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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Matthew 1:20 Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. 

James 4:7b says “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Well, continue to resist the Holy Spirit, and you will quench it (II Samuel 21:17, Song of Solomon 8:7, I Thessalonians 5:19). Quenching the Holy Spirit is not the same as blaspheming it, so you may not go to the lake of fire (commonly called hell) if you profess Christ. But quenching the Holy Spirit, which is God’s presence with His People and on the earth under the New Covenant, will cause it to leave you, and the result will be not only a significant loss of blessings and spiritual power, but it will open you up to all sorts of demonic attacks. After all, how can you resist Satan except by the Holy Spirit? How can the corrupt flesh resist that which is of the flesh and which corrupts flesh, which is Satan? Your spirit will still be holy and on the highway to Heaven because of your confession of faith that Christ is the Son of God who died from your sins and was raised by God from the dead, but your soul and body will be the property of Satan to practically do with as he will. Needless to say, it would be a sad state of affairs for one to wind up in, and one is best served by loving God with all their heart, soul, and mind, loving their neighbor, and faithfully believing and executing God’s Word to avoid it.  

Make no mistake, one of the major ways that people resist the Holy Ghost in this age is with abortion. One of the things that is somewhat lost to Christians by history is the fact that Jews in Jesus’ day thought nothing of the fact that Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Why? Because biblical Jews believed that ALL conception is by the Holy Spirit! And I see no cause to disagree with them. All creation is from God, all life is from God, and the Holy Spirit is God. So how can any conception take place; how can any life be created save by the Holy Spirit? And that is why we have to carefully read Matthew 1:20. It does not say “for that which is conceived in her is by the Holy Ghost.” Why not? Because all conception is BY God. Nay, it says “for that which is conceived in her is OF the Holy Ghost!” That means that where normal conception is BY the Holy Ghost and OF man, the Immaculate Conception was BY the Holy Ghost and OF the Holy Ghost, with the Holy Ghost taking the role of the seed; serving as the seed of God instead of the sperm of a man. That is how Christ was 100% God. So how was He also 100% man? Because Christ still came of Mary’s EGG! The role of Mary’s EGG made something that was 100% supernatural also 100% natural! This was how Christ was fully the Son of God (because the Holy Spirit was the sperm) and 100% human (because of a human egg). And this also explains why Mary’s other children were not immaculately conceived. Sure, like Christ, they were conceived BY the Holy Spirit, but they were not conceived OF the Holy Spirit with the Holy Spirit being the sperm. No, they were conceived BY the Holy Spirit OF Joseph’s sperm. And that also explains why Mary need not and certainly was not also immaculately conceived. Jesus was – and had to be – 100% male, the product of a natural egg. Only the sperm had to be the Holy Ghost, so union with any egg would have gotten the job done. Christ’s “manhood” was in the egg, and His “divinity” was in the Holy Ghost sperm. Simple biology, and also simple theology. Of course it is so, for after all did not God create biology? So, had Mary’s other children been immaculately conceived, they would have been Sons of God just like Jesus, and had Mary been immaculately conceived she would have been a Daughter of God. Since we are obviously not to worship Mary or her other children (who save James are not even named in the Bible) because of the First Commandment (Exodus 20:3), they are not Sons or Daughters of God. 

But just because other children are not the seed of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is still present at their creation and facilitates the creation of a human, causing to come to fruition the Word (Jesus Christ) and Will of Elohim. The Holy Spirit is the part of the Trinity that does things and gets things done, and yes, the conception of a child is definitely something being done! Now I will leave the debate of when live actually begins; when the fertilized egg actually receives a spirit that will either live in Heaven or be destroyed in the lake of fire, to others. I will say that the best argument that it does NOT happen at the moment of conception is the fact that not all fertilized eggs even implant in the womb. Some never make it out of the Fallopian tube, and still others for some reason never implant or never fully implant, and they die for lack of nourishment. One would think that with women who frequently engage in sexual intercourse that it is not an uncommon occurrence!  

