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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

I Corinthians 12:14-18 For the body is not one member, but many. If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where were the smelling? But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him. 

One of the problems that was tempting the Corinthian church was that everyone wanted to be a bigshot in his own eyes and in the eyes of others. They all sought after spiritual gifts that would cause others to marvel at them and make them men of great esteem and reputation, and hence they would use their power, esteem, and reputation to advance themselves. In other words, they were acting like Holy Spirit – filled Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes. Were these people seeking to know and love God and to help each other, they would have accepted roles given to them. Not only that, some of them would have seen an area that was lacking and tried to fill it. But when your goal is personal greatness, then you are going to act in contradiction to the desire of God and the interests of the church, and of course in your own interests as well. 

Watchman Nee once stated that a major tragedy in the church is that so many people with prominent positions in the church owe their standing to natural ability and not spiritual power. This, of course, is due to the fact that so many people who seek service and positions in the church do so because of their desire for high standing and not service to the Lord. Virtually everyone wants to be the big fish, whether it is in a small pond or a big one. Even the ones who resign themselves to being little fish do so grudgingly, and pass up no opportunity to nip at the big fish when it is afforded. Not that the big fish in and of themselves oft do not deserve to be nipped, but if the nipping is coming out of the wrong motivation and spirit – meaning one of jealousy rather than one of a desire to do God’s Will and to see it done – then the nipper is the bigger problem and have more to answer to before God than the nipped. In reality, both the nipped and the nipper are of the flesh, but where the nipped will only have to answer for his issues to God, the nipper will certainly have his own flesh issues added to his jealousy.  

This is true not only of a person who perceives himself as being a less glamorous member of the Body; a toe instead of a heart. This particularly applies to envyings between those different individuals of the same member. After all, some toes are going to be bigger than others, but in a lot of cases most everyone will want to be the big toe, and the smaller toes will work to equal, supplant, or topple the big toe, or at the very minimum grumble against the big toe and give halfhearted efforts as little toes. This is especially sad when the big toe owes his status not to his great spiritual gifts but rather to natural ability. Meanwhile, a smaller toe can have real spiritual gifts that never get applied to their fullest because it spurns its status as a small toe and is working to hinder or compete with the big toe rather than to advance his own ministry. Of course, God will uphold growth and esteem from a person who exhibits such folly. But rather than admit his own lack of virtue for the stagnating ministry, the little toe will A) blame God for making him a little toe and B) blame the big toe for siphoning off the resources that he needed for HIS ministry. The little toe fails to realize A) he would have had more than enough resources for his ministry had he just loved God first and his neighbor rather than seeking gain and settling for bitterness and B) the very reason why God made him a little toe was because God knew that toe’s potential and character, and hence made him a little toe because little will be required of little toes. Giving someone who is only cut out to be a little toe because of the small measure of that person’s faith and character a big toe’s responsibility will only result in the failure and destruction of the person, and it is not God’s Will that any fail and be destroyed, but rather all succeed and be saved. So, it was for your own good that God did not make you into a bigshot, but you are so full of jealousy and rebellion that you cannot see it.  

Well, quit boxing with God, Believer, your arms are too short. As a matter of fact, your arms are not even long enough to box with that big fish that you are nipping at. Even if that big fish feels your nips, he is laughing it off and counting it all for joy because he know that he is still more blessed than you will ever be until you submit to God and allow Him to cast that jealousy demon out of you so that God can use you. If you would only humble yourself and let God do with you what He will, He can and will use you for great things! 

How so? Well, consider an agriculturally inclined couple. The wife is assertive and ambitious with great managerial and business skills, but not particularly detail – oriented or possessing great hands – on skill or tendencies. So, she runs a 15,000 acre plantation growing cash crops: cotton, peanuts, potatoes, wheat, and corn. Things that you can just plant in the ground with a tractor, water by irrigation, protect from pests with crop – dusting airplanes, harvest with machines, and reap profits. Suppose that as the result of the large amount of land that she owns, the huge number of people that she has working for her, the efficiency and technological prowess of her operation, and huge profits she becomes very wealthy, powerful, and famous: a leader in her field and a force to be reckoned with. And get this: her success is not due to her being exceptionally skilled or knowledgeable with plants, but rather her business traits. In truth, she knows nothing more about plants than any other farmer.

