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Faith In The Truth

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Psalm 86:11 – Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name. 

In “Stand In The Truth”, I revealed that the way to handle the postmodern question: “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, did it really fall?” is with the response “Whether it fell or not God is still glorified!” That is an appropriate way to handle the situation in the presence of non – Christians, for they do not know the way of the truth or how to walk in that truth because neither has been revealed to them by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Thus, our job before such an audience is to declare the truth and glorify God so that any one who is unsaved but has a willing heart may thereby become open to and receive the truth and faith through salvation in Jesus Christ. But when the audience is Christian, however, the response should be different. These are people who already have the truth and need to be kept steadfast and sure in acknowledging it. See, the unsaved needs to know that whatever happens, God is still glorified. But the saved should know that already, and therefore the need of the saved is to always acknowledge the truth and adhere to it by faith, even if (or rather, especially when) that truth and that faith is in contradiction with and warring against their nature and senses. Christians are to walk by faith and not by sight; Christians need to call things that are promised by God but are not yet realized in the natural world as they are in the spiritual world but are not YET in the natural world (the “Word of Faith” slogan of calling things that are not as though they were). Why? Because there are going to be so many times that all that you have is the Bible, and the truth that is in it. There are going to be times when you hear voices and see visions within your spirit that appear to be revelation and appear to be mighty truth but contradict the Bible, so against all of your hopes not only of those voices and visions but your own notions of being a charismatic Christian with powers of discernment, you are going to have to stand on the Bible. There are going to be times when not only the world but your church, your friends, and your family turn aside after a lie but YOU are going to have to stand ALONE on the truth of the Bible and stay on the narrow slow hard path to the strait gate. And there are going to be so many times that you are going to have no other choice than to trust God because you simply CANNOT trust yourself to stand or do right.  

Those are the times when you have to say to yourself: “I didn’t see the tree fall. I walked by the spot and didn’t see the tree laying on the ground. I don’t see any broken branches laying on the ground or so much as a leaf where the tree lay. I don’t even see any indentation on the ground or crushed blades of grass where the tree hit the ground. My denomination, my bishop, my pastor, my elder, my neighbor, my wife, and my kids say that no tree was ever there, and the fact that I don’t see it or any evidence of it is proof. My vision, my dream, my revelation says that too, and I got those after three hours of praying, reading my Bible, and speaking in tongues! But it says right here in Matthew 28 that the tree did fall. That is all that I have to go on, but it has to be true. And if Matthew 28 is not true then God is not true, and my hope is gone. So in order to keep my hope, God has to be true and every man be made a liar, and every spirit, dream, vision, or revelation that says that God is not true or is in the least bit divided against Himself is a liar!”  

Now I am not saying that you should not trust your preacher or your church. I am not saying that you should not trust your family or your revelation. Rather, I am saying that you should trust in all those things so long as it adheres to the truth in the Bible. If they do not adhere to the truth in the Bible, then baby they have to go until they get back on track, and before they can do that they have to be willing to admit when and where they got off track to begin with! Now you might say “How can I always stand on the Bible? What if I have to have faith in something that isn’t explicitly spelled out in the Bible? Where does it say in the Bible that ‘On October 18 Susie Q. will give birth to a strong healthy baby, be reconciled with the baby’s father and Susie Q.’s soon – to – be husband, and this soon – to – be husband will stay at home with the kids while Susie Q. finishes her Bible college degree?” Well, I say that it does say it in the Bible. Your history, present, and future is in that Bible along with the same for every person who ever has or will live, and you just have to have faith that it is there even though you can’t see it. And you have to have faith that every spirit, every vision or dream, every church, every denomination, every doctrine, and every person that tells you that it ISN’T in there or that it DOESN’T say what it says in there is a LIAR!  

You might say “Well brother, if I can’t see it, even if I believe that it is there, how can I know what it is so that I can believe in it?” Well this is the problem with this whole “did you see the tree fall” business. It doesn’t say in the Bible “faith cometh by SEEING.” It says “faith cometh by HEARING, and HEARING by the Word of God!” So sometime, during your quiet time with the Lord, perhaps during some time when you were in dire straits so you were sincere but you were exhausted so you had to quit talking and give God a chance to talk to you, God’s plan for your life came into your knowledge by virtue of the Holy Spirit. Now, it was already in you, because God predestinated in you. So, what happened was that you were listening when the Holy Spirit told you what God had already predestinated in you before you were born. That, fellowservant of Christ, is when your tree fell. But you have to hold onto the FAITH that your tree fell even though you weren’t around and you do not see any evidence of a tree ever being there. You don’t even see the stump in the ground! But you say: “How will I know it is a true revelation?” Well simple: it will be impossible for you. It will be something that you cannot accomplish on your own and is thoroughly ridiculous to even contemplate. It will be a success where you have already failed. You will be gathering a bountiful harvest out of a field that was eaten up by locusts. You will go up not a creek, but a mighty river without a paddle OR a boat OR a life preserver OR swimming lessons! It will be something that makes absolutely no sense. And that is why it will take faith. 

