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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

I Samuel 17:33-37 And Saul said to David, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth. And David said unto Saul, Thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock: And I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him. Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God. David said moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee.In Live The Impossible I stated that the way to start the path of doing great things for the Lord was merely going about seeing what was needed for a Christian to be done and start doing them, and doing so means seeking to surpass that which most every other Christian is capable of doing; to embrace what most other Christians have rejected. To be a world changer and a miracle maker, you cannot follow the crowd … you have to follow the Holy Spirit and be one of the elect. If you take this course and follow the path less traveled, you will encounter so many challenges and so much opposition in your daily work that when it is time for God to use you to work some mighty act, you will be ready.  

Make no mistake: rejecting the easy well – worn path that the religious system offers you is hard work. You are going to have to suffer many things, because it will seem as if you have been rejected and abandoned by both the world and the church. The world is going to resent you because you will not allow them to feel comfortable around them like good mainstream church folk do. You won’t be listening to the same music that they listen to because you will have seen what that violent sexually explicit rebellious stuff does to the kids that you counsel. You will not read the same magazines or look at the same movies that they do because you had to work so long to cast that pornography demon out of someone that you do not even want to go down that road. You will not share in the same gossip or dirty jokes because the power of life and death is in the tongue, and you literally feel and see the death in you and those around you while that mess is being spoken. And that is why the world will reject you. But the church will reject you too. “Who do you think you are? You think that you are better than me? That you are so holy? I am saved just like you, and you sin just like me!”

And when you strike out on your own like that, you are going to need another support system. That old regular church stuff won’t do. You are going to have to immerse yourself in The Word, and in the writings, prayers, and sermons of those who immersed themselves in The Word. Those nice Christian books on the best – seller lists just won’t do anymore. You are going to find yourself in some little Christian bookstore going through the stuff that has been out of print for 30 years that the Holy Spirit is leading you to in order for you to find out some little bit of truth to help you deal with what you are going through; to steel you for the next monster that you are going to take on; the next mountain that God is going to use you to cast into the sea. And you are going to have to do this without being bitter or resentful at either the world or the church folks that you are leaving behind. You are going to have to love and forgive them, and pray for God to change them.  

Now, in the mere course of going through all of those trials and tribulations with all that abuse, rejection, and backstabbing; in the mere course of dealing with all of the tragedies and taking out all of the garbage that church people won’t deal with, you are going to do some amazing things. You are going to see some amazing things. Except that most of the time, you are not going to recognize it. You are going to be so immersed in all of the headache and heartache that you are dealing with and how you get your hands and clothes all dirty while you are out there pulling God’s people out of the cesspool that you are not even seeing the power that you are unleashing. You may even start to allow doubt to creep in; start wondering about how the worldly people are partying and dancing in nightclubs and bars, how the church people are in their nice soft pews in their air conditioned buildings, and how the worldly people and the church people are watching the very same TV shows that everyone says is so entertaining … and sometimes watching them together. You may wonder if you are really doing God’s Will, if you were actually called to do this, or if you are just out there trying to be a super – saint. Well, if that happens, just rebuke and bind that doubt and tell it to go from you in the Name of Jesus Christ!  

Because this is going to happen to you. After you have spent all that time in the trenches dealing with real problems; after you have suffered all that abuse at the hands of those worldly and church people who either ignore those problems or cause them, you are going to have to step up and do something great for God. A lot of times it is going to be right off the bat; an emergency situation that you are going to have to step into with no preparation. It will be “showtime.” Someone near death will need you to lay hands on them. Someone vexed by a devil will need you to cast it out. Some church or worthy community organization will need a huge sum of money to keep its building. Someone will need a word of prophecy to save their marriage or rescue their child. And so on. Everyone else will be running around scared, wondering what is going to happen. Most of them will have already accepted defeat, because that is all they know. As a matter of fact, they have been taught that accepting defeat with dignity and grace is the mark of a “real Christian”; that doing so is being submissive to God’s Will. They have not been taught that God is a God of victory in battle, and being submissive to God’s Will is standing up and allowing Him to work the victory through you! They do not know these things because they have not been through what you have been through. They have not sought the things or the Word from the Lord like you have; they have not set themselves apart; they have not dealt with the dire or hopeless situations. Even the great things that God has done for them and they have seen in the past will not come to their remembrance, because the lifestyle of corruption and defeat that they have been living opens doors to allow Satan and his demons and witches to waltz right in and steal the memory of God’s delivering them and having mercy on them time and time again from their minds.  

But while everyone else has accepted defeat, you are going to step up and embrace victory. Why? Because you will have been living the victory lifestyle. All of the things that you have done in faith for the Lord will be brought to remembrance. All of the demons that you will have cast out. All of the witches that you will have defeated (and converted!). All of the arrows and spears that you have not only dodged, but caught in your hand and thrown back at the enemy and pierced his hide (II Samuel 23:21)! And when you remember all the things that you have done for the Lord by virtue of answering His Call and seeking to do those things that the world – and the church – considers impossible and/or undesirable on a daily basis, this challenge crisis that you are facing will seem like nothing. You will say to yourself “I have laid hands on sicker than this. I have cast out more powerful demons than this. I have used the Word of Faith for a larger amount of money than this. I have counseled people with marriages in worse shape than this. I have had mothers come to me asking the whereabouts of their children, and have not only told them where their child ran off to, but that the reason was that the child was being molested by the mother’s boyfriend and the mother knew and was doing nothing to stop it.” Or even if the things that you have done in the past were actually LESSER than the miracle that you are being asked to perform now, the big miracle that needs to be worked now is no big deal, because the lesser miracles that you worked in the past SEEMED bigger at the time because of the situation that you were in.  

