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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Galatians 4:9 – But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage?We began discussing environmentalism in the last devotional. Secular environmentalism is paganism, placing the earth and the things in it before God and before man, who was created in God’s image. Realize that virtually all environmentalists are perfectly fine with people suffering disease, deprivation, and death in order to serve the greater good of protecting the environment! And yes, those deeply immersed in environmentalism often incorporate animistic mysticism into their beliefs and practices, promoting that things such as communalism, meditation, yoga, karma, and certain lifestyles (usually vegetarianism, rejection of automobiles and single family homes, limiting birthrates, and other forms of self – denial) will “help save the earth.” These folks are the descendants of the people who performed human sacrifice in order to please the earth gods and goddesses so that it would rain. While God placed man as stewards of the earth, and we are not supposed to be wasteful, wanton, shortsighted, irresponsible, or destructive, nevertheless have nothing to do with the “secular” environmentalists. Do you honestly think that it is mere coincidence that “Earth Day” is celebrated on Stalin’s birthday, one of the biggest butchers in the history of the world who particularly targeted Christians and Jews, not only systematically slaughtering and imprisoning millions of them and banning Christian and Jewish worship in a nation had one of the oldest and strongest Christian traditions? And do you honestly think that it is mere coincidence that the secular media never reports that Stalin’s birthday was specifically chosen to celebrate “Earth Day” by the environmental movement because of their adoration for Stalin? Or that the secular media or our secular educational institutions virtually never talk about Stalin’s crimes, especially against Christians and Jews? So Christians, do not mix light with darkness! 

Instead, join the TRUE environmentalist movement; the spiritual one of God. This environmentalist movement is not so much concerned with this world but the world to come. Where the secular environmentalists have so thoroughly rejected God in favor of this world that they have embraced some of the worst butchers of God’s people like Stalin, Lenin, Mao Tse – Tung, and Fidel Castro in their vain attempt to save what God has already appointed to destruction, spiritually environmentalists know that through embracing God by improving their spiritual surroundings they can make a positive difference in this flawed temporary world AND partake of the perfect forever world to come; the new Heaven and the new Earth with New Jerusalem as its capital and God’s Footstool where Jesus Christ will sit on His Throne and rule forever with the saints! Now I do not support pollution, but to those people who are so concerned about water pollution need to realize that in the new Heaven and Earth their will be no sea, just living waters from the throne of God! I do not support cutting down all of the trees which protect the soil and produce oxygen in this world, but I know that the world to come will have the Tree of Life whose leaves will be for the healing of the nations! And I do not like how all of these cars and factories are belching those emissions into the atmosphere, those of you who are so worried about the greenhouse effect and global warming in this life would be better served by saying the Salvation Prayer to avoid the real heat in the next one!  

It is not so much that I have hardened my heart against the plight of this earth and its people because I am only concerned with the fate of my own soul. Rather, it is that I know that through my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus I can do so much more good for people – and for “the earth” – than can every secular and pagan environmentalist who ever lived and ever will live. Why? Because Christ is in me, good is in me, and therefore I have the capacity to work good if I only have faith and obey. Meanwhile, the secular and pagan environmentalists do not have Christ in them. Therefore, there is no good in them, and they cannot bring forth (the original Hebrew term means “to give birth”, or to push something from inside you to the outside world as a mother, which is a spiritual and natural creation activity) good, but I and all who have said the Salvation Prayer can! We just need to put ourselves in the proper spiritual surroundings so that we can not only give birth to positive change into the earth (and block and turn back negative evil things), but we can maximize our doing so! 

Through faithful effectual fervent prayer, works, charity, evangelism, and spiritual warfare, Christians can transform whole lands! Bishop Keith Butler recently wrote about how 40 years ago South Korea was 2% Christian and a poor, dysfunctional society. But a man named Paul Yonggi Cho committed himself to God, convinced others to do the same, and they worked and fellowshipped together. Now
South Korea is 90% Christian with a developing economy (a clear contrast to
North Korea, where people are boiling rocks to make and eat stew out of the lichen mold that grows on them)! Now, can any environmentalist point to that track record of success? Can the whole collective of them do so? Of course not.

