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Quit Complaining!

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Numbers 11:4 – And the mixt multitude that was among them fell a lusting: and the children of Israel also wept again, and said, Who shall give us flesh to eat?

would hear the Bible stories about how the children of Israel complained over not having anything to eat but manna, and feel great sympathy for them. I heard about how God killed a great many of those who complained, and in my heart I thought God to be unfair. I felt that God, being a spirit, simply could not relate to what it was like to be a human living in this world. That he could not understand our pain, our suffering, or even what it was like to have to eat the same thing day after day for 40 years. I believed that God thought that since he had provided the basic needs for the children of Israel, that it was enough, and that God had no desire to understand or relate to our desire for stimulation or pleasure. Yet I endeavored to attain respect for God’s law and will. I decided that God must have had a reason for doing it, and his decision to treat the children of Israel in this manner was correct simply because it was what God decided to do. In order to help me understand and accept many actions of God in the Bible that I felt was in some way unfair – or in the very least when I had some degree of sympathy for the people who disobeyed God based on my own personal feelings and experiences – I created my own personal little doctrine that I called “God is God enough”, which was that since God was not only the standard of righteousness and judgment but righteousness and judgment itself, that all of God’s words and actions were righteous. God cannot be unfair, unreasonable, unloving, rash, reckless, or wrong in any way, and it is the responsibility of all men to attain the total knowledge and faith that God is always right no matter what, and to attain that knowledge and faith by fervent prayer and Bible study. Not only did I want to eliminate my belief that God was wrong to slay the children of Israel for wanting a varied diet, but I also wanted to eliminate my sympathy for their actions too. Why did I want the latter also? I did not know, but something inside me made me desire to seek it no matter how hard it was.

The reason why I was angry at God and sympathetic towards the children of Israel in this matter: I was fairly certain that I would have perished and gone to eternity in the lake of fire also. Why? Because I love to eat! Further, I am not a big fan of vegetables and bread, but I absolutely love meat, shellfish, cheese, sodas, and sweets. At that time in my life, eating was my main source of pleasure (and had been for all my life) and I could not imagine that were God to suddenly take it away from me as had been done to the children of Israel that I would have been above complaining. I probably would not have been the FIRST to complain, but I could have easily seen myself joining in the chorus, and even had I not complained I felt that I would have certainly been killed by God while filling my stomach. But I was certain that I was not a BAD person for feeling this way! My desire was not to do anything BAD or WRONG, just to derive pleasure from eating! But I could not give up my doctrine, for I was sure that if I did it would result in my destruction in the lake of fire over a cinnamon roll. At the time my doctrine was all I had and I was sticking to it. God had to be right. I had to be wrong. There HAD to be something WRONG with ME in order to MAKE GOD RIGHT! And I was going to find it!

Now when I gave my life to Christ, I told my future wife that I was not going to bother with the Old Testament because I did not see how it applied to those of us living under the New Covenant. My wife did not tell me I was wrong, but rather told me that she personally read the Old Testament because it helped her understand the New, and that for her the best way to understand the Bible was to read it from cover to cover. I had always felt that such was wrong because A) no one else that I knew of read the Bible that way, but instead read it as directed to them by pastors and Bible study groups and B) the way that preachers would piece together related passages in the Bible to create a sermon. But I was not in a church or Bible study group at the time and lacked the knowledge of the Bible required to go from passage to passage, so I was left with my fiancee’s suggestion. When I arrived to the incident regarding the children of Israel complaining about the lack of varied diet, I immediately recognized a great deal of my problem. My only familiarity with this story was how it had been dictated to me in “Bible stories”, Sunday school, and sermons. Reading the Bible from the beginning until I encountered this event placed it in context and gave it an entirely new meaning. God had done so much for these people, and all they did was complain! Instead of asking God to give them meat, they should have asked God to make them be pleased with whatever God’s will was to provide them. But they did not want to be satisfied with God’s plan or will, because they did not love or care about God. They only cared about what they wanted. They knew that they were only going to be in the desert for a time. They should have been preparing themselves to inhabit the Promised Land on Earth and enter Heaven in the next life. But they did not care about the Promised Land or Heaven. They only cared about the here and now. Furthermore, they were very arrogant. They just ASSUMED that God was going to give them the Promised Land no matter what. They just ASSUMED that God was going to let them into Heaven no matter what. And if God did not give them what they wanted whenever they wanted on Earth PLUS allow them into Heaven, then obviously there was something the matter with God! God was being unfair to them! And since God was being so unfair to them, why not just go and serve other gods that were not so demanding, so hard, so unfair! Even if those gods can’t deliver us from our enemies or even allow us into Heaven, they will let us have our pleasures on Earth! So, I came to the conclusion that God was right, thereby proving in my own eyes the correctness of my doctrine, which at the time was all that I had. Yet I still felt SOME DEGREE of empathy for the children of Israel, feeling that it was quite unfair that I was able to get into Heaven eating chili cheese corn dogs and ice cream sundaes. I also felt ashamed at my easy live compared to the struggles of contemporary Christians in Third World countries. Was I, this God accuser, any better than them? Of course not. So if God was not unfair to me, certainly he was to THEM?

