posted by Job on April 4, 2007

Luke 11:2 – And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.

The Word of Faith and prosperity doctrines (often used together) are so opposed to not only scripture but simple observation and common sense that it makes their wide scale embrace by so many Christians to be unbelievable. It is one thing for the large percentage of Americans who have never seen or experienced a miracle to say that God does not perform them anymore. It is one thing for people to find it difficult to trust that an unseen God will forgive their sins as a free gift by grace alone and instead put their trust in legalism and works. It is one thing for people to wonder with all of the scientific discoveries and cultural changes if the 66 books of the Bible represent complete revelation and inerrant final authority. And it is one thing for people who lack thorough belief in the Bible, regular church attendance, or a high priority on faith in their lives to attach themselves to strange beliefs and practices. And it is one thing for a relatively small number of people to be deceived for a short amount of time. But for many millions of the most theologically conservative and fundamentalist Christians with the most fervent dedication to doctrines founded completely on not only a literal but also MYSTICAL belief of miracles and the supernatural with FAITH as its core principle to have been deceived for DECADES in NATIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD is shocking. There are any number of explanations, including how the denominations and religious movements that popularized these doctrines rely on experience and emotion rather than doctrine, and discourage an in – depth intellectual theological approach to studying the Bible not only among its lay members but also among its clergy. But that is not sufficient. Why? Because the vast majority of the people who support or abide “pastors” who preach this heresy never truly prophesy or speak in tongues, never experience faith – healing, and certainly never experience supernatural multiplication of their finances. Further, charismatic and miraculous experiences are by no means limited to those in charismatic denominations or movements. Further, you have some very well educated people, including not a few theologians and Bible scholars, among the ranks of the prosperity/Word of Faith clergy, and lay members of these groups include a great many brilliant people who dedicate themselves to extensive, thorough individual Bible studies. This is not a case of people who disbelieve but rather who believe as they choose, and is the best evidence of the spirit of anti – Christ’s increasing strength on the planet. I am not going to go into the many arguments against these doctrines, which have been stated many a time before. Instead, I am going to approach the issue from a direct biblical perspective. Anyone who has read the Bible after any sort of honest fashion will realize that the primary overriding unifying principle is that God is sovereign. God does not serve man. God does not answer to and is not accountable for the will, emotions, wants, and decisions of man. Man was created by God at God’s pleasure for God’s purposes. We worship and serve God. And the only will that must be done and shall be done by God is God’s Will. Yes, the Bible is filled with the promises of God. But you know what? Not all of those promises are universal. The vast majority of the promises in the Old Testament were to the nation of Israel under the Old Covenant. The Old Covenant is done away with by the death of Jesus Christ! Some claim that it is expedient to be obedient to the conditions given under the Old Covenant to receive the promises (blessings, wealth, good health, long life) because A) it demonstrates obedience and devotion to God, B) it builds “discipline and character”, C) it is in the Bible, so it has to be righteous and D) BECAUSE YOU MIGHT GET BLESSED, AND AS A MATTER OF FACT IF YOU DO IT GOOD ENOUGH, GOD WILL HAVE TO BLESS YOU! D) quite obviously is simply trying to impose your own will upon God and to get him to serve you. As for C), virtually anything in the Bible can be very dangerous if taken out of its proper context. B) We are not supposed to build anything in ourselves by works, but rather to allow God the Holy Spirit to build them in us by faith, and A) you are actually neglecting and disobeying that which God has given you and told you to perform under the New Covenant, which is to concentrate on love and faith, in order to chase after that which He has told you to avoid and reject from the Old, which is works. Rather than being devoted to God, your devotion instead is to your own notions of righteousness.

What people so often fail to realize is that the Old Testament was the record of God’s dealing with Old Covenant Israel alone, and that the Old Covenant was given to Israel alone because Israel alone was to be the nation which brought the Messiah Jesus Christ into the world, and so the law was given to them in order to prepare them for that event. Since no other nation in the world was going to be used by God to bring the Messiah into the world, at no time did God ask of them to abide by it. Not only would it have been pointless to them, but it would have been a snare to them, and furthermore it would have led to confusion concerning the identity and purpose of the Messiah. And since it applied to Israel before the time of Jesus Christ and nobody else, how much less would it apply to other nations AFTER the time of Jesus Christ AFTER the Old Covenant has been fulfilled?