Now consider her husband. He lacks her drive, ambition, business sense, and education. But he has excellent knowledge about plants. He has a keen eye, is extremely patient, has cunning hands, and a genuine concern for each plant in his care. But instead of running a large plantation with cash crops, he dedicates himself to a small collection of rare, fragile herbs with medicinal qualities. Without just the right sunlight, water, and nutrients, and without vigilant protection from insects and weeds, the small collection of herbs will surely perish. But the leaves, stems, and roots from those herbs are very useful in helping people who have diseases that the scientific medical community is having a hard time treating! Not only that, through hard work and dedication, the husband has developed a procedure that other people who wish to cultivate these herbs can replicate! That will allow doctors and nutritionists to follow his methods to create more herbal remedies for more sick people, and also to grow plants for scientists to study to try to figure out its healing properties! The scientists ultimately discover the drug in the herb that has the medicinal value; the same drug is present in another herb in much lower concentrations, but that herb can be easily grown in large quantities (i.e. on a plantation), so where it would take 100 of the common hardy herbs to equal the medicinal value of 1 fragile rare herb, it is easier to grow 100,000 common hardy herbs (i.e. on his wife’s plantation) than it is to grow 1 fragile rare herb. So healing will come to many more sick people! Of course, the doctors, scientists, and nutritionists will get all the credit for their discoveries, and his wife will get the credit for growing the common herb as a cash crop, but it was all made possible by the husband’s patient detailed skilled work in learning how to take care of the herbs. 

Now, which one is greater, the husband or the wife? In truth, neither is. The husband’s role is to meet the difficult specialized needs of the few; sick people who need a special fragile herb and healthcare professionals and scientists who need to grow the herb on a larger scale. But the wife meets the routine needs of the many by generating what is needed for their daily meals, including the meals of the sick people who need the medicinal herb and the professionals who need to mass produce it. Now, what if the husband had spurned his role and not developed his gift? He would have never been able to grow the herbs to help the few sick people; he would have never been able to develop the procedure to allow others who are less skilled to grow the herb, which ultimately led to the medicine in the fragile herb being extracted from the hardy herb and becoming a common remedy. Furthermore, it would have caused tension between the husband and wife, leading to their divorce! 

Now let us extrapolate this into the

Kingdom of
Heaven. The wife represents the pastor of a megachurch. Her ministry is not that deep spiritually because it grows not because of her spiritual gifts but rather her great marketing skills, magnetic personality, and entertaining services, and when her ministry started growing she got caught up in it and chose church growth over seeking more spiritual depth. Yet she is a dedicated servant of God who shall not be moved despite criticisms of her ministry, she refuses to allow herself and her flock to be exploited for political or economic gain by opportunists, continues to get many people saved and her personality inspires many people to do many great works and more still to hang on, and as for the celebrity – seekers, fake Christians, Christmas Christians, and hangers – on; well she lets the wheat and tare grow together and does a credible job of protecting the wheat by praying for them daily and appointing strong officers over thousands, over hundreds, over fifties, and over tens as did Moses per the wise counsel of Jethro (Exodus 18). So, she and her ministry are going to be all right no matter what, so therefore God saw fit to make her a big toe because despite her flaws she was still a woman worthy of five talents able to multiply what God had given her (Matthew 25:14-30)! 

