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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Psalm 1:1-Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. 

This is the final installment of a three part series on spiritual environments; please reference Part I and Part II if you have not already. The first installment stated that choosing an edifying spiritual environment in which to develop your gift was more important to the development of the said gift than the gift itself. The second installment dealt with the negative spiritual environment in the church. This final installment shall deal with the negative spiritual environment outside of the church. 

As stated earlier, the environment in which you place your gift is more prominent than the gift itself because of the exercise of free will. God uses HIS free will to decide which ministry to give you, but the manner in which you pursue that ministry is your own choice. Even though gifts are blessings in and of themselves, they are not the basis for determining in which manner you will be judged and blessed, because God is not going to judge or bless you based on what HE does, but rather based on what YOU DO. And though there are a lot of things that you cannot control, your spiritual environment is THE area of your life over which you exert the MOST control, especially when you consider that the center of your spiritual environment is your own mind, and everything else is an external influence on it. 

Yet, that external influence is powerful, especially when you consider that things that enter and influence the mind tend to stick around long after the thing or the influence is long gone. Not only do you have a physical and emotional memory, but there is a whole class of memory recall demons to make sure that you never forget the negative! And of course, these demons – and you yourself – are not in any way prevented from distorting and corrupting what was already distorted and corrupt when you bring it back from the past! As the cliché goes, garbage in, garbage out. If you don’t want to manifest garbage, do not accept it in the first place, and that includes staying away from places where garbage is freely handed out. And you already know what I am talking about. 

Let us start with the home. Sure, there are a lot of things that you cannot control about your home, like your neighbors, your parents, your kids, your spouse. But there are a lot of things that you do have control over! The books in the house. The furniture and decorations. What channel the TV and radio are on, and which DVDs, CDs, and magazines you own. The websites that you visit and the computer games that you play. And most importantly, who you let into your home. Now I am not talking about the things and people that others in the household bring into it; I am talking about your influence. First off, if you are the man of the house, then it is your responsibility to use your influence to make sure that nothing corrupting, nothing that is sinful or suborns sinfulness, is anywhere in your house. If you are the woman of the house, you are subject to the man (provided that he is your husband, father, guardian, or older brother) but you can still exert a lot of influence. Even if you are not the man or woman of the house and possibly are but a minor child, you can very much prevent adding to the corruption of your home and are capable of retreating to your own sphere (as in going to your room to read your Bible and listen to Christian music). If you keep letting snakes into your house, one is shortly going to bite you. Even if you only allow one or two snakes to tarry there, you will get bit! So you are best off keeping corrupt things and people out of your house. Shut the door and keep those things – and the demons that they bring – out! So much damage to Believers gets done because they simply refuse to draw the line on wickedness. You let your children watch, read, and listen to whatever they want and you wonder why they misbehave? You allow them to associate with whom they choose and wonder why they pick up bad habits? Or you allow unsaved or spiritually weak men and women in your home, and you wonder how the gossip, backbiting, jealousy, and ADULTERY could have ever happened?  

Please stop fooling yourselves. Those things and people are evil, and evil only has one purpose: to work evil. Evil is not to be courted and comforted, it is to be fought, resisted, and fled from! A great many of you have no idea how all of these evil images and sounds from some movie or magazine that you have viewed or some “music” that you have listened to just stays with you. How you reference it in response to things that happen in your everyday life. How it influences your behavior. Your natural self does some of that, but make no mistake demons are more than willing to not only help you bring those things to remembrance, but suggest and influence how you should react in response to your memory. Wonder why certain words fly out of your mouth? Why you are so prone to anger, rage, and contentions? What about sadness, depression, fear, and hopelessness? And yes, there are those sexual fantasies. And when you lose control of your mind, you also lose it over your body. Does your head turn and your eyes automatically go where they shouldn’t? Does your hand do the same? Is your posture and body language violent, aggressive, or seductive, or do you innately respond to the body language of others? And are your thoughts, words, and actions that you cannot control negatively affecting your parenting, marriage, work performance, finances, or spiritual life? Make no mistake, it is all due to who or what you let into your homes, or what you take home after you made the decision to go someplace you shouldn’t have with someone you shouldn’t have and do something you shouldn’t have; something as seemingly harmless as taking in a PG – 13 movie. And yes, what you bring into and let into your home affects everyone who lives there, especially kids.  

So knowing this fact, why fill your home with iniquity? Why not fill it with Godly things at God’s direction? Fill it with things that please and stir up the Holy Spirit and your ministry and gifts! Things that will attract angels, not demons! Do that and see how much your thought process and body language changes; how your kids react, how your spouse and even your PETS react. And see what a change it makes in your ministry! Of course, since you let all that stuff in to begin with, you will almost certainly require spiritual deliverance, not to mention plenty of confessions and asking for forgiveness from God (and from people if God commands it) for all of the things that you let into your home and all of the things that you did as a result. Though your actions were clearly demon – influenced, you will not be able to say “the devil made me do it” because you yourself will have actually done those things, and you were the one to let those demons in to begin with, and furthermore you will have brought those demons around other people in your home who had nothing to do with your willful disobedience but was otherwise harmed by it. Allowing yourself to become corrupted (which inevitably leads to becoming a corruptor yourself) has no positive benefits, so why do it? 

