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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

II Corinthians 6:14 – Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 

There is a longstanding debate that will go on until the end of time over whether the predominant factor in determining a man’s measure are genetic or environmental. Even within that debate there is much contention over not only how much genetic predetermination is hereditary, how much genetics factors into environment (i.e. a person with better genes will strive for a better environment for himself and his offspring), but how environment influences genetics (long – term exposure to environments filled with not only chemical and biological pollution but also instability and stress is thought to cause genetic damage and mutation, which in turn may be hereditary). This topic is for the learned men in the fields of biology, chemistry, sociology, economics, politics, education, psychology, medicine, and law enforcement to parse through, and believe me they are investing a great deal of resources towards just this pursuits with the stakes being huge: the very future of mankind! For example, consider that homosexuality began to be widely accepted (including even among some religious circles!) when the theory that homosexuality was genetic in origin was proliferated. Curiously, many of the very same people who are genetics advocates when it comes to homosexuality prefer environmental factors when it comes to HETEROSEXUAL issues such as generational out – of – wedlock childbearing and divorce (and the poverty, low educational and economic attainment, and high crime that comes with it).  

Well, let the secular humanists fight their battles. Believers, especially those who are active in spiritual warfare and development, should have no part in this conflict. Rabbits have no dealing with foxes, nor antelopes with lions. Those of the light have no part with the children of darkness because good cannot come out of evil (Matthew 7:16-18). Whoever wins the “nature versus nurture” battle (and incidentally be not deceived; Believers should spurn the terms “nature” and “mother nature”, for they refer to the false god Gaia, which is of course a demon, and many in the environmental/New Age movements explicitly or implicitly worship Gaia and other “gods/goddesses/essences/spirits of the earth”, which are all demons) will use their victory to support things of Satan just as the other side would have. The “nature” advocates are generally political and social conservatives, who are very influential in self – righteous legalistic “fundamentalist and evangelical Christian” churches, who often shun things like grace, forgiveness, ministering, and charity. Such people reject the Bible’s clear references to how the Holy Spirit can actually increase someone’s natural intelligence (Acts 4:13-14) and otherwise transform people born to evil circumstances. Meanwhile, the “nurture” advocates reject God’s authority and notions of righteousness, sin, and judgment. They may appear to demonstrate love for the poor, downtrodden, and dispossessed, but they are mainly concerned with using such people to promote acceptance for and to legitimize disobedience to God by removing both the public shame and negative consequences associated with sinful behavior. (Such people similarly work to punish behavior that God has declared righteous, even to the point of advancing the notion that for poor people to behave according to God’s Commandments is against their interests as it will result in the perpetuation of the class system with its permanent underclass.) And yes, both groups are idolators. Indeed, they worship the same demon, mammon! The conservative “nature” crowd replaces God with nationalism, individualism, materialism, and worship of capitalist economics; the “self – reliance” myth which is social Darwinism. Meanwhile, the liberal “nurturers” replace God with socialist economics and collectivism. Both worship mammon (government and economics) and both worship themselves (humanism), just in different ways, just as both charismatic Christians and denominational Christians worship the same God in different ways. Just as both the sincere charismatic and denominational Christians will wind up in the same place, Heaven, so will both the “nature” and “nurture” advocates, especially those who blaspheme God by using corrupt religion to do the will of mammon.  

For true Believers, there is no debate, just as there is no contention over any part of God’s Word for those who truly have faith and love. (There may be disagreements, but true Believers will merely agree to disagree with other Believers and move on, just as was the case with Paul and Barnabas, who disputed over John Mark and went their separate ways for a time, but each did God’s Work while physically apart and were never separated in spirit, plus see the SINCERE charismatic versus denominational Christians). True Believers know that everyone who accepts Christ has an earthly inheritance (not of flesh but of the spirit) AND an environment. Not all earthly inheritances are equal! We are one Body, but different members with different stations (Romans 12:4-8), and Jesus Christ Himself stated in a parable how each Believer was given a portion according to some predetermined ability (Matthew 25:15). And even the idolatrous humanists acknowledge the same. The “nurturers” do not claim that a mentally retarded person can earn a Ph.D. in theoretical physics; the “geneticists” acknowledge that those who do earn Ph.D.’s in theoretical physics would have very likely suffered many failures if subjected to neglect, miseducation, and abuse.  