And that is when you are going to be like David facing Goliath. You know, I have to be honest with you, people talk about David and Goliath all the time, well David killing Goliath with a slingshot isn’t a great deal to me. I know that it is a miracle and all, but come on. Goliath was a man, and David was armed with a slingshot that he knew how to use. So you know what was a great deal to me? David killing A BEAR. David killing A LION. David killing a bear AND a lion that attacked at the same time. DAVID KILLING A BEAR AND A LION THAT ATTACKED AT THE SAME TIME WITH NOTHING BUT HIS STAFF AND HIS BARE HANDS! So, of course David knew that if he could kill a bear and a lion with his bare hands at the same time, then he could kill a MAN with his slingshot. When he saw everyone running around singing his name for killing Goliath, he probably said to himself “Look at those people. They have no idea. I wasn’t even in any real danger. All I had to do was get out of the way when he threw his spear. I didn’t even break a sweat. But having to beat and kill a bear AND a lion AT THE SAME TIME! Now THAT was a fight!” 

But the people didn’t know anything about that. See, they weren’t out there with David or like David following the sheep. See, following the sheep was a common activity for a lowly peasant; stuff they sent the little runts out to do. No, they were big men, mighty men, men of war! Fighting war was this great glorious thing that took special people! Never mind that when they went out to fight the war, they had each other’s support and the leadership of the king and the generals, the guidance from the prophets, and the prayers of the priests and the people to help them. Never mind that heathen enemy was just as capable of joining an army and fighting as they were. As a matter of fact, if a stranger had come into Israel and volunteered for
Israel’s army, he would have been allowed. But no, David was out there with the sheep by HIMSELF. No one but him, the sheep, a million bears, lions, and wolves that wanted to scatter and devour the sheep, a bunch of thorns and brambles for the sheep to get caught in, a bunch of hills and mountains for the sheep to fall off, and GOD! So, no, the mighty men of war had never faced a situation where they had to fight off wild animals by themselves to save their sheep. All they knew was the warfare system where they would fight enemy armies as members of armies, or if they had to go hand to hand in individual combat they would be matched against someone of similar strength. In other words, they had to do nothing that required anything extra or super natural. They had to do nothing that caused them to individually rely upon God. Oh, they had the benefit of a king that was following God (that is until God departed from Saul because of Saul’s disobedience) and the prophets and the priests and the praying people, but they did not have to individually step out on faith and face so much as a fox, let alone a bear AND a lion! So they were not prepared to take on Goliath.

But David, by virtue of doing the lowly unglamorous task that everyone else had rejected, by virtue of relying not on any group or system but instead knowing and believing in God as an individual for HIMSELF, and as a result of being battle – hardened in faith by having to rely on God to protect him and his sheep day in and day out, was ready to step up and meet a challenge that men who had been fighting wars for decades ran away from! And that is the secret. If you live the way that God wants you to, totally committed and sold out to Him, doing everything in the Name of His Son, and rejecting all manners of corruption, then you will need a miracle just to make it through each day! Do you know how hard it is just going through each day resisting temptation? I am not talking about being some legalist, but honestly resisting temptation by living in the spirit? Most Christians do not even try it. It is so hard that they walk in agreement with sin; even telling themselves that sin is OK or that it is not sinful; giving themselves over to seducing spirits and conforming to the world. Maybe they aren’t out there stealing, killing, and committing fornication, but they lie. They rant. They lust. They sow discord. They take God’s Name in vain. They covet. They practice witchcraft and idolatry. They are prideful. They give approval and comfort to the sin of others, and they cast stumblingblocks before those who try to live holy. And so on.  If living without sin is impossible for all men except for all except Jesus Christ – who being God also could not sin –  then merely living a lifestyle of rejection of sin through God’s Holy Spirit is such a challenge that merely raising someone from the dead when God wills it ought to be easy by comparison! So, why are not more dead being raised? Because let alone seeking and believing in miracles, but so few Christians are truly willing to merely live a lifestyle of rejection of sin through God’s Holy Spirit. Not only are these Christians not out there killing bears and lions with their bare hands so that they will be ready to face Goliath with a slingshot, but in truth these Christians actually LIVE like Goliath, the uncircumcised Philistine who blasphemed God. And they would rather keep their worldly lifestyle than seek miracles from God; than to seek to allow God to use them to work His miracles through them, and to top it all off they go to a church that either tells them that it is OK, or does not challenge them to do and be different or better.

The prescription is simple, for God makes His ways simple to appeal to the simple and true of heart. If you want to live out a miraculous life for God, do things for God that everyone else rejects. Take the hard way, not the easy way. Reject that which is exalted and glamorous for that which is common and despised. Resist Satan and his evil at all times and in all things. And do these things as an individual before God at all times and in all areas, not just in spurts, in certain areas of your life, or when strengthened by the approval and fellowship of others, even other elect Believers. Did not Jesus Christ do the same? If you do these things, you will be a true Christian (meaning “Christ – like”), and you will see and do miracles daily. Recall John 21:25: “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.” If you keep these things, the same will be said about you, for God will be using you to work miracles every day! 


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please use what seems ordinary and common before men in my daily life to work great miracles so that when the time comes to do what seems glorious and outstanding for men I will be able to do Your Will and cause men to believe and to come to and live for You.  Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is worldliness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you! 


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