See, the false revelations are always make sense. They are always logical. It may be VERY HARD, but you can see the way. You can see yourself doing it if you apply yourself, make sacrifices, and get a little lucky. It will be something after the manner which the world works and the way man works. For instance, it will be a barren woman telling her husband to have sex with another woman to produce an heir named Ishmael. Or it would be justification under the law instead of by grace. Or it would be a Messiah sent to free
Israel from Roman rule rather than the world from sin. All of those things you can see happening if this goes this way, if that goes that way, and if you are in this place at that time talking to that person with this in your hand. If you grab hold to what you can see and what is pleasing to you, then it means that you have lost your faith. It means that you have chosen pleasing yourself rather than pleasing God, and conforming to the worldly expectations rather than to God’s expectations. It means doing that which is natural rather than which is supernatural. It is very seducing and easy to fall for, because you think that merely because you can see it that God has certainly laid it there for you. That reminds me of Saul chasing David. David went into a certain city, and Saul said “See! The Lord has delivered David into my hands, for he is trapped in a fenced city with one way in and one way out, and all I have to do is block the exit and kill David! This PROVES that the kingdom has NOT been rent from me and my line, and that God’s Hand is still with me (I Samuel 23:7)!” Saul had no faith in what he could not see, which was that God would still love him and keep him if only he would suffer the humiliation and pain of surrendering “his kingdom” to another. Saul certainly did not have the faith of David, who after being told that he would be king wound up in service to the current king who sought to kill him, and yet still believed. The same David who remained faithful even after murdering Uriah and seeing three of his own children die as a result. The same David who remained faithful even after God told him not to build the temple!

A true vision will be something that you never saw coming and can’t catch going. It will be you getting something great that you didn’t ask for because you didn’t see the greatness in it when you were asking. It will not be what you want, but it will be what you need, and it will not come when you think you are ready but when God knows you are ready. In order to hear it and believe it, you really have to believe what the Bible says when it tells you that you should hate your thoughts and feelings and reject everything of this world. Only when you do that will you wind up having faith in something that you did not think that you can get and would not have even wanted it if you even got it. Why? Because it is not of your flesh. When it is of the flesh, your flesh will always tell you that A) you want it and B) you can get it. But God gives you things that you don’t want and can’t get in order to show you the corruption and weakness of your flesh against the purity and power of His Spirit!  

So no,
Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. You can see in your mind an elf making toys 364 days a year and giving them to every child in the world in 24 hours, even to people like you who do not own a chimney. You’ve heard things that sound more ridiculous. Which is, of course, why it isn’t true. What you CAN’T see is God always existing without ever having to be created. You CAN’T see God existing in Three Persons while still remaining One. You CAN’T see One of the Three Persons coming to earth as a both mortal man and full God who functioned as a prophet named Jesus Christ. You CAN’T SEE God praying to Himself as Jesus Christ, or subjecting Himself to Himself, or elevating the Name of God above the Name of God and every other Name. You CAN’T SEE God dying on the cross as a human blood sacrifice for all the sins of the world. You CAN’T SEE God descending into hell for three days, fighting death for the keys. You CAN’T SEE God raising God from the dead after three days as a new – and yet the same – man (and God) in a perfect spirit – composed body (that yet still had the wounds and scars from the cross) that ate broiled fish and honeycomb. You CAN’T SEE God ascending back into Heaven to return to His place in the Heaven as One of Three Persons, and a little while later the Holy Spirit, who was living in the man – god Jesus Christ without measure, coming to earth to be God in everyone who accepts salvation in the Name of Jesus Christ. And you cannot see how this is possible when Jesus Christ is not even the correct name – for He has a Name that no man knows – but rather an altered transliteration of Joshua (or similar); and yet you can still be saved from your sins by it through faith and have power over Satan and his demons through faith by it. And you cannot see how He is coming back again to rule the nations with a rod of iron, and those Christians accounted worthy will reign with Him for 1000 years. And you cannot see how only those who accept salvation through Christ will get to enter Heaven when the vast majority of humanity walked the earth without even hearing the Name; how a just loving righteous God could possibly do such a thing as forever destroy such people in the lake of fire. It is CLEARLY the most incredible fantastic unbelievable thing that a person could not make it up if they tried. Which is, of course, why it is true.

A lot of people think that faith is considering something and believing that it will come to pass. No, faith is believing that SOMETHING THAT YOU CANNOT EVEN CONSIDER EXCEPT IT COME TO YOU FROM GOD HIMSELF will come to pass! That is the level which Christians have to attain, where they must indoctrinate and encourage one another in. I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that you will reach that level yourself and then go spread the message amongst your fellowservants in Christ, and that you would evangelize many others so that they can obtain this message too, which is that you must know how to recognize the truth, and then you must also believe.  


Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may your children receive, hear, recognize, and have faith in the Truth that You have already formed in them. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.   Deliverance:

There are lying spirits that attack Christians in this area, causing them to believe things that are not true in place of seeking and believing things that are. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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