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Speak Only Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Philemon 1:6 – That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. 

You have a lot of Christians out there today talking about this and that. Some are talking about culture. Some are talking about values. Some are talking about families. Some are talking about morals. Some are talking about character. Some are talking about prosperity. Some are talking about positive thinking. Some are talking about nutrition and good health. Some are talking about encouragement. Some are talking about everyday life. Some are talking about compassion and mercy. Some are talking about upholding standards. Some are talking about righteousness. Some are talking about traditions. Some are talking about denominations. Some are talking about institutions. Some are talking about doctrines. Some are talking about world events. Some are talking about the future. Some are talking about Heaven. Some are talking about peace. Some are talking about the war on terror and defending
Israel. Some are talking about spiritual revival and renewal in
America. Some are talking about evangelizing other nations. A few of them even talk about sin, the lake of fire, redemption, and the rapture. Some are talking about faith. Some are talking about power. Some are talking about spirituality. Some are talking about freedom. Some are talking about the Bible. And some are talking about God. On one hand, lot of that, all of that actually, in the right context when preached and practiced with a true heart and correct Bible – based doctrine, is well, good, useful, and edifying on one hand. But on the other hand, all of these folks talking about all of these things just need to shut up and go sit down, because they are not doing anyone, not even themselves, any good, and as a matter of fact they are doing more harm than good. Why? Because out of all that talking, after all the things that they will talk about day and night until they are blue in the face anywhere anyplace anytime so long as someone gives them a platform, and out of all of the pious, spiritual, religious things they will say, it is all in vain. All of their productive speech is rendered vain, dull, null, and void not because of all the things that they will talk about, but rather because of all ONE THING that they will NOT talk about. And that ONE THING that they will NOT talk about is Jesus Christ. And since they will not openly, boldly, lovingly talk about Jesus Christ, despite all the things that they are saying, they aren’t saying anything of consequence.

The irony is that the world, the unsaved, the sinners, the rebels against God, are more than willing to talk about Jesus Christ. Except that they don’t call Him Jesus Christ. Why? Because they do not believe that He is the Son of God who died for our sins, rose on the third day, ascended into Heaven, sitteth on the right hand of the Father as ruler and judge, is Himself God, and that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord. So, they just call Him Jesus, a regular man just like you or I … a man of distinction certainly (whether for good or ill in their eyes) but nevertheless just a man. And because of that, they are more than willing to mock Him. Blaspheme Him. Take His Name in vain. Attribute all sorts of crazy evil sayings and doings to Him. Write books about Him like The Da Vinci Code. Put an image of Him on the cross, immerse it in urine, call it art, and even get taxpayer dollars from our national government for it! So yes, the world has no problem uttering the Name of Jesus and using It for whatever purposes the world chooses, because they do not regard Him as Lord. It is easy for them, because even though they might claim that they love Jesus and follow Him, the truth is that they hate Jesus Christ and reject Him! Make no mistake: the historical Jesus and Jesus The Christ are one and the same … you cannot accept one without the other. If you hate, reject, and disbelieve one, you do the same to both and to the God that sent Him and to His Spirit, and the world does that on a continuous basis. 

But Christians? Those who profess to love Jesus Christ, live by His Teachings, and have made Him Lord of their lives? Even those Christians who profess a close personal relationship with Him and can feel and use the Power of the Holy Spirit to do great things for God? Oh, sure, in “polite company” (meaning other Christians) they will talk about Jesus Christ until they are blue in the face. But around non – Christians and in the public sphere, they get all bashful. They start using code words. They will say “Christianity”, but not Jesus Christ! Or they will talk about the byproducts and benefits of being a Christian, but not Jesus Christ. They will talk about the goals and works of Jesus Christ, but not the Man and God Himself. They will talk about how Jesus Christ makes them feel, but not what He does, which is save you from your sins with His Blood. And even that is not exactly true: being a Christian will not make you feel good all the time. Or at least it shouldn’t. Being a Christian should be a struggle with many trials and tribulations against both the Adamic state (original sin) that you were born into, and Satan and his forces that oppose Christ and His People. But if you aren’t even talking about, proclaiming, defending, or using the Name of Christ, then what struggle are you in?

So many Christians have decided that they no longer want to strive with the world. Instead, they want to marry with the world. So, they try to speak of their faith in the language that the world can understand, and claim that their faith is the way to provide the world with the things that the world wants. I am sorry, but that is a lie from Satan! What isn’t important is your faith. What is important is what your faith is IN, which is Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ wants you to overcome the world with His Name, not marry the world by being weak and lukewarm. The world wants nothing with Jesus Christ, because the world does not want to submit to His Authority, and the world wants to remain evil. Christians either are not being preached this anymore, or they know already and still are not doing what they know they ought because they are lazy, fearful, worldly, or put themselves over their God and His Work.  

