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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Matthew 17:20 – And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.Making The Impossible Possible revealed that most Christians do not experience and perform miracles because they allow themselves to be trapped in environments that do not build within them what is required to become miracle – makers. They are never taught to seek great things from the Lord, and sometimes they are taught that routine things are great things. The way to get out of this spiritual quicksand is to get up from where you are stuck and go where God leads you: to a place where miracle – makers are cultivated. Lots of places claim to do miracles and cultivate miracle workers; you can only find one that actually does with God’s guidance. 

What cultivates miracle makers? You can actually get a hint by watching cartoons. Now take caution and care, because the vast majority do not contain Christian messages and are actually anti – Christ and demonic. Even most entertainment for Christians avoid the power in the Name and Blood of Jesus (indeed, many do not mention Jesus at all) in favor of being “character – building”, “values – shaping”, “positive uplifting family entertainment.” Further, many of the ones that actually do deal with the fantastic hide them in allegories.  But still, watch a few cartoons, especially those of the superhero genre. You will see characters that perform amazing feats requiring supernatural ability on a regular basis. It is routine for them; taken totally for granted. If they get a call about some impossible situation that only they can help, they swing into action without the slightest bit of fear or self – doubt, with no idea of failure, and no thought of whether their actions are precedented or appropriate. And if they are not working on a specific emergency, they are patrolling the area looking for someone that needs help or some situation that needs righting. Even when their help has not been sought and they cannot find anything that needs their attention, they go off and train or enhance and improve themselves for future emergencies.  

Notice that everyone who watches these cartoons or movies or reads their comic books just accepts their superheroes acting that way. No one ever questions their motivations, the appropriateness of their actions, or their character. No one ever discusses whether the people that these superheroes help would be better off if they fended for themselves or accepted their plight. Instead, we just take it for granted: OF COURSE these people are supposed to act this way. OF COURSE people are supposed to accept their help. OF COURSE they have good character and take appropriate actions, even when it seems like they are just cruising around looking for trouble, or spending their spare time becoming better fighters or building better ray guns to use violence against someone. Why? Because they are superheroes! That is what they are supposed to do!

Well, I have to tell you: you are a CHRISTIAN. You have THE POWER OF GOD WITH YOU AND IN YOU. My friend, that makes you better than any superhero. So why aren’t you acting like it? Why aren’t you answering the call of people who need your help? People who are starving, people who are sick, people who are bound by demonic influence, people who are losing their marriages, children, homes, and faith, people who need to be preached the gospel before they die and are cast into the lake of fire? They are all around you, and instead of swinging into action and letting God use you to rescue them, you just sit around in church. Even if you are personally unaware of anyone with immediate serious need, you can simply enlarge your territory, expand your horizons. Cut on your television; you will see someone who needs a miracle. Open the newspaper or a magazine, you will see the same. Get in your car and drive to a hospital, homeless shelter, Boys or Girls Club, or YMCA … you will see people needing miracles all around you. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. And if for some reason you just cannot find ANYONE who needs your help, or if God is restraining you for a time (which He will do upon occasion) then that is the time to strengthen your armor. Sharpen your sword of the spirit. Immerse yourself in the Bible. Open up your wallet and invest in some televangelist’s book or tape series. God is giving you rest because He sees the next battle on the horizon, and He knows that it is going to be bigger than the last one! 