The answer came during the course of my reading the Bible from cover to cover the THIRD time. By this time, I had come into a great deal more knowledge about things like faith, patience, love, the spirit realm, and the nature of sin. I saw the scripture above where the people LUSTED after the meat, and in subsequent passages where while they ate they were FILLING THEIR LUST. At first I thought that to be odd … lust had to do with sexual appetites, not physical ones. Then it hit me: their desire for the meat REPLACED their desire for sex. I was aware that many people who have lives of chastity imposed on them – rather than than being so by choice – tended to be obese and quite preoccupied with eating, and in addition were prone to other vices. But I also remembered that many VERY promiscuous people were also VERY OBESE. Then the realization hit me: THE SAME SPIRIT THAT CAUSES PEOPLE TO DESIRE SINFUL SEX WAS CAUSING THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL TO DESIRE THE MEAT … THE SPIRIT OF LUST! So, while the children of Israel were indulging their lust, the Lord was angered and slew them, as a just righteous God should and will. The key to the whole episode is Numbers 11:34 part B: “because there they buried the people that lusted. Note that it did not say that they buried the people that HUNGERED, for the manna gave them nutrition. Nor did it say that they buried the people that WANTED, for the manna fulfilled all their NATURAL DESIRE FOR FOOD, including the pleasurable experience of eating. No, it said that they buried the people that LUSTED … people that had an unnatural desire that they were filling by eating.

Keep in mind that these were the same people who, upon given the first chance, engaged in a drunken orgy (consider what “rose up to play” in Exodus 32:6, and what “have corrupted themselves” in Exodus 32:7 means also). They still had the desire to do those things, but could not because they feared Moses’ authority. They knew better than to go to Moses and say “Hey, will God let us have a sex party?” But instead they went to Moses and asked for meat so they could fill their sin another way. Consider also how and why the children of Israel kept fondly reminiscing about Egypt, wanting the things that they had in Egypt, and even trying to go back. You might ask why would anyone want to go back and face death or slavery, and figure at the very least that if they were going to die they would PREFER to die in the desert. The truth is that Egypt was a very evil place. That was why God put his hand against it and routed it! The children of Israel were doing all sorts of evil things in Egypt, and once they were brought up out of Egypt they wanted to go back and continue. It was not the meat, the garlic, the cucumbers, the leeks, the fish, the water, etc. that they REALLY missed … it was the drinking, the orgies, and the idolatry. They missed that behavior terribly, and wanted to go back to Egypt and engage in it again. But they knew that they could not express their true desires, so they hid them and found a substitute.

Also consider what was going on spiritually. It is not just sufficient to say that evil spirits of lust, idolatry, and pretty much every other abomination was in the children of Israel and causing them to want to go back to where they could practice their old ways. Rather, Satan knew that God was planning on using the children of Israel to build a mighty nation … a nation which God would use to war against Satan’s people under the Old Covenant, and would eventually use to plant his Son Jesus Christ into the world so that God’s children everywhere would have the power to fight against Satan and his kingdom directly. Naturally, Satan unleashed his full force onto the children of Israel, hoping to either cause Moses to give up, cause them to outright rebel and leave Moses, or to cause them to provoke God with their sin so much that he would destroy them. Because the children of Israel did not love or seek God, they continually allowed Satan and his demons to enter into them and fell for each and every single one of his tricks. Over and over again God had to destroy a large number of Israelites to save the rest, and Moses had to intercede in order to keep God from destroying them all! (Indeed, God placed Moses in charge because he knew that Moses loved God’s will above all, and that Moses would intercede for God’s people so that God’s will of establishing his nation would be done, and that he would hearken to the prayers of Moses not for the sake of the children of Israel but for the sake of Moses because Moses loved God and his will.)

