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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Mark 5:27 – When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. 

Once again, I am going back to one of my favorite Bible stories, about the woman who had the issue of blood for 20 years and was healed by touching the hem of Christ’s garment. We are taught that it is such a marvelous thing that she was healed and how that should fill us with faith that we too can be healed and receive great things from God. The truth is that there were many great healings and other miracles done in the Bible, and many more have been done not recorded by it. So though it was a great blessing, it was no great work for the pre – existing and self – existing God who created Heaven and Earth out of nothing for no reason other than to suit His Own Pleasure and Purpose to heal this woman. What is exceptional about this woman is not that she was healed, it is that she had faith that she would be. Plenty of sick people heard about Jesus Christ and did not go to Him because they did not think that they would be healed. Now this woman had been sick for so long, had tried the doctors and everything else and it had all failed. Yet the instant she heard of Jesus Christ, she sought Him out and was healed. Why? Because she believed. She believed in Jesus Christ. She believed in God. She believed in the power of God! Did she know that Christ was God in the flesh? Who knows? She may have perceived Him to be a mere prophet. But even prophets had the power of God in them; they had a point of contact with God. So she knew that God could heal her, so she sought either God or her point of contact with God.

And that is the thing. If you are born again through Christ, then you have BOTH God in you (the Holy Spirit) AND a point of contact through God (Jesus Christ). So, you ought to be bringing forth mighty works in your life. And when you do, people ought to see those mighty works and seek you out so that they can have a point of contact with God through you so that God can use you to work mighty things in their’s. Is it happening for you? Why not? It is not because God is not faithful. It is not because God does not heal or work miracles. It is not even because you have sinned or lost faith. Some religious denominations, people, and doctrines may tell you that, but it isn’t true. Everyone born again through Christ and walks after God in faith, submitting their own will and consenting to give up their own power and understanding and surrendering to the Father, is an acceptable vessel through which God’s Power can work to do His Will, including mighty miracles. If you are not doing these mighty things, then it is because A) you have not surrendered and are still trying to do things through your own power or B) you have tried to work the Will of God through faith, experienced demonic opposition (and there will be significant, because the last thing that Satan wants is someone who will submit to God so that God can use them to bring His Spiritual reality to pass in the natural realm and use that reality to destroy the works of Satan and expose Satan for the fraud that he is) and then you quit. Maybe you continued to try to submit to God and walk by faith and quit doing works. Or maybe you continued to do works but quit submitting to God and walking by faith and have gone back to the religious things that you used to know and love and come so easily without any trials, persecution, or oppression. They also come without any demonic opposition, for Satan does not fear religious works. As a matter of fact, he loves them! He helps them along! And why not? If people are not able to produce things and be content with themselves and in the eyes of man through religious works, then they will be vexed and fearful and seek God’s Face so that they might get to where God wants them to be so that they will do His Will. In order to keep people from doing that so that God’s Will be done, Satan erects a smorgasbord of religious activities that will keep you occupied 25 hours a day if you let him!

But you can’t quit. You can’t give up. You cannot throw away what God has already predestined in you: that you be a mighty man of valor; more than a conquereor through Jesus Christ. You cannot sit in church all day and then go home and read your Bible all night about how with His Right Hand (Jesus Christ) God has gotten YOU the victory and then just quit! No, you have to press on! You have to move on! You have to stay in the race! Don’t drop out of the race because you do are not running as fast or do not look as sleek and strong as those religious people galloping by you on the broad way while you are picking and poking your way on the narrow path towards the stait gate! If it was easy, then it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Just like it wasn’t easy for this woman. The devil wanted her to die in her affliction. And he certainly did not want her to be healed so that she would provide still more evidence that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. So he put up all sorts of distractions and barriers in her way. But she didn’t give up. Despite the weakness in her flesh and taking the risk of being stoned under the law for touching a rabbi while being unclean, she pressed forward. She KNEW that her God would protect her from being stoned. She KNEW that she would get through eventually. And she KNEW that she would get healed. Now listen to me. Do not fall into this religious nonsense again. Religion will tell you that she HOPED that God would keep her from being stoned. That she HOPED that she would get through eventually. That she HOPED that she would get healed. And that when she received what she HOPED for, then it was like she hit some spiritual lottery. Please.

