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Jesus Is The Law

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Galations 4:21   Tell me, ye that desire to be under the law, do ye not hear the law?One of the more sinister attacks on the Body of Christ has been going on since the very beginnings of the church. This method never seems to stop, but rather takes on different forms throughout the ages. It is the seductive notion that we are saved by works rather than by faith. At the start of the church age, they took on the form of Judaizers, or phony converts to Christianity from Judaism who insisted that it was still necessary to follow the Mosaic law in order to attain, maintain, or enhance salvation. As the church became separated from Jews and Judaism (and indeed in many places and forms anti – Semitic), salvation through rituals became popular. After the Reformation, legalism, salvation through strict adherence to church traditions and teachings (many of which had nothing to do with the Mosaic law and indeed contradicted them) became common. When the charismatic renewals began, “holiness” and “sanctification”, which are a combination of ritualism and legalism, are commonplace. And now, in these last of last days that Christians are shaking off the anti – Semitism and beginning to investigate things related to Jewry and working to help bring about the endtimes prophecies, the Judaizers are again rearing their ugly heads, with particularly ugly strains of it determined to roll back the progress that has been made with racial reconciliation and the enhanced roles of women in the Body of Christ: things that Jesus Christ himself started when He cast the devil out of the Canaanite woman’s daughter. It cannot be denied: evil spirits are behind all of this. It further cannot be denied that the evil spirits succeed only because of the recalcitrant hearts of man. We go through exceptional effort and create new ways to resist God’s Holy Spirit! Consider that when God put man under the law, man rejected it in favor of sin, disobedience, and idolatry. And now that God has freed man from the law, we want to go running back to what we once rejected! It is like the man who leaves his first wife for another wife, and then once he has his second wife he wants to go back to the first. In truth, the man loves neither wife or anyone else but only himself and is only dealing with either wife to pursue his own selfish concept of pleasure, and he keeps it up even after it is obvious that this behavior is not only no longer pleasing to him but also destructive to him! Whenever God creates a way, man rejects it. Whatever God tells us to do, man does the opposite. God gave man a physical way to get to the spirit with the law and sacrifices that did not even require much in the way of faith, and man rejected it. God gave man a spiritual way through faith alone that does not require ANYTHING RIGID in terms of natural action, and man rejects that too. We make the decision to reject God’s grace, His mercy, and His love. We make the decision ourselves to say that God is not God but we are gods, so we do not need God to save us for we save ourselves! It is all about replacing God in our lives with ourselves, and all the demons do is provide us a way. I mentioned demons because they do play a role with their deception and oppression, but they are only able to operate because MAN MAKES A CHOICE TO REJECT GOD’S WORD! It is not a demon’s doing when a person chooses not to read the Bible, and it is certainly not their doing when they read the Bible and decide to go with the preacher or live to please some unsaved person rather than to believe and obey the Word of God! 

We must reject both those who deny God’s grace by claiming that salvation comes by anything other than faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God resurrected from the dead as payment for our sins (John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10) and those who claim that we can use God’s grace to deny God’s sovereignty over us by continuing in sin. If we reject salvation by faith alone, then we reject God’s Word. If we use God’s Word concerning salvation to reject God’s commandments to us that we obey Him, then we attempt to set God against Himself. Understand that God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7). We cannot reject what God does (which is to provide His Only Begotten Son as a blood sacrifice payment for our sins), what God says (which is that His Son is enough), and what God is (which is the One Creator and Ruler of us and all) and claim to know, love, follow, and accept God! Are we greater than God such that we can defy Him? Is God such that He cannot perform such things on His own? God cannot save us by His own hand, and so He needs our help? Again, do not think that by believing such and carrying on as such in complete faithlessness and disobedience and ingratitude to God that we are mocking Him; getting the better of Him; proving ourselves to be so intelligent and righteous. No, instead all those who attempt to mock God will have their place in the lake of fire! It may be that you are having problems reconciling the fact that we are saved by faith and not works, yet we cannot continue in sin. Well aversion to sin, even if possible, is not accepting God as the Lord of your life by the only means that God has declared possible, which is through His Son. If you attempt salvation another way, then you are attempting to subvert God’s Will and Judgment. Furthermore, claiming to accept salvation while continuing in sin makes YOU the liar, not God. Consider what you are doing when you ask Jesus Christ into your life: you are asking GOD to save you from eternal destruction! Thinking that it is any more or less is folly. It is all about what is going to happen to your eternal soul, about whether you are putting it in God’s care and trust or whether you are going to try to take care of it yourself! So how can you ask GOD to save your soul if you deny who GOD is by denying His rule over you? Such a person does not LOSE his salvation in that case, but rather REJECTS it by REJECTING the nature of the God who saved you! I am not talking about the person who stumbles, or even the person who for whatever reason cannot help himself from sinful behavior. I am talking about someone who makes a conscious decision to reject God’s authority. Such a person will be delivered to Satan and be a blasphemer of the Holy Ghost, a reprobate who cannot be redeemed!  

