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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

I Corinthians 14:40 – Let all things be done decently and in order.

In The Real Anti – Christ we mentioned the anti – Christ spirit. However, we did not discuss what the anti – Christ spirit is or what it does exactly. The anti – Christ spirit should not be limited to the spirit of blasphemy, which denies God’s existence, power, sovereign, love, goodness, uniqueness, Word, trinity, and nature and/or makes one believe that it is acceptable to carry doubts about the same One True God. The anti – Christ spirit includes or works in concert with all that is against God, meaning that all that is against what God is and what God wants. You must be aware of the verse that says “Resist Satan and he will flee from you” (James 4:7 ). The anti – Christ spirit is that which resists God for the purposes of causing men to flee God. It resists and causes man to resist God in every single way there is.

One of the ways that anti – Christ is manifesting itself in a major way in these times is with disorder. God’s kingdom is one based on order and governed by laws; chief of which is to submit yourself to God completely and at all times. Everything not only in the universe but in the natural and spirit realms obeys God unconditionally at all times except man, Satan, and demons. Do not be mistaken, even man, Satan, and demons are ultimately subject to the power and hence the will of God. It is just that for a time God allows man, Satan, and demons free will. Satan and demons have already exercised that free will to disobey God, and their fate in the lake of fire awaits them. But the vast majority of individual people – though not all of them! – can still choose life or death.

Satan and his demons know their fate, but their goal is to get as many men to share it. They have two main tactics in accomplishing this goal. 1) To convince as many people as possible that there is no God. They have some success in this goal, but not much. 2) To convince those who believe in God that they do not have to obey Him. Now Satan and his kingdom has a great deal of success with this, starting with Adam and Eve, so much so that you wonder why they even bother with 1)! Of course, up and telling most people that while God exists and is all – powerful, you still don’t HAVE to do everything that he says is off – putting. Sure, Adam and Eve fell for it, but I have to believe that what played a major role in that was that they had never seen suffering, let alone death. But so many of the rest of us who are all too aware of such things will quickly come to the conclusion that if there is a God, it is eminently more sensible to seek His favor by doing whatever He wants.

So, to accomplish this goal, Satan has to use another tactic, which is getting people out of synch with God and out of a natural relationship with God. Again, God’s kingdom is orderly. Each day is 24 hours. Each year is 365 ¼ days long. Winter, summer, fall, and spring comes and goes. Everything in God’s creation follows a specific mathematical formula or relationship, has been since the beginning of time, and will until time ends. If your life is orderly, you are following a God – like pattern. Doing so will not in and of itself make you obey God, but it creates a construct that makes it easier. Satan knows this, and therefore does everything that he can to make life, whether on an individual scale or a global one, as chaotic as possible. Why? If you follow everything in an orderly fashion, you will be a person that understands responsibility. You will know that every cause has an effect; every action has a reaction. But if you live your life out chaotically, you will lose sight of that. You will start believing in things like “luck” and “fate.” Instead of accepting the belief that good things happen (blessings) as a result of doing good things (obeying God) you fall into believing that good things MAY HAPPEN whether you do good or bad, and that bad things may happen as well, so there is no advantage in doing good or being good. You can just sit back and let the chips fall where they may!

Once you get into that lifestyle, it is very hard to accept the notion that you HAVE to do what God says ALL THE TIME or that you HAVE to believe EVERYTHING that God says. Instead, you will inevitably feel that you can obey God when it pleases you and believe whatever part of God’s Word suits you and hope for the best. And whenever someone comes along and tells you that God’s Word must be totally agreed and strictly adhered to or else, you may very well reject that person and his God not only as rather disagreeable, but also one whose existence is impossible. So you invent your own God that allows you to do what you want, or you tell yourself that no God exists at all. Either way, Satan is happy because the anti – Christ spirit has done its job.

Now, you would think that the wealth and technology in our society and world would be used to make it more orderly. Instead, people have allowed the anti – Christ spirit to make it more chaotic. When we were a poorer, less advanced society, maintaining societal order and discipline was absolutely necessary for survival, and one was constantly aware of it. Failing to associate cause and effect meant dying of starvation or disease, or even starting a war! But now that we have all this wealth and all this technology, we do not have to face the consequences of our actions so directly. A person that does not work hard can go on welfare, and a nation that does not manage its money can sell bonds to pay its debts.