Religious people tell you that because, though religious people’s works are easy, they STILL do not accomplish them. They STILL often bite off more than they can chew, and they STILL fail to reach the prize because of the weakness in their flesh (yes, they STILL give up). So, in order to insulate their emotions and cover themselves in the face of their failures, they will tell themselves, tell you, and tell the unsaved in order to maintain their appearance of virtue: “Well, it was only a HOPE. God did not see fit to grant this thing to us. Oh well, maybe God’s plan all along was for us  to learn something by trying and failing.” Again, that is the religious way. But THE TRUE WAY is to surrender your will. To cast aside your desire to do vain works. To renounce the spirits of sloth, jealousy, bitterness, low self – esteem, envy, jealousy, pride, fear, competition, and doubt that motivated your flesh to choose that work anyway! Why did

Church try to buy that new building anyway? Because First Presbyterian Church did, everyone is going to their church, and you want them to come to your church because “Baptist doctrine is superior to Presbyterian doctrine”; you’re doing it for the people! Why did you seek the ability to speak in tongues anyway? Because Brother Terry and Sister Mary spoke in tongues over their finances until their bills were paid and they got a new house, plus Pastor Billy said on TV that you need to be able to speak in tongues to be assured of your salvation! So when

Church never raises the money to get that church, or when you never speak in tongues, you say, well it was a HOPE. Why? Because it was coming from your flesh to begin with, and your ability to raise money to buy that new building or to speak in tongues was relying your own efforts; either your ability to hustle money everyplace you can find it or your willingness to emulate and mimic some meaningless utterance. So when you fail, you need an excuse to maintain your appearance of righteousness before yourself and the world.

But if you have the desire to attain the mind of God, if you have the ability to put on and walk in Christ, any matter that God desires to do, it shall be done. There is no HOPE in it. It shall be done, and the very gates of hell cannot prevent it! You just need to PERSEVERE until that that flesh, your desire to take the easy way and your lust for your own glory and justification in your own eyes and the eyes of men, your agreement of the world, is broken. You need to PERSEVERE until you find out what is truly the Will of God. And then you need to PERSEVERE until you find out how God wnats you to accomplish that Will. And then you need to PERSEVERE until it is done. Now, a lot of times, the way you PERSEVERE is by DOING NOTHING. That is right. You can PERSEVERE by DOING NOTHING! See, if you get up and do something, it is your flesh. The works of your flesh can and do hinder the Will of God! But a lot of times, if you just do NOTHING so that you do not pollute a holy pure divine situation with your impatience, your arrogance, your bitterness, your hatred, your jealousy, your lust, your gossip, or your fear, then what God has already willed shall come to pass without your doing nothing at all but sitting still and letting it happen! How? Through FAITH! In a lot of situations, God does not even need a man to do anything but just have faith! He does not need someone to do! He may not even need someone to speak, pray, or even think! He just needs someone to sit still and have faith that He is God and that because He is God everything is going to be all right, and just by doing that you are someone that the Holy Spirit will select for this purpose. If you will just sit and be still and surrender, God will use you to accomplish things without you having any concept of what is being done. That is why those religious demons are always around to keep you busy. If you are kept busy with vain works that make you feel so proud and full of yourself when you get done (either you will “succeed” or “be happy that you tried”), then you will never just sit down, be quiet, submit,  and commune with God to learn His Will. It is very hard to do, and you must PERSEVERE to do it. Of course there are things that God has for you that need your action in order to accomplish them. But how can you get up and do things for God if you have never learned how to sit down and do things for Him? Can you walk before you crawl? Can you eat meat before you are weaned of milk? Can you do algebra and calculus without learning to count? You see what things that Abraham, David, Moses, and even Jesus Christ had to go through before they were ready to begin their active servitude to the Lord. Yes Christ, who lest we forget lived 30 years, was baptized by John, and fasted 40 days before He performed His first miracle. And yet Mary knew that He could perform that miracle at her request even though He had never performed one before. Why? Because SHE KNEW THAT HE WAS GOD JUST LIKE THE INFORM WOMAN DID!

