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Cut Out The Cancer

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Leviticus 15:31 – Thus shall ye separate the children of Israel from their uncleanness; that they die not in their uncleanness, when they defile my tabernacle that is among them.

As difficult as it may be, we Christians MUST start getting back to the Bible. The Bible tells us over and over again not to socialize with the hard – hearted, profane, and unsaved (Psalm 1) unless we are trying to evangelize them(I Corinthians 10). But not only are we associating with the boldly rebellious against God’s Word, partaking in their profane blasphemies for amusement’s sake, but we are allowing them to stay in the church. Witches, child and spouse abusers, thieves, homosexuals, the effeminate, adulterers, fornicators, liars, gossipers, racists, all are allowed to defile the sanctuaries of the Most High God in our churches. I am not just talking about the “liberal” churches, but also the “fundamentalist” and “evangelical” churches. You have these “megachurches” where everyone knows that people are going there to see some famous preacher as if it is some sort of social and cultural event like a football game, concert, or art show, and their membership rolls are into the tens of thousands, with no one making any attempt to monitor the spiritual conditions or commitment to living holy for Jesus Christ among the members. Now I know that you can’t stop people from coming to your church, and you also cannot have a church filled with busybodies, snoops, and accusers. But these people CAN challenge both their members and the celebrity – seekers attracted by their TV shows and huge buildings from the pulpit. I am not talking about gay – bashing ruminating against “the abortion industry”: though those things are incontrovertibly sins, they are easy targets, and by only marginalizing the people who sin in the areas of “hot button issues”, the “conservative religious right” has allowed other sins and spirits to take root, and the result is that fundamentalist evangelical conservative Christians have children out of wedlock, get divorced, have abortions, and commit fornication/adultery/homosexuality in rates as high as or higher than those in the general population! But no, were these megapreachers to start challenging their congregations on a regular basis concerning their failure to daily keep that which is explicitly given to them in the Bible, then we would start seeing the separation from the sheep and the goats. And once that starts happening, the pastor should start demanding that anyone who can confirm the case of someone living in sin and refusing to change in the mouth of two or more witnesses of church members, then they should be brought before the church and disciplined. And when that is done, the people who brought their brother up on charges should be asked if THEY have any beams in their own eyes, any sin that they are living in that they will not or cannot get out of. And if a pastor starts doing that, then his church won’t be a megachurch anymore.

And this is not to pick on megachurches. If anything, it should be easier to demand holiness from the medium – sized and small churches, but they aren’t doing that either. Most churches do not even emphasize the basic things such as showing kindness, mercy, and love to one another and simple evangelization techniques such as going to streetcorners and handing out tracts (yes, “the great commission” is a fundamental part of being a Christian; Christianity 101).  But no one is doing it. It seems that we do not want to offend anybody. Even though that is naive and short – sighted, for if we truly loved someone we would want them to stop sinning and giving demons of all sort legal right to torment them and all that they have, it is not the REAL REASON. The real reason is nowhere near as honorable; indeed it is totally selfish and reveals how so many Christians fail to either love God with all their mind, soul, and strength or to love their neighbor as themselves. That real reason is that Christians to not want to be offended! They do not want to be known as “intolerant.” “Extremists.” “Holy – rollers.” “Holier than thou.” “Hypocrites.” And the dreaded “outside the mainstream.” Any megachurch that demands of its congregants to actually fulfill God’s Word would be held up for international condemnation and ridicule. A smaller church that does the same would see its members shunned by the community, including its family and friends, lose their jobs and businesses, and be kicked out of any denomination. And that is just the worldly persecution. The spiritual persecution, the very gates of hell being set against the church and its members, would be immense(Revelation 2:12 – 13). People in the modern church are not even willing to suffer public rejection, let alone spiritual persecution. What is more, the denominations and the pastors are not even educating or cultivating them with the notion that they SHOULD suffer such things (Hebrews 2:10).

Now do not get me wrong, I am not talking about these legalistic false churches that preach a form of Godliness while denying the power thereof. Those churches and the people in them have no problem surviving and thriving in the world, and the only persecution that they face is punishment which they inflict on themselves and the demons that they themselves invite into their churches and lives and live with. There are some examples in certain nations where these “churches” get labeled “cults” (which let us face it, they are), and the government rightfully cracks down on them to stop them from spreading, but that is nothing compared to real persecution that any group of people come together on one accord to worship God in spirit and in truth will face.