And then there is when you leave the home. When you choose places to go visit, see, entertain yourself, spend time. Why on earth would you go somewhere and do sinful things? Why would you go someplace to LOOK at something sinful? Why would you go where sinners are known to congregate and be in the midst of their behavior? What is it about you that you are entertained by and want to be around sin? God hates sin and cannot look upon or be in the presence of it, and if God is in you and you are of God you should be the same way. The only reason why you should ever willingly go to a place of sin is if God sends you there to fulfill His purpose! Now if you are an obedient true Believer that will almost certainly happen one day. But if you are disobedient, you will be someone who refuses to go to a place of sin at God’s direction to do God’s Will, but you will go to a place of even worse sin when you want go do and to do what you want to do! That describes so many professed Christians today; I dare say that it describes the majority, especially when you consider that so many Christians have gotten so worldly that they no longer see places of sin as places of sin! So long as it is not a brothel or a drug house, many Christians think that it is fine to go participate or at least look. God would probably rather they go to a brothel or drug house than the places of “acceptable” sin that many Christians visit to be in the presence of sin or to be entertained by it. Again, when you make a choice to go to these places, you are placing an “ALL DEMONS ENTER HERE” sign on your body and mind. Since demons are already there (it is a place of sin and sinners, HELLO!), they will be more than happy to oblige you, and that you are a Christian who is giving them easy access to you rather than warring against them as you should is a bonus! “I will go into the Christian and stay safely there while he is casting my buddies out of everybody else. And when he casts my buddies out of everyone else, I will invite them all into him!” If you do not think that it works like that, do not be deceived. Now of course, you will still be exposed to sin; it is inevitable in this fallen world and furthermore God desires for you to challenge and defeat it at His direction with His Power. But the question again comes to your free will exercise. If you exercise your free will to be in the company of sin and sinners for any reason other than the direction of God, then you open yourself up, and demons have a legal right to you. If you did not know better, well then that is no excuse. The Bible does say that people perish for the lack of knowledge. The important thing is that now you do know better, and you need to first seek deliverance and forgiveness based on the things that you did and picked up based on all of the places that you chose to go and the things that you chose to see that you knew were not upright and Godly, and then you need to change your ways. 

And yes, I touched on this earlier, but there is also your choice of friends. I am not talking about relatives, neighbors, classmates, and co – workers; people who are in your life not by your own choice, but friends. First off, even with the people that you are around through no choice and control of your own, you still have a great ability to limit your interaction with them whenever possible, and you have the obligation to do just that. But also, why would you choose to be friends with an unbeliever? Why make a decision to hang around sinners? Don’t you know why they are called sinners? Because they SIN. They sin with their eyes. They sin with their minds. They sin with their bodies. They sin with their hearts. They sin with their tongues. They sin with their spirits. And that is just the things that they are purposefully or consciously doing; demons use them to do a lot more. So why are you with them, partakers of their sin? Do you think that because you are saved that you are immune? If so, you are wrong. Your being saved makes you a TARGET. Demons and other agents of Satan do not go after people that they already have; they go after people who oppose them (or who are supposed to be opposing them). If they can get to and get into you, they can hinder you from opposing them. And what better way to hinder you than with the sin of your friend? Not only are you not going to effectively resist your friend’s evil deeds, but you will not even oppose the same evil deeds done by your enemy! How are you going to condemn the lies and lusts of your enemy when your friend does the same? If you condemn the lies and lusts of your enemy, then your friends’ actions will be condemned in your mind also! So in order to preserve the esteem and favorable opinions and emotions of your friend, you will have to come to the conclusion that lies and lusts are not so bad after all. At first you will be double – minded about the issue, claiming that lying and lusting are bad when everyone but your friend does it. But pretty soon the double – mindedness will cease: it will become OK for everyone. And when it becomes OK for everyone, it will become OK for you. 

