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Man Of War

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Revelation 19:15 – And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 

The word “Christian” means “Christ – like.” That means that everyone who professes salvation through Christ should submit themselves to God and live as Christ. Some believe one becomes “Christ – like” by striving towards it, but the truth is that such a thing is accomplished only by submitting as Christ did (Matthew 26:39-42). In order to become like Christ, we have to understand Christ’s true nature, and that includes knowing that Christ’s main job was to submit Himself to the Will of His Father. God told Christ to sit at His right hand until His enemies were made Christ’s footstool (Psalm 110:1, Matthew 22:44, Mark 12:36) and once that is accomplished Christ will place Himself into submission to the Father so that all things are in submission to the Father. So we overcome not by warring against the enemy according to our own imaginations (for in our imaginations we will find some things of the enemy intolerable but others tolerable, acceptable, even pleasing according to our own knowledge, flesh, and will), but by submitting to God so that He can use us in warfare. 

That is right, Christians are to be men of war just as Christ was. Now Christ’s warrior nature is seldom presented. Usually it is hidden by those at odds with Christianity, but Christians themselves do the same by referring to Christ as “the Prince of Peace”, misunderstanding that His role was to create peace between man and God with His Blood, not to create peace in general. Indeed, Christ Himself said that there would be wars and rumors of wars, and not only that He told His followers to pay no heed to those things! It was not Christ’s role to bring peace between men themselves, for whoever rejects Christ is still in sin and hence cannot know or make peace. And it was certainly not Christ’s role to bring peace between God – and for that matter God’s children – and those who have rejected God, whether they be people or evil spirits. Quite the contrary, those who read the Bible and take it seriously should plainly see that Christ fought against and overcame human and spiritual enemies of God during His entire earthly ministry. Whether it was casting out demons or challenging the wickedness of the religious rulers, Christ constantly set Himself in battle array against evil. Even Christ’s actions of healing the sick and raising the dead were warfare against evil, for sickness and death are enemies against God and His chosen. But in each instance, Christ Himself battled evil using submission to the Father. The Bible records countless examples of Christ fasting and praying, and it always preceded something significant that Christ was going to do.  

So yes, Christians are to do the same as did Christ. We are not to abandon people to the world and its fallen, doomed to destruction state. Instead, we are to submit to the Father and allow Him to use us to rescue those people by sharing them the gospel. Moreover, we are only to share the gospel with those whom God commands us to, and also not to withhold the gospel from those whom God has sent us to (remember Noah). We are not to accept that a person’s fate is to be poor or sick; but rather according to the guidance of God use the gospel to help the poor and heal the sick. We are not to allow our brothers in Christ to continue in sin, but rather we are to judge and correct them. And we are not to accept beams in our own eyes, but rather to go to God and ask forgiveness and deliverance from Him. We are even to confess our faults before the congregation so that others will be strengthened by our testimony and gain the boldness to come forward so that they too can overcome! Yes, there is also direct battle against evil spirits in all the different ways, from praying against them to binding and rebuking them to casting them out. Indeed, the most fundamental part of the battle against evil spirits is educating people regarding their existence, and forcing people who should know better (i.e. professed Christians) to acknowledge their existence and operation and into doing something about it. But even that is just a mere portion, a mere front in a larger war, the war against evil, and Christians must take it as their personal responsibility to resist all evil at every turn by submission to God. 