But it is something in these last and evil days that true churches and real Christians must start demanding and doing: demanding righteousness of themselves and others and separating themselves from those who steadfastly refuse. Why? Because people who refuse to live holy yet call themselves Christians and church members are, for lack of a better term, a cancer on the Body of Christ. If you know anything about cancer, it is not something that is natural to a body, but rather is an invader, a disease. It starts out as a small group of sick cells, and it spreads, damaging and killing off healthy cells. In order to treat cancer, you must experience pain. There must be drug and radiation treatments to kill the weak cancer cells, and surgery to physically cut the strong cancer cells that survive the radiation and drugs out of the body. But it is necessary to save the rest of the body from being consumed and killed by the cancer.

Now of course, the true body of Christ is not in any danger. But our refusal to rid our churches and our personal friendships of people that we know are committed to living in sin can and does cause a great deal of harm to both churches and individual believers. First off, it removes the power that comes whenever two or three are gathered together in God’s Name; the people are no longer gathered together on one accord with common purpose, but rather different agendas that are introduced. Therefore, it is very hard for the Holy Spirit to truly manifest and be felt in power by all who are present. Second, people who call themselves Christians but are not even TRYING to keep that which Christ commanded them offend God greatly. Third, it is a contaminant. People get used to being around sin and sinners and it desensitizes them to it. They stop hating sin, and pretty soon though they might not commit it, they begin to enjoy looking at it and gossiping about it. And once those gossip, busybody, voyeurism, and curiosity spirits concerning sin start working in the church, it leads to other sins. It is just like how everyone who tries to educate people against drug use reminds you that no one starts out with cocaine, PCP, or LSD. It starts with alcohol, then it progresses to smoking, then it progresses to marijuana, then it goes to ecstasy, and THEN you get to the “hard stuff.” Well, in a church, it starts with tolerating adulterers in the church and among your social circle, then it moves to gossiping about the adultery, then it moves to lying about the adultery to prevent the spouses – your friends! – from finding out (making you a liar PLUS an accomplice), then it moves to contemplating the adultery and whom you might commit it with and whether you could use the same techniques to hide it from your spouse as your “friends” and “parishioners” are, and shortly you will find yourself in bed with a person of the opposite (or same) sex that is not your spouse. It sounds ridiculous when you consider natural human behavior, but you must realize that Christians, whether they acknowledge it or not, do not exist in the natural. Instead, everything is spiritual, and evil spirits attack Christians harder than they attack anyone else. And why not? Why waste energy on people who aren’t trying to do things for God, and do not have the power to bind, rebuke, cast out, discern, and war against them? It would be one thing if you were in the presence of adulterers trying to get them to change their evil ways, but if you are just hanging around watching them destroy themselves and their families with their sin for your own amusement, or if you are allowing them to defile the church because you want to be “nonconfrontational” and “a church open to everyone so that we can help each other and deal with each other’s problems”, then you are giving the very demons that they are dealing with legal right to hang around you, and if they hang around you long enough, then they will find an opening to enter. Look, Jesus Christ Himself said that if you look at a woman lustfully, it is as if you have committed the sin of adultery. Well, in this wicked culture that we live in where men and women expose and flaunt their bodies and sexuality as if they were some sort of flag or badge. Now you are already going to have an unredeemed mind and unconsecrated lifestyle by virtue of choosing to associate with sinners against God’s Word and Will, so you are not going to have the spiritual power or discipline to live in this culture without seeing something or someone that is going to make you desire it. When that happens, that adultery demon that you have allowed to hang around has an opening and a legal right to exercise it.

And it really isn’t just sexual sin, violence, greed and theft, or idolatry, though those are huge problems. A much bigger problem is just a plain old lack of love and compassion. A lot of the churches have gotten so cold and impersonal, you walk in and all you see is a bunch of icy stares. This actually used to make a bit of CARNAL sense back in the day when people came to church in their “Sunday best”, and there was this “don’t step on my shined shoes, wrinkle my silk shirt, or smudge my makeup trying to hug me” nonsense going on – as well as looking down on people who do not meet the standard of dress – but now that people feel free to walk into God’s House dressed as if they are ready for a day of field labor, I have no idea what the problem is. Actually, I do: hate! Where there is no light, darkness reigns, and where pastors do not demand that their congregation plant seeds of love, tares of hate and selfishness will grow. Now if love covers a multitude of faults (I Peter 4:8) then the lack of it is a beacon call for a whole bunch of sins and all of the demons that come with it. 