So, modern society has fallen in love with disorder. Look at our entertainment; movies, television, literature, and music. Gone is any semblance of structure in the action or even the dialogue: things just happen scatalogically. Of course, with the disappearance of order, then goes the standards for right and wrong; good and evil. Now virtually all movies and TV shows feature good people who do bad things, or bad people who somehow spontaneously combust virtue. And speaking of spontaneous combustion, you have evolution and the Big Bang. Both posit that something can come from nothing; that order can come from disorder; that something great and beautiful such as a human being can come from something common like a pit of primordial sulfur slime heated by volcanic activity. Now, that these theories not only exist but are so accepted, even insisted upon, among non – Believers despite how easily they are contradicted by observation, experimentation, calculation, and logic is proof of how creating a disorderly world creates a disorderly mind. Keep in mind that back when the world culture was more orderly, our great scientists were able to describe the natural world in the context of this order, from the discovery of “pi” and natural logarithm to the laws of planetary motion to gravity, and classical mechanics to the theory of relativity. These things do not disprove the existence of God but rather prove it by showing that the same orderly God of the Bible is the same of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, theology, economics, linguistics, sociology, etc. Go read your Bible, especially the Old Testament. Note the specific, exacting details that God gave His people on how to construct the Noah’s ark, the ark of the covenant, the tabernacle, the temple, etc. Also, note the specific details that God gave on the legal, social, political, and religious structure of the nation of Israel. And in Revelation, note how John is given the dimensions of New Jerusalem! Note the numerical significance of 1, 2, 3, 7, 12, 13, 50, and denominations thereof that repeat over and over again in the Bible. God’s order is His law, and by forsaking order in our lives and in our societies we are forsaking God’s way and law!

And how can we expect to prosper if we do not keep God’s order? How can we have rule over our lives, our houses, our finances, our families, and our nations so that we can hand them over to God save we order them after God’s commandments, if we are not even disciplined enough to do basic things like keep the Sabbath? Simple: we cannot. And Satan knows it. That is why Satan works continuously to destroy God’s order in our lives and our societies. Look at our public schools, what happened when they took corporal punishment out and made it routine to defy the teachers. They became madhouses. Many of the same things are happening in our very churches and homes. Our culture glorifies defiance even in the absence of a goal of said defiance, for we now treat defiance as a worthy end unto itself, and we treat respect for order as weakness even when that order is mutually beneficial and agreed upon. Of course, Satan is very happy with that! And we even teach people that, just like evolution where order and good things come from chaos and wicked things, that disorder and disruption bring positive results. The best example is the American civil rights movement for blacks, a Trojan horse that opened the door to all sorts of perversion and wickedness in our society, all of which (of course) have proven much more harmful to American blacks than any other group of Americans.

They even teach that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary, a subversive when the opposite is true: Jesus Christ did the Will of His Father! Jesus Christ did not even VERBALLY resist when He was tried by the Sanhedrin and the Romans and was crucified. When Simon Peter took up his sword in resistance, Jesus Christ told him to put it away, and even healed the man that Peter attacked! And yes, Jesus Christ told his people to render under Caesar that which was Caesar’s (and do the same unto God)! What about Jesus Christ healing on the Sabbath? You show me where it says that healing on the Sabbath is a sin. What about his driving the moneychangers out of the temple? Christ was actually following God’s law, not breaking it! And Christ’s altercations with the religious leaders? A) Christ never urged his disciples to defy the religious leaders and B) it was always the result of the religious leaders’ provocation; their attempts to condemn or trick Him! Christ obeyed all the laws of Rome and followed all the customs and practices of Jewry. That was why when He was brought before the Sanhedrin and before the Romans THEY ALL FOUND NO FAULT IN HIM. So what kind of militant revolutionary is that? But people are able to get away with the “revolutionary Jesus” myth because the times are so disordered that people not only believe it, but they want to believe and embrace it because it gives them a god to fit the way that they are living their own lives! Perhaps the “revolutionary Jesus” notion does actually help draw some confused souls to Christ, but you wonder at what cost to others.

And make no mistake about it, disorder has a cost, and not just a spiritual one. On a personal scale, it causes poverty, educational failure, poor character, bad relationships, and mental and physical illness. On a family scale it causes divorce, absentee parents, and misbehavior among children. In churches it causes denominationalism, false doctrines and teachings, jealousy, power struggles, and strife. In communities, it causes crime, in nations it causes social, economic, and political collapse.

In so many ways in our lives, families, workplaces, societies, and in this world, Satan has replaced God’s order with babel, which means confusion. But you not have to live that way. You can change and be helped, and then be in a position to help others. If you are unsaved, the first step is fixing that sad state by saying The Salvation Prayer. I am not saying that you cannot achieve an orderly existence without being a Believer and Follower of Jesus Christ; but rather that it is pointless. It does no good to have an orderly existence in this life only to be tossed into the lake of fire in the next; you would be better off being a disordered Christian and to go to Heaven! Upon being saved, then PLEASE, read your Bible. Desire to live as the heroes of the faith did, in total submission to God and respect for His ways. The best place to start is Proverbs, then Leviticus, then Paul’s letters to the church that follow Acts in the New Testament. Start with obeying the Sabbath. Move onto simple things like getting up EARLY the same time each day and going to bed the same time each night, and eating your meals and reading your Bible at the same time each day. Then carry it onto your personal finances, especially if you are in debt! After that, be consistent and reliable in your character and conversation. Be precise and truthful in speech, do not make commitments that you cannot keep, and do not be prone to rantings or mood swings. In the name of Jesus Christ, come out of the city of babel, or Babylon, and into God’s Kingdom today!

Prayer:Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please order my life after Your Word and Will. Please do the same for my family and the entire Body of Christ, and also please rescue the children and the innocent from the evils of Satan’s disorder. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are disorder and disrespect. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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