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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Matthew 23:27 – Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

An oft recounted Jesus incident that has many interpretations was his casting the moneychangers out of the temple. To political theologists this represents violently overthrowing the capitalist establishment. For deliverance ministers, this represents casting demons out of the body. For fundamentalists this means excommunicating known sinners from the church rolls. Other interpretations include Jesus asserting his position of authority in the Earthly AND supernatural Kingdom of God (this is my house and I am taking out the trash!), and Jesus making a public example of the type of love and zeal for his Father for his disciples to follow.

Let us deal with the simplest and most straightforward explanation: Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the temple because they were not supposed to be there. Most fundamentally, the place was a church, not a street market. Furthermore, there were strict regulations given in the Mosaic law in Leviticus concerning temple access (who, when, and for what purpose). Everyone and everything was in violation, and what is more everyone knew it! Jesus driving out the moneychangers was no different from an adult’s shooing small children away from a hazardous construction zone in that it was not only something that anyone could have at any time without requiring any authority or expert knowledge, but moreover something that ANY moral person WOULD do out of love and in advancement of order and common good, even if there were consequences. And yet no one did but Jesus.

So we had a situation where something was going on that everyone knew was wrong, that anyone could have stopped, but no one did! And when someone – Jesus – finally DID do what anyone could have done and put a stop to the indefensible, unjustifiable, incontrovertibly wrong and evil behavior, it was JESUS with whom they became angry. They did not get angry at the lawbreaker defilers. They did not get angry that those who stood by and allowed the lawbreakers to do their defiling for however long it had been going on without making an effort to stop it. No, they became angry at the one guy who did the right thing! They asked him WHAT GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DO THE RIGHT THING? Now Jesus could have given them any number of explanations, all of whom would have been true and shamed his accusers. Instead, he merely said “This is supposed to be a house of prayer”, which basically meant “I did the right thing because the right thing was the right thing to do.” Rather than satisfying his accusers, it enraged them. Why? Because they could have did the very same thing that he had done and did not. And because he did what they could have done but chose not to, he shamed them; made a public example of how there was obviously something right with him but VERY WRONG with them.

Now realize that these were not people who did not know the law and the scriptures. To the contrary, they knew the law and scriptures word for word. They gave each other public congratulations and proclamations of righteousness according to who was most knowledgeable of and best kept the law, and they were very quick to condemn anyone who even had the appearance of breaking the slightest portion of it as the worst sort of sinner. Yet despite their intricate knowledge of regulations, recitations, traditions, etc. and their willingness to harshly punish anyone who offended any part of it, not a single one of them either cared the least bit about the condition of God’s house or had the courage to stand up and defend it. And going back to the deliverance theology interpretation, it was in the same manner that they gave a lot of attention to having the outward appearance of righteousness, but they had no love of God or desire to seek him inside. And the worst offenders were the Jewish leaders; the ones whose MAIN JOB ACCORDING TO THIS SAME MOSAIC LAW WAS SERVICE TO AND UPKEEP OF THE TEMPLE. These people sat in daily judgment of others charged with breaking various regulations while they themselves were failing to keep the law by not performing their basic duties regarding the temple. Small wonder that when they took the adulteress before Jesus, they were silenced when he said that whoever is without sin cast the first stone. Small wonder that these people did not believe in Jesus. And small wonder that they delivered him to be crucified for failing to keep the same law that they not only violated but the same law that they had never had in their heart to truly keep.

The reason why it was not in their heart to truly keep the law was that in their hearts they did not love the law. Why? Because in order to love the law you have to love the giver of the law, which is God. If you love God, your motivation for keeping the law is to please God. If you love God, you will keep his law not only when there is no one making you, but you keep his law even when someone is threatening to KILL you if you do not break it. And that described Jesus. Despite being told over and over again that he would be killed unless he stopped healing on the Sabbath, he continued. Where in the Mosaic law did it say that healing on the Sabbath was a sin? And had Jesus not healing these people on the Sabbath, when and by whom would they be healed? It was not as if the Jewish leaders were going to heal these people on the next day or anyone else at any time. They would just have gone unhealed. But the Jewish leaders did not care. After all it was not THEY who were sick. They had no concern whatsoever for these people living in sickness, pain, and poverty, for they did not love them. How could they when they did not love the God who created them? And because they did not love God, they were incapable of loving anyone that God had sent, including God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ. And of course, they did not love the law at all. What they loved was the POSITION that the law gave them as Jewish leaders. They loved the POWER that it gave them. Since they were not really teaching the law and obedience to it (which could only be attained through the love of God which they did not have) pretty much everyone was guilty of breaking the law at some point or other. The Jewish leaders knew this, but rather than try to change this sad fact to save these people’s souls from the lake of fire, they exploited it for their own wealth and for absolute power over their people. The proof of this was when Jesus rose again, the Jewish leaders bribed the Romans into claiming that his disciples stole the body. Despite what you may have been led to believe, it was not that they did not know or believe that Jesus was the Son of God! Indeed, many of the Jewish leaders believed, and some always had even before he raised Lazarus from the dead. It was that they did not care! Why? Because they did not love God! They KNOWINGLY killed the Son of God and did not care because they did not love or respect God! THEY were the ones that Jesus was speaking of in the parable of the owner of the vineyard!

