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The Original Tower Of Babel

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Genesis 11:1 – And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.

Everyone who has been to Sunday school knows the story: a group of men got together and started building a tower to reach Heaven. God was angered by their arrogance and confounded their speech so that they could not understand each other and work together. So everyone who spoke the same language went their own different ways and founded nations based on their language. That is the literal meaning of the story. Consider the spiritual, prophetic meaning, and how it relates to Satan and the beast. First off, be sensible. There is no way to build a tower to any Heaven, whether the spiritual heaven that God exists in or the natural “heavens” that surround the earth where demons tend to hang out. Even if there were, the men of that day would not have been able to without modern materials, technology, and know – how. It would have gotten only a few hundred feet off the ground, not even the size of a small town office building, before toppling over. So no, these people were not building a LITERAL tower to any heaven, and even if they had been, God would have just laughed at their folly – for man was given to much folly in those days – and let them be.

But instead, God was VERY CONCERNED about this project, enough about it to personally intervene and scuttle it. Why? Because again, these fellows WERE NOT building a physical tower to heaven. No, what these people were building a SPIRITUAL tower to Heaven! Satan was behind the whole thing, and what they were building was an IDOL! You may recall my Fear No Evil sermon in which I revealed that Satan has no power of his own, but man does. What Satan does is to co – opt and use the power of man in his war against God and God’s people and creation. Sure, Satan gets people to directly do his bidding in the natural realm by creating educational, political, and social systems that creates people who will automatically do what he wants. That is Satan in his “dragon” role, where he has his most influence in the natural realm. And yes, Satan also has witches, Satanists, occultists, and what have you that directly do his will on this plane, his second – largest source of influence. And though much is made of Satan’s demons entering into people and controlling to a great degree their thoughts and actions, that is actually only his least source and way of influence.

Nay, Satan’s real power from man comes in the spirit realm. And how does Satan get that power in the spirit realm? By getting man to worship him! Again, each man is made in the image of God, so therefore each man has considerable power in the spirit realm. Of course, we have absolutely no idea how to use it, and God wants it that way. God wants us to know and believe that we have power in the spirit realm, and then freely and continuously give that power back to Him to do with as He sees fit via our prayers and submission to Him. But Satan has always worked to deceive man by telling man that we ought not to trust God, but rather we should take matters into our own hands; to use our spiritual power ourselves for our own purposes. That is clearly called in the Bible witchcraft. Now why is witchcraft called “the sin of rebellion” in the Bible (I Samuel 15:23)? Because the notion that you can use and control your own power in the spirit realm is a fanciful lie from Satan, the same one that plays on man’s vanity that he has been using since Adam and Eve when he told Eve that if she and Adam ate of the tree of knowledge then they would be “as gods.” Satan wants you to THINK that you are controlling your spirit power and using it for your own ends when in reality Satan himself is in full control. All you are doing is giving your spirit power to Satan to be used in his rebellion against God.

And that is just the power that Satan gets by tricking people to give it up indirectly. The ultimate source is for Satan to get people to transfer it directly. How? The same way that we give it to God directly, by worshipping. Worshipping Satan gives Satan enormous power, and the more people that Satan can get to worship him the more power that Satan claims in the spirit realm. You do not even have to KNOW that your behavior is devil worship, just doing it is enough! And if ONE MAN has a lot of power, imagine the power that Satan would claim in the spirit realm of ALL MEN worshipping him. Imagine if ALL MEN were worshipping Satan and virtually no one was counteracting it by worshipping God and going against Satan and Satan’s people for God. The power that Satan would claim in the spirit realm would be enormous, and once transferred to the natural realm Satan and his followers would be empowered to do a whole lot of damage.

