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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Genesis 3:8 – And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden.

Were you to go to the average person and just start talking to him about what God told you last week, last night, or even last minute, they would look at you like you are crazy. That is understandable. Such people are of the world, and as such have their perspective so limited by being owned by Satan that they are more likely to believe such nonsense as the universe randomly creating itself or the government being able to protect and provide for you as they are God speaking to someone. Even those who believe that God does speak to people IN THEORY have real problems with the idea in practice. Either they believe that God only speaks rarely even then only to exceptional individuals, or that the conversation is limited to meaningless platitudes. But were you to tell them that you could pray to God at any time and get concrete, useful information applicable to any situationm, they would be highly offended. “Who do you think that you are?”, they would ask, “to have some direct line to the Almighty? Why should God show so much regard for you? Do you really think that you are that much better or more moral than I that you can just go around talking to God?” Again, it is no surprise that nonbelievers would feel that way. Whether they openly admit to others (or themselves) being atheists or not, it is obvious that they really do not believe. Why? Because the notion that God does not speak to people is absurd on its face. After all, it is GOD that we are talking about! Even if you do not believe in the God of the Bible, it would still be a “god” of some sort, eternal and powerful. So, why would not such an entity have the ability to somehow communicate with people, or do most whatever else he wants? Then there are the excuse – makers who do not deny – or much think about – the ability of God to do such a thing, but claim that it is not his prerogative. Why not? More important, how do they know? Or they make the claim that this “god” has more important or interesting things to do than talk to people or be otherwise involved in our daily affairs. First and again, how do they know? Second, I would certainly like to know from these people what these more important or interesting are! What does this “god” of theirs do all day, and has been doing all day for eternity? If this “god” has the ability to talk to people but chooses not to exercise it, then what other abilities does this “god” have but not use? What abilities does this “god” have and use? Perhaps more importantly, what abilities does this “god” lack? The truth is, they have never thought about it before. Why? Because they do not believe! But they are afraid to call themselves atheists. Why? Not because they fear this “god” or even fear wrath or destruction. Why? Because if they did, they would do the only sensible thing and serve him! Instead, they fear taking a stand, a definite position on such a controversial issue. So they take the easy way out by saying “I believe in something that is nothing”; holding on to an uninvoled undefined “nobody home” empty suit. Such people are merely unprincipled atheists. But the real surprise – or more accurately the real issue – is that professed Christians are hardly different! They do not believe that God talks to man (or at least not regular men on a regular basis). If you tell them that this is so and use yourself as a personal example, they will become highly offended! They will claim that you are “self – righteous” and brand you as an extremist. They will even attempt to use theology and doctrine to dissuade you; to claim that it is impossible. And this is what is truly strange. Such people not only attend church, tithe regularly, do great works, and diligently study the Bible. What is more, such people PRAY. Not only that, they PRAY FERVENTLY, REGULARLY, and DILIGENTLY, and exhort others to do the same. They expound on how much peace it gives them, how much wiser they get as a result, how it makes them better people. Many even assert that God hears and answers their prayers, and that great change in themselves, others, and the world results. Yet these same people claim that God does not talk to man, and that even if he did he does not talk to YOU because YOU are nothing special! This position is even more ridiculous than that of the unprincipled atheist. Why are these people spending so much time and energy praying, or talking to God, if he cannot or will not talk back? A better question: if God is capable of hearing, what makes him incapable of responding? And if he is incapable of responding, what makes him capable of giving you what you ask for? Better still: say God is capable of responding but just not willing. So, the god that you claims loves you will not even talk to you? And if he does not regard you enough to talk to you, why would he regard you enough to hear your prayers, let alone grant your requests? Look, either God exists or he doesn’t. Either he is all – powerful (or at minimum very powerful when compared to us) or not, and he loves us or not! The very notion of an all – powerful loving God being unwilling or too disinterested to talk to man is simply utterly completely ridiculous. You do not even need to be a theologian, scholar, or philosopher to arrive at this conclusion. All you need is a dictionary! Definition of god: supreme or ultimate being; a being or object with more than natural powers. Power: ability to act or produce an effect; capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect; possession of control, authority, or influence over others. Love: strong affection for another; affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests; warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion; unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. These professed Christians either need to stop claiming to believe in God when they do not, or at the very least use different words to describe him. They particularly should cease claiming that God is a being so callous and self – absorbed (or powerless) as to not answer those who talk to him. The problem with such professed Christians is that their thoughts are not on God, but man! So when they judge you as mentally unstable or as self – important to the point of delusion; asking you “Who are YOU to be able to hear God”, their focus is on you. Were they to focus on GOD, the question would be “Why would God talk to YOU?” In that instance, the answer would be OBVIOUS based solely on the definitions provided. God talks to YOU because he both CAN do it (as he has the power to) and he WANTS to do it – as he loves you and thus has an interest in your affairs. The whole thing is so unnassailably obvious and simple that the only way to dissent is to not believe in God. And that is what many churchgoers and professed believers do. Since they do not hear God’s voice now, they find it impossible to believe that people truly did in the Bible days. And in that limited context I agree with them … why would God talk to people back then and just stop? So because they do not truly believe that God ever talked