Realize this: without Jesus Christ you are NOTHING. Without Jesus Christ you are less than nothing: a sinner, evil, depraved, and wicked, deserving to be destroyed in the lake of fire so the Righteous God will never again have to be mindful of your abominations. And these people can get their morals, values, culture, strong families, strong nations, excellent doctrines, strong churches and institutions, and be very religious and spiritual. So what? Without Jesus Christ, they are still going to hell! Without Jesus Christ they are still going to hell! Without Jesus Christ they are still going to hell! Without Jesus Christ they are still sinners, and all sinners are going to hell! So why are you wasting their time? Why aren’t you talking about what will save them? Even when you are preaching to the choir, why are you wasting their time? You ought to be equipping the choir to sing loud, proud, and strong about Jesus Christ so that men will hear, heed, and be saved!

Jesus Christ is our Lord. Jesus Christ is our Savior. Jesus Christ is our Beloved. Jesus Christ is our Refuge. Jesus Christ is our Shield. Jesus Christ is our Sword. Jesus Christ is our Banner. Jesus Christ is our Identity. Jesus Christ is our Power. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ forfeits transformation. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ forfeits effectualness. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ forfeits favor. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ forfeits strength. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ forfeits love. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ denies others salvation. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ gives others the false hope of works. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ delays the coming of that same Christ. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ allows people to remain oppressed by Satan. The Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ is not doing his job.  

Does the Christian who does not preach Jesus Christ even love Jesus Christ? If you do not preach Jesus Christ, why do you pray? If you do not preach Jesus Christ, why do you read your Bible? If you do not preach Jesus Christ, why do you go to church? If you do not preach Jesus Christ, why do you tithe and give offering? If you do not preach Jesus Christ, why do you perform works? If you do not preach Jesus Christ, why do you avoid sin? If you do not preach Jesus Christ, why are you even alive? Have you not read the Commandment of Christ: he who says that he loves God whom he does not see but does not love his brother whom he does see is a liar? Well, how can you love your brother except by desiring his being spared the lake of fire? How can you love your brother except by preaching Christ so that he can be spared the lake of fire? Even another Christian … how can you love another Christian except by preaching Christ for his edification? Your brother in Christ does not need values or morals or traditions … he needs to be continually reminded to keep his mind on the Love and Power of Christ for the renewing and cleansing of his mind so that he might continue in faith! He does not need allegories. He does not need songs and hymns that do not even mention the Name of Jesus Christ. He does not need songs and hymns that mention Jesus Christ but does not talk about Jesus Christ does. And he does not need songs and hymns that give a misleading picture of what Jesus Christ does. Jesus Christ saves and Jesus Christ overcomes, and all who are in Christ are saved and are overcomers. That is what your Christian brother needs to hear on a continuous basis, and the unsaved need to hear it even more so.
Yet, we deny the world our message of Jesus Christ. Instead of trying to win them to Jesus Christ by preaching Jesus Christ, we try to win them over to US. We do not try to convince the world of the righteousness of Christ. Instead, we try to convince the world of our own righteousness. We tell ourselves that if we can show the world how righteous we are with our values, morals, prosperity, big churches, vigorous praise, great works, and strong families:  that the world will accept Christ because they will want to be like us. Foolishness! Why are WE trying to be the draw? Why are WE trying to be the attraction? Why are WE trying to be the model? Why when WE cannot save anyone! Instead of trying to get people to accept us for our goodness and righteousness, we should realize that people are going to REJECT us because of the Jesus Christ that we preach. Try to win over the world with ourselves, with our own religious dog and pony show act, is to the world’s hurt, especially when they accept us, because they will not be coming to our Jesus Christ, they will be coming to our religion. And once they accept the religion for what it does for them in this world rather than accepting Jesus Christ for what it can do for the next, it makes it extremely unlikely that they will ever see themselves as sinners and be saved. The hardest person to convince that they are a sinner and need a savior is someone who thinks that they have been made righteous by virtue of religious affiliation and works. It is only when people REJECT us because of our Jesus Christ is that good is worked, because by offending the sinful man and nature of the lost you cause Holy Spirit conviction, and Holy Spirit conviction is what makes salvation possible. We are taking the one thing good about us, the one thing that makes us good, the one thing that we can share with others and make them good, and withholding it from the very people who need it, worse than withholding life-saving medical care from someone.  

