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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Acts 7:51 – Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.

There is but One God who exists in three persons, each with distinct co – equal personalities. There is the Father, which is the Will. There is the Son, which is the Will Expressed, Articulated, and Directed. And there is the Holy Spirit, which is the Expressed, Articulated, and Directed Will Done. Think of a meal. Elohim is the conceptual idea of a meal. Jesus Christ is the recipe. The Holy Spirit follows the recipe to cook and serve the meal. Now, a lot of us claim to love Yahweh the Father. We also claim to love His Word Emmanuel the Son. And those are easy claims to make, especially in a general sense and particularly when it does not require anything of us. But when it comes to doing what Jehovah wants as expressed to us by His Word (whether that Word comes to us in Scripture, through a prophet or preacher, or to us in signs or prayer), we forbear. When it is time to show evidence through our charity, love, submission, and faith of our great love for our Great God, we refuse.

It is not that we try and fail, for if we were to try God would not LET us fail. Why? Because He is the all – powerful all – knowing God who loves us. Furthermore, God loves His Will (Himself), His Son (Jesus Christ), and His Ways (the Holy Spirit). So whenever there is something that God wants to get done, He has already made a way. Success is already pre – ordained. All God needs is for someone to step up, do it, and follow it through to the end. But when we fail to step up, we resist the Holy Ghost. And when we fail to follow through, we resist the Holy Ghost. And if we fail to execute in the manner that God commands, we resist the Holy Ghost. Sometimes our failure is due to a lack of obedience. Sometimes it is due to a lack of submission. Sometimes it is due to our having to know everything, control everything, and take all the credit. And sometimes it is due to fear; the lack of faith.

But make no mistake, the root cause our Holy Ghost resistance always comes down to a lack of love! John 14:15 says: “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” It really does not get any more simple than that. If Jesus Christ was able to go to the cross and bear not only an agonizing death but the separation from His Father and the sins of mankind (a spiritual pain infinitely worse than the physical, as those who are going to get cast into the lake of fire shall find out!), then obviously our inability to believe and obey is due to a lack of love; the love of self more than the love of God. Even idolatry, placing things like money or family above God, is really the love of self because you are doing things that give you comfort and pleasure, taking the way out that is easier than serving God. If this describes you, then do not necessarily despair. It does not necessarily mean that you are not saved (although if you are not, please fix it now!). It just means that you need to develop a love for God that is greater than all else. In our modern world, it is often not so much to love God more than we love our lives. Ask a lot of people if they would accept dying right now if it meant going to Heaven, they would say yes! But God asks for more than that. We have to love God more than we love our COMFORTS. Do we love God enough to go 100 years without the things that we crave? Do we love God enough to suffer lengthy periods of embarrassment, alienation, and persecution? That is the sort of love that God wants, and if you do not have it, then you need to develop it with prayer, fasting, and immersing yourself in God’s Word … the things that Jesus Christ did on a constant basis. Works are not enough! To overcome your selfish natural worldly inclinations, to defeat the things that you were born with, and to overcome your background and environment, it takes the conditioning of the spirit. That comes by sincere prayer, fasting, and immersing yourself in the Holy Scriptures. But the scribes, Pharisees, Sadduccees, chief priests, and others did those things and still did not believe or have love for God and man and hence were hypocrites who allowed the moneychangers into the temple, colluded with the Romans, and sent Jesus Christ and their followers to their deaths? True, but the prayer, fasting, and Scripture – reading of the haters of Christ (then and now) were (and are) ritualistic exercises. In short, they did it but did not mean it! You have to do those things and to be sincere about them to believe in God, to receive a revelation from God, to love God.

And yes, those who rejected Christ came up with all sorts of excuses. They talked about how they were God’s Chosen People, the sons of Moses and Abraham. So, they did not have to love God and keep His Commandments; they were going to go to Heaven anyway because of genetics! That is no different from folks today who think that their choice of church doctrine and denomination will save them. What good is that doctrine if you do not keep it, or if you make an idol of it and adhere to it in the place of seeking the Father? What good is speaking in tongues if you are going to go sin five minutes later? What good is proselytizing if you think you are better than the people that you are trying to convert? Another excuse: Jesus Christ hangs out with the wrong crowd; the poor and the sinners. Yes, Christians today do the very same. We will preach to the choir until the cows come home, because we are afraid that if we go into the slums, gutters, AIDS hospices, and prisons that physical or emotional harm might come to us. Well I have to tell you the truth: it just might happen. Somebody just might mug you or steal your car, or you might get some grievous disease. But so what? JESUS CHRIST WENT TO THE CROSS! And did not all the apostles die? Did not Stephen die? Did not the prophets die? Faith is not the belief that nothing bad will happen to you. Faith is the KNOWLEDGE that even if something bad happens to you, you will overcome in this life and the next because within you is the Name of Your God and the Name of Your God will overcome in this life and the next! Once you attain that faith, the fear goes, and when the fear goes the love and willingness to serve your God no matter what comes in!

