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Fear Not Temptation

Posted by Job on March 18, 2007

You know, a lot of Christians have trouble believing I Corinthians 10:13There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. 1 Peter 2:24  – “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed” gives a lot of people problems too. But I am here, fellowservants of the Lord, the elect remnant and the redeemed from sin from the brethren, you should know your victory that Yeshua HaMashiach has already won for you, for you see the Bible is the Word of God, Yeshua HaMashiach is the Word of God, and both are true! You just need to hear the Word so that you can walk in the faith of its truth. For the saved to be truly effective in their works, they need to know that there is no temptation that they cannot bear. In order to be effective witnesses to the world, we cannot hide in our religious country clubs and plantations, but instead we have to go where the sinners are. We cannot be effective if our fear of being overcome by the same sins that have sinners trapped in addiction, pornography, murder, violence, false religions and doctrines, etc. causes us to evade sinners, or to look down upon them when we encounter them. Faith in the truth and standing in the truth are vital if we are to truly love our neighbor by effectually preaching the gospel to him no matter who he is, where he is, or what we have done. 

How many of us will not go to a certain place to do God’s Will, or even preach or study on a certain issue, because we perceive that we have a “weakness” in that area, perhaps because we used to sin in that area, or we still have a strong desire to sin in that area? Well, the thing is that often the reason why this apprehension exists is because Satan has worked to place them in us by manipulating the circumstances in our lives, and he does so because he is able to guess that those areas are precisely the ones that God has called us to minister to people on. That is why so many prominent Christians fall in just those areas. When a pastor is known for attacking an area in his ministry, and he is later found to have indulged in that same sin, we often call him a “hypocrite.” Well, it is often precisely because Satan knew that this man was so effective in this area that he unleashed the very gates of hell against that man to ensnare him in that area, so that when he fell, it would discredit the eyes of that very effective pastor in that area both before the world and the lukewarm Christians

All you have to do is remember how Noah sinned as soon as he left the ark! That did not undo his preaching of righteousness and being saved by the ark, didn’t it? So, it is not only that Christians should not withhold from going up against their temptations because God will keep them from falling; it is that even if they DO FALL, the very same grace that saved them as sinners to begin with will keep them conciled with God. Just as the good works that Noah did before sinning were still true and Noah continued to honor God after sinning, every preacher who preached against a sin that he was later found to have committed was used by the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakadosh, to free people from those very sins with his preaching before his sin became known, and so long as he humbled himself and repented, he was able to be used by God to free people from that same sin just as he was before his own sins in that area became known. David fell and God restored him. Therefore, he can restore you! 

One of the most effective lies that Satan released in the church was the foolish notion that Christians should be perfect. I oppose this demonic evil here. How many people go unhelped because of the prideful Christian desire to stay perfect? And why do we want to stay perfect anyway? To please God, or ourselves? Do you not have faith in your God to keep you from sinning? Do you not have faith in God to forgive you if you do sin? Why are you a Christian in the first place, to be about God’s business and to live by faith and rely on the grace of God daily, or to pat yourself on the back and to be able to proclaim among men about what a great man you are? And if you are not healing the sick, visiting those in prison, and bringing the least of society – those who are the worst afflicted by the most depraved of demons and sins – into the Kingdom of Heaven, are you truly great? And who wants to be great anyway? Did not God say that the first shall be last and the last shall be first? Yeshua HaMashiach was offered greatness by SATAN but rejected it, instead choosing to SERVE. Which means that He had to see some things that He did not want to see. He had to stick His Hands where a lot of good Christian folk with their devils’ doctrines, vain traditions, and sinful legalism would never stick it. Yeshua HaMashiach went with the lepers, prostitutes, drunks, tax collectors, and the very dregs of society, and God protected His Virtue. Even after He died, He would not suffer His Holy One to see corruption, but instead raised Him from the dead (Psalm 16:10). What makes you think that He would not protect yours? And consider Simon Peter. Peter fell, hard, denying Yeshua HaMashiach three times, and that was after falling asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane when Yeshua HaMashiach needed his prayers the most. Yet Yeshua HaMashiach did not allow Peter to accept Satan’s lies that he was fallen and there was no hope! Yeshua HaMashiach went to Peter and told him “feed my sheep!” He let Peter know that he was saved by grace and not by works, and Peter, despite his horrible sin, could still be restored to preach the gospel of grace to others. Was Peter’s service to the Lord rendered null after he denied Christ? Was he unable to preach the gospel after he denied Christ but was forgiven? God forbid! As a matter of fact, one of the first events in Acts was Peter preaching to those who committed the same sin as he, denying Christ, and they were convicted by the Holy Spirit in Peter’s words and were saved! 