When I realized this, I instantly remembered all of the sex talk that I had heard from various sources such as classmates, co – workers, the media, etc. Many of them talked about how IMPOSSIBLE it would be to spend YOUR WHOLE LIFE with one sex partner. About how the need for variety was ABSOLUTE. Some advocated having as many partners as you can before marriage, others advocated being faithful during marriage but not staying married long, others advocated cheating during marriage, and others denounced marriage itself. All on the basis that monogamy was unattainable and unnatural, and that promoting abstinence and monogamy was immoral and dangerous! Now I thought these people’s pronouncements and the desires that motivated them to be utterly demonic. But then I realized that I WAS NO DIFFERENT FROM THEM BECAUSE I FELT THE EXACT SAME WAY ABOUT FOOD! And where for me it was food, for someone else it could be socializing. Sleeping (which I was also a fan of). Sports (again, big fan). Shopping. Luxury. Comfort. Wealth. Security. Power. Exercise. Self – improvement. Appearance enhancement. Politics. Debating. Fighting. Television. Competition. Tension. Companionship. Religion (as opposed to true love and service to God through Jesus Christ). There are countless things which any number of people use for stimulation and pleasure that they feel that they absolutely cannot live without. For any and all of those things, you can develop a lust for. And if you are “deprived” of anything that you lust, you will inevitably complain, outwardly and inwardly. You will hate people who do not have the same desire that you cannot control. And what is more, you will accuse, resent, and even hate God.

Some people base their entire decision to doubt and deny God’s existence on their unwillingness to give up certain things. Others are so bound by sinful behavior and the powerful lust that they have that they convince themselves that their behavior is not sin. How could it be sin, how could it be WRONG, if their urges are so strong? They come to the conclusion that since their urges and desires are so strong, that they cannot control them, and when they indulge them they get so much pleasure, that God MUST HAVE MADE THEM THAT WAY. And therefore, it is not THEM who are wrong for engaging in that behavior, but rather the people who tell them that their behavior is wrong! If the Bible speaks against their behavior, then the Bible is wrong (or merely wrongly translated) too!

Of course such people are self – centered. They feel that THEIR uncontrollable desires are OK, but feel that the desires of other people are wrong, and that the people who have them are BAD! As a matter of fact, many exercise addicts LITERALLY HATE people addicted to television, sleep, and food. And a lot of people who have addictions in areas of hedonistic tendencies tend to hate people addicted to money and power. Furthermore, such people do not seem to realize that just as they may be addicted to food or sex that others are addicted to rape, child molestation, theft, self – mutilation, and murder. It all comes from the same place, it all leads to the same place, yet people delude themselves into thinking that “mine is different from yours, mine is natural but yours is evil.” It is all the same! Yet, with all of the varying standards of acceptable behavior according to various fields of study and thought, the only one that is consistent by denouncing ALL of this behavior AND the desire to engage in such (many a psychiatrist tell you that it is OK to desire to rape and murder a child so long as you do not act on it and will prescribe you medication towards that end and advocate your release from prison) is the Bible. This proves that the Bible is indeed correct, and that all else is incorrect.

So, stop complaining. Say that God is good, and good all the time. Say that no matter what you are going through, you are still blessed because you still have a chance to please God on Earth and to enter Heaven. Know that no matter how awful, catastrophic, or unfair things may seem, that all things work for the good of those who love God according to the will of God. Know that these events that seem awful, catastrophic, and unfair are going to happen no matter what you do (or how much you complain) and that it is not going to change in this world, so the only thing that you can do is to get on the correct team so that these bad events will somehow some way at some point work to your good. If you do not, rather than suffering bad that will work to your good, you will simply suffer bad and that is it! And furthermore, know that what you are going through is just for a time. Your Promised Land is coming. Your Heaven is coming. All you have to do is endure until the end.

Beyond that, pray. Instead of complaining about something, go to God about it. The reason why most will not go to God about their complaints is because they A) know that their complaining is sinful and B) know that the root cause of their complaining is sinful desires. These people forget that God knows their heart. Even if you do not outwardly complain and no one hears you, you are still murmuring against God’s will and plan in your heart and God hears it, and it is still counted as sin! So you might as well go ahead and admit your complaints against God to God so that God can deal with you. Realize that either way God IS going to deal with your complaining self. The difference is that if you take those complaints to God you can be forgiven, delivered, and saved, but if you do not then you are in for a world of hurt!

