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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Psalm 146:8 – The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind: the LORD raiseth them that are bowed down: the LORD loveth the righteous. 

Rosie O’Donnell, the former actress and comedienne, was recently hired as a commentator for the talk show “The View” recently served the purpose for which she was hired: to give incendiary comments against Christianity on a mainstream television network that would not be accepted out of the mouth of anyone other than a homosexual woman. She did that by stating that there is no difference between radical Christianity and radical Islam. Now, in the modern context, her statement is an evil lie. It is radical Islam that is raping and murdering people all over the world, not Christians, and statements like hers just make it all the more difficult for moral people to stand against such rampant evil as is going on in Darfur. But Rosie O’Donnell cares more about her own personal desire to live in sin uncontested by those who believe in, follow, and proclaim what is written in the Word of God than she cares about the millions of people being oppressed and murdered in the name of Islam. By claiming moral equivalency between murdering and raping innocent people and opposing homosexuality, she makes it more difficult for a nation that was once guided by the moral compass of the Word of God to stand against those who do not. It is a good thing that people like Rosie O’Donnell did not have a platform during the Cold War against murderous repressive atheist socialist and communist regimes, but now that we are facing the bigger evils of Islam and secular humanism, the moral relativism that prevails in this culture thanks to the media, our schools, and people like Rosie O’Donnell (and those who gave her a platform while denying it to Bible believing people), standing for righteousness is harder still. Yet stand we must, and stand we will, because only those who unconditionally stand for righteousness in a wicked world will overcome the world through the Blood of the Lamb, carry within them the spirit and the power of prophecy, and earn the right to enter into the Millennium to rule on earth with Christ. Salvation is freely given by grace, consecration achieved by allowing the Holy Spirit to work on and through you. All who are saved by grace through Jesus Christ will enter Heaven, but only those who are consecrated through obedience to the Holy Spirit will serve as priests and rulers under Christ in the Millennium. 

Now do not be deceived. You cannot be consecrated by following the rituals, traditions, and dictates given to us by man under the auspices of the religious system. Consecration only comes as a result of seeking, receiving and cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and making that relationship through Jesus Christ the most important things in our lives to the point of rejecting all else in pursuit of that relationship, even things that seem worthy, even things that seem spiritual. The religious system does not teach you to do that! The religious system is in the world and of the world, so it teaches you how to accept and operate within the world, within the flesh. It tells you that you can accept things that are worldly, that you can consume things that are worldly. It tells you that you can take things of the flesh, use the religious system to learn how to gain dominion over things of the flesh, and use the control over the things of the flesh that you learn through the religious system to build up God’s kingdom. The religious system does not tell you to reject sin, to separate yourself from that which is corrupt and worldly. It tells you to take it into yourself! To take it into the church! And after you have taken it into yourself and into the church, use it for the church! And once you have done this, they teach you how to call it a mighty work of God, telling you that your ability to master the workings of the flesh through the flesh while still calling yourself a Christian is an example of the power of God to overcome evil. This is supposed to demonstrate how God is #1, the most powerful! But do not be deceived my people. This is not the power of God, but the power of Satan,
Babylon. By using the flesh to accept the flesh and gain dominion of the flesh, you are indeed being very spiritual. But not God’s spirit! Your spirituality is WITCHCRAFT. By teaching you to live in the world and use the things of the world for the church, they are teaching you how to become a witch, and a very powerful one indeed. And that church that you are using witchcraft to build up ceases to be the house of God and starts being nothing more than a coven of witches. This is what Jesus saw when he saw the defilement of the temple by the moneychangers and merchants, with the full permission of and cooperation with the priests, who were probably financially benefitting from the goings on. He said that these people had turned the House of God from a house of prayer to a den – or coven! – of thieves!

And this turns into a great scam. These people who are making witches out of God’s people know that there are lines that they cannot cross. They know that there is only so much worldliness that people will put up with and still call themselves Christians. So, they do not bring prostitutes, strippers, and pornographers into the church and say about them “they are using the sex industry to upbuild God’s Kingdom.” They do not say “Yes, we strip off our clothes and commit perverse sex acts on camera, but we paint John 3:16 on our bodies, quote Bible verses, and give proceeds from our earnings to the church.” But you know what? Pretty much everything short of that is done. Virtually every other wicked worldly paganistic practice is viewed or done by church people outside the church, inside the church, and for the church, and the people who preside over these churches say that it is good. It is the job of those of us who still care about God’s Word and those of us who are still searching and desiring to separate within us and about us the light from the darkness to say “NO! It is not good! It is an abomination, and all of you who commit this abomination will be held in account for it on judgment day!” So I gotta tell you people … there was actually some truth to what Rosie O’Donnell says about many Christians. A lot of you radical Christians are just radical witches, and you are going to bust hell wide open. Even if you yourself are saved, with your idolatry you are still nonetheless empowering evil spirits to work ever greater damage in the world, and you are driving people from the cross with your evil ways that a blind person can see right through.  

