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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Ecclesiastes 9:8 – Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.

There is this great advertising campaign going on now. Its slogan is “If Hepatitis C was attacking your face instead of your liver, you’d do something about it. Ready to fight back?” It accompanies a picture of a person with severely diseased facial skin. Hepatitis C, while incurable (by human medicine), is usually not fatal, especially if a person receives proper medical care. Because it is not “a death sentence”, does not garner as much publicity as AIDS, is not as common as heart disease and cancer, and cannot be cured by doctors, many Hepatitis C patients neglect their treatments, and some of them die unnecessarily as a result. The purpose of this ad campaign is to shock such people back into getting treatment using the logic that their neglect of their health would not happen if they – and everyone else – could SEE the damage being done to them.

Now this makes me think of three points. 1) Christians absolutely cannot back down from the message of obedience to God’s law and will. Most Hepatitis C suffers acquire this condition from sinful lifestyles, particularly sexual immorality and drug use. The fact that the world wants to “be tolerant” of this behavior – this government website does not even list sexual behavior as a risk factor – rather than stand up for the truth WHILE KNOWING that the only possible result is more needless suffering and death demonstrates how much this world and its institutions are under Satan’s grasp. Christians need to be on the front lines – in the churches, the schools, and the shelters, streets, and prisons declaring the truth. We need to take a stand against the media, government, educational, and cultural forces out there promoting immoral lifestyles. And most of all, we need to go into spiritual warfare against the demons, principalities, and devil worshippers of all sorts that are involved in this area. If you ever had any doubt that Satan and his kingdom are real, very busy, and have a lot of help and influence, the fact that the official Centers for DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION website does not list sexual behavior as a risk factor for a known sexually transmitted disease like viral hepatitis.

2) Christians need to get back into the faith healing business. This is just another disease that our medicine cannot cure, and the number of said diseases are growing (remember the prophecies of plagues in Revelations!). The truth is they cannot even treat these diseases in most cases! What usually passes for “treatment” is drugs to lessen the pain and exercise/diet programs to strengthen your body so that whatever you have kills you more slowly. Everyone knows this, but because we live in a secular humanist society where it is demanded of man to worship himself and his accomplishments, we shut up and go along with “putting our faith in modern medicine.” This type of trust in – or acquiescence to – human institutions is exactly what Satan is going to use to place the anti – Christ in power. But the church – the true church! – knows better. These medicines and cures – those that actually work anyway – came to us from God. Many of the people who “were responsible” for great advancements and accomplishments in medicine were or are CHRISTIANS, including the world’s leading neurosurgeon, who himself was recently healed of cancer! But soon God is going to remove his hand from the medical field and with it the ability to treat these new diseases and plagues that are going to soon overrun the land. In the time soon to come, the only thing that will be the difference between life and death for a lot of people will be the availability of someone who believes John 14:12 and is unashamed to put it into practice! The same God who parted the Red Sea and rose Lazarus from the dead is alive today and people who call on his name have access to that same power, and if you do not believe that, you are an unsaved person on the way to the lake of fire for eternity save you start believing. I will personally bear witness to having been faith – healed several times, the most recent being several months ago from a chronic lung infection that multiple visits to the doctor (including the emergency room) and several weeks on anti – biotics did not fix. And it was not a gradual thing either, else I would have credited the anti – biotics! I went from acutely ill to feeling better than I had in two months within a minute after my wife and son prayed and laid hands on me! I can understand the “unbelievers” not accepting faith – healing, but even most who call themselves Christians do not! Those people obviously are not serving the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as I am. Real Christians need to leave the faithless behind and start doing God’s work. People with not only Hepatitis C but a litany of serious “incurable” physical, mental, and emotional disorders need our help, because the only way they CAN be helped is by God using a believing Christian! If we do not, we will be held accountable!

3) The same thing that applies to Hepatitis C and the face applies to sin and the spirit. If we SAW the damage that a lot of the things that we do cause in the spiritual realm, we would never in a million years engage in them! But because we cannot see the results (in the natural realm anyway, those with spiritual discernment can get a glimpse) and – just as importantly – the people that in our vanity and fearfulness we care so much about their opinions cannot see it either, we do what we know is wrong and just keep on doing it. Now as I am speaking to church folk, I am not talking so about things like murder, rape, adultery/fornication (committed with the body), or theft. Not because that stuff does not go on in the church, because it does, but rather because every Christian – and even most who are not – recognize that such behavior has serious negative consequences. No, I am talking about the “little things.” The gossiping. The white lies. The rebelliousness. The boasting. The lusting. The gluttony. The hanging out with the wrong crowd (see Psalm 1:1). Being selfish, self – serving, and self – righteous. The hypocrisy. Failing to love your neighbor, especially your enemy. Failing to observe the Sabbath or tithe. Failing to truly forgive, which means forgetting the transgressions of others as God forgot yours, “forgive but don’t forget” is the opposite of what God demands! Doing things for others only if you get something in return instead of having a truly giving heart. Hardening your heart. Having a tolerance for sin; indeed being fascinated by it (which, after all, is the only reason to watch certain TV shows, read certain magazines, and engage in certain conversations). And so on.

