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No Worries

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

No need to worry cry or fret
God is the victor, He’s not through with you yet
Not by guns or knives but bended on floors
For the battle’s not yours son; it’s the Lord’s
A thousand falling on the left and ten thousand on the right
For they foolishly put their trust in man’s protection and might
“In God We Trust” they put on the dollar bill
Then they turn around and disobey that same God’s will
But you are not like that you will persevere
For when God you fear he will draw you near
And cover you with his strong broad wing
That deflects poison arrows that Satan will fling
Come one come many there is room for all
Do not seek refuge in that which will fall
Governments, riches, they will all pass away
But God’s Kingdom will forever stay
If you believe and put your trust in Him
Forever you’ll last, you’ll sink, not swim
But to those who will not abandon any worldly desire
Their home, forever, the lake of fire
Gnashing and weeping; moaning and groaning
They ignored wise counsel; their life for the loaning
But he who turns his back on sin
In this life the Holy Spirit will live within
The Kingdom of Heaven will he enter in
Swift or slow the race he will win
For he honored God, not the ways of men!

Peace be unto you all, as well as love, joy, and happiness. No matter what you are going through, hold on. No matter how low you think you are right now, you still have something to live for, which is your God. No matter how high you are flying in this life, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, so you might as well go ahead and do it now while it will still do you some good! God has given every living soul on this planet the gift of life and the opportunity to use that life to serve him in whatever manner God chooses. Do not turn God’s gift to you down and allow your soul to be delivered to the lake of fire and eternal destruction. Choose God today! Sure, it is going to be hard. So what? Life is hard! No matter how much money, power, security, comfort, and pleasure you have, life is still going to be hard. That is why so many rich people still get divorces, suffer through addictions, alienate their children, and even wind up killing themselves. Even those who don’t put a bullet in their heads just drink and worry themselves to death. So if you are going to struggle anyway, why not struggle for Jesus Christ? Why not GET SOMETHING for your struggle? Those of you already in the fight, I bid you congratulations, fellow – servants. Keep fighting. Be encouraged. Redouble your efforts. I just watched an episode of VeggieTales with my son and wife, and it was about everyone having a gift, and how we should use them for God. It is true. You do have a gift, and you should use it. Do not think that because you may lack fame, a name, or significant circumstance that you do not have a gift. You do not have to sell 10 million records or win the Nobel Prize for literature. You can use your gift to praise God in front of two or three, but if that two or three are gathered together in his name, he will be in the midst. You can use that gift to win two or three souls to Christ, and that is two or three times that all the angels in Heaven will rejoice. It is not the human scale that matters, but the spiritual scale, for everything that we do for God rises up to Heaven and causes God to unlock his storehouse of blessings. So, if you are an engineer, build something for God. If you are an artist, paint something for God. If you are a speaker, say something for God. If you are a singer, sing something for God. If you have an eye for fashion, go pick out something nice for the pastor, and give away a couple of outfits to some poor kids. If you can raise money, raise it for God. Do not be ashamed! The enemy has tricked a lot of us into thinking that raising money for God’s work is a sin, that we are tricking people out of their money and stealing, but remember how Moses, David, and Solomon all raised money for the building of the tabernacle and the temple! And after the children of Israel sinned and went into captivity and served their time and cried out to God and God let them return, they raised money AGAIN to rebuild the temple, and not only from themselves but from King Darius of Babylon! So don’t let Satan tell you that you shouldn’t use your gift for God because it is wrong. Some people have the ability to have a lot of children. Do not be ashamed. Have all the kids that God allows, they are blessed to be born into God’s image, and raise them up to be warriors for Christ. Remember all the people in the Bible who “begat sons and daughters.” If you are rich, even if you inherited your money, it is still a gift. Use it for God. Increase it like the ones did in the parable of the talents, and give your increase to the poor and to the ministry. Everything that God gives you, give it right back to him, including your very life and soul. That is how to get to Heaven, where you won’t have to struggle, labor, or cry anymore.

