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Lot versus Abraham: Self Righteousness

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Lot was a righteous man. Abraham was a righteous man. What was the difference? Lot kept his righteousness within himself. He did not work to separate himself from the sins of his family or of the world (Sodom and Gomorrah). He loved his family and the world more than he loved God though he was saved and himself did not sin. But because his righteousness was internal, he was as the one who puts his light under a candle. He did not cause righteousness in those around him. Not the people who lived around him, not his servants, not his family, not even his own wife. Therefore, God did not establish His Covenant with Lot, because the reason why God establishes covenants is not merely righteousness with for one person, but so that he can use that person to establish righteousness. Because Lot was self – righteous, he did not place himself in a position where God could use him to establish a righteous house, line, and nation. And you saw the result of Lot’s agreement with the world. His wife became a pillar of salt. God did not bless Lot with a son because God did not want Lot’s lineage to continue, but his wicked daughters were not willing to accept God’s plan and judgment. They got Lot drunk and committed incest with him, and the result was an exceedingly wicked line of idolaters that defied God and went into continuous warfare with his people, the children of Abraham.

Contrast that with Abraham. Abraham did not just hate sin on his own account, he hated it in other people. He hated it in other people so much that he slaughtered all those kings because of their wickedness and their causing others to sin and suffer, and then even turned up his nose at the spoil, because he did not want any part of that which was used by the abominable or in abomination. Abraham demanded righteousness out of his whole house, even mediating disputes between his servants and those wicked servants of his brother who were jealous of how God had blessed Abraham and were causing strife and contention because of it. Abraham demanded righteousness of his wife as well. And because Abraham not only was inwardly righteous, but he was the picture of righteousness to others, because he demanded righteousness of his own house and punished those who were wicked and hurting the poor, and because he left his idolatrous family, God made the Covenant with Abraham. Why? Because he KNEW that Abraham would raise up Isaac to be righteous. Not only that, he KNEW that because of the example of Abraham, Isaac would cause HIS son to be righteous. And that Jacob would cause HIS son to be righteous. And so forth.

We are not just talking about where you are righteous but the righteousness ends with you. We are not talking about where you are righteous, you raise up your son to be righteous, but it ends with your son. We are talking about being so righteous, about having such high standards, of being so willing to separate yourself from sin that you would rather DIE than anger your God, that generations upon generations of your sons and daughters will be righteous, raise up their children to be righteous, and cultivate righteousness in their servants, their co – workers, their employees, their employers, their business partners, their neighbors, their church members, their cousins, you name it! We are not talking about being self – righteous, we are talking about being consecrated, separated from the world so that you might establish righteousness in whoever’s heart is open, and that you would also war against whoever’s heart is closed, so that you might overcome all of the demons in them so that you might rescue whoever might be saved from out of their hands! Yes, that is right. You have to be a spiritual warrior and establisher of righteousness so much that you would be able to deliver the child of the unrighteous mother to God. Or deliver the wife of an unrighteous husband to God. Do not listen to the demon – possessed lying lovers of this world who tell you that it is against their civil rights or so forth: God has given you the right to make disciples of all men! And you received that right because you are the spiritual seed of Abraham, the establisher of righteousness. Go forth into the world and use the Name and Power of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to establish righteousness today as Abraham did. Do not be as Lot, one who keeps his light hid under a bushel and allowed the people to perish right under his nose, even his own very neighbors, servants, and own family including his wife and daughters.

You must not, however, be a busybody, a snoop, a hypocrite, or a condemner! You must be filled with the Holy Spirit and led by the Holy Spirit. In order to remove the mote from your brother’s eye, not only must your eye be clean, but you need the Holy Spirit gift of discernment. There is a difference indeed between someone who rejects what he knows is righteousness and honestly does not know any better because of their environment. There is a difference between someone who chooses to sin of their own free will because they have hardened their hearts toward God, and someone who has been deprived of their free will by demonic or witchcraft powers and are very grieved because of it. Now we often assume that as Christians we are called to be served, that the things and conditions of the world are to bend themselves to our pleasing. We do not know that the term “minister” and “pastor” means “servant” or “to serve.” Why? Because we are used to this religious system where the ministers, pastors, bishops, apostles, reverends, etc. are these big shots. They ride in nice cars with tailored suits. We hold “appreciation” holidays for them and give them big offerings and buy them great gifts. They have social, economic, and political influence in their communities and beyond! And they are able to carry themselves in such style because they remain inside their religious circles where their positions carry respect and influence. Their ministry is dealing with those who are like unto them! But you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I prophecy that YOUR MINISTRY is NOT dealing with other religious Christians! Your ministry is to deal with the people who were not raised in the church, but were raised in sin and do not know any better! Your ministry is to deal with those who know better but they cannot stop their behavior because the demons of smoking, sloth, gambling, alcoholism, abuse, molestation, murder, violence, rape, lust, hate, racism, lasciviousness, witchcraft, ranting, you name it, are so active in their lives that they cannot help themselves! I am not talking about people who know better and won’t do better, people who can do better and won’t do better, because a great number of these people are in our very churches! No, God has called you to go outside of the four walls of the church to get the people who want to be better but don’t know how! Who want to do better but can’t because they are crawling with demons that they want to be free of! People who want to know righteousness through Jesus Christ and who need you to show them the way!