Oh, but you have so much trepidation. You wonder if your spiritual superhero actions are truly wanted. You wonder if you are infringing on someone’s rights and offending someone. You wonder if you are imposing on someone’s beliefs, offending other Christians, being intolerant, and making the faith look bad. You are afraid of stepping on toes, including those of other religious people. You are afraid of encroaching on some other church’s territory; ministering to someone in their flock. You are afraid of what both the world and church folk are going to say about you. You are afraid of failing. And you are afraid that you might be doing your own will rather than God’s. And how silly are you being! Does that stuff stop Superman? Batman? Spider – Man? Wonder Woman? Of course not! There was this movie recently, The Incredibles, about a super hero who saved someone who did not want to be saved, was sued and forbidden by the government from saving people, and yet he sneaked out and did it anyway, at great risk to himself and his family! Why aren’t more Christians like that? If Superman does not need permission to try to save someone’s temporal life, then why do you need permission to save someone’s eternal soul? If Batman does not care about people making fun of his costume, car, or obvious psychological problems, why should you fear being called a holy – roller by the unsaved and opposition from church people? If Wonder Woman was willing to leave behind her country and family to go save lives, why are you afraid to leave behind a church that does not teach you how to get out there and make a difference and go someplace where God wants to use you? If superheroes are not restrained by such concepts as Miranda rights, due process, presumption of innocence, or property values when they go around beating up villains and blowing things up, why are you so concerned about being called crazy for telling someone that they have a demon, or being called a bigot when you tell them that their demon is why they crave sexual relations with a member of the same sex, or why they want to kill their unborn child? 

You have so much power inside you and behind you, why not act on it? And why do you give up when you make small attempts to act on it and seemingly fail? Why do you not give nearly so much effort to being a warrior for your God as you did learning to ride a bicycle when you were a child and learning to drive a car when you got a bit older? So, you have all this fear that you may lay hands on someone and the demon does not come out or they do not get healed, or you may witness to someone and they may still reject Christ, or you may counsel someone and they not change, or you may claim a great financial blessing through the Word of Faith and not get it. And this fear may actually get realized. So what? Do you give up school if you fail a test? Fail a class? Fail a grade? Or even get kicked out of school? Of course not! Why not? Because you KNOW that you need to complete your education if you are going to please your parents, get a job, and support yourself and your family. So why do you give your GOD less perseverance than you gave your bike riding, car driving, or education? You can’t make it without education, but you can make it without doing what God wants you to do? What kind of sense does THAT make?  

And do not fall for the trap of thinking: “I hold this position in the church and perform that service in the church and have been for 30 years.” With all due respect, while much of the service that is done for the church is sincere and people are truly blessed for it, it actually does not even require a person who is SAVED to do it! The evidence of that statement: a lot of people performing those tasks for these churches are in fact not saved, and everyone knows it, and furthermore even a great many of the people who are saved and hold positions in the church are not living by faith. If you do common routine things, you are only going to get common routine results, which means common routine blessings … meatloaf. In order to advance to great things for the Lord, you have to get outside of the everyday stuff and get out there and try to do things that most Christians avoid. You have to go to the sides of town that most good Christian folk won’t go (except to do things that they shouldn’t). You have to try tactics that most Christians won’t try; either they believe that it does not work or they feel that it is not befitting a religious person. You have to pray prayers that most Christians won’t pray, rely on Bible verses that most Christians do not even know exist. You have to deal with problems that most Christians sweep under the rug: either they say “We don’t have that stuff going on in our church” or they say “If that person was saved and living right that wouldn’t be happening to them.” You have to take on things that most churches don’t preach about, that most churches do not have any doctrine to cover or any theology to address. You have to confront situations that most Christians are not strong enough to, because most Christians are afraid to tread where life seems so unfair but yet they still have to say “God is good.” So, you have to leave that common stuff behind. But remember
Lot’s wife! Don’t feel guilty, and don’t look back. Why? Because there is no need to worry about your last job. Whatever it was, it will still be filled and the work will still get done by some Christian who lacks your vision and isn’t willing to go through and do what it takes to acquire it.

Am I saying that you should just go out and start doing things? Well, yes I am. Certain things require a charge from the Lord. Certain things require training. And yes, you need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. But even while God is molding and preparing you; even while you are a miracle – maker in training, there is SOMETHING that you can and should be doing. The example here is Jesus: 20 years before He started His ministry, He was teaching in the temple, about His Father’s business. If you do not start somewhere, you will wind up nowhere. So please, get your start today! 



Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please show me an area where I can start doing great things for you today.  Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is complacency. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you! http://www.healtheland.bravehost.com/Archives/Devos/ImpossiblePossibleII_71.htm


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