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Testimony Time!

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Revelation 19:10 – And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. 

The inspiration for this special edition of the daily devotional came when the Lord told me to go share the testimony of how He healed me and my wife with my brother in the faith at my workplace. Upon hearing my testimony, my coworker urged me to put it on the website to share with others. When I prayed upon the issue, the Lord revealed to me that HE had motivated my coworker to make that suggestion to me, and that furthermore now is the time for all Believers to start sharing their testimony with all men so that the people might believe. Along those lines, the Lord led me to also modify the Prophetic Word portion of the website, please read and share it as the Holy Spirit leads you to.

Now for the testimony! I was a lifetime sufferer of asthma. It was never so severe as to require emergency room hospitalization (save one time when I also contracted viral bronchitis), but the attacks were frequent and painful, significantly altering my lifestyle and removing my capacity to live in courage and peace. When I was a child, my family either did not know of the existence of medication to control my asthma symptoms or chose not to use it. So, when the attacks came, usually at night and often in the winter, I would lay awake for hours literally fighting for each breath – and receiving diminishing returns – while my mother would pour herbal lotions on rags, heat them with the stove, and compress them on my chest. Eventually the asthma attack would go away, but it would leave my lungs extremely sore, painful, and weakened, and the attacks would surely return. For this reason, I developed a real fear concerning nighttime and winter.   Then I thought I had found my deliverer: asthma medicine! First the over – the – counter brand, then the prescriptions. But that deliverance was false. I soon noticed that the more that I took the medicine, the more that I needed to stop the attacks. I reached the point where the medicine would not even totally stop the attacks at all, but merely reduce the severity of it until it stopped on its own. I also became physically, emotionally, and psychologically dependent upon it. I found myself taking the medicine even when I was not experiencing an attack; when I feared that an attack might come, when I became nervous or depressed, or for no reason at all. Even when I was not taking it, having the medicine in my pocket was my source of security. If I left the house without it or lost it, I would go into a panic, even taking hours to search for it until it was found! Making sure that there was always enough money in the budget for a new inhaler was a top priority. I would calculate how much medicine was left in the inhaler by its weight and become filled with dread when it became low! I would have nightmares about experiencing a severe asthma attack with my inhaler empty or not available, and of course they came true.

But instead of realizing that since the attacks always stopped eventually with or without the inhaler and that if I had never died without it before I would not now, I still continued to fear and put my trust in the inhaler!  If that sounds bad, it got even worse. Because of the longtime overuse of the asthma medicine, I reached the point where it did me virtually no good anymore. Yet, I continued to use it because I was physically and emotionally addicted to it. My lungs reached the point where they expected the drug to be in my system to operate. Therefore, even routine activity such as walking up a few flights of stairs or going to the mailbox left me wheezing. Still worse, the medicine was beginning to harm my kidneys. They began to swell and malfunction, and I had begun seeing a kidney specialist about treatment. But there is still more! I had recently had a baby, so whenever we took the child to the doctor, the doctor always said that because I was an asthma sufferer, that my child would most likely have asthma too. Every medical problem that my child had was always potentially asthma – related.  We were told that my child had all the risk factors: race (black), genetics (me and several members of my natural family), location (in a southern urban area with high pollution), etc., so we might as well accept the inevitable and get him on an asthma treatment program!

My wife never accepted it, but I had doubts. And sure enough, my child began to experience breathing problems, and was prescribed a medicine similar to the one that I had been taking for years. The power of life and death is in the tongue, people, and when you receive or even CONSIDER the counsel of the enemy, you give yourselves over to that power! That is why BELIEVERS have to speak LIFE so that others might receive it and so that the words of the enemy will be stopped in their tracks and overpowered! So here I was, still a young man whose health and life was falling apart and seeing the potential of my child experiencing the same thing that I did.

But you know what? That was about the time I had my Enos moment: I began to call upon the Name of the Lord! Do not get me wrong: I knew all about Christianity. I had been raised in a very religious family, going to a “sanctified” church several nights a week with seemingly every member of the family holding some important position. I knew all the Bible stories, all the rituals, all the doctrines, and considered myself to believe it all to be literally true.  And except for the time when I renounced God during my college years, it had always been the case. Yet, I had never truly believed. I had never truly sought God. I had never truly loved God. And since I did not believe in God, I believed in nothing. Since I did not love God, I loved no one. And since I had no love or believe, I had no power. I could not even control my own life or behavior! But God is a merciful God who chooses and preserves His people for His purposes, and God ALWAYS defeats the devil and those who choose the devil! So thank God, I chose God, and I was saved not by my choice but by God’s Mercy, in the Name of Jesus Christ! About that time I was looking to make a change, because nothing in my life was working; I was experiencing problems not just in my health but in every area pertaining to my life. In the past when my wife would ask me to stand with her in prayer and service to the Lord I would resist or pretend, but this time at long last I was serious! And the way the Lord worked was not to motivate my wife to use sincere prayer, worship, or Bible study – things with which I was unfamiliar – to start working the change, but rather FASTING, something with which I was familiar and comfortable with and that I could immediately throw myself into!  