And you know who is best at doing this? LITTLE CHILDREN! Little children have faith, because though they are born in sin they are not corrupted by experience, by things that they hoped for that did not happen. It is not as if every child’s every wish gets realized. It is that when they wish for something and it does not come true, they move on to the next thing. It takes many years of many broken promises and failed expectations (especially by their PARENTS) before their childlike faith gets ruined. So they have faith. And they are not going to go out and try to do it themselves, or something religious in its place either. Why? Because they are little kids. They know that in their limited state they can’t do much. So all they do is wait and believe what they want will come to pass. Now if we people in the church can get these little kids SAVED and then teach them about the things of God, then who knows how many great things God will use them to do! As a matter of fact, who knows how many great things God are using kids to do already!

So I am here today to tell you that God is going to use Him to do great things. They may not seem great to you. As a matter of fact, you usually will not even be aware that they are going on; you may not seem to be DOING anything. But get this: when you aren’t DOING anything is when God is using you the most when you are at the early stages of surrendering your will so that you can seek and do God’s Will. And like I said, it isn’t easy, but the key is not to give up. The key is not to quit. The key is not to turn to the right side and say that God cannot use you or is not using you just because you do not see the way or see what you have done (which you won’t until or unless you have discernment into the spirit realm). The key is not to turn to the left side and settle for the religious works that earn you the acclaim of men but offend God and plant corrupt seed that will bring forth bitter fruit that multitudes that you will never eat will see for generations after you have gone. I am serious: how else do ministries built on false doctrines grow, thrive, and mushroom were it not for the vain religious works of men? Everyone who has ever toiled in some “Jesus Only” anti – trinitarian movement or in some movement that has encouraged people to abstain from marriage, meat, and drink; has denied the truth of the Bible; has worshipped Mary and the host of heaven, or what have you … they might have brought forth great human accomplishments that earned them the acclaim of men and made them feel good inside, but in the end it was just something else that deceived people into thinking that their false churches were legitimate ones. No, good friend in Christ, the key is to not give up. To keep pressing through that spiritual temptation, the desires of the flesh, the doubt, the fear, the failure, and the vain religions and works just like that woman did through the press. Like she ignored the fear of being stoned, ignore the fear that you are a dry useless branch that will be cast into the chaff unless you just get out do something – anything! Yes, devils will tell you that in order to strike fear into you so that you will take the easy way out and go somewhere that God hasn’t sent you in lieu of staying where God will speak to you. And like she knew that her breakthrough was coming because God was in Christ, know that God is using you because Christ is in you!

So, brother or sister in Christ, I intreat you … NEVER GIVE UP! Keep surrendering, keep submitting, keep sitting still, keep living by faith and confessing your faith and testimony, keep knowing that it is already done until you get to the point where God is using you. And when you get to that point, stay there so God can use you some more. God will keep you right where He wants you to be until He tells you to rise, get up, and be about my business! And when that day happens, do not delude yourself into thinking that you are accomplishing anything more than you did when the Lord had you still, and thereby become so puffed up with pride that you will be offended and resist when God tells you to be still again, or even if God tells you to do something that you think that you ought not do. Rather, rejoice in that God bestowed His Grace upon you through His Son so that you were acceptable to be used by Him in the time, place, and manner that He saw fit. 


Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may your children not give up until or settle for anything less than reaching the perfection that you desire in them as a result of their learning to submit, surrender, and live by faith alone. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.   Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is frustration. When people are not doing the things that they believe that they ought, they tend to try to force things, sometimes out of a sincere desire to do God’s Will and to help people, but often to justify their own salvation and power. Religion then steps in to either tell people that great works are not possible, or it gives them the wrong way to accomplish great works (whether they be of men or of God). So, the man or woman of God gets frustrated and quits trying to do great things for God. Ironically, when the person quits trying to do things themselves, that is the perfect time for them to give up their own efforts and let God take over. But the demon of frustration needs to be bound and hindered so that when they give up their own efforts, that they do not give up on doing things for God entirely or choose the easy religious soulish method, but instead receive the Word from the God that they must surrender and live by faith so that God Himself can do the works THROUGH THEM. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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