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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Mark 10:27 – And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. 

I would guess that 99% of the members of the Body of Christ have real problems with realization. Most of us attend churches and denominations and hold onto doctrines that deny the existence and importance of miracles. Most of the rest acknowledge miracles in theory, but not in practice. Such people claim that miracles rarely happen, and when they do it is to exceptional people in unusual circumstances and are always initiated by God and not man. Then there are people who claim to believe that there is nothing too hard for God and that they have the faith to move mountains because their church preaches it, but it is just talk. Their pastors preach faith and miracles, but they do not use their gifts of the Holy Spirit and the responsibility entrusted to them with their position to challenge and exhort their congregants on how to have such huge fantastic dreams and visions that can only be realized through miracles, and then teach and show them how to seek the realization of their dreams and visions through miracles. Such pastors are actually worse than the miracle deniers. They build up great expectations and desires in their members, but never show them how to follow through. These are people who sought out the faith – based miraculous churches and messages as opposed to all of the other religious offerings out there for a reason. These are people who have real needs in their life that need to be met: sickness, financial or marital problems, compulsive and destructive behavior caused by demon spirits, you name it! Or they feel bored, trapped, and strangled by the plain jane vanilla lifestyle (or the false promise of the exciting rich jenny chocolate lifestyle) and want to renew their minds and bodies by doing great things for the Lord. So these people keep going to church every Sunday and Bible study every Wednesday hearing about this powerful loving God who can do all things and work miracles, but it never happens for them … they always find themselves left standing alone and jilted at the miracle altar. Such people lose their faith and hence either become pretenders or stop going to church altogether.  

One of the shams that the so – called charismatic churches in the religious system practice is just outright spiritual fraud. They will take a piece of meatloaf and pass it off as filet mignon. Now there is nothing wrong with meatloaf; it is very good to have it, especially if you are hungry, but it is still an ordinary, everyday. But filet mignon is special! Now these fake miracle churches will show you the meatloaf in your life, the blessings, and tell you that it is filet mignon, a miracle. They will show you things that every Christian on this planet ought to be receiving on a regular basis, and condition you into calling it exceptional. In that way, you will THINK that your daily bread is all there is, and you will not ask for more. Now do not get me wrong: you should love your daily bread and appreciate it; thank God for it morning, noon, and night for that which sustains and strengthens you. And you should also realize that so many Christians go to churches that are so dead and corrupt that they are not even getting meatloaf! Maybe they are getting beans, maybe they are getting gruel, maybe they are just getting rotten decayed stuff filled with worms. So, you should pray and intercede for and even witness to those Christians. But being thankful does not change the fact that all you are getting is meatloaf when you should be getting filet mignon, and it especially does not change the fact that your preacher, your church, and your denomination is holding you back from what God really has in store for you, and that you should leave. 

Again, you should thank God for the meatloaf! Because until you are able to see and appreciate the meatloaf, not only will you not ever get anything better, but you will lose that which you already have. But once you get to that point, you have to recognize that there is still more that God wants you to have, and the reason why God wants you to have more is because He wants to use the more that He gives you to raise you up! Sticking with the churches that deny miracles, that talk about miracles but do not teach you how to get them, or who take everyday occurrences in your life and calls them miracles so that they can live up to their charismatic reputation, all they are doing is blocking what God wants you to get, and more importantly they are blocking what God wants you to do for Him. Now Satan desires to block God’s Will from being done, period. That is why he works so hard to place this abomination in what are otherwise good churches run and attended by good people. It would be so easy to say that these are synagogues of Satan that are blocking the Will of God in this way, but it is not! It is good churches run by good pastors and attended by good people that are holding back miracles, and are holding back people from becoming miracle workers! But if you are going to have to do the great things that God wants done, you are going to have to sacrifice. You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone. You are going to have to hurt your heart a little bit, and you are going to have to break a few hearts and trample on a few emotions.
Look at yourself like a plant that has been planted in a pot. So long as you have been in that pot, you are never going to get to be but a certain size. Now, you might love that pot, and that pot might love you. You might even love the little table that the pot sits on, and the place in the shade that the pot inhabits. But if you are going to grow from being some boutique bonsai tree into some mighty tree that bears fruit and allows people to rest under the shade and birds to build nests in it, you are going to have to get out of that pot and be planted in the ground. It means that you and your soil that is in the pot are going to have to leave, which will cause trauma to you and the pot. It will leave the pot vacant and empty, and sometimes the pot even has to be BROKEN! You will have to leave your nice little table and spot in the sun. You will lose some leaves and branches in the process. You will lose some of your dirt. You will have to give up being watered regularly and get used to not having regular direct sunlight. You will have to get acclimated to your new soil and environment, which will be tougher than the old. You will get a little sick for awhile. You will get a little brown for awhile, more of your root and leaves and branches will die. But once you finally get over the hump, you are ready to start reaching your potential!

