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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Genesis 1:31 – And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

I do not blame a lot of people for not believing in Christianity; for having no confidence in religion. Why? Because what passes for organized public belief in our nation – in our world – does not cover all the bases. It does not answer all the questions. It is entirely too black and white. It ignores the hard choices, the tough situations, the ambiguities. It runs from the things that make you want to cry, it runs even faster from the things that make you want to think! Many of our most faithful devout religious people could not stand for give minutes against an amateur atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or rationalist. So, we avoid those people and do not think about them or their arguments. We shut off our minds and our hearts to the unanswered questions, the frightening possibilities, and the even more scary realities and call it faith! That is not faith! That is false faith – faithlessness – and in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke that demon and all with it and command it to go and bind it in the dry places forever! Faith is not running from the hard questions and the tough issues! Faith is taking up impossible challenges knowing that GOD has the answer! What did Jesus Christ mean when He said to build your house upon the rock? He meant take the hard way, not the easy way! We do not exhibit the power of God by seeking and providing easy answers. Do not the heathen do the same? The Word of God is not some all you can eat buffet that serves comfort food! It is a Kingdom that gives Living Water! The people of faith should shun religion and its easy (and usually wrong) answers, but instead seek the truth, the tough hard answers to all situations. Only then can we not only act in our own faith but convert the truly faithless.

A lot of people forget that The Word was tried! The Word spent 40 days and nights in the desert fasting and being tempted by Satan. The Word was tried frequently with riddles, dishonest questions, conspiracies, and outright lies by the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and chief priests. The Word was tried by Herod and Caesar in the face of false accusations and witnesses. And The Word passed and overcame every single time because The Word is all knowledge, power, righteousness, and truth. The Word had the answer for every situation and will have the answer for every situation. Yet religion tells us that if we ask the wrong thing it is a sin; it is sacrilegious! What they are trying to do is to keep you from asking them questions that they lack the knowledge and faith to answer or the humility to admit it, because doing so would destroy their religious system. They would rather maintain their honored position of elevation and esteem over men that they are supposed to be serving and let that person’s soul die in the lake of fire rather than tell that person what would save it: “I don’t have the answer, but God does! Will you get down on your knees and pray with me in spirit and in truth and maybe God will smile on us humble creatures and give one of us the answer? You know, you are not inferior to me despite my position, education, experience, and salary, so the answer is as likely to come to you as it is to me. If it does come to you, could you please tell me? Or even if it comes to me, I might not fully understand it and may need your help interpreting it for me.” Does that sound like any religion that you know?Religion was created by man to suit man’s needs. Not only that, it was created to suit the people who are most likely to benefit from it! What do I mean? The people who rely on religion for their employment for one thing. More important: the people who are most likely to regularly seek and participate in religion. The pastor needs a regular salary, and his salary has to be paid by people who are going to come to church every Sunday plus Bible study on Wednesday plus the bake sale on Saturday. The people who come regularly are going to have expectations that are going to need to be regularly met, and you cannot ask anything of them that they are not capable of meeting on a regular basis. If you do not meet their needs or if you put too much of a challenge of them, they stop coming. And that results in the pastor not getting paid, the churches not getting built, the Bible colleges not having any students, the bureaucracy not being supported, and so on. Now you are probably expecting me to say that all this religion and these churches are just sending people straight to hell. No, I am not. Quite the contrary. As flawed as these manly institutions are, God still uses them to do great things. You still have a lot of sincere pastors. You still have a lot of sincere parishioners. You still have a lot of sincere institutions! A great many of them hear The Word, preach The Word, believe The Word, and live The Word, and The Word goes to others by their efforts at the direction and by the might of the Holy Spirit within them! But for all their sincerity, charity, and good works, it still only meets the needs of the religious people! And that is the problem!
The fast food belief system set up by religion puts you in a box, and far too many people have lives outside the box. You have people that are too messed up to make it to the same place at the same time. Even if they are able to, their lives are so chaotic that seeing a place that gives them the same thing every week sends them running. And yes, there are some people out there who actually WANT to be challenged. Think of star professional athletes. Or maybe high – powered CEOs. The star professional athlete isn’t satisfied with making the team, he isn’t even satisfied with starting! He wants to score as many points as he can! The high – powered CEO isn’t satisfied with one store making one million dollars, she wants 10,000 stores $10 million dollars! So how does a church that does not challenge people meet their needs? What does the church offer these theoretical physicists and mathematicians to use the brilliant minds that God gave them?

