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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Ephesians 6:1 – Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

The best thing that a true Christian can do for his or her children is to make them obey. Colossians 3:20 says “Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord.” But children will not obey their parents unless their parents demand it of them in all things on a consistent basis. Parents wish to delude themselves about children in general but particularly about their own kids. We love our kids, and we also see ourselves in them. They are so cute, so delicate, so needing of care and attention. But make no mistake: your children were born in sin. The only way that they are going to stay on the right path to Heaven is if they accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and give themselves over to God through faith, submission, and obedience. Until such time that they are able to make that willing choice, you have to guide them. Their only connection to God is through you; the only way that they can obey God is through you.

Right now the world teaches us that kids are naturally good, and if you leave them to themselves, allow them to make their own choices and learn from them, that they will turn out fine. Nothing can be further from the truth! The effects of Adam’s fall does not only start to manifest in kids once they reach 12 or 13. Were that the case, children would never get sick or die! Sadly, we know that the opposite is true. Reject the lies of humanism. Also reject the foolish psychology notions of “id”, “ego”, and “superego.” That is just man trying to explain what Christians have always known: that man is born imperfect and away from sin and is going to act like it, and the only way to conquer that is through Jesus Christ. So, your children are inevitably going to misbehave. Do not drive yourself guilty and nuts trying to reassure yourself that when your child acts up, that your child really loves you, that when your child severely misbehaves – and particularly acts disturbingly violent or even depraved – that it isn’t “really your child.” Do not tell yourself “that really isn’t MY kid.” My kid is normally sweet and loving, something just got into the kid. Face the truth. Your child was born in sin just as you were, your kid will need to accept Christ and be renewed and washed in the Blood of the Lamb just as you were. Your job is to do whatever you can to speed the day that your child accepts Christ along, and until that blessed day comes make sure that your child is obedient. The way to love your child is to make your child obey.

And when I say obey, I do not mean obey grandma or grandpa. I do not mean obey the police officer or the judge or the social worker. I do not mean obey the teacher or the principal. I do not mean obey the President, the governor, or the mayor. I do not mean obey the doctor, the nurse, or the public health official. I do not mean obey the pastor, the elder, or the Sunday school teacher. No, that child is to obey YOU! God did not give your child to those people. God gave YOU your child. If God wanted those people to raise your child, be the temporary earthly steward of your child’s spiritual development, He would have given those people your child. But God did not, God gave that young vulnerable soul to YOU. It is not a curse, it is not a burden, it is an opportunity, a great blessing, and a great chance to receive more blessings! So act like it!

Your word is not to be the first authority or even the ultimate authority, it is the only authority. You are the parent. What you say goes. You get your word from God alone, and you give that word to your child, and your child obeys YOU and NO ONE ELSE. If the teacher or the school disagrees, you tell the education system that they are wrong. If the mayor or the President says disagrees, tell the political system that it is wrong. If the doctor or the nurse disagrees, then tell the medical establishment that they are wrong. If the lawyer, probate officer, or the judge disagrees, tell the legal system that they are wrong. If the pastor or the elder disagrees, then tell the religious system that IT is wrong. Do not gasp in shock or surprise. Why are you acting surprised? All those people, all those systems, if they disagree with what GOD has told you to do with your child, they are not of you. They are of the world. They will reject you. They will reject God’s Word. Do not try to curry favor with them, compromise them, or work within the parameters of their witchcraft, idolatry, and sinfulness. Overcome them through faith and obedience with the very Word that God has given you regarding your child! Those people don’t love your child. They do not know what is best for your child. How can they if they do not have the love and knowledge of God within them? But you love God and have the knowledge of God, so you love your child for God gave both the child and the love of the child to you, and you know what to do for God gave you that knowledge. So act like it! Stop letting BABYLON raise your child. Stop putting SATAN in authority over your child! Put GOD over your child by ruling over your child in God’s stead until such time that your child accepts Christ and can follow orders from GOD himself (or herself)!