I know that Rosie O’Donnell is a person living in total rebellion against God, but even stopped clocks are right twice a day. Of course, her reasons for criticizing Christianity (due to her own desire to live in sin) are different from mine, but often criticizing Christians is necessary; perhaps not from one such as her. You often disdain preaching to the choir, well sometimes the choir needs to be preached to. We both well know that most incarnations of Christianity throughout historys have been abiblical. They may attend church and thump the Bible, but they use a bunch of traditions, false doctrines and practices, and outright paganism to depart from the Bible’s meaning: they possess a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof. We disdain the worship practices and celebrations given to us in the Bible to practice pagan abominations like Christmas, Easter, and Hallowe’en. We replace literal Bible truth in order to claim that Mary was herself immaculately conceived and remained a virgin, meaning that the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ were also immaculately conceived, and we teach that Mary is our intercessor, not the Holy Spirit. We elevate people to “sainthood” and pray to them. We wear and bow before not only crosses, but images of “saints” and other religious symbols. We ignore what the Bible says about salvation only occurs after accepting Christ after Holy Spirit conviction causes repentance of sin, and instead have a million methods of false conversion. We ignore that even then you are bound by “if you love me you will keep my commandments; go and sin no more” and allow church members to openly wallow in sin.   We create our own doctrines and traditions, teach them in our denominations, colleges, and seminaries, and declare them to be legitimate. Yet we call illegitimate and utterly scorn and reject people who believe in and try to keep all that the Bible says. For instance, we doubt those who believe in and preach what people and nations must do to in order to be receive financial blessings so that they can administer that increase to do God’s work. We shun people who have experienced Joel 2:28 – 29 and Acts 2. We reject John 14:12 and claim that faith healing and casting out demons is either a sham, delusion, or even a work of Satan. And no, few of us talk about what I Corinthians 15:51 means. We harden our hearts to the poor, the widows, the orphans and illegitimate, saying “let them take personal responsibility for their actions” or “let the government take care of them.” We envy and despise the rich and those of different races. We do not visit those in prison or even pray for them, nor do we comfort their family members. We ignore Timothy when it says that church officials must be men of good report, the husband of one wife (which would tend to make the celibacy thing moot), and effective rulers of their own houses. And we also take Paul’s words out of context regarding the role of women in the church and ignore that Joel prophesied that God’s Spirit would pour out on sons AND daughters, servants AND handmaidens, and that they would all dream dreams and prophesy! They ignore that the spirit of the Lord came to Mary before Joseph, to the mother of John before the father of John, and that Mary Magdalene was the first to witness and believe in Christ’s resurrection. They also ignore that Deborah judged
Israel; served as ruler and priestess of an entire nation!   And yes, we repeat the same sin of
Israel when they asked for a king and reject the authority of God and his righteous anointed. Feudalism, socialism, communism, fascism, and every other “ism” that you can think of had the full support of many Christian people and institutions; democracy is no different. The statue of liberty, an idol to humanism from France’s cult of reason, welcomes immigrants to this nation, and while there is a Bible verse on that idol, you can be sure that it is not John 3:16 or Revelation 22:15. And right now our government is planning a “goddess of democracy” monument for our nation’s capital. Not only but our churches talk about bringing “democracy” to
Afghanistan, and the
Middle East. Democracy won’t save them from the lake of fire, only Jesus Christ will!   And all of this is important. Remember Nazi
Germany, for instance? It would have been impossible without Hitler taking advantage of the utterly abiblical Christian system in
Europe. I recently read an article picked up off the Religion News Service wire that spoke of how the Nazis got Germans to worship Norse false gods by placing their images in churches and getting the people to worship them as (or rather in place of) Jesus Christ (and angels and “saints”, which they should never have been worshipping to begin with). It was easy for Hitler to co – opt Christian doctrine and use it to promote his own power and the extermination of the Jewish people, because the Christians in
Europe had long replaced the Bible for their own doctrines and traditions anyway. Local traditions, religions, and governments had been perverting the beliefs and practices of Christianity for centuries, Nazi Germany was no different, and it certainly was not alone as Christian people and institutions also signed off on things like African slavery and the mass subjugation and slaughter of many indigenous peoples, including right here in this Christian nation.  And as horrible as Nazi
Germany and colonial Christianity were, it is NOTHING compared to the abominations and desolations to come when that man of sin and his enabler, or the beast (commonly and somewhat falsely called the anti – Christ) and the false prophet come. This man will be a religious leader, and when the Bible says that he will come out of the Holy Roman Empire, it can be interpreted to mean that he will come out of the perverse religious system that virtually all forms of organized and mainstream Christianity have become, and yes that includes the so – called fundamentalists and evangelicals. While Paul says that there will be a spirit of strong delusion on the earth in those days, the truth is that the beast will simply be offering Christians what they already know, are comfortable with, and have demanded throughout history: a corrupted, false, perverted, paganistic abomination that they can somehow contrive to call the worship of God through His Son Jesus Christ. These “Left Behind” novels and other portrayals of the beast as being some overt rejecter of Christ from the United Nations or the European Union do such a disservice. Were such a figure to come to power, not only Christians but even non – Christians who were familiar with these endtimes scenarios would immediately recognize it and run to Christ. No, in fact the beast will be someone that the very Christians who bought all of the “Left Behind” novels and movies and stayed up late at night to watch the megapreachers on TBN will follow, because they will embrace the beast as one of their own. They will help bring him to power and kill and die for him, because he will represent – and even be the spiritual manifestation of – their own false Christian doctrines and practices. His number will be the number of man because so many of us have replaced the worship of true God in spirit and truth as commanded by John 4:24 and instead created a corrupt abomination system that we call Christianity that allows us to worship ourselves, to please ourselves, to be at peace with and enjoy the wicked world and the things of it.  