All those things cause a great big mess in the spiritual world, and it is even worse when the mess is caused by Christians because not only are we supposed to know better, but we are supposed to be obeying God’s charge to us to fight against it, to help clean it up. Instead, we contribute to it! For instance, one of the biggest weapons that a Christian has is example. People are supposed to look at us, marvel, and desire to have what we have. The best scenario is that it will cause them to convert, as did the Queen of Sheba (and by royal decree the entire nation of what is now believed to be Ethiopia) upon seeing Solomon’s wealth and wisdom. The same thing happened with the king of Babylon and Daniel, who converted and commanded that his entire kingdom worship only The One True God when Daniel emerged from the lion’s den. At the very minimum, we should be so upright and principled that it would cause people to inhibit their behavior in our presence, which at least would mean a little less sin in the world. But if we carry on just like everyone else the minute we leave the church grounds, that takes that weapon away from us. Would the Queen of Sheba or the king of Babylon be converted and then convert their entire nations by listening to our telephone and dinner party conversation? By seeing the movies, TV shows, magazines, books, and music that we consume and allow our kids to? (Desperate Housewives is said to be very popular among professed Christian households, and Christianity Today endorsed Harry Potter!) Or by watching how we interact with our co – workers?

Remember what Jesus Christ told the Laodicean church. How much danger are we in of having the same judgment against us? Notice that Christ did not accuse them of idolatry as he did Pergamos and Thyatira in Revelation 2. He also did not accuse them of fornication as did Paul against the Corinthians. Instead, Jesus Christ “merely” convicted them of being worldly. But because his judgment against them was far harsher than that of the other churches, it is clear that wordliness is the biggest danger for a Christian. A worldly Christian will still regard oneself as moral and righteous because he or she is not doing anything “really bad.” Because of that, it will be far more difficult for such a person to change their lifestyle and repent because such a person will lack the guilt (and condemnation of other people) that is often useful in driving them to repentance. Also, because you are a sinner – and everyone knows it – while professing the name of Jesus Christ, you will just be giving true Christians a bad name and making it harder on not only the unsaved but many saved people to make and maintain a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Indeed, it is better to be cold, a rank sinner, than to be lukewarm. If our “little sins” showed up on our face – or our waistline – perhaps we would know the meaning of Revelation 3:14 – 23 and seek a change through Jesus Christ just as having a diseased face would make a Hepatitis C patient seek medical care (or better yet Jesus). As it is, just like that Hepatitis C victim we have The Word, which includes the Bible, my message to you today, and that which is proclaimed by true Christians everywhere in word and deed. Stop judging yourself with carnal eyes and start asking God to judge what you look like spiritually.

Prayer:Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, please make me totally right with you. Please help me to give up all behavior that displeases you. Give me a heart to be judged by your standards and not by my own or that of anyone else. Please Lord may I remember that you are always judging my every word, action, and thought and I will held accountable on judgment day. Even though Jesus Christ has already paid the price for me and I have accepted him into my heart, I nonetheless desire to not be yet another source of darkness in this world but rather a vessel through which your Light shines through to open the eyes and bring healing to those who need and will accept you and to drive away all that hate you. May my family, my church, and all the Body of Christ who has been saved by grace similarly desire to achieve your perfect will and to do that will. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

DeliveranceDirect (for oneself, a spouse, a child, or one who seeks you to cast out demon spirits):In the name/by the blood of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of worldiness and vanity. In the name/by the blood of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of worldiness and vanity from seeking aid from other demons or principalities to try to remain. In the name/by the blood of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of worldliness and vanity to come out. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of worldliness and vanity from ever returning, or from entering any other member of the Body of Christ.

Intercession for a specific individual:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of worldiness and vanity in _. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of worldiness and vanity in _ from seeking aid from other demons or principalities to try to remain in _. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of worldliness and vanity and all other principalities and demons to loose the will and mind of _. Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, now that I have bound the demons of worldliness and vanity in _ and commanded them to loose the will and mind of _, please speak to _ with the command to seek deliverance from those and all other demon spirits, and please open their hearts so that they will receive your command. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Intercession for the Body of Christ:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of worldliness and vanity in the body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind those demons from seeking aid from other demons and principalities, and I command them to loose the minds and wills of the saints. Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, please speak to the hearts of your saints who are afflicted with and/or have embraced wordliness such that they might seek deliverance from them. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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