It is time for Christians to stop kidding themselves, to stop being worldly and investing themselves into things of the world. Look around you. Read the papers! Stop trying to build up walls of separation thinking that it cannot happen to you and is not affecting you, that it is only happening over there to those people and their kids because they are bad and they deserve it but we are nice good Christian folks and better than them. Please! Get real! The world is corrupt. The government is corrupt. The educational system is corrupt. The medical establishment is corrupt. The legal system is corrupt. And are you going to just IGNORE all the things going on in all these churches? Churches in your neighborhood? Churches in your denomination? Churches that share your doctrine? I am not saying that you should lose your faith, but that faith should be in GOD, not in any man! And GOD, not man, gave you that child that you are raising! It is your job, in these last days, to raise that child right according to the Word of God and the Word of God alone!

This is why it is so important, even more important than the corruption of the world. Your child has to learn to obey you NOW so that when your child accepts Christ he or she will obey God. It is far easier for your child to learn to submit on a consistent unquestioning basis to Godly authority after he or she has already learned that system, that structure from your authority. If you raise up your child with “Do what I say do because I know what is best for you and I will not accept anything else or less” system, then your child will seamlessly move from parental authority to Godly authority, and you will both be blessed. But if your child never achieved total obedience under YOU because you failed to demand and enforce it, then your child will naturally have a very difficult time being completely obedient to God. Why is this important? Realize that while your child is under your authority, he or she is under your stewardship and has a layer of protection and separation from the consequences of his or her actions by it. But when your child accepts Christ, he or she moves from your authority to God’s authority. That layer of protection, that buffer zone that you were providing, is gone. The child has more responsibility, and the stakes are increased. It is your job as a parent to prepare your child for that day, the day when the child is not being held accountable by you but by God!It is from you that your child is supposed to learn the type of blind faith and obedience. Your child is supposed to learn from YOU the concept of “Do whatever I say when I say it for whatever reason no matter whether it makes any sense to you at all has any profit for you at all and no matter how hard it is.” Never get sucked into the trap of thinking that you need to justify your commands or motivations to your child! Otherwise, when God comes and tells your child to do something that makes absolutely no sense, does not seem important, does not appear will succeed, will not seem to have a benefit, or seems very hard or distasteful, how do you expect your child to obey?Now of course, Satan knows all this. So Satan has erected a huge system to make child disobedience and parental neglect of responsibility not only acceptable and normal but required. Since we are Christians, we are going to start with the church. Most Christians just take for granted that the word of the pastor trumps everything, and just give their children over to the church. Wrong. You give your children over TO GOD. Again, God did not give your children to the pastor. He did not give your children to the church. He gave them to you. God gave your house to you. God did not give your house to the pastor. He gave the church to the pastor. Let the pastor run the church, and you run your house, which means your kids. If any pastor says different, tell him that he is wrong with the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ. Of course, there are going to be times when the pastor counsels and instructs you. But only seek the counsel and instruction of the pastor when God tells you to, and only heed the pastor if God commands it. Now a lot of people reject this responsibility because they don’t want to hear God for themselves. They want the pastor to pray and tell them how to raise their kids. That is not the pastor’s job. The pastor’s job is to run the church. It is YOUR JOB to get on YOUR KNEES and hear from God on how to raise your kids. What happens if God tells you to leave that church? What happens if it takes weeks, months, or even years before God plants you in a new one? Or what if God calls YOU to be a pastor? Who raises your kids then? Let God raise your kids through you. Be a good steward with the things that God put you a steward over – your house and your kids – and let the pastor do the same – the church. Do not go around fearing that God will tell you one thing and the pastor another. That is not going to happen. The truth is going to be given to one of you, and you had just better make sure that it is YOU. For all you know God may be using YOU to get the pastor back on track. It is religion that tells us that the preachers and churches are supposed to rule over us and our affairs. That is a lie; a system set up by Satan to do his bidding. We are supposed to seek a personal relationship with Christ so that God Himself can rule over us and our affairs, and it is the role of the churches and pastors to help us, to SERVE US, not to be our masters or the masters of our children.