Take an example. Suppose you are in a park, and someone litters, just throws down a beer bottle or something. What are you, a Christian, supposed to do? Pick it up and put it in a trash can! Why? Because God’s kingdom is not some filthy chaotic slum, but rather one of order. Every time someone does something against order, decency, cleanliness, respect, etc., it is an act of evil. Why do people accept trash all over the place to begin with? And it goes from trash to broken windows to graffiti to drug syringes to prostitutes and drug dealers to finally becoming a place that no person should live in but lots do because they either lack the ability to go anywhere else (often due to economic or family situations and also the fact that “churches” are absolutely no help) or the mindset (because they grew up in a bad environment and that is all they know). Look: nothing was ever built as a slum or ghetto. Rather, it became that way over time because people allowed it to! So, maybe you cannot change the actions of hundreds of thousands of people, including people with real power and influence who could use it to help change things but choose not to. But you can strike a blow for order by picking up someone’s litter! Now, you might ask: “Why can’t I tell the person responsible to clean up their own mess?” The answer is simple: did you clean up your own mess? Or did Christ clean it up for you on the cross? On another level: why seek a confrontation with the litterbug? Your battle is not with him. Your battle is with the evil spirits in his mind and in his culture that makes him think that littering is OK. So don’t fight the battle with carnal weapons, but rather spiritual ones (II Corinthians 10:3-5). Also, trying to make the litterbug do what you want, that is attempting to control or change him, the same as the sin of witchcraft! And further, cannot the unsaved do the same? If the unsaved is capable of doing something that you do, then what spiritual profit is there in it, for you, God, or anyone else? So, without saying anything, YOU pick up the litter, and YOU strike a blow for God’s order, for doing His Will on earth as it is done in Heaven (Luke 11:2). And if seeing you pick up the litter shames the litterbug, even better! But remember, that should not be your purpose. Again, guilting and pressuring people into doing what we think they ought is being a witch. No, your motivation should be to do something that pleases God by humbling himself! And that is important. A lot of Christians have a grand opinion of themselves and the things that they ought to be doing. They tell themselves that they desire to please God and help people by doing some big great thing, but the truth is that it is they themselves who wish to be exalted and to receive God’s praise for themselves. Such a person would never see the spiritual warfare value of picking up someone else’s trash, because doing so is not being exalted, but rather humbling yourself and serving. Of course, such a person has absolutely no concept of why Jesus Christ washed the disciples’ feet, let alone why He died for our sins! It is all about fighting God’s battles and not your own, and doing so by humbling yourself and submitting to His Will.  

So many people are unwilling to fight evil because it means doing common little things. They would rather do big things, or at least things that seem big to them. They do not know that because they are viewing things through the flesh, what seems to be a big battle in our worldly eyes is often something of little importance in the spirit realm. The best example of this is how certain Christians put so much energy into influencing politics, for instance, when all they are doing is often replacing one unsaved politician with another, and trading one set of rules that does not establish God’s kingdom on the earth by changing the hearts of men for another. These folks have no idea that spending $50 on groceries so that an unsaved, needy family will be more receptive to the gospel, or spending $500 on rent to keep a woman who is trying to live for Christ from having to sell her body so that she and her kids will not be thrown out on the street does more in the spirit realm than spending $50 million on politics. More important is the truth that even if by some means you are able to identify a big spiritual thing, you will not be able to prevail against the gates of hell to accomplish anything regarding it (as that IS what it would take) until you learn faith, determination, reliability, humility, and total reliance on God by routinely doing small things. Example: David was made ready for his encounter with Goliath by his experience as a mere shepherd. David developed more faith that God would take care of him from his experiences tending sheep than did Saul and all of his soldiers from a lifestyle of battle!  

So do not be deceived. To be a Christian, you have to be a man of war. Why? No one who has the love and spirit of God in Him can countenance evil. Now, when so many of us first get saved, we have a zeal to establish righteousness. The problem is that the zeal gets swallowed up by the corrupt religious system at work in so many of our churches. One way is to the left, where that zeal gets misdirected into legalism and spiritual immaturity; thinking that we can establish righteousness in ourselves and others by adherence to rules and with outward signs. The other way is to the right, where that zeal gets quenched by a religious culture that encourages you to take a blind eye to sin and evil and call it “tolerance”; claiming that it is not your duty to personally battle against evil, but that it should be done in concert with the church using organized works of charity and social and civic servitude. Both religious movements err by regarding certain evils to be “more evil” than others, and – even worse – other evils to be intractable. The “lesser evils” and the “intractable evils” get short shrift or ignored altogether. All this occurs because so few churches, preachers, teachers, etc. will take a new convert with a zeal for righteousness and tell him that he first needs to learn how to submit to and rely on God. If you submit to and rely on God, you will fight evil daily, even if you have no idea what you are doing. But if you do not first submit to and rely on God, you will almost never fight evil though you may consider yourself to be doing so.  

In conclusion, if you are a Christian, then you need to be fighting. From henceforth and now on, commit yourself to the fight for your God, and in doing so know that submitting to your God as did Christ is the way to fight for Him.  



Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please lead your children into spiritual warfare for you by teaching them that they should and how to submit to You and rely on You for all things at all times. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  Deliverance:

The demons that work in this area are rebellion and apathy. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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