Bottom line: the Old Covenant was not given to us, so we cannot be blessed by it. The promises were not made to us, so there is no gain in keeping them. The only thing that can happen to us for trying to benefit from the Old Covenant blessings and promises is condemnation when we fail. I am going to give you an analogy. Suppose you and another person get hired at the same workplace, and both of you are given job assignments which fit your qualifications and training (say you’re an accountant and he’s a lawyer), and the benefits for completing those assignments include salary, retention, promotion, etc. If you go try to do his job and be lawyer, the only possible result is your failure because of your not being a lawyer, and being fired as a result. Even better (or worse) even if you somehow DID succeed at being a lawyer, you would not be paid, retained, and promoted for doing someone else’s job. Instead, you’d be fired for not doing your own. Why is that so hard to understand? Our job is not to be the people to whom the Messiah is born into the world, our job is to tell the world that the Messiah has come. We cannot be blessed for pretending otherwise, only cursed, because not only do we neglect our actual jobs, but we grievously offend God by pretending as if He has not already come and paid the ultimate price for us. An even better comparison would be a person hired as an automobile assemblyman finding out that his company once made buggies drawn by horses and the employment terms for the people who did the work, and he goes about trying to build horse – buggies for a company that no longer sells them in a society that no longer needs them, and expect to be paid and retained according to terms that are no longer valid. This is even more ridiculous because this hapless person cannot possibly make a buggy because he lacks the materials and tools, and more still because the terms under which he was hired were far better in every way: vastly superior salary, benefits, job security, vacation, safe work environment, etc. that did not exist in that company – or any – 100 years ago. Yet, if this foolish person INSISTS on being evaluated according to the terms of that irrelevant contract, then the only possible outcome is failure, because he cannot produce the number of buggies according to it.

You might say “Hey, keeping the law was impossible under the Old Covenant too.” You misunderstand. If the contract called for 5 buggies a day and he was only able to produce 3, but was still otherwise a virtuous employee who worked hard, did his best, was respectful and punctual, then the company would keep him. Why? Because their job was to make and sell buggies, he was contributing to that fact, so he would be allowed to continue under the good GRACES of the company because, after all, it wasn’t as if anyone else was making 5 buggies a day anyway, for it was impossible. The company made the contract knowing that it was impossible to fill because they knew that if they could fill their workplace with people who were willing to work towards an impossible goal without getting disillusioned, rebellious, or complacent, it would make them the most efficient, productive, and competitive company in its industry. And that was what God was doing when He gave Israel the law. He did not expect them to be perfect by fulfilling it. He expected them to be a mighty and holy nation of renown by wanting and trying to fulfill it and not giving up no matter how many times they failed. He expected them to realize how God loved them despite their failure through grace, and for that realization to produce in them the nation that He desired to bring His Son into the world and set up the kingdom of heaven. Now Israel first went after idols and into captivity and even after they emerged they never understood grace, so they rejected the Messiah and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven was deferred, but their works under the law was still sufficient to bring the Messiah into the earth. So God ignored their failure to keep the law because their attempts were still good enough to create a nation that would produce the Messiah. Just as your failure to make 5 buggies a day would still contribute to producing more than enough buggies to make your company a handsome profit. But in THIS AGE, your failure to make 5 buggies a day for a company that no longer sells them gives them the right to fire you the first day that you fail to make five buggies (which will be the first day) and they will exercise that right. In that same manner, your inability to keep the law will not be ignored because your attempts to keep it will still contribute to a holy nation that will bring forth the Messiah. Why? Because the Messiah has already come, and there is no market, no use for your works under this dispensation. So, the only possible result of your failure will be cursings and death. Now unlike the auto company, God will suffer you to continue for a time in your error, giving you a chance to acknowledge His Truth. But God will not allow you to reject His Grace and the way by which Grace was made: the death of His Son and Word on the cross, forever.

Now people might say that I should not say those things, because God gave the law and the promises to the children of Israel forever, and to say that they no longer apply would be to make God a lie. God forbid. First, I will say it again, unless you are physically descended from natural Israel, those promises never applied to you to begin with because your people had nothing to do with bringing the Messiah into the world. Second, the promises and the law ARE forever, because THEY WERE FULFILLED IN THE MESSIAH! Jesus Christ is the law, Jesus Christ is the promises. We keep the law not in the flesh through works as natural Israel but in the spirit through faith as spiritual Israel, and we thereby receive the riches of the promise not in worldly things but in spiritual ones. We do not have to keep a bunch of statutes so God will bless us with bountiful harvests that we can take to market and sell for great gain. Instead, our riches are in the fruits of the Holy Spirit (joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self – control) which are far more valuable. All of Solomon’s money and wives could not buy him joy, love, or peace, and if you doubt that read Ecclesiastes. And even being a man after God’s own heart did not give David self-control (as evidenced by his taking Bathsheba and murdering Uriah) and for all of David’s attributes he is not especially known for being gentle, patient, or kind. And you know what? In the case of David, that was OK. Why? Because David lived under the Old Covenant. Sin had not yet been defeated on the cross and therefore ruled the earth. The Holy Spirit had not yet come, so it was impossible to war against sin spiritually using Ephesians 6:11 – 13, but instead it had to be done in the flesh. How? By going into battle against sinful nations. You do not want a patient, kind, gentle, temperate person as warrior – king of Israel. No, that job required someone who WANTED to wage continuous warfare and commit what we would consider today to be ethnic cleansing, genocide, war crimes, etc. while doing it. As a matter of fact, a great many of the heroes of the Bible were noted for their tempers, cruelty (by today’s standards), abrasive personalities, and rash actions, with Joseph being a notable exception.