THAT is why you can have a “fundamentalist evangelical” church that preaches against divorce, abortion, and homosexuality every Sunday where half the church is divorced and the number of people who have had abortion or are homosexuals are the same as everywhere else, and of course if the congregation is this messed up and the pastors allow it, then the church is not going to be effective at evangelizing anyone except those who want to come to the church just so they can find someone to commit adultery with, and that is because the adultery demons are attracting them to where all the other adultery demons are. Now the very sad thing is that a lot of people who KNOW that they have problems with adultery, homosexuality, gossiping, lying, addiction, gambling, compulsive behavior, pornography, and hatred come to church looking for help. They come to church looking to make a change, and the first thing they see when they walk into the house of God looking to be made righteous is a bunch of hateful people staring daggers through them, with a few of them managing fake smiles. If that doesn’t send them running out the door, they join the church and immerse themselves into the same pit of sin and demons as they were in when they were out in the world, and become twice the sons of hell that they were before they joined the church (Matthew 23:15). All because the pastor won’t develop love in his church.

It all starts with love. Love is light, and light drives out darkness. If the pastor demands of his church that they love God, love each other, and show it, then people who do not have love in their hearts and are just along for the ride will be forced to leave, because light and darkness cannot coexist. And if people love God, they will not provoke Him by hanging out in agreement with sinners when they can be GOOD by themselves and find fellowship with their righteous brethren plus quiet time with God and be more content and filled with peace than they ever were hanging out in snakepits, pigpens, and vicious circles. And if they love each other, they will not allow each other to dwell and perish in sin, but will try to counsel them and failing that will bring them before the church leaders for reprove and rebuke. And they will so love the spirit and presence of the Lord when they come to church to fellowship that it will grieve them when unpenitent sinners block the moving of the Holy Spirit with their presence and hardened hearts.

Christ is Love, and by Christ’s stripes we were healed. So if you preach Christ in your church, if you preach love, then that is like the drug (chemotherapy) and radiation treatment for cancer that I spoke of earlier: the less determined sinners in the congregation will either change or leave. And for the hardened sinners, the people who are so filled with demons that they won’t leave despite their torment, or perhaps they are being used by Satan unknowingly (or knowingly, do not doubt that it happens) to destroy and discredit churches so that the sheep will be scattered and demoralized, then that is when you need to become a surgeon and CUT the cancer out. That is when it is time for CHURCH DISCIPLINE of the sort that Jesus Christ Himself practiced when He drove the moneychangers out of the temple. When people ask you what right does a pastor have to kick people out of a church, or what right a member has to take a person before the pastor since “we are not to judge since all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”, then we can answer them with I Corinthians 5:4 – 6. What is I Corinthians 5:4 – 6? Find out for yourself. I bet that you have never heard anyone preach it. Love is our shield, it is our buckler, it is our sword, it is our tank, it is our rifle, it is our atomic bomb. If we live in and show true love, Godly love, towards God and our fellowservants, then that sin and the demons that feed off and cause them will have no choice but to FLEE FROM THE POWER OF GOD! And is that not what we want? If you want anything less, then you have no love for God our your fellow man, let alone yourself.

If we just start back demanding LOVE in the church and not suffering anyone who refuses to show LOVE in our midst, then all of the other problems will go away. We will start to talk to and counsel one another. We will ask for one another’s help and support. We will stop gossiping against one another and destroying one another with evil words. We will stop mingling in people’s sins, becoming fascinated by them, and ultimately committing them. And we will stop defending those sins because “they are good church folks like us.” Now again, cancer is a disease, caused by exposure to viruses or dangerous chemicals. Well, if the cancer is sinful people in the church,  the virus or dangerous chemical is the lack of love. That makes love the antidote. When Christ said that “we are the salt of the earth”, you have to realize that salt was used for more than seasoning food back then: it was used for MEDICINE. People would pour salt on wounds to cleanse them and to kill infections. But if we lack love, then our salt loses its savor; or its medicinal value; it can no longer cleanse or disinfect wounds, and therefore we are no longer able to please God or help or show anyone else how to. So like the salt that can only be cast out and stepped on, God has no choice but to cast loveless Christians from the Body of Christ! The cancer must go so that the Body of Christ can live, and if we do not accomplish this task for God in this life, then God will CERTAINLY do it on judgment day. And you had better believe that there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, and a good part of it will be from the pastors who refused to teach love for the purposes of removing the cancer from their churches, and members who allowed themselves to become cancerous cells by helping sin spread with their hate, lies, gossip, destructive words, and being consenting to the sinful actions of sinners.
Do not let it happen to you. Start living for and demanding love in your church, and if they will not heed you, then find a church that will.


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please lead Your Believers to remove evildoers from the Body of Christ with the Power of Your Love. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


The demons that work in this area are worldliness and lack of love.  Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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