The Lord led my wife to the book “Fast Your Way To Health” by Lee Bueno-Aguer. I never finished the book (as I was not yet delivered and still had problems finishing things) but I started fasting. I had fasted before, but ritualistically and without knowledge or faith. But thanks to the portion of that book that I did read, I acquired knowledge and faith. It was not the fasting itself, but what the fasting opened the door to: my giving my life to Christ (instead of being a pretend Christian), my acceptance of His Grace, sanctification (the topic of the next weekly article), my submission to His Will, true faith that in Him all things were possible, my receiving the Holy Spirit, and my revelations of things concerning prophecy, discernment, and spiritual warfare. Now my wife was already saved and doing things for God, and these were things that we both were aware of and involved in to some extent (yes, even me!), but it was when we started to go through this as a family that we truly received it and started walking in the power of it daily!  But make no mistake, the first part was the fasting. My wife went first, consuming nothing but water for three days. Then the Lord told my wife to tell me to drink an entire gallon of water mixed with lemon and my kidneys would be healed! Not only is that physically hard to do, but I dislike lemon and at the time hated water! But I did so, went to my appointment with the kidney specialist the next week, and was told that I was fine: the swelling in my kidneys was gone!

Then immediately one of Satan’s spirits of lying and faithlessness attacked, telling me that there was probably never anything wrong with my kidneys to begin with. Ah, but next it was time for something that could not be denied: my lifelong asthma affliction! I only had a bit of feeble faith gained from the kidney experience, but I used it to declare that God would heal my asthma after I did a three day fast similar to that which my wife had regularly started doing after the first whereupon The Word came to her concerning the healing of my kidneys. So, my wife took on Satan and knocked down that stronghold door with the power of God, and I rushed right through it! My first attempt at fasting FAILED. It was suggested to me that I not fast, or that perhaps I should try a one day fast or a partial fast and work up to it. But no, even though I was motivated more by my competitive nature with my wife than a love for God at that point, I tried again. It was literally the hardest thing that I had ever done in my life, but I made it! I was expecting to feel some change in my lungs, to hear some loud thunderclap, or to have some angel come to me and say “Man of God thou art healed!” but none of that happened! So, I doubted. But that was when God took over. That was when my lifetime of experiences bore fruit. All of my years sitting in church not feeling anything. All of my years reading the Bible not understanding. All of my illnesses. All of my failures, including flunking out of college (I later re – entered and graduated) and always finishing last on the track team because I was too lazy to train and I would always get an asthma attack during the race! God did not do that stuff to me, but He allowed it to happen to me for a reason! Satan thought that by inflicting that stuff on me with his demons and with the people that he had surrounded me with during my entire life he would destroy me, but the opposite happened. Satan knew that my moment of truth was coming, and he thought that filling me with doubt, fear, failure, and desperation would cause me to crumble when it came.  Instead, when the moment of truth came, I felt that I had nothing to lose. I thought “How can my life get any worse?” Now do not get me wrong, my life actually SEEMED pretty good on the outside. Married with a baby, a college degree and a job (with my wife having the same), a house and cars. By all appearances I was having the best time of my life, having left the pain of my childhood and college years behind, and I was even able to convince myself of it most of the time! But on the inside, I was able to see the future. Maybe it was one of Satan’s demons showing it to me; but even if it was it was only because God allowed it! I saw myself on the edge of a downward spiral; on the verge of losing it all. So I remembered all those times I was sitting in church hearing about faith. I now think of Abraham; I do not recall thinking about Abraham at the time, but the concept was there. Things not seen! Hope against hope!  So even though I felt NO CHANGE in my body (in contrast to my kidneys, which did actually show a physical change), I got up and threw my inhaler in the trash!

Now keep in mind, to me my inhaler was not merely medicine. It was my strength, my comfort, my refuge, my peace, MY IDOL! And you know what, just like I had EVENTUALLY followed my wife through the fasting door after she broke down that stronghold, my wife IMMEDIATELY went through the door and threw her eyeglasses in the trash! Yes, my wife had always needed glasses, and her eyes were getting weaker! And then our son, who had barely started walking, claimed his victory by picking up one of his favorite toys and throwing it in the trash too! And so we all ran around the house praising God, all three of us!  Do not think that it was easy or came without a fight. The enemy continued to attack my health, my wife’s eyesight and health, and my son’s health. The enemy continued to attack all areas of our lives! But instead of giving up, we fought back harder! I began to learn to pray and read the Bible for the first time. My wife began to get deeper into her prayer and Bible reading. We began to learn and recite Scriptures (even the baby!) and to apply them in our daily lives, using them as power; living water instead of dead words! And then we got into spiritual warfare. We began to learn that demons had been attacking our health, our minds, our finances, our marriage, our faith, everything! It was also revealed to us that many of the demons we had allowed into our lives with our behavior; some of which we knew was wrong but others we did not. We also discovered that a great many of the demons had entered into our lives through our families: generational curses and demons of inheritance! Not only demons, but it was revealed to us that people in our lives; people that we thought were our friends and even people in the church, were dealing with the occult and witchcraft and using them to attack us. So, we began warring against those demons AND people, even calling out their names and delivering them over to the tormentors. Also, we had to alter our behaviors. I am not merely speaking of “avoiding temptation”, but specifically closing doors that allowed demons to enter into our lives and make us spiritually weak.  