But in order to pull this off for your God, you have to be in the correct surroundings. God had to move Abraham away from his family. He had to take Jacob out of his father’s house. He had to take Joseph away from his brothers. He had to take Moses not only out of his mother’s house and put him in pharoah’s house, but he had to take him away from the Israelites AND the Egyptians to dwell – and marry! – among the Midianites. He had to take David from his father’s house. He had to take the whole nation of
Israel into captivity. And He even had to send His Son Jesus Christ out of
Israel into
Egypt until Herod died. Even after Christ began His Ministry and was teaching thousands, performing so many miracles that there are not enough books in the world to describe them, He had to leave His own house and hometown because His brothers and the people that He grew up with were offended by Him. No matter what your ministry is or your gift is, you have to be in the proper surroundings for it to grow. In the right soil, your ministry can grow from a barely visible mustard seed to a mighty tree. But say you received a bigger portion; instead of one seed God gave you a whole forest of mighty trees. But if you plant that forest in corrupt soil, it will die! If that is how you perform, not only will the person who allowed God to use him to grow a mighty tree receive more honor in the Kingdom of Heaven than you, but so will the person whose seed only turned into a blade of grass. Though it was only a blade of grass, it had deep root because that person heard The Word, received it, held onto it, and did what was asked of him. Going back to the parable of Matthew 25:14-30, he took his one talent and put it in the bank. And that was enough. God will be satisfied with such a person to whom little was given and little was required. But what of the person who received a forest of trees and planted them in iniquity? Will the same be said about him? I say your best interest is not to find out! Whatever you have, plant it in good soil, not among weeds, rocks, and other corrupt influences. Not only that, fight to defend what has been given to you from Pigs In The Parlor: demons, witches, false Believers, and other things that will come try to dirty your garments and poison your soil!

Let me give you an illustration. I know of a family who had a rather special baby. It was the first child of a couple that had absolutely no exposure to babies, so of course they were initially extremely cautious and protective with bringing the child out in public, particularly since the child was born in the winter. And there were no other babies or small children in the immediate family or among close friends: no baby brother, sister, cousin, or neighbor. So, this baby boy did not know that he was a baby! He had never seen anyone but his adult parents and their family members and friends. So, he presumed that he was just like them! So almost immediately, within a few days of being born, this child was trying to talk like adults. He was trying to sit up, walk, and stand up like adults. He was trying to feed himself solid food with a fork and spoon like adults. He was refusing to take his “baby naps.” He even attempted to emulate adult emotions and affairs! This newborn infant was attempting to be an adult – and experiencing an uncanny, almost unsettling degree of success! – because adults were all that was in his environment! And this state of affairs remained until his mother returned to the workforce and the infant went to daycare. It was only then was he exposed for the first time to babies, and it was only then that he began to act like one, losing a lot of (but not all!) of his adult characteristics (and aspirations!) and even (regrettably) regressing in some areas.  

Now make no mistake, this child was not your typical one to start out with. He was born with his eyes wide open with the ability to turn his head, and was able to even hold his head up on his own while less than a week old! Immediately after birth he demonstrated the ability – and willingness! – to reason, interact with, and alter his surroundings! Case in point: when he was two days old and still in the hospital, he was given a pacifier. In less than five seconds he realized that no milk was coming out of it, and so he pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and threw it across the hospital room (and would never accept a pacifier thereafter)! But rather than contradict my “environment” thesis, this child confirms it! Even a special advanced child fell back to the pack after he was taken out of the special environment and placed in a more pedestrian one. So what if the special child had been placed in a squalid environment? And then consider the child that is physically, mentally, and intellectually weak to start out with being placed in a squalid environment.  