Another part of the system: the schools. We are just supposed to accept unchallenged everything they say and do to our kids. It is just accepted that they own them, and the very notion of even allowing your child to miss a day or two from school when they are not sick because, hey, they are my kids and I love them and want to spend time with them, would drive so many people, so many CHRISTIANS absurd! We are supposed to believe that the folks who run our schools are harder working, smarter, wiser, more loving, competent, and moral than everyone else … ESPECIALLY the parents. I am not just talking about public schools; private schools are actually worse in many respects. The schools are not there to raise your child. They are not there to discipline your child. They are not even there to EDUCATE your child. Your school is just there to assist you, and if they try to take a larger role, put them back in their place!

There is so much pressure to get kids to question and rebel from parental authority. There is so much pressure on parents to ALLOW such rebellion to take place. And yes, parents are so quick to cede their God – given authority to others. The most common temptation is worldliness. We desire prestige for our kids, which in turn gives us prestige for raising such exemplary kids! So we do everything we can to “get them into a good school” and then demand that our kids do everything that the “good school” says so that they can get good grades and recommendations and go to good colleges. We also want worldly things – money and pleasures. So we work long hours on our jobs, leaving our kids in the supervision and others … relatives, afterschool and church programs, daycares, baby – sitters, and TV and radio. And when our kids get older, we “give them their space” and allow them to either roam the streets with their “friends” or retreat into their rooms with their TVs, CDs, telephone conversations, video games, and the Internet. The notion that a parent ought to be able to enter their teenager’s room at any time, tell their teenager to get off the phone, or dictate who the child may associate with or what the child may watch on TV or listen to … that would have been considered basic and fundamental just 50 years ago but now is considered child abuse! The idea of a parent picking up a child from school or being home to meet the child and then basically supervising the child until bedtime is laughed at, especially if the parent doing it is THE MOTHER or the child is A TEENAGER!

Realize how totally different our way of supervising our children has changed not just from Biblical times but in just the last couple of generations. Now ask yourself … with all these modern advances in parent – child relations, are we better off? If so, in what way? Are the children and parents smarter? More moral? More “liberated”? Please. The world is a mess! The very idea that Christians are going after these ways of worldliness is absolutely insane! I could understand the temptation to give your child over to that which is unGodly if it were actually WORKING, but it isn’t! Remember Daniel, when he refused to eat the king’s meat? They had a test. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo all ate pulse where the other children ate the king’s meat and drank the king’s wine. At the end of the test, the obedient Hebrews were healthier – and better looking – than the other kids. Result? God’s way was proven best, and the worldly children conformed to God’s way. Why are we not even doing what the Babylonians did, which is copy God’s way when the superiority of God’s way was demonstrated to them? The Babylonians were not even following God’s way out of faith; they had PROOF! The way Christians are raising their children now is actually inferior to that of the heathen Babylonians. We have PROOF that the worldly way is worse AND proof that God’s way is better based on seeing how each generation of kids gets more and more depraved right before our very eyes. We don’t even need statistics (which do exist); we KNOW the difference between society when we were growing up and how it is now because we have seen it with our own eyes! Yet we reject God’s way for the way of Babylon! Instead of doing things the right way so Babylon can learn from us and perhaps change their ways and be saved, we imitate Babylon to the detriment of both ourselves AND those who don’t know any better! What is it going to take for us to change?

You can, with the power of God, change now. Learn to love God first, more than you love yourself or your kids. Learn to obey God for yourself. Once you do that, then make your kids obey you. It won’t be easy, especially if you have allowed your kids to live in disobedience beforetime. Even if your kids have already accepted Christ, that does not exempt them! They still have to obey because God commands it! See the verse at the top of the page! Their accepting Christ will simply be another advantage at your side! But no matter how hard it is, you must do it. It is in your child’s best interest so long as that child is under your authority. It is in your best interest. And it is doing the will of your God. No matter how hard it gets, continue to have faith, continue to obey God, and continue to pray. And while you are getting your own kids into obedience, spread the word to other parents; help someone else and their kids. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Lord in the name of Jesus Christ please help me to get my children to obey me so that my children will obey you and learn to obey you by obeying me. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Deliverance:The demons that operate in this area are low self – esteem, selfishness, laziness, worldliness, religion, false doctrine, false teaching, rebellion, fear of rejection, intellectualism, and rationalism. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!