Now Christians are excellent at warning sinners. But who is out there warning Christians? Who is warning them from the time of great sorrow that is soon to come? Who is warning them that with their idolatries, lies, and false traditions and practices that they are helping to bring the beast and the false prophet into power? Who is warning them that if they do not stop mixing darkness with light – thereby making it darkness – that they will certainly follow the beast and the false prophet because they will be irresistibly attracted to the power of darkness within him? Such Christians who have served this religious system their whole lives and never saw a miracle because their religion is as dead and makes them dead spiritually because it hides the power of the Truth and total submission to and service to the Truth from them; of course they are going to see this beast and his false prophet stand in the place of God, declare himself as God, and work mighty miracles and follow him. They will not be bothered by the fact that he comes in his own name and not in God’s name because this religious system already teaches us to revere famous preachers in the place of the God that they are supposed to be serving. These famous preachers already talk about themselves and their own work, and not about God’s righteousness. So of course they are going to follow this man, because he will be what Christians are already used to. When they see the awful evil things that happen during the rule of the beast, they will chalk it up to “persecution” or “God’s wrath upon sinners.” THAT is why they will chew their tongues and not repent of their fornications and idolatries; they will remain true to their Christianity and all of the fornication and idolatry therein. These people will actually THINK that they are following God!  Now recall that Jesus spoke of
Sodom and
Gomorrah, which represents Rosie O’Donnell’s sin of homosexuality. Christ said that it will be more tolerable in the day of judgment for
Sodom and
Gomorrah than it would be for the religious leaders that rejected Him. Well, it will be more tolerable in the day of judgment for Rosie O’Donnell than it will be for those who rejected the words of the Bible for this false religious system, because we were offered being children of God and rejected it to be the children of man, we were offered the words and worship of God and rejected it for the word of man and to worship ourselves through the abominations of what most of us, even Bible – thumping fundamentalists and evangelicals, call Christianity.   Realize that Jesus and his prophet John the Baptist did not start with the Gentiles. They started with the people of God, the Jews! So, who is fulfilling the role of John the Baptist today? Who is the voice in the lonely wilderness telling Christians to depart from their idolatry and paganism, to renounce their abiblical practices and traditions? Who is warning Christians not to be lukewarm? Who is out there “preaching to the choir” telling it that unless they change their ways, they will NOT be as the Philadelphians in Revelation 3:10, spared from the hour of temptation that will try the world? We go out and tell sinners that the way to salvation is to join in with the idolatry and abomination that goes on in most churches! We turn them from blind sinners into sinners with their eyes wide open! We turn them from people who merely do not know the truth (and still have a chance to be somehow saved) to people who know the truth and blaspheme and reject it. By pushing the paganism, idolatry, and lies that go along with how most people practice Christianity, it is US who are guilty of Matthew 23:15, making converts twice the sons of hell that they were before! Who is out there warning these Christians the error of their ways, telling them that with their falsehoods and idolatries they are actually a bigger threat than Islam, a bigger threat than secularism, a bigger threat than Rosie O’Donnell and Hollywood? Are you? Make no mistake. You have been warned. You know the truth. Now it is your responsibility to come out of this religious
Babylon and to rescue your brothers and sisters in Christ too. Study your Bible! Study history! It is all there. Learn what was given to us by God versus that which was given to us by men. Choose God, and rebuke that witchcraft and idolatry in the Name of Christ Jesus!  


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please open the eyes of the people who being deceived by the lies and abominations of the religious system. Please Lord, create an emptiness and a hunger in them that can only be filled by seeking you, learning you, worshipping you, and obeying you in spirit and in truth. Lord, the deceivers in this system, may they know the error of their ways, repent of it, and start leading people into righteousness. Those who find out the truth but decide to continue to live and teach a lie because they love the world more than they love you, please Lord break their teeth so that they can be false teachers no more. Restrain them, bind them, hold them down so that their lies and wrong teachings can no longer lead those who are seeking you away from you. May they be replaced by your true prophets, teachers, preachers, evangelists, and pastors who are filled with Your Word and have a heart to do Your Will.  


The demons that work in this area are witchcraft, idolatry, false doctrine, false religion, false teaching, and complacency. All of these work to turn people away from worshipping the true God and the Spirit of Truth and instead worship a lie. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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