But Believers know, or should know, that where your earthly spiritual inheritance through the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit which designate your “member in the Body of Christ” (or role in the church), your spiritual environment is more important! Here is why. God gives us free will and blesses and empowers us according to our execution of it. We cannot choose our race, sex, parents, generational curses, or conditions under which we grow up. We cannot choose our flesh inheritance or our role in the Body of Christ. Even something like a spouse: we know that if we get in a situation where we are married to an unBeliever one God still generally hates divorce (although it is not my place to say that God will not make exceptions, as He told the children of Israel to leave their pagan spouses that they had married after returning to Israel from captivity). But we have complete and total control over our spiritual environments! No matter our potential in accordance to our earthly spiritual inheritance, it is the environment that we choose for ourselves that determines whether we fulfill the righteousness that God has intended for us. No matter our member in the Body, the choices that we make will play a large role in determining whether we will be weak links for whom others will have to pick up the slack, or whether we will be strong and powerful and pick up the slack for others! Most would rather be a muscle than a strand of hair, but if the muscle is weak and the hair is strong, it will be the hair that bears up the muscle! 

Let me be a bit grotesque here. Suppose you are the anus in the Body of Christ. The visceral flesh reaction would be “who wants to be the anus? Let me be a heart, stomach, ear, or finger; anything but the anus!” Well, if you allow yourself to dwell in a bad spiritual environment filled with Christians who are primarily concerned with impressing each other and with appearances; prone to gossiping and backbiting, and make differences in their treatment of people according to their wealth and social status and deny the power and workings of the spiritual realm because such things are not “respectable” in the public and the church should instead embrace scientific explanations and modernity and concentrate itself on charitable works and monitoring personal behavior, then you will spend your entire life trying to reject your anus role and hence will never grow into it and fulfill God’s plan for it. Such a person would be LUCKY to be as one in the talents parable mentioned in Matthew 25:14-30 had he simply put his one talent in the bank. (Believe me, many of you who choose bad spiritual environments will NOT be lucky, and will be unfruitful vines cast into the unquenchable flame as in Matthew 7:19). But if you are in the right spiritual environment, filled with people who love God and who seek the power of God rather than denying it, then you will recognize what the anus does for the body: it eliminates waste! Without waste elimination, the body dies! With irregular or inadequate waste elimination, the body gets very ill and weak! And in a spiritual body, what is a primary cause of corruption? Demon spirits! So what would the anus do? Cast out those devils in the Name and with the Authority of Jesus Christ! It takes faith, perseverance, love, authority, discernment, patience, even – temperedness, and not a little bit of physical and emotional stamina! It is a tough job, but someone has to do it!  How are you going to develop that in a spiritual environment where casting out devils is frowned upon as “backwards” and “uncivilized”? But in an edifying spiritual environment, such a person would be EXALTED; much embraced, supported, and sought after, because a GODLY spiritual environment would strive to be clean of corruption no matter what it takes. A GODLY spiritual environment does not deny the power of God. A GODLY spiritual environment would fulfill God’s Word: the first shall be last and the last shall be first, and the person with the highest position should be the servant of the rest! So in a GODLY spiritual environment, the head (the pastor) would give the anus (the one who is most effective at discerning and casting out devils) his parking spot and pitcher of water once he gets inside the building so that this spiritual warrior will have all the strength that he needs for deliverance service! One church eliminates the waste and thrives, the other retains the waste and dies, in both cases head, heart, hair, anus, and all! 

So Believers, do not be deceived. Pick your spiritual environments carefully. And I am not just talking about your church. As a matter of fact, your environment when you are not in church is most important, especially when you consider that the main battleground for each Believer is his own head. Why? Again, free will. What happens in your head is the thing over which you exert the most control. Recall Job! He lost his family, wealth, home, good name, and very health, yet he maintained his integrity (Job 2:3). To be all that God wants you to be, you have to choose the right surroundings. I pray that this day you will give control over that critical area in your life to God, and let Him plant you in the environment that will cause you to grow, flower, bloom, and bring forth fruit. If you do so, then on judgment day God will say to you “Well done my faithful servant, take your place in Heaven among the favored.” 


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please lead your people to eschew evil surroundings and situations and to seek Your Righteousness. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen! 


A demon that works in this area is corruption. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!



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