No wonder so many people go to church on Sunday and then go right out into the street and get a prostitute and a crack pipe! We look down on people like that. We call them hypocrites, sinners, even unbelievers! Well, you know what, I bet you that a lot of these people DO believe. They DO believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God whom God raised from the dead. And I believe that a lot of the people who are looking down upon them are bigger hypocrites, bigger sinners, and even more faithless because they don’t have love for God or man. But these Sunday saints and Saturday sinners have such a void in their lives that religion isn’t filling so they go fill it with sin. Instead of giving these people condemnation, we need to give them answers, we need to give them help in their every day lives, we need to give them what they are looking for in the arms of that prostitute and through the barrel of that crack pipe. Have you ever thought that these people are getting the loving gentle arms and peaceful understanding words from that prostitute that is smoking crack with them than they will ever get from so many church folk in a million years? Sad, shocking, but oh so true.

The church needs to show sinners love; the church needs to show sinners answers. Instead of showing these people love and answers, we give them straighten up and fly right lectures based on our own notions of righteousness and morality that are really created by our own standards of culture. We do that and actually call it Bible thumping, or “being sanctified and holy.” If you want to be sanctified and holy, you would follow the Mosaic law, go kill an ox or lamb or goat, burn the fat from its kidney, and smear its blood and dung on your new expensive Sunday suit and the pristine building that you call a church and glory in and worship in the place of your God. Demanding that people live according to our western middle class lifestyles and expectations is not being sanctified and holy! You cannot be sanctified and holy in the flesh! You cannot be sanctified and holy in action! It is vanity to even try! It is counterproductive to even try! Trying to be sanctified and holy in action is blaspheming Christ’s death and resurrection! You can only be sanctified and holy in spirit, and that is done by accepting, believing on, and acting on Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection!

But instead of giving people answers, we give them more problems by reminding them of their faults. We ask them to show their faith by giving us money instead of showing THEM OUR FAITH BY NOT ASKING FOR IT. We do not talk about how a quadriplegic can retain his joy. We do not talk about why babies die of AIDS. We say that God is a healer, but we do not talk about sick people who believe, have faith, pray, and beg God for their healing along with their families and congregations and die anyway. We say God is good, but we do not talk about how God is good to the quadriplegic, how God is good to the baby that died of AIDS, or how God is good to the child of the mother who died of breast cancer after that child used two years of her life spending hours every night praying for her mother’s healing and putting every penny she had into the offering plate. Who has answers for people like that? Who has comfort for people like that? Who can explain how Christians in wealthy nations turn their backs while Christians in poor nations starve to death and get slaughtered by Muslims? Who will answer the question of why so many people in the church commit fornication, adultery, molestation, get divorced, and have abortions? Who will answer the question of why church people feel that it is their duty to cover it up? Who stands up and will take responsibility for how so many of these erroneous prophecies made by loving sincere Christ believing saints concerning the imminent end of the world destroyed so many people’s faith?

And you have all of those people out there who say WHAT ABOUT ME. The preacher says that divorce is wrong and that a woman should submit to her husband, especially if he is a Christian who goes to church. Well, what about the woman whose husband truly believes in Christ’s divinity and resurrection, but he still has problems. For one, he just cannot stop beating his wife. For another, he just cannot stop molesting his daughter. You don’t believe that there is such a thing as a saved man who beats his wife and molests his daughter? Well you have never read Pigs In The Parlor and you need to! And how easy it is for middle class Christians in our prosperous nation to denounce abortion and resort to our self – righteous lectures on personal responsibility. What about the women in some of these cultures where it is lawful to kill a woman if she refuses to have sex with her husband? Her selfish husband won’t stop forcing himself on her, and she is pregnant for the 13th time. They have already lost five children to starvation and disease, and the woman knows that she won’t physically survive the pregnancy and even if she does she won’t emotionally survive seeing the sixth child die. And if she dies, the whole family dies! Worst of all, the entire family is Hindu. They have lived their entire lives as Hindus in a remote village and have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. Unbeknownst to them, Christian missionaries are on the way, but they won’t get there for another year and a half. What should happen in this situation? Do you have the answer? Does religion have the answer?