Christians, we are a different nation playing a different game by different rules. The notions that you can accomplish anything in the spiritual realm with works of the flesh is a LIE. To be effective for God in the current dispensation, we must obey the New Testament, which tells us to A) love God with all our strength, B) love our neighbor, C) preach the gospel. There are lots of ways to do those three things, but everything that we do should be in conscious pursuit of those three things. For instance, we should not flee sin and temptation because we are trying to keep the Ten Commandments; we should do so because if we love God we will obey Him (John 14:15). If you are a soccer player, you are not going to score any points by picking up the ball and throwing it into the net as if you were playing basketball. So why on earth do you think that you are going to be rewarded with health, wealth, and long life by keeping Psalms, Proverbs, and what Malachi says about tithing? And why are you seeking those things anyway since none of those things were promised to us under the New Covenant anyway? The New Covenant promised us salvation, and the ability to live a joyous, spiritually productive life no matter what the circumstances of our earthly existence. This is not to say that God cannot heal. Of course God can heal. But the point of the New Covenant was not to provide healing of the flesh because the New Covenant heals the spirit, so that even if you never get out of that wheelchair, you will still have peace, which is something that the overwhelming majority of people who walk around on two legs do not have, and that includes Christians who are still seeking their blessings under the law! I once listened to a radio show by Ken Hagin, the son of Kenneth Hagin who created the Word of Faith movement. He met a woman in a wheelchair who was so advanced in her fruits of the spirit that her condition no longer bothered her, and she had actually written a book to encourage other people who are going through trials. Hagin persecuted that woman of God by claiming that if she only had faith, she would get up out of that wheelchair! Yes, God can raise people out of wheelchairs, but that isn’t the purpose of the New Covenant. The purpose of the New Covenant is giving strength to those who do not get out of their wheelchairs so that they will not be driven by their anguish over being in wheelchairs to seek false religions that may heal their bodies but will damn their souls to the lake of fire for an eternity.

Now in conclusion, let me destroy this “Word of Faith” doctrine, which is based on “speaking things that are not as though they were” in the case of Abraham. First off, they incorrectly portray the scripture. Romans 4:17 does not say that Abraham spoke things that are not as though they were, that Abraham “created with the power of his tongue using ‘the Word of Faith.’” It says that GOD spoke things that are not as though they were! They get around that by saying that Abraham did so when he stopped calling himself Abram and started calling himself Abraham, the father of many nations when he was yet childless. But people, Abraham did not initiate that to seek his own will; Abraham did not change his own name. GOD INITIATED IT TO DO HIS WILL; GOD CHANGED ABRAHAM’S NAME. ALL ABRAHAM DID WAS TO BELIEVE GOD, AND IT WAS ACCOUNTED TO HIM FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Realize this: THERE IS NO INSTANCE GIVEN ANYWHERE IN THE BIBLE OF SOMEONE “SPEAKING THE WORD OF FAITH.” EVEN WHEN ABRAHAM OBEYED GOD AND STARTED CALLING HIMSELF BY HIS NEW NAME, WHAT HE WAS DOING IS CALLED PROPHESYING. PROPHESYING IS WHEN YOU SPEAK THE WORD THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU CONCERNING THINGS THAT WERE, ARE, AND SHALL BE, NOT CREATING SOMETHING THAT EXISTS ONLY IN YOUR OWN MIND. Go read your Bibles (PLEASE!), it just isn’t there. When Isaiah PROPHESIED that the Messiah would come in the world, HE WAS MERELY REPEATING WHAT GOD HAD ALREADY TOLD EVE! THOSE WORDS WERE NOT ISAIAH’S, THEY WERE GOD’S! So, they were not “Isaiah’s word of faith”, they were GOD’S PROPHECY! And you know what? WHEN WE SPEAK OF THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST AND THE OTHER THINGS GIVEN IN REVELATION, WE ARE PROPHESYING JUST AS ISAIAH DID (Revelation 19:10). WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU SETTLE FOR “THE WORD OF FAITH” TO GET WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU CAN PROPHECY WHAT GOD WILL DO? I WILL TELL YOU: THE ONLY REASON IS BECAUSE YOU ARE A FOOL WITH A CORRUPTED MIND!


Prayer: Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, we praise You for the better promises of the New Covenant. Please keep us from falling into the lies that we should seek righteousness or blessings under the Old Covenant, or that godliness is gain, and please use us to preach against the false teachers and prophets to prevent people from following after that doctrine and delivering those who are ensnared in it from it. Amen.

Deliverance: The demons that work in this area are doctrinal error, blasphemy, and self – will. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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