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Posted by Job on April 29, 2007

 Revelation 7:17For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

What are you going through in life today? Is it sickness? Is it grief over a lost loved one? Is it poverty? Is it racism or discrimination? Are you in jail for a crime that you did not commit? Or maybe it is things in your past. Were you robbed? Raped? Molested as a child? Maybe it is guilt over something that you have done, or many things that you have done. Maybe you are bearing the burden of family shame, or a family secret. Perhaps you have no one you can talk to, no one to confide in, no one who understands you, or no one that you can trust. Maybe there is so much pain in your life and there are no solutions and answers; nothing to help you understand the pain much less make it go away. Maybe you have tried and failed and lost for the last time, and you are sick and tired of putting yourself on the line and risking yourself. Or maybe you are just overwhelmed by all of the suffering and injustice in the world.

Of course, the person who has experienced any of these things – or all of them – has a powerful incentive to give up on God. To ask “where is God”? Or to proclaim that if there is a God, then He is unworthy of being followed because He allows so much misery to be heaped on people; because He allows so many of His children to go to bed crying each night. Well I am here to tell you today that you should not give up. You should not harden your heart. You should not lose your faith. Why? Because you may cry yourself to sleep at night. Or your tears may be so much that you cannot even fall asleep. But when the night is over and the morning comes, God is still there, and He will wipe the tears away from your eyes. 

Am I talking about in this life? No. There will always be problems, struggles, trials, and tribulations in this life. Whoever tells you different is a liar, and you should turn aside from them, especially if they call themselves a Christian. I mean in the next life. Not in this flawed temporary life marred by sin where you not only have to face the consequences of your own deeds but are affected by the evil decisions and natures of others, but in the eternal life to come. If you hold on, if you endure to the end, then God will rescue you. He will save you from the torment. He will balm the pain. He will cause you to forget every evil wicked troublesome thing that you did to someone else and that others have done to you. God will destroy all that is evil, all that is corrupt, all that is unjust, all that is arbitrary, and restore righteousness and order to a creation that fell into sin with Adam. And when that happens, God will wipe away the tear from your eyes.

Why does it have to wait until the next life? Well why not? Again, this life is temporary almost to the point of not even being real! But the next life is FOREVER. What would it accomplish for God to take away your problems in this life only for you to experience an eternity of misery? Consider Adam. He was created in perfection and lived in perfection, with all of his needs met. But that came to an end when he sinned and suffered spiritual death. Adam’s perfect life was temporary, and his punishment will be forever. Why would you want to be like Adam? If you are going to have to live through a nightmare, make it a nightmare that will end when this life ends, not a nightmare that will start when this life ends and will continue forevermore!

So many people are shortsighted like Esau, who sold his destiny for a bowl of soup. Well, humans are willing to sell their eternities because they refuse to let go of the things that have hurt them and made them angry in this life. It is as if they do not even WANT God to wipe the tears away from their eyes in the next life because that would take away their privilege of judging God for all of the things that they didn’t like about this one. Because their lives did not go perfect by their estimation, they will not submit to God and give Him the glory. It is easy to go through life thinking that just because things went wrong – and for some people they went VERY wrong – that it means that the Bible is full of errors, is just a bunch of allegories and fables, and there is no God and will be no judgment. It is easy to think that if there was a God then He would have been fairer to people, especially to YOU. Because even if you yourself have not experienced any real struggle or heartbreak, you are angry at God for allowing you to witness what happens to others and to thereby doubt. You wonder why God even created you; why He did not allow you to die in the womb rather than live a life filled with so much doubt, so much uncertainty, so much unfairness, so many unanswered questions.

You wonder how God could force you to stake your eternity on accepting the impossible by faith alone. After all, maybe you are not just Esau, who was merely hungry. No, you have REAL PROBLEMS. You have REAL QUESTIONS. Like how you can believe in a book that tells you that the world was created in seven days when science tells you that it was created in billions of years. The answer: go back before the billions of years and then what? You know, when time was equal to ZERO. What was there? What created the earth? What created time? What created whatever that went “bang” all those billions of years ago? You tell yourself that if you had the answers to all of those questions, you would believe. But the truth is that having the answers to those questions would only create more. They would only give you more occasion to deny the Bible and accuse God.

Why? Because it is not the “unanswered questions” that are vexing you. It is not even the things that you have gone through in your life. No, the root cause of it all is actually your own rebellious heart: your natural desire to oppose and reject God. Even those who have accepted Christ and live for Him have to oppose this part of their nature and the similar evil spirits, and the facts of life give them plenty of opportunity to wrestle with themselves in this manner. See, we get so arrogant that we think that we are wrestling with God like Jacob, but we should humble ourselves and admit that we are wrestling with OURSELVES. The battle that has to be overcome, then, is not so much Satan. It is not so much the evil that we have witnessed and suffered. It is against our own nature and hearts. Yes, the pains and hurts that we have experienced are real, and when we cry God cries along with us! As a matter of fact, God CARRIES us through these times and we do not even realize it. But when we use the pains and hurts as an excuse to reject God … that is not between God and us. That is not even between Satan and us. That is, rather 100% us. And in those times, we can either go running to God for help, or we can remain double – minded and at risk of turning the wrong way, which is allowing our lesser temporary pain to condemn us to greater eternal pain.

But as I said, do not be deceived. God is still on the throne. If you continue to believe in Him; if you continue to overcome, God will deliver you. If you can only resist allowing the things that happen to you in this life to cause you to reject God in the next, God will deliver you! And when the day of your final deliverance comes, God will wipe away your tears, and you will remember them no more. Do you want to start the process that God will use to one day wipe the tears away from your eyes? If you have not done so already, you can do so here.

Prayer: Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, may people come to realize that if they will only put their trust in you, set aside their own emotions and desires, and hold on until the end, that You will deliver them in the end into eternal salvation, and the eternal gain will be immeasurably greater than their temporary loss. Amen.

Deliverance: The demon that work in this is self – centeredness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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