The only one who does is GOD, but so many of us are so wrapped up in our cultural traditional moral religious beliefs that we are afraid to ask Him the answer, to trust Him no matter what He says do, because it may GO AGAINST OUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. We just ignore the inconvenient fact that according to our standards, virtually every person honored and blessed by God in the Bible would have been denounced as a sinner, and not just in the Old Testament, and yes that even includes Jesus Christ because He refused to go along with what the pastor said and encouraged the others to also. GOD IS A GOD FOR EVERY SITUATION. GOD HAS A SOLUTION FOR EVERY SITUATION. GOD CAN DELIVER US FROM ANY SITUATION, EVEN FROM THE MESS THAT WE HAVE CREATED FOR OURSELVES! Yet we don’t want to preach that, because we are so fear that preaching that would give someone license to go seek GOD for themselves and get an answer from GOD themselves that VIOLATES OUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. And if that answer comes FROM GOD, that person acts on that answer FROM GOD, and that person is delivered and blessed out of that situation and goes on to be a mighty man OF GOD by doing something that is against OUR RELIGION, it would DESTROY OUR FAITH because the substance of our faith is NOT things that are not seen but the things that our religion allows us to understand, appreciate, and endorse! We would rather allow that God – fearing, Christ believing brother that is so full of love and mercy and has so much potential for God to use to do mighty things to stay addicted to crack and turned out by a prostitute than to offer him a solution that would save both him, that prostitute, and all their drug and sex addicted friends, because helping them would so destroy OUR FAITH that WE would be out in the streets smoking crack with prostitutes and the people smoking crack with prostitutes would be in the church running it better than we ever did. We can’t have that, so we either allow the brother to remain in the church in his abomination condition, or we kick him and his demons out into the street with no regard for his saved soul.
Brothers and sisters, do we not know that this is so unlike the early church established by Christ Himself? Christ did not seek stable middle class people and build the church around their expectations. He sought tax collectors, prostitutes, uneducated laborers, violent rebels, and even Samaritans. He did not make their burden light, but He challenged them! He warned them that they would suffer many things, and He frequently rebuked them, but with constant reminders that He was going to take the real weight!

Paul did not try to make the new Christians conform to any religion! He freed them from it! When the Jews tried to discourage the Gentiles from becoming Christians by telling them that to please Jehovah they had to be circumcised, Paul reminded them that FATHER ABRAHAM WASN’T CIRCUMCISED! Paul did not try to make them conform to Jewish culture, he made them conform to GOD through CHRIST! Paul taught the early church not to adapt to man’s expectations but to adapt to God’s expectations! Moreover, Paul did not run from any challenge. He used his scholarly background to take on intellectual challenges all over the world, and won every single time because he believed the Holy Spirit within him! And look at us now. Where members of the original church were rejected, hunted, beaten, imprisoned, and murdered, members of the modern church won’t even miss a bill to pay tithes because it will mess up our credit ratings. Where the early church sold all their possessions, feeding our starving brothers and sisters in the third world is less important than having good credit so you can get that widescreen TV.