So how can I still say that abortion is resisting the Holy Spirit in light of that fact? And in light of that fact, should one support first trimester abortion, RU – 486 (the “morning after” pill that will kill any fertilized egg, and in some instances the woman as well), and cloning experiments on fertilized embryos that were never implanted (and likely never will be, and furthermore likely would not be viable even if they were because they have been frozen for so long)? Well, one has to leave the world, leave the flesh. We have to allow the Holy Spirit to elevate ourselves over common, worldly legal, political, and ethical debates and terms. Quite frankly, anything that the world can participate in is of the world. True Believers must seek things that are too simple and too holy for the world, things that can only be touched, accepted, and understood by faith in the One Who Died For Our Sins And Was Raised From The Dead alone. That same Christ once said to let your yea be yea and your nay be nay because whatever else you add to that is evil (Matthew 5:37). Merely let it be said that without the Holy Spirit, there is no life, so without the Holy Spirit there will be no conception (Immaculate or otherwise). And therefore, the person who resists the Holy Spirit by destroying what the Holy Spirit has created for Elohim sins against that same Holy Spirit, and it is a grievous sin indeed! 

How grievous? Well the ministry of John Eckhardt is a leader in describing how having an abortion allows demons clear entry into a woman; suicide, murder, and a legion of others. Of course, said demons do not merely affect the woman who receives the abortion, but works through her to wreak untold havoc on so many others and also enter into others and open doors for other demons to enter into her and others, especially her children. So if you have an abortion culture where millions of women resist the Holy Spirit by not allowing God’s plan for her conception to come to fruition (whether the plan of the Sovereign is for a living healthy baby or not, and regardless of the circumstances concerning that conception’s creation), then of course that unleashes a massive amount of demons in the land. It creates an atmosphere of spiritual perversion akin to cultures that practice cannibalism and child sacrifice. Some “social scientists” have actually claimed that abortion lowers the crime rate; how can that be when
America is the most violent industrial nation in the world? And incidentally, why limit it to violent crime? To be fair, most or all of the other industrial nations have legalized abortion as well. (Although you have to admit that crime DID rather just SKYROCKET in
America starting right at about the early 70s; what is considered a low crime rate now would have been unthinkable and unacceptable in 1970. And no, do not blame poverty, as the poverty rates were MUCH HIGHER in 1970 than they are now, especially in the urban and minority communities.) There are plenty of other indicators of cultural depravity and breakdown where Canada and Europe take no back seat to

This is clearly not merely limited to abortion. Divorce and sexual immorality are also ways to resist the Holy Spirit by perverting God’s plan to join man and woman into one flesh. But did not the rise in divorce and sexual immorality accompany the rise in abortion? Again, blaming economics on the increase in divorce is contradicted by the fact that poverty rates are far lower now than they used to be. Indeed, the demographic groups that have made the biggest gains on the economic ladder since the legalization of abortion also have the lowest marriage and highest out – of – wedlock childbirth rates. And speaking of the economy, did not Roe v. Wade correlate with recession, inflation, and energy crises in
America? Sure, the economy has since rebounded from time to time, but it has come at the price of opening up our nation to foreign workers (many undocumented and more than a few quite hostile) and requiring much foreign investment and foreign debt to the point where
America’s economy is not even American anymore. Does not anyone remember when
America’s economy was humming right along despite high taxes, expensive social programs, and the Cold War with virtually no foreign workers or foreign investment, and no free trade agreements with our allies and neighbors, let alone our enemies? And as for our industrialized neighbors? They have been forced to resort to open immigration policies out of desperation for labor. Some have even resorted to paying women to have children. As a matter of fact, were it not for immigration (legal and otherwise), the industrialized nations would not even have enough workers to sustain their economies. Nations with abortion cultures need workers from nations where abortion is ILLEGAL to survive: America from Mexico and
Europe from Muslim and African nations.

And this goes back to the Bible. When the children of
Israel obeyed God and protected their seed, He blessed their lands with stability and chaos. But when they started sacrificing their children to Molech and Baal and corrupting the children that they did spare, God cursed their lands with poverty, societal breakdown, and wars until He ultimately allowed the destruction of first Israel and then
Judah to the Assyrians. Now in this modern world with technology, transportation, and an international network of bankers that are able to assign value to currency out of thin air (even to nations with disappearing manufacturing sectors that lack skilled and educated workers who import far more than they export and have huge debts and deficits and have crumbling infrastructures like AMERICA), we are able to perhaps do a better job of delaying and masking the fact that the hand of God is against us. And yes, there is the fact that America is indeed home to a large number of righteous Believers whose prayers are heard and works bear fruit, and in this number are not a small number of women who have had abortions and have been saved and forgiven by grace. So, their actions have acted to stay the wrath of God for a time. But as the prophet Jonah learned, you can run but you cannot hide from God! And as the children of
Israel learned, God will stay His Wrath because of the intercession of the saints for a time, but He will not withhold His Wrath forever!