When you are willfully around sinners, every bad thing that they say, every bad thing that they do, every bad thing that they DESIRE will enter right into your spirit. Their actions will become your actions, their thoughts will become your thoughts. You cannot maintain your integrity when you consort with sinners, for you have forfeited it by choosing to be with sinners, which is a sin in and of itself! So, if you hang around someone who dabbles in witchcraft, you do not have to dabble in witchcraft like they do to be a sinner. All you have to do is hang around one who dabbles in witchcraft, which is a sin in and of itself! And of course, by your doing that sin, you open the door to (you guessed it) the demon of witchcraft. Pretty soon, you are even a bigger witch than your sinner friend, and what is more you will be doing your witchcraft among the Believers in your home and at your church. And it is not just what sinners DO, it is what they SAY and THINK. Such filthy blasphemous abominations come out of the mouths of sinners. And the mind of a sinner is only evil continually. How can this be? Well if Believers are tempted by evil thoughts which they have to resist and are able to only because they know to resist, know how to resist, know why to resist, and have the Power to resist through the Name and Blood of Christ Jesus, then how can good possibly be in the mind of a sinner who even if he has the inclination to resist lacks the power to, and cannot even discern good from evil? A non – Believer MAY be able to discern and choose the lesser of two evils, but that still accomplishes Satan’s goals because either way with that person evil is chosen and evil still wins! It is like getting your Bachelor’s degree from one college and your Master’s and Ph.D. at another one, and they play each other in sports. Who wins? Who cares! Sure, you may have some superficial arbitrary reason for choosing one school over the other, but it is not as if one of your alma maters is playing a school that you HATE because they used to beat up on BOTH your alma maters! The lesser of two evils is still evil, and such is the mind of a sinner, and it is with the mind (and body and tongue) of such a person that you have chosen to join up with; to walk together with as if you agree.  

And when you go out and do activities and socialize with such a person, well then you are just surrounding yourself with people whose thoughts are nothing but evil continually! And what follows evil thoughts? Evil actions, yes, but what else? Why demons of course. So why are you subjecting yourself to being a vulnerable target swarmed by demons? To have friends? What? The fellowship of Believers is not good enough for you? To not appear to be standoffish, as if you think that you are better than they are? Please. What good are you doing by hanging out with them, letting them think that they are OK? If you LOVE them, then have you considered that your separating yourself from them might cause them to change their ways and be spared on judgment day? But if you consort with them and drink from the same cup of their filthiness, then how much harder will it be for them to change? The truth is that you are all about seeking and having the approval of the world. And even that is not true, when you consider that sinners are actually better off if you do not hang around them and give their behavior legitimacy with your presence. They are better off if you do not hang around them and allowing their demons to enter into you and prevent you from interceding from them. No, you are seeking approval from the world not because it is the Will of God or even in the best interests of those that are in the world, but because it is what you want to do for your own reasons: because you are choosing the love of self over the love of God. At the very minimum, you are choosing the easy way out; the easy way and the wide path and the wide gate rather than the hard way over the difficult path and through the strait gate. It may be hard to separate yourself from iniquity and those who do it, but it has to be done, for such things are pleasing to God.  

And how can your ministry grow if you are not pleasing God? Who is it that you think is growing your ministry? Yourself? Your church? Those sinners that you are letting into your home around your spouse and kids? No, it is God who grows your ministry. And on what basis will God choose whether to bless you and your ministry? By how you please Him by keeping His Commandments and eschewing evil. Believers, do not fool yourself. Do not fall into this “self righteous holier than thou” bashing. Being “self righteous” or “holier than thou” only applies to people who are trying to be saved by works rather than grace, or who are seeking to please themselves or to win the acclaim of other people. But God commands us to be righteous and to reject evil. And OF COURSE you are supposed to be holier than some sinner who has rejected Christ; if not in the body and mind definitely in the spirit that is washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb. Why violate God’s Law by seeking the approval of and to be as sinners? Why blaspheme the great things that God has done for you by pretending that there is no difference between a lover of God and a hater of one? Even if no evil could come out of it – as it clearly does – what GOOD would come out of it? And if no good can come out of it, why do it, especially when you are supposed to be continually doing good for He who is nothing but Good? 

Just as the imaginations of the unsaved are evil continually, the imaginations and actions of Believers are supposed to be GOOD continually. We are supposed to be praying without ceasing. We are supposed to be praising without ceasing. We are supposed to be of upright conversation and edifying speech. Philippians 4:8 reads “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” How can you fulfill that Scripture if you are living with, frequenting, and consorting with iniquity? You can’t! You will spend more time battling evil thoughts and resisting the demons that you have let in and around you – and succumbing a lot more often than you would like to admit – than doing any good, and that is exactly what Satan wants. Satan knows that he cannot have everyone; that some people are going to give their lives to Jesus Christ and go to Heaven. So for those people he settles for making them ineffective. Neutralize them so that he can have free reign on everyone else, including the very sinners that you are supposed to be working for their repentance with your prayers, intercessions, spiritual warfare, and upright behavior!  

It is impossible to grow in Christ unless you are willing to separate yourself from things, places, and people that are anti – Christ. Please brothers and sisters, in the Name of Jesus Christ remove yourself from evil factors in your spiritual environment so that you can grow in Christ today. Confess your sins (including the sins of others that you have given comfort and approval to), seek deliverance, and begin your new life in obedience to God so that in you God will be well pleased and will then begin to bless and grow you and your ministry. Prayer:

Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please lead your people to reject all that is and all who are unGodly both inside and outside of the church. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen! 


A demon that works in this area is worldliness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!



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