So, you may have to leave your church behind. You may have to leave your job behind. You may have to leave family members and friends. Old habits and hobbies will have to shrivel up and die. Old belief systems have to be broken just like that old pot. You may even have to be like Abraham and Joseph and leave everything behind! And if you had a position where you were and what you left does not survive, remember
Lot’s wife! She became a pillar of salt because she looked back and had regrets. But if God delivers you from a place where you were not growing because you were being held back, even if that places falls do not look back. Do not have regrets. Look FORWARD to the place where God is taking you. Look FORWARD to the place where you will be able to seek God’s favor, receive His mighty miracles – and not just routine daily bread blessings – and start doing the great things that God wants you to do; being what God wants you to be. 

Your whole attitude, approach, and lifestyle has to change. To borrow a phrase from the sports and business world, you have to “want it.” “Wanting it” means not merely accepting what is placed in front of you but rather going out and taking what is available, and whenever something is not available, going out and creating it for yourself. The last is particularly important. If you are playing a game, your team is down by a score with only a few seconds left on the game and the other team has the ball, you can’t just do what you would do in a regular game situation, which is to play good defense to force the other team not to shoot the ball or to miss the shot, because if the opposing team never shoots the ball or even shoots and misses, you lose the game anyway! You have to actually go GET the ball from the other team! So, instead of sitting back and being served whatever is on the religious menu and seeing God through the eyes of others, you have to see God and what He has for you in your own mind. It has to be revealed to you through the Holy Spirit. You have to read the Bible, see all of those great things that were done and start to wonder about them; to want to see those things done yourself; to DO those things yourself! You have to realize that wanting that does not make you arrogant or selfish or a thrillseeker, but rather someone that wants something BETTER. Someone who has not accepted losing the ballgame. Someone who has not accepted sickness and death. Someone who has not accepted a neighbor, coworker, or family member dying without accepting Jesus. Someone who wants to see the gospel preached where it has never been preached before and wants to be able to raise – or give – the money to a missionary group. Someone who has not accepted a run – down neighborhood with crackhouses, strip clubs, and pawnshops. Someone who has not accepted that SO MANY CHURCHES ARE RIGHT THERE IN THAT RUN – DOWN NEIGHBORHOOD WITH THOSE SAME CRACKHOUSES, STRIP CLUBS, AND PAWNSHOPS, HAVE BEEN THERE FOR DECADES, AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED!  

Do not be afraid to be selfish. It can start with something that you want, even something that you want for yourself. The selfless giving person who lacks vision … what good is his selflessness? But give God even a selfish person who has a vision and wants something better only for himself, and that is someone that God can show His mighty power through and work through. God can use your selfishness to motivate you to do things for others while He is giving you want you want, and also start a process whereby He will deliver you from your selfishness. But the start of the process is having a vision, of saying “I want this and God can give it to me if I have faith and seek it through Him.” Do not be misled or mistaught as to what “being a man after God’s own heart” means. It does not just mean lacking self – will and self – desire. The truth is that God WANTS us to desire things and have things; He WANTS to bless us. But being a man after God’s own heart means that it is YOUR WILL for GOD’S WILL to be done THROUGH YOU. Being a man after God’s own heart means being a man to whom God will give His Vision, but in order for you to receive God’s Vision, you have to be the man after God’s own heart that SEEKS His Vision. You aren’t going to get God’s Vision by just sitting around in church following someone else’s vision (or lack of it) waiting for some acorn to fall out of the sky and hit you on the head like you are Sir Isaac Newton. You have to be out there seeking what is possible through God and trying to get it done through God. In order to get something great from God you have to want something great from God, and by great I mean something that you cannot get it by your own strength. The man who asks nothing receives nothing, but the man who asks in God’s Name shall receive it!  

Now, realize that for this to happen, your actual job or ministry in your new church may not even change! It may not be God’s Will for you to go from being a deacon in one church to a preacher in another. You may not go from being a choir member in one church to being a Sunday school teacher or Bible study leader in another. But even if you stay at that same position, if you go from where you were not seeing and performing miracles to where you are, that is a promotion! But in order to get that promotion, you have to leave where you are! You have to stop wandering in the wilderness and go into the Promised Land. You have to leave exile and captivity in Babylon and go back to
Jerusalem and rebuild the gates and the temple. You have to quit following the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes (and even John the Baptist), sell all you have and give it to the poor, let the dead bury their dead, hate your life and your family on earth, quit squabbling with your brother over what your father left him, quit hanging out with Barabbas and his band of murderers, and follow this rabbi from Nazareth! You have to leave the valley where your bones are dry and go someplace where they can become flesh. If God is calling you, answer it and follow, for God has something in store that will change your life, and He will use what He gives you to change others. Answer God’s call and start making the impossible possible today!


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please lead me to where I can start living and doing the impossible. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is false teaching. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you! http://www.healtheland.bravehost.com/Archives/Devos/ImpossiblePossible_70.htm


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