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Let God Rule Your Life

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Psalm 37:23 – The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.These evil times make it difficult to be a Christian in ways that you may not even consider. Now in such a time when the evil of Satan is restrained by the hearts of men, then it would seem to be relatively easy what to concentrate on, because the number and intensity of wickedness appears to be small, so one would be able to quickly see things that need attention, prioritize them, and address them with prayer and works. Any increase in divorces, violent crime, rebellious attitudes, sinful speech, etc. could be quickly reacted to. Now there are problems, of course, as without discernment you cannot see the underlying cause, and without direction you will respond to what bothers YOU more than what bothers God more. Even with that consideration, it would appear that few evils are less vexing and trying.

But in this world now, wow! You have not only crime, but different flavors and variety. The same with sexual perversions. The same with government and corporate corruption. The same with the environmental destruction, economic failure, and disease/starvation. The same with the moral pollution that media, entertainment, and sports are producing. The same with idolatries, witchcraft, and false religions. The same with heresies in the church. The same with persecution of the church. The same with rebellious, subversive youth and with women and men hating each other. The same with natural disasters. The same with wars. And so on. And then you wonder if things only appear to be so bad because of the multiplication of knowledge thanks to modern media, and if that is not another evil in and of itself. You find yourself overwhelmed by all these things, because it is too many things that are so evil that you cannot put a priority on any one thing, and the scale of these things are so massive that you cannot come up with an approach to address it. Even pondering it spiritually for just a few minutes can leave you paralyzed and gasping for air. And you know what? That is a good thing, because that is when God takes over.

One of the more fascinating places in the Bible is where the psalmist grows so heartbroken at how the children of Israel had become so content in their prosperity that they had forgotten and were defying and rebelling against God that he begged God to cause affliction, persecution, and captivity to Israel so they would start to worship Him again (Psalm 14:7, Psalm 53:6). It is more than a love for God that is so strong that what one wants to see more than anything else is God being glorified, and similarly what one hates more than anything else is to see God defied and rejected, although that in and of itself is enough. Rather, it is being smart enough to realize that it is our remembering God and calling out to God is where our true blessings come from! It is realizing that the one who suffers poverty, affliction, persecution, and evil and praises God is better off than the one who lives in carefree luxury and forgets God! It is one who knows what true blessing and happiness is – serving God – and that thereby true blessing and happiness is the source of the more superficial blessing and happiness that come out of being in a more pleasant situation! It is better to be a poor servant of God in prison than a wealthy free rebel against God, because the poor prisoner is free from sin and rich in spiritual peace (though his flesh may be vexed) and authority, and the wealthy rebel is a slave to his sins and is in turmoil. A lot of Christians preach that theology of defeat which says that “If you are oppressed hold on, your breakthrough is coming, and even if it doesn’t come on earth you will inherit Heaven!” That is true, but oh so limited. What should be preached is the theology of victory, the whole hard truth that people who believe that through Christianity God should please the flesh do not want to hear, which is that THE ONE WHO CALLS UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD ALREADY HAS MORE BLESSINGS THAN HE WILL EVER NEED DESPITE HIS SITUATION AND EVEN IF HIS SITUATION NEVER CHANGES! Look, we are not of this world and are to give it no regard other than the service for which God has put us in it to do for Him, and we can do that service no matter how wretched the situation. Our joy, our victory, our gospel is being saved from our sins and saved from the world. That’s all. Nothing else. Everything else that we get from the Lord, whether it is financial wealth, healing, children, freedom from prison, etc. is the Lord’s prerogative to give as He sees fit. God is righteous, and we must know and remember that always, and not try to judge God according to our own sense of what we believe should go on in this world. And it is evil days like these that help Christians like me remember that. Lord, there are so many needs, so many crises, what should I do? How should I direct my prayers? How should I direct my giving, my works? Do I pray? Do I counsel? Do I evangelize? Do I preach? Do I serve? Do I send money? Do I organize? Do I teach? Do I prophesy? If so, where? I do not have the time or resources to tend to it all, and things are so bad that I do not want my efforts to be misdirected and not bear fruit, so what should I do? That is what so many Christians are saying right now, and if it took the woeful conditions of the world right now to drive us to that, then it is a good thing. A lot of people say that the purpose of the sorrows of the world as the endtimes approaches is to drive sinners to repentance. I say that it is also to drive CHRISTIANS to seek the Will of God by forcing them to see that doing what is right in their own eyes according to religion is nowhere near sufficient. Suppose you were the CEO of a large Christian charity. In times of relative peace and stability, it would be rather easy for you to determine where to concentrate your efforts, and you would likely do so without praying and wind up using the money and effort of a lot of people on a project that was never God’s Will, and you would call it a successful endeavor that was blessed by God simply because the hungry were fed, the naked were clothed, the grieving were comforted, the poor were encouraged, the prisoners were visited, and the gospel was preached. And you would continue operating in that area for 20, 30, 50 years with nothing ever changing and not give 5 minutes’ thought to the notion that MAYBE it wasn’t God’s Will for you to be over there in the first place, and because of that the place where YOU were supposed to be is being neglected, and the people who were SUPPOSED to be operating in that area are somewhere THEY aren’t supposed to be because YOU ARE IN THEIR WAY.But in times like these? Please. You have tsunami victims over here, earthquake victims over here, hurricane victims over here, AIDS victims over there, crime increasing over there, family breakdown over there, sexual perversion over there, war victims over there, famine over there, political unrest over there … and that’s just one continent! I do not have the money or the manpower to put even one person in each trouble spot! Lord, I need Your help and Your guidance? What should I do? And that is what God was wanting to hear you say from the beginning. See, when times seemed to be good, Christians are more likely to act on their own will, and so fewer people get helped. But when times are evil, people are more likely to turn to God, and more people get helped. And what is it all about? Getting hungry, naked, homeless people food, clothes, and shelter? Or winning their souls for Christ? It is vanity to meet the needs of the body if the soul perish, yet in times of peace and prosperity it is exactly the needs of the body that we work to meet because it is the easy way out. But when you hear about so many people being raped, enslaved, and killed – well past the millions – all over the globe because of the gospel in far off lands and on such a massive scale that we couldn’t make a difference if we tried, then all we can do is pray that these people hold onto the faith, and that Christianity not die on those lands. The result? Christianity is spreading like never before! The gospel is going to places where it has never gone, and in places where it has gone but was not received, hearts are being opened! And Christians are no longer being duped into striving and contending over internal disputes and vanities that have nothing to do with Christ and are opening their eyes to what is really important, which is Christ! Now all these people were sincere God – loving Christians before, but they weren’t acting like it. It has taken the dire situations of this world to get them to start paying attention and acting like it. And is it not worth it? You might say that the suffering of all these people is not worth getting the attention of Christians. But is not getting the attention of Christians so that they might turn to God on the behalf of these people how they will be blessed? And were these people not suffering before already, because though they might have had food to eat and a place to stay, they did not have the peace, joy, security, and protection of the gospel in their hearts? Is it not better to die in Christ than to live a long life outside of Him?

