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The Most Radical Statement In The Bible

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Genesis 17:1 – And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. 

Do you know what the most radical statement in the Bible? The one that changes everything? That tells you what everything is all about? That should settle all of our theological debates and arguments, and moreover exhibits how foolish and small they are? The one that lets you know that it is ridiculous to say “This cannot happen” or “that is impossible” or “I do not believe in this or that”? Well let me tell you what this mighty, powerful, radical statement that should open the eyes and clear the minds of all who believe it. That statement is – drum roll please – “IN THE BEGINNING GOD!” That’s right, the first four words of the Bible. The second most powerful statement? “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD”, which of course explicitly declares the deity of Jesus Christ. But it is subject to the first, just as Jesus Christ is subject to the Father, because first the existence of deity must be declared before any specifics of the deity are dealt with. Otherwise, it is like buying house paint without a house.
And that is why the Bible gets it out of the way right from the very start. It does not declare things about man or world, but rather the existence of God, and in that very declaration makes it clear that only the existence of that very God is what makes the existence of man, the world, and everything else possible. This is important because once you realize the existence of a self – existent being with the power to create everything out of nothing – a God – then you have to realizing that arguing about this same God is absurd. What is there to argue about, really? I mean, this is GOD we are talking about here. In general terms AND especially compared to US, any GOD that exists obviously has to be capable of doing anything. And since GOD is capable of doing anything, why not do it? What kind of a mind considers A DIETY and concludes that A DIETY will not or cannot do something?
The answer is that NO MIND WILL, because it is absurd. When using THE MIND, such a person will realize that the only restriction on the power and prerogative of a diety is the diety itself. Furthermore, that person will realize that his mind’s capacity is so limited when compared against the vastness of the power and prerogative of a diety that he cannot even begin to comprehend the diety’s power, the diety’s prerogative, or how they interrelate. So what is the problem if it is not the mind? It is, quite simply, THE HEART. More to the point, rebellious wicked hearts. 

Now this is not aimed at those who do not believe in God; for those I refer to Is God Real? on the main site. This, instead, refers to people who claim to acknowledge the existence of God but in truth deny the existence of God because of the hardness, wickedness, and rebellion in their hearts. They tell themselves that there are things that God cannot see, things that God cannot do, or situations where God will not act. Why? Because of a desire to deny the fact that the universe does not revolve around them. Because of the fact that there is an entity that they have to regard whether they choose to or not. Oh, do not make no mistake, people are excellent at regarding, honoring, bowing to, and obeying. But the issue is that they only do it for things which they themselves choose to. For instance, I CHOOSE to love my country. I CHOOSE to obey my boss. I CHOOSE to adhere to a religion or philosophy. Why do they do this? Not because of any power, merit, or righteousness that your nation, employer, or religion/philosophy has, but rather because of how it makes you feel. Loving your country makes you feel good. Obeying your boss keeps income coming in that allows you to buy the things that you want. And your religion or philosophy gives you a sense of purpose – or superiority – that you choose for yourself. So while their mind says: “There is a God”, their heart says “Yeah big deal, what about me?”  

And so, the heart overpowers the mind. The mind starts to believe the lies that the heart tells it to diminish God in the eyes of the mind. And in order for the heart to remain dominant, it tells the heart not to think about God! Why? Because if the mind truly probes God, then it will cast off the ridiculous limitations. Oh, the heart will get you thinking about your job. Your home. Your circumstances. And for religious people, your religious doctrine and theology, your church, your pastor, and your works. Do not  make the mistake of putting all this on secular atheist humanists, religious people excel at keeping themselves so busy that they never think about God! They ESPECIALLY never think about whether God is pleased with them and their religion! Instead, they think to themselves: “OF COURSE God is!” I am doing the things that I am supposed to do! That is their heart causing their mind to forget that GOD, A DIETY, IS BIGGER THAN “THE THINGS THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!” 

So, these people who say “God will certainly reward me for this.” Or “God surely won’t cast you into hell for that.” Or “God doesn’t use people like that.” Or “that’s not how God works.” Or “things like that don’t happen anymore; we’re in ‘a different age.’” Or “that isn’t what God’s Word really means; you can’t interpret it like that.” People will rationalize God’s power, authority, and prerogative away to the point where in their eyes God diminishes to where He is actually LESS than a human! And of course He would have to be LESS than a human, because it is the DESIRE of that human to make God LESS than him!  