Believers have to view themselves after this manner. If you put yourself in a church where you are not regularly hearing The Word of God from a Holy Spirit – filled Bible – believing preacher, and if you are not being taught and encouraged by the congregation how to put that Word that you are hearing on Sunday into effect in your everyday life, why are you there? If you are not in a situation where you are being encouraged to read and interpret the Word and stir up the Holy Spirit within you for yourself on a regular basis, and to move whenever the spirit moves, why are you in that situation?

So you are a person like the baby spoken of above, someone who shows great spiritual potential from the start. How are you going to develop your gifts if you are hanging around with dead, defeated, lukewarm Christians whose entire vocabulary is “but” and “can’t”? Or if you are hanging around worldly, rebellious, stiff – necked Christians who are in love with the flesh? Or with legalistic Christians who believe in salvation through the flesh? What, do you think that you are hanging around those who resist the Holy Ghost, despise charity, and reject sound doctrine thinking that you can do some good, that you can transform them and save them? What are you trying to be, the big fish in a small pond? What you really are is a bullfrog in a cesspool, and if you do not get out of that cesspool you are going to die of the disease and corruption, and what is going to die with you is the seed within you: all of those little eggs that are going to hatch into tadpoles and grow up into new bullfrogs; your ministry! Why hold onto something that is dead? Why not go to where there is life? Why not have faith that if all else is dead, God will raise up life out of YOU, just as he raised up a mighty nation out of Abraham! Jesus Christ said that God is able to raise up faithful disciples out of rocks (Luke 3:8). So why are you hanging around with so – called Christians whose spiritual development is less than that of mere rocks on the ground that animals urinate on? Leave them behind! You cannot work a change in them so long as you are walking in agreement with them! Instead, if you LEAVE, maybe you can join up with a group that has life, and they can speak and pray life into those people that you left. Or if you LEAVE, maybe God will use YOU to raise up a new flock that those who were spiritually dead can come join IF they want to be alive. But you have to face reality: these people are spiritually dead and bound because they WANT to be. They can change but either choose not to or are afraid to. What gain will you receive from people who either want to be dead or are afraid to live? Say you are stranded in some wilderness with a bunch of people. If you all stay together in one place and don’t move, you will all surely die along with everyone else! But if you are able to leave and find your way through the wilderness to the next town, you can not only save yourself but organize a rescue team to go back to save everyone else! Of course, the vast majority will refuse rescue and be content to die in the wilderness. But at least YOU got out, and YOU will have broken down a stronghold that will allow whoever else will to walk through and get out too. So from YOU and the rest of the people who chose life over death, God will raise up a new congregation. But before that can happen, you have to leave the dead congregation that you are in!
And if you are not someone who shows evidence of great spiritual gifts; if you are not someone whom God plans to use to build something but rather you are a brick or a nail that God wants to use in building someone else’s house, then I am just sorry, you are just being ridiculous. You are barely making it as it is, and you are hanging around a bunch of fake Believers? Not only is there no chance of you using something that God has not seen fit to grant you to transform someone else, but how will you even resist the spiritual deadness yourself? I can see you standing in the middle of a dry place. You have already dug the hole, dropped your talent in the sand, and are just about through covering it up! Fruitless, wicked servant, how will you escape the eternal lake of fire? If you stay in that bad environment, you cannot! Remember
Lot’s wife (Luke 17:32), and know that your cells are almost full of salt already! Do not look back, do not come down from the rooftops or home from the fields, do not tarry to pack a bag, but RUN away from Sodom and Gomorrah; head for the hills! Go seek good soil where you can bear some fruit so that you may be saved! Stop resisting God’s Holy Spirit. Stop blaspheming God’s Holy Spirit. Stop rejecting His Grace by using your free will to make a conscious choice to love a spiritually dead church more than you love God. And why are you there anyway? Because you grew up there. Because your friends and family are there. Because it is close to home. Because they don’t ask a lot from you, so you know that you will not be placed in a position where you will risk failure and embarrassment. Because you have a position there. Because you have been in that church for 50 years waiting for some other spiritually dead person to physically die so you can assume HIS position! If THAT is your reason, then the truth is that you don’t love your church more than you love God, you love YOURSELF more than you love God. Such a person shall in no wise inherit the