And some people refused to follow Christ because He did not take a stand against the Romans. Again, you have people like that today, who allow political, racial, and doctrinal differences to cause them to close their hearts against God’s people. Consider the people of Christ’s time. They were in bondage before Christ came. How did Christ’s failure to lead a rebellion against the Romans make them worse off? And even had Christ overthrown the Romans, what would that have led to? Them being governed by the wicked scribes, Pharisees, and Sadduccees? Or being governed by yet another king whose sin would have caused them to be taken BACK into captivity; another Ahab and Jezebel? Yeah right, that would have made them better off. Not only could these people not interpret the Scriptures to understand the spiritual nature of Christ establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by dying for their sins, but they could not even see what was really going on in the natural realm! Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees! And then you had folks who refused to follow Jesus Christ because He healed on the Sabbath. Never mind that no one else was doing any healing on any other day. It is just like how so many Believers today ignore the good works of people who truly love God because they do not agree with their methods or doctrine, or because of those people’s perceived or real flaws. Case in point: oh how we LOVE to bash televangelists, especially when they get into trouble. We will go to our graves defending some famous athlete, author, CEO, politician, or movie star, but let it be a person of God, especially someone with the absolute NERVE to be on TV, getting famous, asking for donations, and making money, and it drives us nuts. Never mind the THOUSANDS of people that they lead to Christ. And never mind that those THOUSANDS of people that THEY lead to Christ go out and evangelize themselves, meaning TENS of thousands and HUNDREDS of thousands coming to Christ. Take for example Oral Roberts. Oh, he never lived down that scandal where he said that God was going to kill him unless he raised several million dollars. We were all ready to cast him into hell, right? But look at Oral Roberts University, all of the ministers and missionaries that they keep cranking out! And compare that to the number of people that YOU’VE brought to Christ. Compare that to the number of pastors that YOU’VE trained! You can’t compare, can you? Of course not, just like none of those people who were ready to kill Jesus Christ because he healed on the Sabbath went to their own graves without ever healing anyone or training anyone who did.

We have to get out of this faithlessness. A lot of us think that because we are Believers in a perfect God that everything or everyone has to be just right before we will justify it in our own minds. That does not make us Believers! That makes us excuse – makers and fault – finders! After all, Jesus Christ was not born in some nice big heated house and laid in some exquisite baby bed wrapped in purple silk blankets. He was born in a stable, wrapped in rags, and laid in a manger! And afterwards, they did not have time to lay about, gain their strength, make a little money, and enjoy each other and the baby. They had to get up, run to Egypt! Now you have to ask yourself, “What kind of way is this to bring The Son Of God into the world; to have him born in a stable and then having to get up and run off to Egypt”? The whole thing obviously looked all messed up to them, but they did it anyway. They did not resist the Holy Ghost! They did what God told them to do because they loved God more than they loved their notions of order, propriety, and dignity! They took what God gave them and made it work! If it was a perfect situation, it would have been easy for them to do it. But their ability to get it done despite how messed up things were, their ability to overcome all of Satan’s attempts to have the child not be born in Bethlehem to fulfill the prophecy and then to kill the child after it was born, THAT was how they showed their love for God! That was how they accepted the Holy Ghost rather than resisting it!

The same with David. Had David been as old, tall, and strong as Goliath, it would not have been any big deal. He would have been able to say “Well, I have a 50/50 shot, and all I need is God on my side to tip the scales for me.” And that is exactly how we operate today because we lack faith. We have to see the way in the natural realm according to how it makes sense to us, and only THEN are we willing to move. Well no, it does not work that way. God is not some tiebreaker! God is your everything, your love your life your whole world! He is supposed to be everything that you hear them sing about in those love songs and more! You do not need a tiebreaker to get you through! You need someone to be the reason for your whole existence! You need to obey God and have faith when it seems CERTAIN that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that you are going to get out of this mess! Anything less is acting out of self – will rather than faith. Anything else is depriving God a chance to work His miracles, to show His wonder. Anything less is taking away God’s chance to glorify you in the spirit realm, where it really counts. Why? Because when God glorifies His earthly people in the spirit realm, He glorifies Himself, because not only is He the source of your power, but your power is only activated out of your love and faith in Him! Satan cannot do that with His people, but God can with His! So God wants His people to rub Satan’s nose in his defeat over and over and over again until Satan is finally tossed into the lake of fire along with all of Satan’s failed demons and servants!

God wants someone to say “Have you considered my servant, who will do all that I ask and through him I can do anything?” just as He bragged on Job to Satan! But as for someone who just needs someone to tip the scale for them so that they can lunge over the finish line, please. Satan’s own disciples are capable of doing that! God wants to use you to do the IMPOSSIBLE, not just the kinda hard. If you call yourself a Believer but are not out there doing the impossible, then you are resisting the Holy Spirit. You need to get into loving God so that you can turn your Holy Ghost resistance into Holy Ghost acceptance.

Prayer:Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please show me the way. Please give me love for you and faith in you so that I might stop resisting the Holy Ghost and instead start accepting and acting in faith and obedience. Lord, I pray the same over the entire Body of Christ; let no one in the Body Of Christ resist the Holy Spirit but instead seek to do Your Will. Whether Your Will would seem to them to be deadly and impossible or common and beneath them – for such may happen if they enter into temptation regarding Your Will – may they gladly do it anyway no matter what it is out of true love for you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are disobedience, faithlessness, vanity, and fear. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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