And in this Tower of Babel episode in Genesis 11, this is precisely what Satan was trying to do. As stated in Present Day Babel, these people were not building a LITERAL stairway to Heaven, and even if they were they were not going to get very far. No, these people were building an IDOL! Note Genesis 11:4 where it says “and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.” They were doing this to glorify THEMSELVES rather than God, and they did this in the hopes of gaining enough power AGAINST GOD in the hopes of preventing God from imposing His Will upon them! Make no mistake, they were rebelling against God. They felt that if they magnified themselves, came together and worshipped themselves, then that would give them enough power to challenge and defy God, and ultimately to drive God’s presence from the earth. It was the original manifestation of anti – Christ, where man defies and denies the authority of God. And it was done not with the power of Satan but instead with the power of man; the power of all men together magnifying themselves against God. Now had some people chosen to follow God to counteract the spirit power being handed to Satan, there would not have been any cause for concern. Even had there been some people who had merely chosen to conflict with other men or to sit the project out, then there would not have been any cause for concern. But since all mankind was together, united in speech, language, nation, and purpose, all of the spirit power that God had given to Adam, the power to have dominion over the earth, was on the verge of being handed over to Satan! All that needed to be done was for the tower of Babel, which was really a monument to Satan’s Babylon seat of witchcraft and rebellion, to be completed and for man to begin worshipping himself, magnifying himself against God (do not kid yourself, these “humanists” who worship man and “naturalists” who worship the earth are really worshipping Satan!) and Satan would come into magnificent power in the earth.

Now though this may offend you because of your prior religious tradition and teachings, please be aware: this is in the Bible, and the Bible clearly states that God had real reason to be concerned! Why? Because God gave Adam considerable power and dominion over the earth in the natural AND spiritual realm! Adam just did not have the KNOWLEDGE of how to use that power, because God wanted Adam’s spiritual power to be used for God in the manner that God intended. But once Adam ate from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, Adam had the POTENTIAL to learn how to use that power to magnify himself against God from the earth. God could not allow that to happen, so God drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden before they had a chance to eat from the Tree of Life and live forever, and even that was after Adam had become “as one of us”, meaning God in the form of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Genesis 3:22).

Make no mistake, Satan motivated Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge as part of his plot to get control of Adam’s power to use it against God. But God foiled the plan. He prevented Adam from eating from the tree of life, which would have given Adam unlimited time to figure out how to use his power. He then told Adam that he would have to work for a living, removing Adam’s idle time in which Satan could have tempted Adam further. And then God commanded Adam and Eve to bear children. Why? Because at the time Adam had within him the singular power of humanity; all the power of the image of God. So, there was still the real possibility that Adam could begin to worship Satan and thereby transfer a great deal of power to him. But by having children, Adam was dividing the power of man among many people! So Satan’s plan to use the power of Adam, the power of man, to challenge God in the spirit realm was foiled – for a time.

And ever since then, Satan has been hard at work trying to get all of mankind to worship him, to recapture the power that was just within his grasp when Adam fell. But God has not allowed it to happen! Just when it has seemed as if the people of Satan were on the verge of overtaking the people of God, allowing the worshippers of Satan to dominate and transfer the entire power of man to Satan, God has both raised His hand to crush the people of Satan AND has used His people to serve and worship Him to continue to give Him a power and presence on the earth.

But the Tower of Babel was the closest that Satan has gotten. Even though it was mighty evil during the days of Noah, there was also much confusion: there was no unity. But in the time of the Tower of Babel, mankind was united with a common mind and purpose, and that purpose was to magnify mankind against God so that God’s dominion over mankind would be removed and man would be left to his own devices (or so he thought; it would really be Satan’s devices). What would Satan have done? Of course, he would have used his power to destroy mankind in order to prevent God from using mankind to worship Him to re – establish His rule from upon the earth, and of course to prevent the coming of a Savior who would defeat Satan on the earth once and for all. Now do not be mistaken, God would not have been defeated had this happened! Rather, it would have just delayed things and extended Satan’s time on the earth for another age. That is Satan’s whole goal anyway. He knows that he is headed for the lake of fire; he is just trying to stay out of it for as long as possible. Yet, the immediate threat was real! That was why God said in Genesis 11:6 “Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do”! Again, this speaks not of their ability to build a building that would stretch from earth in the physical plane to Heaven in the spiritual one, but rather their having the spiritual power of Adam that could have been used to do virtually anything on earth in the spiritual AND physical plane! Make no mistake, man does have power, because that power was given to us by God. God is true to His Word and Nature, and so He is not going to remove the power that He has given to man from man, because He is a Faithful and True God who cannot lie and keeps his covenants! To this day, man has the power to have dominion over the natural world and command things in the spiritual world. Even diluted among 6 billion people, an individual person still has considerable power in the spirit world, so you can imagine how much power Adam had, and you can imagine how much power that would be were all humans to be of single mind and purpose. It is not enough power to defeat God of course, but it is enough power to cause God to act, and act God did against the Tower of Babel project.