But while you are on Earth, embrace the hardship. Embrace the labor. Embrace the fight. Do not run away from it, because it is going to find you anyway. So just stand there and fight for your God. Look for battles for God to send your way so that you can overcome in his name. You are strong. Someone else is weak. Maybe they can help it, maybe they can’t, but so long as they abide in the Lord he will still smile on them. So the more burden that is borne by the strong, the less the weak have to go through, and the result is that we all make it to the finish line together, and while you are still on Earth you will be highly favored by the Lord for helping lighten their load, just like Moses was. Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt when the children of Israel did not know how to love or obey the Lord for themselves. It was hard, but he, Joshua, Aaron, and Caleb stood in the gap and interceded for the weak. They prayed for the weak. They labored for the weak. And the weak got into the Promised Land just like the strong. God has no respect of persons. He will accept all who is willing to overcome sin. Whether they be weak or strong, they all have a place in his Kingdom. But you can be strong. You can be a strong leader, or a stronger follower according to God’s purpose and plan. You can help heal the land. You can help women raise their children. You can help the sick be healed. You can help fathers reunite with their families. You can help the addicted kick the habit. You can help the desolate souls find joy. You can help both the poor who have nothing and the rich who have everything but nothing. You can help the dedicated, the sinners, and the lukewarm. They are all God’s children, and you are called by him to help them.

There is this song that we teach our kids “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Now it is time to start believing that song. Now is time to start living. You have problems in your finances? Problems in your marriage? Problems on your job? Problems in your church and ministry? Problems in your family, with your kids? Problems in your health? Do not worry about it. Pray. Put it in God’s hands. Either you are not obeying God and being punished and God will deliver you out of your misery when you submit, or you are obeying God and are just suffering trials, tribulations, and temptations, and you need to learn to count it all for joy. Either way your victory is coming. Oh, there is stuff in between. Maybe you love the Lord, but you have not been delivered from evil spirits and need to be. Maybe you are living for the Lord, but not completely, and there are still some things from your past you are holding onto, or there are some things other than God that you are putting before him or putting your trust into, and God is letting this happen to you because he wants you all to himself.

You doubt? You say that no matter what anyone goes through it is all part of God’s plan and God is still good? Even children who are dying because of bombs, famine, and disease? Is it because they are not right with God? What about the Christians who are getting killed for the name of God? Is it because they have sinned, or their faith isn’t true why when they cried out and prayed to God to spare their lives and they were killed anyway? Well buddy let me tell you that these things used to cause me trouble too, so much so that for years I turned my back on God. But I came back because what I turned my back on because of what I didn’t know was still better than what I ran to because of what I thought I did. I am not going to lie to you, I don’t have the answers. But God does. Read the Bible. It is all in his book. There is nothing new under the sun. Everything that is going on now was going on then, from diseases to war to children dying to all manners and sorts of abominations. But God always had a plan. Everything all fit into His scheme, which ultimately was to deliver his people in a manner through which He and He alone would be glorified, and His enemies would not only be defeated, but thoroughly scattered. The bottom line is that everyone is going to suffer. Everyone is going to die except those who will be changed and caught up. So just make sure that if it happens to you that you are living in the Lord when it does so that you will go to Heaven when you die! The people who are constantly claiming that there can be no God or that the God of the Bible does not exist because life is so unfair are those who love their lives on Earth. For them, this Earthly existence is the ultimate. So their heart grieves so badly when they experience and see pain and injustice – especially that on such a broad scale – that they turn their backs on God. It is only those who are willing to give up their lives on Earth, who are willing to say that there is a higher being than humanity and a higher level of existence than this one and that they are going to give up their all to aspire to it, who shall be redeemed. Those are people who understand that if you are in your house on your knees begging for God to save your family from some Muslim or communist thugs who hate your Christianity and they come kill you and yours anyway, it is not that God did not deliver you. No, God DID deliver you; he delivered you from what you were going through on Earth into Heaven. Why? Because you spent your last moments on this Earth praying to your God. And this is where you will go. And you know what? The same God who delivered you into Heaven will forgive and save and bless your killers if they repent. It does not seem fair? Well remember, it is not this life itself that matters, it is what you spend this life DOING. That is something that the fake wishy washy Christians who refuse to deal with the all the pain and hurt in the world because they lack the faith to pray to God about it will never understand. That is something that the phoney baloney political liberation theology Christians who encourage people to fight for theirs on Earth because they don’t believe in Heaven will never understand. And that is why unless they change their fate is forever in the lake of fire.

But that does not have to be you. You can believe. Not only can you believe. You can be strong. You can be a fighter. You can help the weak. You can heal the land. Have faith and do it today!


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