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Healing Of The Spirit

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

I Peter 2:24 – Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

I Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:5 are often used in reference to physical healing. While that is certainly true, and physical healing is extremely important, the fact that “by his stripes we were healed!” refers to SPIRITUAL HEALING is important as well. Indeed, the spiritual healing is more important! For as much as we like our bodies, as much as we are used to them, as important to us as they are, as much pleasure and pride they give us, and as much as God wants us to use them to glorify Him and be a holy temple for him, they are mere temporary vessels. Nay, the spirit is eternal, and it is the spiritual deliverance that Jesus The Christ gave us on Calvary that is truly important.

Jesus Christ came, died on the cross, and rose again to redeem us from Adam’s original sin. It was for that reason that He left the paradise eternity with His Father, became flesh and blood, suffered temptation, the temporary removal of God’s grace, rejection by his people, betrayal by his friends, humiliation, an agonizing execution (including beatings, the crown of thorns, being nailed to the cross, the crucifixion itself, and the 39 stripes with cat – o – nine tails), and hell. And as important as it is that Christ endured all that, the most important part is that He overcame; that He rose again, that He was given the victory by His Father. Furthermore, the stark imagery of a man nailed on the cross with his flesh torn to pieces – as well as graphic images of his beating – tend to leave the distorted impression that Christ’s victory was only or primarily that of the flesh. The truth is, Christ’s death was primarily that of the spirit! This is proven in Matthew 27:51-53, one of the least – recounted verses of the Bible (especially in movies about Christ) – when after Christ gave up his life, the dead bodies of the saints resurrected out of their graves and went into Jerusalem! That act was a double prophecy of not only how Christ would resurrect in three days, but how we will also resurrect – or be raptured – when Christ returns to rule the nations with a rod of iron!

Not only did Christ’s flesh have to be tormented and destroyed for this victory to take place, it was obvious that Christ went through spiritual agony. Recall the garden of Gethsemane, where Christ was under such a burden that he begged God to take the cup of his suffering away and prayed that He would do the will of the Father and not His own for hours until his sweat became as blood! Some theorize that it was at that point that God’s grace had to temporarily leave Christ. Others say that at that point, Christ took on the sins of all man for all time; even to becoming sin itself. At the very minimum, it was a time of great burden and temptation, as evidenced by Christ’s disciples not being even able to withstand being in the presence of it! Christ’s chosen elect succumbed to temptation and fell asleep rather than provide prayer cover. Out of fear Peter lost his temper and nearly killed a man – almost getting himself killed in the process – and then denied Christ thrice. The other disciples simply ran and abandoned Him. Then finally while on the cross, Christ bemoans “Why God have you forsaken me?” (by which time clearly God’s grace had left and Christ had taken on sin), and Christ had to taste the fruit of Adam’s sin; the defeat and corruption of death! Then Christ had to descend into hell and endure all that it entails until the three days past, His victory arrived, and He took away the keys for you and me!
Christ’s spiritual death paid for Adam’s sin, so therefore we do not have to suffer the same fate! All who accept Christ will NEVER go to hell, which means that we will NEVER TRULY DIE! Our BODIES may die, but our SPIRITS NEVER WILL! And of course those who accept salvation through Christ will never enter the lake of fire! And Christ’s resurrection means that those who accept Him will rise again with our perfect incorruptible bodies, pass judgment, and enter New Jerusalem!

But what does Christ going to hell for three days and taking away the keys, what is that all about? That, readers is Luke 10:19 – Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. By going down there, taking the keys, and overcoming it, and returning to life on earth, Christ gave us the spiritual victory not only after we resurrect or are raptured, but yet now while we walk on earth! Christ took the victory over every demon, every haint, every spook, every curse, every spell, every witch, every false prophesy, every occultist or Satanist that ever has or ever will come against you! All you have to do is simply know it and claim it. For those of you who still walk after the flesh, this is important because so many physical ailments are either caused directly by demons – i.e. the demon of cancer – or have demonic roots (where demons cause so much stress, mental anxiety, and bad habits that it causes physical ailments).

But spiritual people know the value of spiritual victories while we yet live on earth! It means never having to accept the lie that you will inevitably sin because you were born in it. It means never having to accept the lie that you are prone to certain failures because it runs in your family. It means never having to accept guilt or torment over things that you once did, or fear things that you might do. It means that whenever a sickness, evil trait, lie, or temptation is trying to get into you, you can just resist by commanding it to leave. Not only that, when those things are afflicting other people, based on guidance from the Lord you can either bind those things or tell them to leave as well. You do not have to accept your blessings from the Lord being delayed. You do not have to accept your ministry from the Lord failing, or your words from the Lord not getting through. Further, because of your spiritual victory, God can speak to others through you! And if you fall, you do not have to stay down or start back at ground zero because though you fell, you still have the victory! You can just repent and pick back up where you left off doing the will of your God! And that is the greatest victory of all! Christ’s spiritual victory means that God is yours! You are reconciled with him in spirit FOREVER!