God has saw what man does when the singular power of humanity is joined together in one people and one purpose. What man always does is use that power to rebel against God! It was done first when Adam did it, and it was done again with the tower of Babel. So God came to the conclusion that man is too wicked, his nature too corrupt, and his mind too open to temptation to be unified. So God scattered man across the face of the earth. We treat diversity and multiculturalism as if they are new, anti – Christian modern concepts created by man when in reality God is the author of diversity and multiculturalism! However, God intends for diversity and multi – culturalism to be spread across DIFFERENT people, DIFFERENT tongues, and DIFFERENT nations. When people try to unify all of these different cultures and tongues in ONE nation that is Babel, confusion, against God’s law and purposes. And of course, the reason why people are trying to push together all of these cultures together in all of these separate nations is for the purpose of creating so much disorder that humanity will have no choice but to cast aside the differences of language, race, culture, and religion and to become one merely to coexist and survive. When that happens – and it will happen because it has been prophesied – man will soon begin building the Tower of Babel again.

However, Satan is crafty. He knows better than to have them all unite around one project and one symbol again. Satan will have mankind collectively worshipping him, but doing it in different ways. It will be so elegant and so cunning that people will actually THINK that they are opposing one another when they will be actually working on the same team. Recall World War II with the conflict between Hitler and Stalin. Of course both men were incontrovertibly Satan’s puppets (both hated Jews for instance) but neither knew it. Satan had no problem with them fighting each other and killing each other’s people, for Satan has no love for man. Satan only cared about those nations and the people in them who remained alive were worshipping him! And that is what is going to be the case. Satan has created a seemingly infinite menu of options for people to worship him, to transfer their power into the spirit realm to him. You see it in politics, entertainment, sports, pornography, education, government, religion (including some forms of “Christianity”) you name it. The Word of God states “How can two walk together except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). These people, despite their seemingly different pursuits and beliefs, will be walking together in agreement, and that will create a new collective single consciousness from which will spring forth the beast and the false prophet of Daniel and Revelation. Again, none of this is God’s Will, but God knows it will happen because of the nature of man. God knows the nature of man well, so just as he predicted that the children of Israel would disobey Him and go into captivity even while they were still in the wilderness before the nation of Israel was established, God predicted that man would once again forsake Him, join themselves together, and give all of their love and power to Satan.

Except this time, God will not see fit to intervene. Why not? Well, there is the “three strikes and you are out” principle, I guess. Adam was strike one. The tower of Babel was strike two. What is going on right now is strike three, and mankind’s chances will be up! That is just a theory anyway. More concrete is that unlike in the age of Adam and the age of the tower of Babel, Jesus Christ had not yet come into the world. The debt for Adam’s sin had not yet been paid, and the Holy Spirit, which allows man to make an open free choice between God and Satan, had not yet been poured out. But now it has, and every man gets to freely choose between God and Satan during the age of grace. Even people who have never heard of the Name of Jesus Christ still have some concept of God and some concept of good and evil within the contexts of their own culture and are free to adhere to it the best that they can; it is just that most choose not to. With that being the case, why should God intervene? God has NEVER interfered with man’s free will! If God did not want man to have and exercise free will to choose between good and evil, He would have never put the Tree of Knowledge Of Good And Evil in the Garden of Eden, or would have never allowed Adam access to it. And note that while Adam never touched the Tree of Life, he did choose the Tree of Knowledge. Keep in mind: God never forbad Adam the Tree of Life; only the Tree of Knowledge! But Adam had no interest in the Tree of Life. He only cared about the Tree of Knowledge, and took from it the very first time he was tempted because he wanted to all along. Had Adam eaten from the Tree of Life or even desired to, he would have had no interest in the Tree of Knowledge! But since he spurned the Tree of Life, which would have allowed him to forever walk with God, for the Tree of Knowledge, which gave him the opportunity to rebel and magnify himself against God, it revealed the true nature of Adam and of man from the beginning. And Eve? Though her sin was out of ignorance and not that of Adam, she was constructed with Adam’s rib, after all. So at the time, Adam had the ability to make a free choice and made it. After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, man again has the ability to make a free choice, and is making it.