God has not given us the spirit of fear but of peace and of sound mind. Why do you fear sin, a defeated foe? See that is your problem. You really do not believe that sin is defeated. Why? Because you have watched too many action movies, where the bad guy gets totally obliterated in three seconds and is never heard from again. But talk to policemen. Talk to soldiers on the battlefield. Policemen know how someone already captured, in handcuffs, and being read his rights can still headbutt them, bite them, and kick them in the groin. Soldiers know how a mortally wounded enemy can still get off that last round or two from his gun or make one last stab or three with his bayonet to make sure that he takes someone else with him into death. And they also know how an army that has already been defeated will keep fighting to the last man rather than surrender. People have this false belief that if sin has been defeated, it should just go away because they have been falsely conditioned to believe such nonsense by media, entertainment, and the schools. Just because sin has been defeated doesn’t mean that it can’t still get a good lick or three in on you. Just because sin has been defeated doesn’t mean that it can’t trip you up and knock you flat on the back. But the difference between you and sin is that you are not defeated because the Christ in you is not defeated. Sin can hit you one or three times, you can take those hits and give back 100 punches that sin can’t take. And the only reason why sin was able to trip you up was because he was already laying flat on his back. But you can get up again, and sin can’t! You can get up, stomp sin in the head five or ten good times while sin is laying on its back, and then walk away. Sure, he might crawl after you like the snake that he is, but he can’t get up! Have you not read the Bible? Do you not understand? GOD CURSED SATAN TO CRAWL ON HIS BELLY AND EAT DUST THE REST OF HIS DAYS(Genesis 3:14)! THAT MEANS SIN HAS ALREADY FALLEN AND CAN NOT GET UP!

So Satan cannot defeat you. The only thing that he can do is to get you to defeat yourself by tricking you or scaring you into using your free will not to fight. God will not take away your free will, so if you make that decision, then you have knocked your own self out. But once you realize that Satan is a liar and sin is already defeated and even if you do go out and commit the most disgusting sin in the world, it does not matter because God’s grace will abound and you will be forgiven and still be usable by God. Now this does not mean that you should go out and sin on purpose. God forbid. This does not mean that you should not be careful and elect, and remember that all things that are possible are not expedient. God forbid. This does not mean that you should resist sin with all your being and flee temptation at all turns. God forbid. You still have to obey the Bible. You still have to keep God’s Commandments. But what you people do not realize is that if you do not get there on the battlefield and go into hand to hand combat against the enemy for all of God’s Sheep that are being held captive by the enemy by preaching them the gospel, you are not keeping His Commandments! If you are not out there putting it on the line for the Lord every day, then when judgment day comes, you are going to be telling the Lord how you loved Him and all the things you did for Him, and He will tell you to depart from Him, He knows you not, because you spent your life doing vain works that He did not care about and has no respect for because you let Satan call your shots by responding to instead of confronting your fears and thereby was too faithless to get out and do what God had actually put a call on your life to do!

Am I trying to scare you? Well, yes I am. But only because I love you. Look folks, this is serious business. The thing that you are most scared of is usually the area where SATAN most fears you operating in. No one said that serving God was going to be easy. No one said that you wouldn’t have to give up something. No one said that you wouldn’t cry a lot of tears and spend a lot of sleepless nights. But despite going through all that, just knowing that you have already overcome, that you are already redeemed into the Kingdom of Heaven under the New Covenant built on better promises ought to make it worth it! That is really the tragic, sad, ironic thing. People do not even take advantage of the better promises of the New Covenant to put themselves on the line. They go and hide in church as if God has not made a covenant with them at all! Amazing how the children of Israel went out ot battle, always outnumbered and always outgunned, under the Old Covenant and were delivered every time, and we, the new Israel, will not go out into battle under the BETTER MORE POWERFUL COVENANT! And the reason for this is all this foolish false doctrine that fills people full of fear, false doctrine that makes them fear defeated foes like sin, fear, temptation, Satan, poverty, and death more than they love their already victorious God! Well in the Name of Yeshua HaMaschiach, I rebuke that right back to the pit of hell, and I prophesy that a righteous remnant of the chosen will stand up and begin to go forth, fearless, and do that which God wants them to do but all others till this day have rejected because of their fears.

Prayer:Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, I pray that your children will know that they should not fear temptation or sin, but rather they should go out before those enemies knowing that You have already overcome them. May Your children not keep themselves to save easy religious tasks, but instead be bold going forth and doing great things according to your Divine Inspiration.  Amen.

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are false doctrine, false religion, self – righteousness, perfectionism, pride, and fear.  Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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