Now you may say that I am a hypocrite for I have spent much effort talking about how religion avoids tough questions without tackling one myself. So, I will address a tough issue: the one of the hermaphrodite. We think that we can ignore hermaphrodites for they are small in number and marginalized by society; how we forget how small and number and marginalized the Believers In Christ once were. No matter their number or status, they are very real people with very real issues and very real souls that need salvation! The church does not talk much about hermaphrodites, people with male and female sex organs of varying development and function, because it defies our “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” cultural and traditional boxes. We only know how to tell people how to act rather than how to believe. Or should I say, we only know how to define belief as a function of a person’s actions, and we also dictate that a person’s action is a function of their identity … or at least an identity that we can easily label and categorize. So, if a person is born a man, then that person must act like a man and have a man’s faith. If a person is born a woman, then that person must act like a woman and have a woman’s faith. But what of the hermaphrodite, neither man nor woman? Did God create the hermaphrodite? Most certainly. What sin did the hermaphrodite or the hermaphrodite’s parents do to cause the condition? The same as the man born blind healed by Jesus Christ: nothing! Why was the person born a hermaphrodite? The same reason as the man was born blind. Why is the person a hermaphrodite? It is given in John 9:3b; that the works of God should be made manifest in such a person! Hermaphrodites were made for the glory of God and to glorify God. Rather than be melancholy about their state they should rejoice. Society – including religion – teaches us that they are curiosities (and mistakes), but Believers know that hermaphrodites should rejoice in their condition, not only because of the theme verse at the top of the document but because of Psalm 139:14! “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well!” Many hermaphrodites are biologically unable to have children. Well such persons should recall Isaiah 54:1 – “Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.”

Now, what laws are there governing the sexual behavior of a hermaphrodite? I bet that RELIGION would demand that such people be celibate. But did not God tell ALL LIVING CREATION to BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY? I suppose then, that we would tell hermaphrodites to pattern their sexual behavior after what they “look like.” Not only is that biologically dishonest – and completely in contradiction with many of their biological and emotional realities – many hermaphrodites are actually androgynous; they look like both man and woman but also neither. So, should they marry men? Women? How about one of each? (Oh how easily we ignore that polygamy was common in the Old Testament – even King David, a man after God’s own heart, had many wives.) Could a hermaphrodite divorce a man and marry a woman? I admit: I have not the answers to those questions. I just know that it would not be a SIN for a hermaphrodite to ask those questions of God, and my faith in God in the righteousness of God AND of the righteousness conferred unto the spirit of any hermaphrodite who believes that Jesus Christ was the Son of God killed for the sins of all mankind – including hermaphrodites – and raised from the dead so that all mankind – including hermaphrodites – could be given the victory over sickness, hell, death, torment, fear, RELIGION, etc. and is obedient that my faith and integrity would remain no matter what God’s answer to the hermaphrodite would be. Were I to see a hermaphrodite Believer walking down the street with wife on one arm, husband on another, and children who are the product of the relations between that hermaphrodite’s wife and husband for that hermaphrodite was sterile, and the hermaphrodite were to tell me that the arrangement was at God’s command and with His blessings, I would not even have to believe the hermaphrodite because the HOLY SPIRIT would tell me if it was true or not. And if the Holy Spirit told me that it was true, it would not shatter the foundations of my belief systems and turn my life upside down because my trust is not in religion, tradition, churches, denominations, interpretations, translations, doctrines, theologies, or in personalities but in the Everlasting Triune God. As Job said, THOUGH HE SLAY ME YET WILL I TRUST HIM. And even though I do not have the answer to the hermaphrodite sexuality issue, I find these verses very helpful in this context. Read them and either rejoice in God’s wisdom or weep, howl, and lament at the destruction of your house of religion because the flood came and washed it away for it was built upon sand!

Remember, I never said that I had all the answers. I only said that my religion does not prevent me from pointing someone in desperate need of them to the God that does. I say these things not in my own name, authority, or power but in the Name of My God by the Authority and Power of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, and my goal is not to justify sin or “to make you think” but rather to promote true faith, love, and salvation that only comes through Jesus Christ. I don’t care what church you go to or what your religion says, if you do not have this true faith, love, or salvation, then you had better get it because you are going to need it. Who does this apply to? Well if you were shocked, frightened, offended, hard – hearted, or judgmental about anything that I said AND didn’t even bother to pray about it, then it probably applies to you. If you are unsure, just make it easy on yourself and say the Salvation Prayer right now!

Lord in the name of Jesus Christ please free the Body of Christ from selfishness, fear, religion, and whatever else prevents us from meeting the real needs of your people who desperately need salvation and true love. May we cast aside all that is not expedient to your will and take up all that is. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Deliverance:The demons that operate in this area are religion, false doctrine, false teaching, fear, and lack of love. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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