Keep in mind that this choice is not only on an individual level, but on a national level as well. That is why God throughout history has personally chosen leaders – and not just in Israel – and exhorted his people to pray for their leaders. After God scattered the people from Babel, he chose to raise up His own nation for the purposes of following Him: Israel. Afterwards, even during the Old Testament, God extended the opportunity to other nations to choose to follow Him, most notably Egypt (with Joseph), Sheba/Ethiopia (with Solomon), Assyria (with Jonah), Persia (with Daniel), and even the Philistines (when David sought their help when running from Saul). Many immediately rejected God’s call, others followed God’s call for a time. But whether a nation is prosperous and blessed or cursed and wretched determines whether they call upon the name of the Lord. And that is why God does not want various people overrunning this and that nation. The effect is that pagan people from pagan cultures come into nations that have declared themselves for God and bring their wicked practices with them. Not only do the pagans benefit from the wealth, peace, and protection that is the result of people choosing to follow God in spirit, but they take that wealth and peace and use it to glorify Satan. Eventually their wickedness leeches into and corrupts God’s people. That happened from day one in Israel when the children of Israel failed to utterly destroy the Canaanites and ultimately began intermarrying with them and worshipping their gods. These open immigration policies and failure to enforce borders has allowed every pagan religion and practice imaginable into nations that had chosen God, and are perverting them.
Take America for instance. Of course, we have home – made abominations like Scientology and Mormonism, but they have always been relatively small and localized. But we opened our borders first to Europeans who practice a version of idolatrous legalistic ritualistic “Christianity” that rejects worshipping God in spirit and truth through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (There is no coincidence that adherents to this apostate Christianity are chief among those who now support “open borders.”) And then the floodgates were let open with people who adhere to Marxist atheism, socialist statism, New Age and other eastern religions, and third world animism (santeria, voodoo, black magic, etc.) What is worst of all, this abomination is quickly finding its way into Christian churches. The more liberal denominations are going towards atheism, statism, and humanism. The moderate denominations are incorporating New Age and eastern religions. And the conservative/charismatic churches are becoming increasingly animistic! And all of them, especially as they become increased with size, are becoming more bureaucratic, which puts them more and more under the influence of man and apart from the anointing of God, which causes them to become ever more idolatrous, legalistic, and ritualistic and hence ever more skeptical of and hostile towards having a true relationship with God through Christ.

Now of course, what will happen will happen, and we are fast careening towards when time shall be no more. But that does not means that Christians have to accede to it! We are to fight this coming world order tooth and nail, even right when it is nigh at hand. Of course, there are political and social activities such as opposing all immigration except for Christians seeking asylum and fighting against political correctness and multi – culturalism. But the main front should be spiritual. Christians must fast and pray. We must read our Bibles. We must fellowship and worship. We must reclaim the foundation of our faith (given to us in BOTH testaments!) so that we can cast out of our midst the bureaucratic legalistic false Christian idolatry. And yes, we must evangelize. We must go to other nations to evangelize the pagans, which would make them more likely to stay where they are, evangelize their countrymen and pray for the prosperity of their own lands. That way, they can celebrate diversity by worshipping GOD in their own tongues and cultures. We should not try to get them to adopt our culture and worship God our way; that is not God’s will. We should get them to adopt GOD into THEIR CULTURE. And we must evangelize our own nations, starting with the native – born people and then moving on to the immigrants, legal and otherwise. We must pull no punches and tell them that the reason why you are coming over here to take jobs that native – born people will not take is because our nation is rich and your nation is poor, and the reason why our nation is rich and your nation is poor is because where our nation has turned to God and been blessed, yours has forsaken God and been cursed. And yes, that includes so many third world countries who only worship legalistic ritualistic idolatrous “Christianity”, especially those who have melded the fake Christianity with their own animism to create something unsurpassed in abomination. Little wonder that these so – called “Christian” nations are some of the most diseased, wretched, and war – torn on the planet: they claim to worship God when they are really offending Him, just as did the children of Israel when they were claiming to still be the children of Jehovah while they were worshipping Baal, Molech, and Ashtoreth. So please, do your part against the new Babel. It will succeed unlike the original Babel, but the good news is that you do not have to be a part of it. Say the Salvation Prayer today, and then go forth and get others to say it to rescue them from the coming Babel as well.

Prayer:Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please give your people understanding and discernment such that they will not join the new Babel, but instead will join with you for their own salvation and do your will and resist it for your glory and to help others become saved. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Deliverance:The demons that works in this area are rebellion and witchcraft. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood.


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