Kingdom of

But you say that you are bearing fruit. You tithe, you run a prison ministry, you help the sick and the poor, you win souls for Christ, and you have given the confession of faith and are saved by grace. Obviously, you hypocrite, you have not read Matthew 7:22-24. It isn’t about what YOU DO. It is about YOU DOING WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO DO SO THAT GOD CAN USE YOU! That only happens if you are walking in the Will of God. If you are not where God wants you to be, you are not in God’s Will! You are one who has chosen willful disobedience, willful contention with God’s Spirit! Such a person will not have their deeds accounted to righteousness, such a person will God not know or claim as His, and such a person will not enter Heaven! You will say that you are saved by grace, but you will be a liar for you will not even know what being saved by grace means for you will have no concept of The One that is saving you or His Son whom salvation is through, and because of that God will say Matthew 7:23 to you! You sit around thinking that your works will save you. Have you not read, or did you not understand, the incident with Cain and Abel? Do not be deceived; it was not a case of Abel offering a sacrifice and Cain not. No, Cain offered a sacrifice too! Cain certainly put forth a lot of effort growing those crops and still more presenting it to the Lord. But all of Cain’s effort, the fruits of Cain’s hard work, were in vain because it was not what God wanted! It was outside the Will of God!  

Cain would have been better off sparing himself the effort of growing all of those crops and presenting them to God on an altar and just borrowing one of Abel’s lambs. He wouldn’t have worked as hard as Abel. He wouldn’t have been as honored as Abel. But it would have been enough. God would have accepted His sacrifice. Why? Because God did not require the fruits of much toiling and hard labor! All God wanted was a lamb! All Cain had to do was to get a lamb and sacrifice it, and God would have been happy, because by doing that Cain would have been doing it God’s Way rather than being hardheaded and doing it his way! Cain was thinking that he was going to MAKE God accept HIS sacrifice because HE worked so hard on it. He was thinking that God would HAVE to accept his sacrifice because he was a farmer, and farmers grow fruits and vegetables, not lambs! But it wasn’t about the work that Cain put in. It wasn’t about the profession that Cain chose, or even how good, diligent, careful, and faithful he was in it. It was about following God’s instructions and being in the Will of God, and Cain wouldn’t do it! So if you continue outside the Will of God, what makes YOU think that YOU are going to be any different? Why should God accept YOU if you will not even do His Will and go where He sends you? If you do not even seek His Will and just go where you want to? God does not reward bumps on logs. He does not reward goats. He does not reward the transient, and He most certainly does not reward the intransigent! God rewards obedient seekers!  

Have you not read the Scriptures? Did you not see Revelation, where among the harshest words and judgments were upon the lukewarm church? Well then how can you, in a bad spiritual environment, hope to be saved? Why would you even want to be the one who takes the chance, who tries to answer that question? Why live dangerously when there are verses all over the Bible like “they shall be soon cut down and wither like the green grass” and “I come as a thief”? You are far better off being a spiritual environmentalist. First, get out of the evil environment. Second, get the evil environment out of you; the corruption and decay that comes as the inevitable consequence of being around dead people. Then get to where you can start growing and bearing fruit like God told you to!  


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please give your people a burning desire to bear fruit. May they know that save they bear acceptable fruit unto you – and not the unacceptable sacrifice as Cain – they will not inherit Your Kingdom. Please give them the desire to change their ways and the courage, faith, wisdom, and love to act on it. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen! 


A demon that works in this area is complacency. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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