God is calling you and bringing you out of being a religious Lot, one who limits his acts of righteousness to serving a local church. God is calling you to go out into the world! After God has established righteousness within you by grace and the working of the Holy Spirit, after God has used you to establish righteousness within your own house and line with such a strong foundation that God will establish His Church on it, God will use you to go out into the world and bring others to righteousness! And it may not even be by virtue of your being some internationally known evangelist or Christian recording artist or theologian. It may be by your simple example. By your showing the love, peace, patience, mercy, and forgiveness of Christ in your daily interactions with people. By your faith in Jesus Christ your savior, you will send the hypocrites, the fakes, and the gnarling mockers to shame! But more importantly, you will have those hurting people seeking you out for counsel, for help, for LOVE! And after God uses you to reach them, they will go out and reach others. Their wayward children, their ex – spouses, their prison buddies, their streetcorner associates, their literal partners in crime! If you are willing to step out on faith and become a person after God’s own heart and in God’s image, the image of righteousness, you can start a worldwide revival that you will never see unless and until God shows it to you in the spirit realm, something that could last for generations that you will not find out about until you stand before God on judgment day, when God tells you that you got this woman saved, and that woman got that man saved, and that man had a son who became a pastor and a daughter that became a missionary and adopted a child who became a psalmist and on and on!

But you have to be brave. You need courage. You need to be a warrior like Abraham! But your battlefield will not be with swords, bombs, and guns. It will be a spiritual battle against your own flesh so that you might submit to God, to allow God to establish true righteousness within you, to give up your own self – will. Consider Lot; he would not leave Sodom and Gomorrah merely because he wanted to stay where he had land for his flocks. But Abraham was willing to first send away his oldest son Ishmael and then sacrifice HIS ONLY OTHER SON Isaac to God! If you are not willing to give up all for God, you are not worthy of Him. No matter how you might serve in your church, no matter how you might pray, perform and see miracles and do works, if you are not willing to give up all before God, then you are not worthy of Him. But once you get to the point where you are willing to give up ALL before God, then THAT is when God will send you out into the world to show you to the world. THAT is when God will use you to establish not your righteousness but HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS in the earth.

It is not something of the flesh, it is something of the spirit. Seek God in the spirit. Worship God the way that He wants to be worshipped. It is not something that can be obtained by protestations and rituals, but by earnestly seeking God through faith. You have to pray. You have to ask God to search within yourself and to guide you as you read the Scriptures. You have to give up all of those activities, give up some of that precious sleep, and find a quiet time and place with God so that you can give yourself over to prayer. Prayer is the hardest thing for a Christian to do, but it is also the most important! And I am not talking about reciting pre – written programmed prayers – unless they are prayers in the Bible – but pouring out to God the content of your heart softly and silently (it does not take screaming and crying even to express hurt and brokenness, you are not putting on a beauty pageant for God or an ugly pageant either for God sees right through pageantry, so save it for the Rose Parade!), and by listening. Why listen? Because God wants to talk to you. You need faith that God hears you, and faith that God responds. If you believe that God has not shown you favor and will not answer you, then you lack faith. If you believe that God is dead and does not speak to the hearts and minds of His children, then you lack faith. If you are not saved, then say the Salvation Prayer and get saved, then pray. God might tell you to give up something. God might tell you to get the sin out of your life. He might tell you to go conquer something or obtain something by faith. Who knows? But you have prayer. You have the Living Word of God, which is the Bible. You can ask God to judge you and clean out your heart to make you ready to do His service, no matter what it is! Do not be as Lot. Be as Abraham, to whom the promise came. Preach righteousness. Know that the best way to preach righteousness is to live righteousness, so that those who are not converted by your words will be convicted by your actions! If you are willing to be a beacon of righteousness in this wicked world at the cost of your very self, there is no limit to what God will use you to accomplish if you have the faith.


The demon that works in this area is fear. It causes the people of God to not stand up for righteousness in the world and instead to restrict their righteous acts to the church and the religious environment. Worldliness and selfishness are other demons: they cause us to love the things of this world so much that we will not threaten those that we desire or are in our possession by rejecting the world and its evil. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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