And save the last two sentences, that is only a small part of the victory. Remember this: God is not flesh. He does not exist in this plane. He only interacts with this plane using His Word, which he used to create the flesh, the physical realm in which we inhabit! So obviously the spirit realm is much more potent than the physical realm. So, your spiritual victory means that in order to have power, to effect positive change, in the natural realm, you no longer have to mess around with rock – paper – scissors games. You can simply use the power that Christ gave you with his spiritual victory to command the natural world in the name of Christ Jesus! You can tell a mountain to move in the name of Jesus Christ, and it will move! In the book “Gifts of The Spirit”, the author wrote of a situation where in order to for permission from the city to receive a permanent deed for their land, a mountain of rocks and clay behind the church had to be removed so enough parking could be built to satisfy regulations. The church went into prayer, and soon a local utility called, desiring to buy the rocks and clay for use in construction projects! Not only did the church accept, but they were able to negotiate terms with the utility such that the utility would take care of building the parking!

Even further, we have power where the real power is: the spirit world! Thanks to the victory of Christ, we can use our power in the spirit world to help countless numbers of people! Perhaps you are not aware of the existence of powerful “prince demons”? Where much lesser demons work to harm individual people or small groups, prince demons cause that same harm over vast populations i.e. cities, nations, continents, etc. Further, these demons command and lend strength to the demons under them. A person who claims and uses the victory that Christ gave him or her can be used by God to take on demons all the way up the ladder as high as God sees fit! Such a person can be used by God to stop plagues and hunger, change political and economic climates, reverse cultural trends and influences, etc. In other words, God can use you in spiritual warfare to deliver a nation from a prince demon of pornography just as you would cast an individual demon of pornography out of a person!

An example? Perhaps you have heard of an epidemic of autism afflicting our nation, in proportions that have never been seen in the past even if you account for how this condition has so oft been misdiagnosed. The experts have their theories, but even they admit that they cannot come up with a cause or even a number of causes for the number of autism cases to rise at all, let alone so quickly. Of course, true and brave Christians know that the real cause of emotional and mental illnesses such as autism is demons! Recall in Matthew 4:24 and Matthew 17:15 the references to “lunatick”? Experts claim that autism is most common when both parents are employed in or are hobbyists of areas related to science, mathematics, technology, etc. Obviously how our culture has come to worship technology, especially the past couple of decades with the rise of the computer and the Internet for information, entertainment, education, commerce, etc. as well as science itself to provide “the answers” (see Star Trek, where technological advances end racism, poverty, war, and most diseases), and that has empowered prince demons of autism to afflict our nation. (Autism is rarely seen in so – called Third World countries.) And on a more personal level, consider the sinful content of so many of the things that we use technology to pump into our minds – and hence spirits! The violent, pornographic movies, Internet sites, and – yes – video games! Because of video games, kids rarely go outside anymore. Can you name a single video game that does not depict of violence, nudity/sex, or demons, even in games for children? (Yes, the games for kids do include “fairies”, “dragons”, “wizards”, “oracles”, “spells”, etc., see Mario Brothers.) So, the entire culture elevates/worships/empowers the prince demons who in turn lends power and instruction to the smaller demons who get inside the kids either through the technology or through the parents who use the technology, a generational curse! An unexpected benefit of feminism: women entering formerly male – dominated professions and taking on formerly “male” hobbies. So, you have male engineers and scientists meeting female ones in college or the workplace, and guess what … they are both heavily into fantasy/role – playing video games where her character is the conquering witch with the Playboy model figure and attire and his character is the evil warlock with the professional wrestler body and Tarzan loincloth! In our modern culture, such abominations that were unthinkable even if possible 30 years ago are routine, accepted, encouraged! If you live in virtual digitized Babylon, it will produce fruit in the real world!
Accept salvation through Christ, know and embrace the spiritual power that it gives you, and God may use you to pull the plug on virtual Babylon all over this nation!

Even this is just a sample of the spiritual victory that Christ has given you. Please read your Bible, study and research Bible – related literature, but above all make prayer and supplication to God using the power of the Holy Spirit for guidance and knowledge. God is a spirit, and the spirit realm is real, powerful! Get in the game, get in the fight, and take advantage of the spiritual victory that Christ died to give you to help yourself and the entire Body of Christ! Christ did not die so that you could “stay in the Christian mainstream.” Christ died to give you POWER, and to use that power, you are going to have to have faith, know that every word of the Bible is true and applicable to YOU TODAY, and act on it!

Prayers:Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please tell me about the spiritual victory that Christ gave me and the power to do your will that comes as a result. Please Lord, guide me so that I will use the fullness of Christ’s victory for me to be and do what you want me to be. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Deliverance:The demons that operate in this area are religion, lack of faith, doubt, fear, and false teaching. These demons keep Christians from knowing the true power that Christ gave them with his death on the cross so that Christians will never use it to defeat demons. Even Christians who know the truth are held back by their fear of demon reprisals or fear of being labeled an extremist, a false Christian, or even a prince of demons (remember: all such charges were labeled Christ for practicing spiritual warfare) and because of it instead choose to only work through the natural world or only put a toe and a finger in the spirit world without full immersion. This must stop if captives are to be set free and the gospel preached worldwide, for there are princes obstructing the spread of the gospel, princes spreading false religions and doctrines, and princes of fear, distraction, and doubt working to keep even those that hear from receiving and acting! This is a war that has to be won, will be won, and has already been won! The only question is whether YOU will get on the battlefield for the purpose of increasing your own anointing and multiplying your won blessing! It is either going to go to you or to the next guy, so why not let it come to you? It isn’t about wanting to be some powerful bigshot in the spirit world! If you have that in you, God will not allow you to advance anyway! It is about wanting to do the will of God to help God’s people; your people; your brothers and sisters and fellowservants in Christ and also those who will accept the gospel upon receiving it! And no, there is nothing wrong with wanting a blessing! Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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