Beyond that, what good has complaining ever done? Complaining is the mark of a person who lacks love, knowledge, faith, and submission. Even if you have some legitimate need that needs to be met, instead of offending God by complaining about it, please God by praying about it! Will your prayers offend God? At times. But that is actually ALMOST OK, because if you offend God when you pray, he will let you know, and you will be able to immediately repent and petition God as to what will please him because you will already be praying. It is still FAR PREFERABLE to the only other alternative, which is not praying about the matter at all, which is exactly what Satan AND the demon that is gnawing at you want … for you not to pray so that the issue in your life is never resolved by God. There simply is no excuse for not praying, and the reason is that praying is simply the only thing that we can do. Nothing else is going to work anyway – least of all complaining – so why not pray? And certainly do not refuse to pray because you want to sin, but you are afraid to sin so complaining about not being able to sin is the next best thing. Just get on your knees and tell God that you want to sin! If you are afraid of offending God, do not be in this context. Why? Because God already knows your heart. He already knows your desire to sin. Therefore, he is already offended! So just tell God about it and take your medicine. Had the children of Israel done the same and confessed to God or at least to Moses the sin that was in their hearts, they would have been spared! Do not replicate their mistake! The incident is recorded in the Bible for the specific purpose of warning you not to walk in their paths!

Realize that the key to ending complaining is not to SUPPRESS the complaints with willpower, mind tricks, lies, and re – directions. The Israelites tried that. It did not work. Rather, the key to ending complaints is prayer to God, confession and repentance of sin and sinful tendencies to God, and deliverance from any evil spirits that control this area. That is what they should have done and what you must do. It may not be easy, but it is definitely attainable and well worth the effort. The consequences of not doing so are grave, for consider not that the Israelites died, but the fate of their eternal spirits (oft referred to as souls) because they died in their lusts. Do not let it happen to you!

Prayer:Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, please give me a grateful heart. Please forgive my complaining. I confess my sins and sinful tendencies of _ that caused me to complain, and please forgive me. I am thankful for all that you have given me, Lord, and I know that everything that has happened to me and will happen to me will be to my good so long as I love you. Please Lord give me faith to know that it is true, and give me the strength to hold on, and the desire to press on, and the love of you so that I might live to please you and not myself. Please give me discernment so that I might be able to tell legitimate needs and desires from evil ones so that I might come to you for the legitimate ones and command the evil ones and the demons associated with them to go in the name of Jesus Christ. Please have mercy on me Lord … I am weak and you are strong, and I can only be strong if I abide in thee. Thank you Lord for saving me and delivering me from the complaining and the cause of it. Please put a hedge of protection around me to protect me from the cause of my complaining entering me again. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Deliverance:In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you demon of lust. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you demon of lust to leave me. the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you demon of lust from ever returning to me or from entering any other member of the body of Christ.
In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you demons of uncontentedness and dissatisfaction. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you demons of uncontentedness and dissatisfaction to leave me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you demons of uncontentedness and dissatisfaction from ever returning to me or from entering any other member of the body of Christ.
In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you demon of complaining. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you demon of complaining to leave me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you demon of complaining from ever returning to me or from entering any other member of the body of Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and bind all demons of lust, uncontentedness, dissatisfaction, and complaining from my family, friends, workplace, church, and the entire body of Christ and all who seek to join the body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of lust, uncontentedness, dissatisfaction, and complaining to loose the minds, bodies, and spirits of all members of my family, workplace, church, and the body of Christ and all who seek to join the body of Christ so that their free will would be restored. Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that my family, friends, workplace, church, the body of Christ, and all who seek to join the body of Christ would be touched by you; led by your angels, prophets, ministers, teachers, and the Holy Spirit to repent of their sins and seek deliverance from demons of lust, uncontentedness, dissatisfaction, and complaining, and all other demons, and ask for forgiveness of sins. I pray Lord that they would follow where you lead them and that their prayers would be sincere and heard and that they be completely delivered. I pray that this happens to fulfill your will alone and be to your glory alone. In the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen. Thank you Lord in the name of your Son Jesus Christ.


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