It is evil times that remind us what this life on earth is all about. It is evil times that remind us that no matter how long we have been Christians, no matter how strong we are in our doctrine and our practice, and no matter how many spiritual gifts we have, that we still need God. That we still need God to tell us what matters, to tell us what to do. That we can do no good and that we can make no difference without God. Times like these show us that we cannot deliver by our own hands, and that all of our own works are insufficient. We are blind, deaf, mute, and helpless until God comes and strengthens us, we are wandering so hopelessly lost that we do not even KNOW that we are lost until God comes and A) shows us that we are lost and then B) shows us the way. We get so caught up in the routine of life that we think that things always were and will be just because they are, just like the world goes around, that we forget that God MAKES the world go around; that God MADE the world that goes around and keeps it suspended in space.

So we honor God with our lips as part of our routine, but in truth we have forgotten Him. Or those who say that they have not forgotten Him believe that they need God involved in every area of their lives. Ridiculous. No, we need God RULING every area of our lives! Your pet hamster can be INVOLVED in your life. God is not some toy or companion, God is RULER! God is the reason you exist, and therefore God should be the purpose of your existence. If anyone should know that it should be Christians, but they do not because the result of the good times is man – centered theology, the belief that God exists to serve man. Well, I will rejoice when the hard times come along and send that abomination back to the pits of hell from whence it came! When the diseases break out, when the stock markets crash, when there are riots in the street, when the blackouts start happening, when the shortages of food and clean water happen, THAT is when this nonsense that God exists to make you happy, comfortable, secure, and financially independent will end. That is when these megachurches that are half – empty even on Sunday will be filled to the brim on Monday and Saturday with people who have lost their homes, jobs, families, health, and do not know where their next meal is coming from will be coming not to hear the latest “Principles For Taking Charge” seminar but to fall on their knees and cry out to God! And what a glorious day that will be. Now the truth is that these people even NOW don’t know where their next meal is coming from. They just THINK that they do. They THINK that just because they have great educations, nice cars and homes, high – paying jobs, money in the bank, and live in a powerful prosperous nation that it means that the sun will come up tomorrow just like it did today. Though they are saved through Christ, they have not even stopped to think that if the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow, all that they have will be utter vanity. But they are going to find out though. And the world won’t even have to stop rotating on its axis for them to find out. All it will take is for them to experience JUST A LITTLE of what the rest of the world is experiencing right now: where at this very day they are hanging Christians on crosses, burning them alive, and cutting off their heads in some places in the world. When JUST A LITTLE of that starts to happen over here, we will be back on our knees begging to hear God’s Voice and to know how we might serve Him. And what a wonderful day that will be.

We are not righteous because of who we are or where we are from. We are righteous because God orders our steps. We are righteous because God shows us the way and we follow. We are incapable of even knowing, let alone following, the right way without God telling us. We need God to direct our worship and praise. We need God to inspire our preaching. We need God to tell us what we should pray about tonight and which Bible chapter to read tomorrow. We need God to tell us which prison or street corner we are going to evangelize. We need God to tell us which ministry we are going to support, and in what amount. Without God RULING every facet, our service to Him becomes nothing more than religion, and I do not mean pure religion undefiled as spoken of by James, but rather the vain pursuit of righteousness after the contents of our own deceitful hearts. We cannot do or be righteous without God, and I thank God that the troubles of the world in this evil time has reminded me of that. I entreat you to also acknowledge the same and start allowing God to order your life if you are already saved from your sins and this wicked doomed to die world through Jesus Christ. If you are not saved, then please say the Salvation Prayer so that you can be saved and so that then you could pursue after God to order your steps so that you too can be righteous. Prayer:Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may Your children know and submit themselves to the reality that they must allow You to rule every facet of our lives, including our service to You. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


The demon that operates in this area is self – will. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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