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Posted by Job on March 6, 2007

Psalm 119:9 – Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. How are we to walk without sin? How are we to have pure hearts so that our sins will not only be forgiven, but not vex us with guilt and grieve us? How are we to walk in courage so that fear of sin or death does not hinder us? How are we to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the grieving, and provide counsel to the confused and tormented? How are we to grow in wisdom, knowledge, patience, love, self – control, humility, and faith, and then be able to use the gifts and fruits that God has bestowed upon us unearned through grace not only in an everyday practical way, but in wondrous supernatural ways that cannot be measured, predicted, or known? Simple: we cannot do these things except we receive instruction. 

Christians must cease to be arrogant, self – righteous, self – satisfied, stubborn, or lazy; all of which are traits which religion builds in people. We must arrive to the point where we are willing to humble and submit ourselves to God so that we might receive instruction, where we can admit that our knowledge and man’s knowledge is not enough. That our traditions, doctrines, liturgies, rituals, philosophies, and theories that man has built up over the years in his vain attempt to explain or replace God through religion rather than submit to God through faith are not adequate. We must admit to ourselves that despite our years of study and practicing religion, we know nothing unless we know God, because God is all truth and therefore all that there is to know. Only when we reach that point of submission and humility, when we get to the point where we are willing to completely start over and begin anew, that we can really begin to seek to know the Word. Only when we reject what we have built up in the flesh through our own works through religion can we start to accept what is new and holy. We cannot add holiness to flesh, for there is no mixing between man and spirit, between holiness and sin, between purity and corruption. We cannot put new wine in old bottle. And we also cannot wash, scrub, or sterilize our old bottles in an attempt to reuse, recycle, or redeem that which we already have, because no matter what we do to the old bottle, it is still an old bottle. We need a new bottle to put our new wine in. Of course, that offends most people. They want to preserve the hard work and great knowledge that they already have. They think that if they “start over”, then their lives to that point has been a waste. They do not want to give up any position that they have earned in the flesh, or any notion of esteem that they have within themselves and in the eyes of others. Because of this pride and fear of the unknown that comes with a new start, their eyes are blinded to any positive way of viewing their new situation. They harden their heart to the notion that they have advanced beyond where they were before. They do not see themselves, for instance, as a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly and needs to learn to fly and drink nectar. Instead, they want to put a wing and an antenna on the caterpillar and keep feeding off the same leaves that they always have. The thought has not occurred to them that when winter comes, the plant will die and the air will become cold, leaving the caterpillar without food and shelter. The result? The caterpillar will surely die because it is still a caterpillar, even if it did adorn itself with a wing, an antenna, and even a leg or two. Only the caterpillars that were willing to completely renounce being caterpillars and become butterflies will be able to fly way up into the air, into the jet stream, and ride it to the place of refuge where the air will be warm, the food will be plenty, and they will be nourished and protected by the maker of all butterflies and all things.  

This is what Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, meant when He spoke of “being born again.” “Becoming a new creature.” Or “becoming as a child” in verses like Matthew 18:3. Why? Because a little child has no prior conceits and vanities concerning his own greatness, accomplishments, or worth. A little child has not formed within himself any concept of truth according to his own understanding and perceptions. A little child is not seeing things through the prism of what has been built up in him by his worldly teachers. A little child has not grown cynical and mistrustful due to all the hurts, lies, and broken expectations placed in him with his experiences with fallible man. A little child will not hedge his bets or put a little action on both sides to prevent a total loss, but will risk everything. A little child accepts what he is told. In other words, a little child has true faith. So in order to truly become born again according to the Word, you have to reject everything that you thought that you were learning about the world back when your ears, mind, and heart were filled with sin, and start hearing the Word for the first time for real. But before you can start doing that, you need to get to where you admit that you need to do so! Once you do that, then man is no longer your teacher. God becomes your teacher. When you hear a sermon, you will immediately be able to tell if the deliverer is inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakadosh, or not. If he is, you will desire to hear him no matter what he (or she) looks like or sounds like. If not, the Holy Spirit that is indwelling you will grieve you and urge you not to suffer it, no matter the name, reputation, worldly success, or oratorical skill of the speaker. Why? Because where with the latter you are being taught imperfection by man – however sincere this man is – with the former you are being taught truth by God, no matter how disheveled his appearance, clumsy his diction, or inarticulate his oration.  

And while the sermons and instructions of whoever God appoints as your pastor are exceedingly important, what is more important is what the Ruach Hakadosh reveals to you concerning the Word of God, the Bible. Before your lack of faith and corrupt worldly notions might have given you strange notions about the Word, such as how you REALLY do not have to pay attention to the Old Testament with all of its regulations, rituals, genealogies, observances, and detailed descriptions of obscure people and events. It is not surprising, because though before you might have legitimately been saved through faith, you really did not know what your faith was in. Before you knew of God and believed in what you knew of, but you did not KNOW God for yourself. Say you are adopting a child from a foreign country. You may become very familiar with the child’s picture. You may even see videos of the child, exchange letters with the child, and interact with the child over a real time video link. But you are not really going to know that child until you see him standing before you; until you hold the child in your arms; until you take the child home, put the child in its bed, and give the child breakfast when he or she wakes up in the morning! That is a comparison between the image of God that you see when you read the Bible through your religious experience, and when you read the Bible in a humble, submissive, and open state and thereby receive Ruach Hakadosh revelation. That is when you begin to see and hear God’s Word for real. That is when you begin to know God for real. That is when you begin to receive reliable knowledge for real. And that is when you begin to experience and have LOVE for real.  Christians are called upon to be doers of the Word, to not only imitate Christ but IMPLEMENT Yeshua HaMashiach on the earth. Now I did not say that we are to implement Christ’s plan or Christ’s teachings on the earth. We are to implement CHRIST on the earth. And there is a real difference. People who follow religion and know only an image of God through it (though they think they really truly know Him) are only capable of following what they believe to be the teachings of Christ or implementing what they believe to be the plan of Christ. And they are capable of thereby doing some good and hindering the works of Satan somewhat, so long as they are sincere and their understanding of the plan and teachings of Christ coincide with truth. But sadly, many are not sincere because they have not truly experienced the love of Christ, and they often veer from the truth because they do not know the Truth, which is God. It is often not through any evil intention of their own, but rather unavoidable, because what they have received is imperfect, what they are is imperfect, and therefore they will follow after imperfection. Of those people, we should not pray that they do more good than harm, but rather they submit themselves and be born again in the Word so that they will do only good and no harm at all! But make no mistake, only those who truly hear the Word in spirit and truth as revealed to them by the Ruach Hakadosh are capable of implementing Christ on the earth, because only by hearing the Holy Spirit are you able to know how. So stop trying to do vain imperfect things that you have heard from man, and instead seek to be a hearer of God’s Word from God Himself.  

Prayer:Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, let it be preached to your children that they must submit themselves to You completely, humble themselves completely, cast off the old man and the old knowledge completely, and become as babes, to start completely over, so that they can begin hearing the Word from You. Help them to know the importance of hearing the Word from You; that only if they are hearers of the Word in spirit and truth can they truly know God, experience love, and do God’s Will on earth as it is in Heaven. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, let it be so.   

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are false religion and false teaching, as well as the pride, fear, deception, self – seeking, self – centeredness, and self – deception that causes people to hold onto the false religion and false teaching rather than admit that they need to start over and see that nothing is lost but all is gained by doing so. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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