We accepted the basic premise of “Fast Your Way To Health”; that physical sickness is merely a manifestation of corruption in the physical realm! Death and sickness did not exist on the earth until Adam’s fall. But it was taken away from Believers who claim it by Jesus Christ; by and with His stripes we are healed (I Peter 2:24)! And the same applies to marital problems, financial problems, anything, everything! It was never God’s will that Believers go through any of that. A lot of people claim that these things come from God. A lot of people also believe that it is God’s Will that we suffer these things. Wrong! Evil NEVER comes from God; only good. God ALLOWS us to experience certain things, trials and tribulations, but those are never meant to be permanent conditions. Those things are meant to build our spiritual character, to prepare us to do greater things. Folks who sit around and claim such piety over being poor (or take a vow of poverty), lonely, or walk in agreement with sickness or torment are guilty of resisting the Holy Ghost; resisting God’s true Will! For it is God’s Will that we overcome those things so that HE can be glorified and WE can do greater things. Job did not stay poor, sick, grieving, and alone! He became wealthier and happier than before, with a new wife and more children! Joseph did not die in jail like the wicked King Zedekiah, he emerged and ruled all of Egypt. And no, Jesus Christ did not stay in the tomb; He rose again! And because He rose, we can also rise. False doctrine tells us that we can only rise in the next life, but we can rise in this one too … we can become new creatures freed from AND with dominion over problems, pressures, fears, and torments! It is God’s Will that we have the victory; all we have to do is claim it! And claim it we did; me, my wife, and even my little son. My son’s “asthma symptoms” are long gone, plus we no longer go to the doctors that were trying to speak it onto him. My wife no longer wears glasses. And I have only had to use an inhaler once since, and even that was due to a viral bronchitis infection, not asthma! And that is just the tip of the iceberg; a total transformation in the lives of all of us. Just the other day, my wife asked “What’s wrong with me?” I asked, “What do you mean?” and she replied “I am just so happy and I do not know why!” My son had been exhibiting anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues – in addition to his health problems – but they are gone. And as for me, well I am no longer on the edge of a downward spiral vortex. Every word that I say is true! I am not some snake – oil salesman. Nor am I exaggerating; to the contrary I am not coming close to explaining just how bad things were! But seriously, why would you not believe? Did not Jesus Christ say that in His Name we can work even greater works than He did (John 14:12)? If you say that you believe the Bible and yet do not believe in spiritual warfare and faith healing, then you are a liar! Further, if you believe those things and are not doing them, you are not being obedient to God because Jesus Christ told us to do those very things! We are Believers for a reason! We have a job to do, and not just a job to work in our own lives! We could do so many great things for ourselves and others; we can set so many people free, if we would only believe and act on that belief!  Now that applies to me as well. I am not where God wants me to be. But I thank God that I and my family are not where we used to be! So let me tell you. If you are not saved, then now is the time to get saved. If you are in torment and turmoil, Jesus Christ is your only deliverance. Even if you are happy and successful, that won’t get you into Heaven, only Jesus Christ can get you there. Plus, if you think that you are doing fine now, with Jesus Christ you can multiply that 1000 fold and still have that only be the beginning! There is no reason to accept any less than God’s best. There is no reason not to have faith, not only faith that can move mountains, but faith that can help you withstand all temptations, all challenges. I am not talking about faith in institutions or religions, but faith in GOD! Faith that God exists, that Jesus Christ is His Son, that God loves you, Jesus Christ died for you and rose again, and that if you believe those things then you are going to Heaven AND have the key to abundant life, prosperity, and victory in every area of your life on earth. I am not saying that things will be easy, only that with God on your side you will always emerge victorious so long as you stay within His will. God will supernaturally save and deliver you. Even when the whole world is against you (and it will be, the world of the unsaved that is!) you will still prevail, for the battle is not yours. So, if you are unsaved, fix it. Say the Salvation Prayer today. If you are saved, then discard the theology of oppression and corruption and start seeking God for who He is … a loving God of victory!  And when you get a testimony, share it. Others need to hear it so that they might believe and have faith too.   Prayer: Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please may people be touched and changed by this testimony; moved either to receive salvation or to learn to walk in victory. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 

Deliverance: The demons that work in this area are faithlessness, worldliness, and false doctrines. Such work to convince Christians that their salvation is only to get them into Heaven, and that it is not supposed to give them liberation AND authority over the oppressor in their lives AND others in this life. It causes Christians to believe that only special, exemplary people or people with certain positions in the church have the ability to work miracles, and not just any Believer. But those are untrue! The great things done in the Bible are for us to be done today, to continue subduing the earth for God as He commanded Adam. Where Adam failed, the Body of Christ, the Believers are succeeding because of Emmanuel, Jesus Christ, God With Us and the Holy Spirit within us! Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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