In many respects, most Christian churches today are no different. For their leaders and members, it is all about appearances. It is all about regulation and tradition. It is all about tending to the needs of the church members and their families. And yes, it is also about money and power, and in the church there is plenty of both to be had. These churches, no matter the denomination or doctrine and despite their beautiful architecture and decoration, are dead. So are the members, no matter how adorned. They are dead because they lack the love of God. They may sing, they may dance, they may shout, they may evangelize, they may have outstanding charity and social service programs, but it is all for naught, because of why they are doing it. They are not doing it for God. They are doing it because “it makes them feel good inside.” They are doing it because they feel obligated or required to; because the pastor or someone in the church hierarchy commands it. Or they do it so that they can say that they do it better than the government, or the other church down the street!

And the real test of these people, despite their many works, is simply how they treat others. Are they kind, courteous, loving? Do they have a real interest in the lives of their church members when church is over? Do they have a real interest in the lives of people not in their church? And this Bible that they thump … sure they read it and know it, but do they BELIEVE it? Do they LIVE it? Is it an instruction manual and historical document to them, or is it truly alive? Jesus said that you would know his people by their works. These fake Christians might have plenty of works, but are their works living or are their works dead? When the going gets rough and all of the advantages of their Christian lifestyle are peeled away, would they stand?

When their Christ is beaten bloody, stripped naked, spit on and mocked, and raised up on his cross with a crown of thorns on his head, will they be ashamed? It happened before, it is going to happen again in the last days, when “Christian” is going to evoke the same response as “Jew” in Nazi Germany. And it is starting right now. How many Christians are choosing subtle ways to deny their faith; to take the path of least resistance? If you aren’t willing to admit that you believe that the Bible is literally true in front of your coworkers or classmates, how are you going to stand in the Great Tribulation when people are going to be killed for the testimony? Do not think that you will be rushing to become a martyr as a free ticket to Heaven, because in that time Satan will be given almost free reign over the Earth, enveloping it with a spirit of darkness that will prevent you from even having that sort of thought process. Furthermore, it will be God’s will that it happens, because He will not want anyone who does not love him getting into Heaven on the cheap! So if you do not love God now, how are you going to love him when you have to face what Peter went through when he denied him? Even if you do not experience the Great Tribulation, it is something that every Christian is going to experience on a personal level as God’s way of trying your heart. How many churches out there are preparing their members for that on a personal level? Let me tell you, if they are not, no matter what they preach or do, they are quite simply DEAD, and their pastors, officers, and ministers are no different from those who would have allowed people to come into the tabernacle selling sausage sandwiches AND gotten mad at Jesus for chasing them out.

Do you want to find out if you are dead? Simple … pray and ask God. If you do not believe that you can pray and ask God things, or if you believe that you can and still do not on a regular basis, you are dead and headed for the same fate as the Jewish leaders lest you change. Do you want to find out if your church or if any church is dead? Try them. Do not disrespect or challenge their authority, as not even Jesus Christ did that. But try them to see the love in their hearts and what their real motivations are, especially with regard to where sinners are concerned. Any church that does not love sinners; that does not do everything that they can to open the doors of the church to them no matter what they look like or what they have done; any church that gets a bigger joy out of condemning the lost than saving them, is dead! And incidentally, just as you will know a person by his works, you will know a church by its flock. If its members lack love, the church is dead.

So do not be a fake Christian, for Judgment Day it will be more tolerable for those who are not Christians at all! Get on your knees, cry out to God, read your Bible, sing, dance, praise, worship, do whatever it takes for God to bless you by changing your filthy dead bones into a vessel that is clean, filled with the Holy Spirit, and burning with an unquenchable love of God fire inside!

Prayer:Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ, please make me real with you today. Please take away all of my pretenses; all of my self – righteousness; all of my concern over appearances. Lord help me to stop trying to look good for myself and others and start being good for you. Please Lord, make me right, holy, and acceptable in thy sight, and most of all Lord give me true love for you so that I will actually mean the words that I am saying to you right now and not just be reciting them as I have in the past. And Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, please save any and all in the body of Christ from being dead. May they come alive in you right now, and may they be willing to do whatever you tell them to in order to come alive and remain that way. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


In the name of Jesus Christ, hard – heartedness demon I rebuke and bind you. In the name of Jesus Christ, hard – heartedness demon I command you to come out of _. In the name of Jesus Christ, hard – heartedness demon I command you never to return. In the name of Jesus Christ, self – righteous and vanity demons I rebuke and bind you. In the name of Jesus Christ, self – righteous and vanity demons I command you to come out of _. In the name of Jesus Christ, self – righteous and vanity demons I command you never to return. In the name of Jesus Christ, religious and control demons I rebuke and bind you. In the name of Jesus Christ, religious and control demons I command you to come out of _. In the name of Jesus Christ, religious and control demons I command you never to return. In the name of Jesus Christ, false doctrine demon I rebuke and bind you. In the name of Jesus Christ, false doctrine demon I command you to come out of _. In the name of Jesus Christ, false doctrine demon I command you never to return. In the name of Jesus Christ, judging and control demons I rebuke and bind you. In the name of Jesus Christ, judging and control demons I command you to come out of _. In the name of Jesus Christ, judging and control demons I command you never to return. In the name of Christ Jesus, I rebuke and bind all demons in and about the body of Christ that cause churches and Christians to become fake and dead. In the name of Christ Jesus, I command all demons in and about the body of Christ that cause Christ’s people to be dead and fake to loose all hearts, minds, and spirits. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask you Lord to touch the hearts of these people, reveal to them that they are fake and dead, and give them a desire to come to you to be delivered of these demons and then to ask you to make them true and alive again. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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