It would be oh so very easy and convenient for me to pretend that this is primarily a problem with liberal Christians who have come out and said that they do not believe that the Bible is literally true or authoritative in most contexts. But that is not the case. The truth is that those are the ones who are being the most honest! A lot of the “fundamentalists” and the “evangelicals” are extremely fundamentally evangelical about limiting God with their ritual, tradition, and doctrine, and about viewing God in terms of what they want and think is right and true based on their desires and expectations rather than what God is and wants. The best example of this? Rapture – believers who claim that the rapture will come before the great tribulation. Why? Because they don’t want to go through the great tribulation! It doesn’t matter to them that God may have something that He wants for them to do during the tribulation. All they know is that THEY don’t want to go through it, and they have convinced themselves that since they are such good Christians that they shouldn’t have to be exposed to it. That makes them no different from the liberal Christian who thinks that God CAN’T send “good people” to hell just because they have accepted Christ.  

We religious people want to make God the center of OUR RELIGION, as opposed to our faith. Rather than accepting that God can and do anything according to His prerogatives, we limit what God can and will do according to what our religion says He can or will do, and our religion winds up being based on what we want to regard God as being able and willing to do. You can change your religion as easily as you change your clothes – and some people even more easily – so the instant that you run up against something that your religion tells you about God that makes you uncomfortable, you either change your church or you simply ignore and reject it. Even a great many people who purport to have this great reverence for God and suffer many things for His Name will only do so in accordance to how they personally view God, and how and why they feel that God should regard their reverence and suffering.

At a more fundamental level, we have to realize that the most fantastic thing about the Bible is not anything that God did. It is not anything that God used man to do. Rather, it is the fact that God exists. Even before our secular humanistic society, that very concept is the most unthinkable, unprovable, foreign, contemptible notion to anything natural. The notion of the existence of God is inherently at conflict with man’s being. It is only because of a desire to believe in SOMETHING that people begin to decide out of necessity rather than desire that a God must exist in order to explain the unexplained, or to have some sort of hope for and meaning in their empty lives. But even then all these people do is fashion their own false God that fits their imagination. Their God is limited not only by their imagination, but by their desire to limit Him into something that pleases and does not threaten them; an idol.

The challenge for us Christians is to not turn God into an idol that we limit with our desire for Him to serve us rather than us serve Him. An idol that we create out of our desire to fit everything in a neat little box. An idol that we create out of our desire to force God to conform to our human morals and logic. An idol that we create in order to force God to conform to our religion or tradition. We have to realize that God does not belong to us, but rather we belong to God! This whole universe, the very notion of existence itself, it all belongs to God! We have to sit back every now and then and ponder what it means. We have to allow ourselves to be challenged by it; to be awed by it; to know that God is bigger than our experience, unlike anything that we have ever seen, experienced, or imagined. We have to stop thinking about all of these things that God allegedly hasn’t done, can’t do, or won’t do. Why? Because God is not a function of what He is doing, especially not at any one particular time, particularly when you consider that God exists outside of time, controls time, and is not a function of time. We should not even think of how we can please God. Why? Because we lack the capacity to please God. The only way that we can please by God is if God chooses in what manner He is going to consider Himself pleased by us. Instead of thinking about how we can please God, think of how the GOD THAT IS IN US ALREADY PLEASES GOD!

So Christians, dedicate more time, lots more time, to just thinking about who and what God IS, and thanking Him for it. So many Christians never consider God. They take Him for granted because they think they know Him already. They do not. What they know is their religion. Well, do you know the Lord? Are you saved? If so, then you really need to just start thinking, pondering, LOVING the Your God just because He exists, and to do so with no expectations, no wants, no desires, no conditions, no strings attached.



Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, I ask you that Your children would fall in love with the idea of Your Very Existence, and that knowing what the fact that You even exist means, how it changes everything. May this cause a change in Your children, may it change how they view You, themselves, and the work that You have created us to do.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.  


The demons that work in this area are selfishness, idolatry, faithlessness, false religion, and false teaching. It causes people to forsake seeking to spiritually discover the truth of the True God and instead replace the True God in their hearts and in their thinking with false gods that they create themselves. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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