Dear people, stop running from Jesus Christ in your speech. Instead, talk about Jesus Christ exclusively. Relate everything that you say to Jesus Christ. Everything that someone else says, relate it to Jesus Christ. Talk about Jesus Christ so much that everyone around you will get sick of hearing you talk about Jesus Christ. Do so much that when they see you coming, they will run the other way. Do it so much that people will hold and chew on their tongues around you because they know that whatever they say will eventually lead to you saying something about Jesus Christ. If you have an actual personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if Jesus Christ is sole Lord over your life and all of it, then it should be easy. Why? Because Jesus Christ will be regularly working in your life, leading you, blessing you, making ways where there is none, and speaking into your mind and heart. When that happens, you will be able to relate every situation there is to Jesus Christ. There is nothing new under the sun! There is no situation, no issue, no experience that someone saved has not already walked through, and all of that knowledge is in the Son of God, and if you are in the Son of God you have that knowledge. That will give you the ability to comment on every situation that a person can even think of talking about. So go ahead, talk your Jesus Christ. Why not? Do not be ashamed! They are not ashamed to talk about sin in front of you, why should you be afraid to talk about Jesus Christ in front of them? If they start talking about sin and you start talking about Jesus Christ, that will convict them in their hearts. It will be their choice whether to heed the conviction and ask you how to be saved, or to reject the conviction and stone you. Whether you win a convert or get stoned, either way Christ is preached!

Think about the spirit realm. Preaching Christ constantly weakens demons. Do not be deceived: whenever someone saved speaks the Name of Jesus Christ in truth, demons hear it, and it weakens them. Even if you speak for days on end about Jesus Christ and no one gets saved, do not be discouraged! You are still doing good, because you are engaging in hand – to – hand spiritual warfare with demons and winning everytime. Every time you preach Jesus Christ, you are binding demons in the abyss. You are breaking strongholds. You are empowering angels to come down with their swords and fight. You are petitioning God to release the rain and the latter rain. You are delivering people from pornography, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bulimia, anorexia, gossiping, lying, murder, hate, alcoholism, self – mutilation:  you name it. Your preaching Christ has power because the Name of Christ has power. Realize that you can do the same thing by just saying the Name of Jesus Christ in bed every night for a half – hour or hour before you fall asleep: it is just that powerful! But if you say the Name of Jesus Christ to OTHER PEOPLE whenever you can, it is even more powerful, because you are attacking the demons that are in or around them as well! It is the difference between fighting the enemy when he invades your shores (self – defense) and going to the enemy’s country and fighting him there (offense). If you merely defeat and drive off an invading army, then it will just regroup and attack again, if not you someone else. But if you go to the home nation of an army and defeat it in its own country, destroying their homes, weapons, farmland, and infrastructure, then neither you or anyone else will ever have to worry about that army again. That is why you should still preach Jesus Christ and not be discouraged: even if the people are not hearing you and being affected, rest assured that the demons in those people are! 

And things like that is why we have so little power today. We have replaced talking openly about Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice, His Love, and His Power, and replaced it with little fish stickers that we put on our cars. We replaced it with little “WWJD” stickers. We have reduced Jesus Christ to a mere philosopher or a sports team with things like that. Why? Because we are more interested in showing people that we are Christians and declaring to the world the existence of Christians and saying “look at me, I am proud of being a righteous Christian!” It is nothing more than a fashion statement or a political statement. You might as well be putting “Save The Whales” on your car or bracelet; it is just as meaningless, especially in the spirit world. The only thing that is meaningful is your witness! The only thing that is meaningful is your testimony! The only thing that is meaningful is words coming from your mouth telling people who Jesus Christ is, which is Your Saviour, and what He did for you, which was save you from your sins and your deserved punishment thereof, which was death in the lake of fire forever! The words coming from your mouth saying that Jesus Christ wasn’t like you. He never sinned. He was perfect, the only perfect man ever to walk the face of the earth. He did not deserve to die. He did not deserve punishment. But He freely, without being forced to, took the punishment for you. He died for you! And because He died, you will never die spiritually! Because He rose, even if your earthly body dies, you will be resurrected, given a new body, and live forever! Your little fish sticker cannot bear witness of that! Your little “WWJD” bracelet cannot bear witness of that! The little cross locket hanging from your necklace cannot bear witness of that! Your little t – shirt telling everyone “I attend First Baptist Presbyterian Lutheran Episcopal Church of God In Christ” cannot bear witness of that! ONLY YOUR TESTIMONY THAT JESUS CHRIST IS YOUR LORD CAN BEAR WITNESS OF THAT!

Why, oh why, are Christians trying to replace the gospel of Jesus Christ? Why are we talking about things like values and character and a whole bunch of other things that will not save people, that will not transform lives? Why have we reduced Christianity to the equivalent of a political party platform or a college fight song? People of God, if you are not going to talk about Jesus Christ, then you are honestly better off asking God to make you mute so then at least you will write about Him! 


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please cause Your children to begin preaching Jesus Christ to all anew.  Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is worldliness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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