to man, they cease to believe that the Bible is inspired by God. And if it is not inspired by God, how can it be infallible? And if it is infallible, why should I live by it, especially when it tells me to do stuff that I do not want to do? And if God does not have the ability to talk to man or regard him enough to do so, then what is special about man? What separates man from other animals? Why did not man evolve from apes (and ultimately from viruses, even though it is seldom said)? What makes the life and will of a man more valuable than that of a human? Why do humans have the right to dominate the earth, pushing other animals out of their homes, and eating them? Why should humans have any more regard for one another than an elephant has for an ant? What, then, is wrong with large scale mass murder and genocide, whether it is Hitler’s Holocaust or abortion? Indeed, large scale mass murder would be the CORRECT thing to do in order to keep governments from being overburdened, to preserve the earth’s environment and natural resources, and to reduce the potential for future conflict, right? And as a side benefit, it would even lower the crime rate! Rather than gasp and recoil in shock, do the opposite! That line of thinking is not only perfectly logical and reasonable, but it is the ONLY conclusion that someone who believes that it is impossible to hear from God will come to! The only reason why such thoughts are not publicly aired more often is because in cultures controlled by religious institutions and traditions, speaking in such a manner would not be tolerated. It is only now that we are in “the days of Noe” before the Second Coming of Christ; days in which virtually no one even pretends to respect anything founded on a God that they do not believe in anyway, such statements are not only commonly spoken, but are reflected in attitudes, government policy, and OFFICIAL CHURCH DOCTRINE even where they go unsaid for fear of offending any “extremists.” Further, the very fact that we are now in such a retrograde times is BECAUSE of these same religious institutions and traditions! Why? Because religious institutions and traditions played a huge role in separating people from God. Religious institutions and traditions did not encourage people to seek God through their own hearts so that they could hear him for themselves. Conversely, for hundreds of years it was ILLEGAL for the Bible to be printed in any language that most people could read in most of Europe, and it was RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS who insisted on the law and its enforcement! Seeking God was replaced with doctrine, dogma, tradition, bureaucracy, and intellectualism. Loving and obeying God gave way to organized rituals. Faith in and obedience in as well as submission and subservience to God was replaced with all those to religious institutions and officials. Because those institutions and officials had so much power over society, folks had no choice but believe in those religious institutions and leaders or pretend that they did! It is only now that such institutions are weakening, fragmenting, and being discredited with others that make no pretensions of being anything other than limited, flawed, corrupt human controlled bodies taking their place that people are becoming openly defiant of the institutions, leaders, traditions, and values. Many people perceive the reduction in the number of people abiding by the values, and hence our descending into the Noe state, means that there are fewer believers. The converse is actually true! In the past people abided by the values because they literally had no choice. Such people were motivated to keep up the appearances of righteousness for fear of severe punishment, financial ruin, and public condemnation. Because of that fact what was actually a wicked society of unbelievers could pass for in the minds of many as a righteous nation under God! And of course, the religious institutions, traditions, and leaders would be credited for being the basis of “the righteous society”, and so people wanting to be righteous would eagerly pursue the fraud based upon the appearances. But now that the world has become so OPENLY wicked, the eyes of those who wish to seek God have become opened! With all the depravity in their midst, there can be no doubt that something is very wrong, even in civilized nations with a long Christian tradition (some would assert especially so!). The devastation has forced those with a desire for virtue to question and abandon the religious leaders, institutions, and traditions, who have been exposed by their failure to stop or address the abominable state of the land. (Indeed, many religious entities have taken to defending it!) So rather than being duped into the worship of man through religion by appearances, the open reality has driven those seeking virtue to the worship of God through his Son Christ Jesus; the very one who was born of a virgin, died on the cross for our sins, resurrected, and ascended back to Heaven. The result is God speaking to an unprecedented number of saints; more than ever before, and the latter rain of the Holy Spirit is now coming in torrents! The fake church of the worship of man through institutions, traditions, rituals, imitations, and false interpretations of the Word by those who cannot see, hear, speak, touch, or feel the Word is passing away. In its place is being built up a new church, the true church, the Body of Christ, which is what Christ Jesus is coming back for! Rather than bemoan the passing away of the old, those with true love from and for God should rejoice, as the occurrence is only bad news for Satan and the lovers of this world! For lovers of God and seekers of the world to come, it should be a glorious happy time, and the joy of this time should energize and motivate us to get out and do the work of our Father! And work there certainly is … work aplenty! But unfortunately the laborers are few. The true church is growing by leaps and bounds, but it could use one more. Won’t you say the Salvation Prayer and be that one today? If you are already saved, I exhort you to rejoice in that fact and to continue to seek God so that he may use you as you see fit, and that Heaven will be your reward. Prayer:Father God in the name of your son Jesus Christ, I ask that every member of the Body of Christ be able to hear your voice, and that they will heed you when they do. I ask that every member of the Body of Christ who can hear your voice be vocal about being able to hear you according to your will. Lord, entreat your people to stand for the truth so that more members can come into truth and walk by faith. Lord, when new members of the Body of Christ accept you into their hearts, may they be able to hear you too. May your preachers and witnesses speak openly and encourage people about listening to and discerning the Holy Spirit. May the people have faith that you are real, that your Word is true, rejoice, and do your will. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Deliverance:The major demons in this area are confusion, vanity, worldliness, and doubt. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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