You must understand our God, the only God! He exists as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. One God, three parts, all equal, yet Son and Spirit are subject to the Father and the Spirit is also subject to the Son. Consider them as a plant. God is the root and the stem. Jesus Christ is the branches. The Holy Ghost is the leaves! With many types of plants, you can separate any of the three and use them to grow a whole new plant; create a new plant with the root, a branch, or a leaf. But the root is clearly the most important part; the thing from which the rest of the plant springs. As a matter of fact, if you use a leaf or a branch to start a new plant (called growing by “budding” in horticulture) the first thing that the new plant starts is a new root! So when God sends Himself in the form of His Son and His Spirit out to do His Will, they are all still subject to and connected to Him, The Root! And God did “bud” Himself into another individual with a distinct personality but yet was still part of the same God when He sent Jesus Christ into the earth. In a similar fashion, when Jesus Christ went back to Heaven, God “budded” Himself into many more “plants” when He outpoured the Holy Spirit into the earth. Once we receive the Holy Spirit, we are to ourselves be fruitful by evangelizing more. Consider how a dandelion blooms and bursts with thousands of seeds scattering all over a field and growing new dandelion plants! That is how we are to be; fruitful. But in order to truly be fruitful to God, we must believe upon the Son and we must obey the Father by the Holy Spirit within us.  And what of the law? Well we receive the law when we receive Christ. However, it is not the Mosaic law of physical action and ritual, but the law of the spirit. People neglect to realize that the law given to Moses was never an ends but a means. Accepting Christ is a different means to the same end. You can either consider it a different route to the same destination, or traveling in a different type of vehicle. In any event, please recognize that even in the Old Testament, not all who were accounted for righteousness were under the law! Enoch was not under the law. Neither was Noah. Neither was Job. Neither was Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Joseph! The law did not exist until it was given to Moses after the children of
Israel left
Egypt, yet all those people were able to attain justification and salvation by their love for God and faith in Him! As a matter of fact, though the law was given to Moses, his righteousness before God preceded the law! And yes, though the law was given to
Israel, most of them did not keep it because they did not have faith or love in God. Jesus Christ taught these very indisputable things and yet were rejected by those alleging zeal over a law that they were not keeping, claiming to be the children of Abraham to whom the law was not given! Indeed, such a thing is so strange that it cannot be made up even with the wildest of imaginations, and such is further proof that the Bible is indeed true! Consider that God COULD have given the law to Abraham but chose not to. I do not pretend to judge God and His motivations for doing so, but I will say that it has THE EFFECT of proving to the legalist Judaizers that are still yet among us that salvation is by whatever means that God decrees and is not subject to the decree of man. If justification was possible before the law was given, then it means that justification is not dependent upon the law but of the Law – giver, which is God Himself! That argument will not convince everyone, but it is true, and let all who will accept do so and be saved from an eternity in the lake of fire! 

The law was given to man. Then Christ was given to man. Before man could have the law without explicitly knowingly having Christ. But even with Christ, man still has the law. And now in the age of Christ, no man can have the law without having Christ. With Christ, man has God, who is the Law – giver, and if you have the Law – giver, you have the law! Man cannot reject the law and have Christ, for man cannot reject the Law – giver and have Christ. You cannot reject the Father and have the Son, for the Son is subject to the Father. If you reject the Father and claim the Son, the Son will not advocate for you on Judgment Day. Just as you cannot accept the Father if you reject The Son because you do not truly know who the Father is save the Son reveals it to you, you cannot accept the Son if you reject the Father because you will not know who the Father is, for you will only be motivated to accept the Son by the Father’s Holy Spirit wanting to make the Father known to you through the Son! Both the Son and the Spirit are subject to the Father, and to accept any of the Three you have to be accept all of the Three, which means being subject to the Father as the Son and the Spirit are. Now actually becoming subject to the Father may not happen initially; indeed it may be a lifelong process for some people. But do not deceive yourself into thinking that actual salvation can happen without a DESIRE to submit Yourself to the Will of the Father even as Jesus Christ did in Gethsemane. So, to be saved, say the Salvation Prayer today and continue in faith; believing in John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-10. Do not think that you have to work to maintain your salvation; it is given freely. Do not think that you can enhance your salvation or reach a higher level of it. Those notions crept into Christian teaching from paganism, with their notions of “levels” of Heaven as is taught in Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.  You are either saved and going to Heaven or a denier and rejecter of Christ and on  your way to the lake of fire, period, and that also goes to some false Christian teaching that claims as there being such things as “ghosts” and “purgatory.” Once you are saved, all that is left is to pursue God and His Righteousness by seeking and living in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit; to love thy neighbor as thyself, which the Word of God tells us is the fulfillment of the law.   

Prayer:Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please may Your people not be deceived but instead seek for themselves and to cause others to receive salvation only through faith in that Jesus Christ is Your Son who died on the cross for their sins and You resurrected Him from the dead. May all who claim addition, subtraction, or differentiation or hardens their heart and chooses not to believe be accursed save they repent of their evil ways and acknowledge and preach the truth, yet as Thy Will be done and not mine. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are faithlessness, legalism false doctrines. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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