So, it is incumbent upon every Believer not to resist the Holy Spirit and thereby reap the consequences in his or her own life (applying to both women who get abortions and men who consent to them or even pressure women into them or contribute to it with fornication or divorce), and not contribute to the wrath of God against the land. It is also incumbent upon every Believer to stand against the abortion culture in every way possible. The ballot box is perhaps included, although let us not forget that such is in and of the world, and further many of the “pro – life” politicians either lie or are wicked in other areas and hence should not be unconditionally supported. We have to realize that any change in the flesh realm has to initiate in the natural one. And at the ballot box, do not ignore issues such as poverty, poor education, immigration, crime, environmental pollution, war, racism, pornography, etc. that helps to create conditions that drive women to abortion decisions. Even seemingly unrelated things such as the teaching of evolution in schools and the worship of entertainers and professional athletes helps create such a culture! Believers have to pray, intercede, evangelize, and educate in every way possible to reduce the number of abortions even where it is legal. One of the ways to do that is to make certain that Believers approach the abortion issue as a spiritual matter, not a legal or political one. We may not be able to convince a woman that the state or a man does not have the right of final say over her body, health, future, or desire to become a mother, but we may well be able to convince such a woman to submit herself to the Holy Spirit as did Mary. (We have to be honest with ourselves here; women who would reject that approach and God’s Authority with it would find other ways to provoke God’s Wrath even were abortion illegal; the battle has to start with women who are willing to acknowledge and submit to God, and it starts with women in the church – who are no strangers to abortion – and women who while they may be unchurched still have knowledge of God.) And then, we have to step up and provide any and all support and services that such women may need in order to facilitate their decision to submit to the Holy Spirit. By facilitating the acceptance of others, we accept the Holy Spirit ourselves, and by refusing to act as facilitators we resist the Holy Spirit just as surely as these women and their doctors do; we are co – abortionists with them! How many of these pro – life preachers and politicians have you heard say that? Many do not like to speak of such things, but it is still true. Many of these “conservatives” in the “pro – life” movements are not part of the solution but rather part of the problem, and the reason is that they are still in the flesh. Because they are acting in the flesh and allowing their actions and statements to be governed out of the hardness of their hearts rather than from the love of God, we are actually as far away from making abortion illegal now as we ever have been. Do not be deceived; pay attention to the personal lives, families, and financial dealings of many of these “leaders of the pro – life movement”; you will be shocked at what you find. Do not sweep it under the rug, but rather know them by their fruits! That is why the only true and effective anti – abortion work can be done by Believers who are willing to have their flesh crucified on the cross and give themselves over to the same Holy Spirit that the abortion culture is rejecting so that God can use them to defeat that abortion culture and its many demons.  

So, my ultimate target here is not abortion or those who seek or perform them. After all, abortion is merely another sin, and there will be sin and sinners in this world until the Second Death, when this world is destroyed by fire. My target is those who are standing against abortion. Stand against abortion in the flesh and you will fail in the flesh. But stand against abortion in the spirit and the Holy Spirit will succeed in and through you! Realize that any Believer who stands against abortion in the flesh is just as guilty of resisting the Holy Spirit as the person who gets the abortion! If acceptance of that fact does not cause Believers to stand back and first change their own hearts and then their tactics, then what will? What will it take for you to stand back, submit to God, and allow God to use you the way that HE wants, and to quit being manipulated by the political and legal systems of the world if not the spiritual carnage that is abortion? And if you are going to submit to God in the case of abortion, then do so in all else so as not to be double – minded or a contradiction. 


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please use the issue of abortion to convince your children to abandon worldliness and to submit to You in Spirit and in Truth in all things, for You are All Things Good. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is worldliness. Members of the Body of Christ are often willing to fight for righteousness against abortion and other evils, but so often they fall short by doing so carnally! Members of the Body of Christ need to put on the whole armor of God and allow God to use them to win these battles spiritually! Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you! http://www.healtheland.bravehost.com/Archives/Devos/ResistingTheHolyGhost_III_64.htm


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