Now let us talk about the husband. He represents the pastor of a small storefront church. He does not have great marketing skills or a magnetic personality, and to be honest his services could use a bit more spark. And he lacks the organizational ability to run a large church because he takes on too much for himself. He is so concerned with weeding out the tares that the wheat picks up and leaves for a less demanding spiritual environment (his wife’s church). And to tell the truth, he is a bit emotional and thus ill – suited to handle the criticisms that would come from running a big church, and would be a vulnerable target for the politicians and the salesmen because he is a bit naïve. But you know what? The fellow immerses himself in The Word. He studies The Word, listens to The Word, and studies and listens to things about The Word so much that he really believes it. And then he goes out and does what he believes, and it comes to pass! Things are going on in his little storefront church that even most dedicated Bible – believing Christians would have a hard time accepting even if they did see it! And those things are needed to, for the congregation is really rough; people bound by everything and anything. Drug dealers and addicts. Prostitutes. Liars. Scorners. Runaway kids living on the street. Self – seekers who joined the church because they could not get a position in any other church. The fearful. People who have been hurt by false prophets and teachers. People who were molested as children and are homosexuals with multiple personalities. People who used to be molesters. People who cannot hold jobs. Burned out cops with innocent blood on their hands, and retired military personnel with even more. Witches who joined the church trying to destroy it but wound up seeing that God was more powerful than Satan after all. And even someone who got a sex change operation, still wasn’t happy, and then came to the church wanting to be saved. And they are all not only getting redeemed, but are experiencing supernatural events on a regular basis, and going out and starting their own ministries using the spiritual power in The Word that they learned from the pastor! And that motivates the pastor to try even harder, to study even more, to pray even more. And when that happens, he gets a breakthrough! An angel proclaiming that Christ is the Risen Son of God (the pastor gets tempted by many fake angels so he always tries the spirit, and commands all who will not proclaim Christ as the Risen Son of God to immediately leave in the Name of that same Christ, and they have to obey and leave) comes with a Word from I AM THAT I AM on a healing doctrine. This healing doctrine has always been present in the Bible, but it has been hidden until these last days, when the saints would need to rely on it and avoid seeking the worldly physicians, who have now all integrated witchcraft into their practices. The pastor preaches the doctrine, the people practice it, and all who believe are healed, even of deadly diseases! So, the pastor puts out a little tape series and pamphlet with his meager resources on the doctrine and the testimonials. (One of his members offered to create a website for it, but the pastor wanted to do it himself, couldn’t figure it out, and gave up.) And you know what, one of the pastor’s former members that left the storefront for the megachurch because the storefront was a bit too demanding and dry (but still has an attachment for her former church because, you know, it WAS the one that cast those seven devils out of her) has a position at the megachurch. As a matter of fact, ALL of the people who left the storefront church have positions at the megachurch because no one else at the megachurch knows The Word or the Power of the Holy Spirit or the Nature of God like they do, and you know, it was causing trouble at the megachurch but the pastor lady started interceding in prayer along with her captains and God handled it for her. And so the former member of the storefront church who is now an officer at the megachurch runs across the tape series and the pamphlet with the new healing doctrine. The pastor lady prays, God tells her that it is real, she tries it, AND IT WORKS! So she is able to use her status as an internationally known megachurch pastor to promote that healing doctrine to Believers all over the world! The writers in the church turn the pamphlet into a best – selling novel. Her megachurch studios produce a CD, DVD, theatrical movie, and the “Healing Man!” children’s cartoon series.  

The doctrine that was given to the little toe is proclaimed throughout the world by the big toe: millions are miraculously healed and millions more accept Christ! Such would happen if the members of the Body of Christ would cease being modern – day Corinthians and start being as the

church of
Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-10) and just see it start happening! Believers, love your portion in the Body of Christ today. Love it because it is in Christ and of Christ, and if it is your portion then you are in Christ and of Christ, and therefore you are not only blessed because of it, but a blessing because of it! Are you not content, indeed THRILLED, to be a blessing to the world rather than a corruptor of it as are all who are not in Christ? Is not fulfilling the Will of God, being someone that God can use and count on, helping God’s Anointed by being their support and facilitator, and bringing new people into the Body of Christ good enough for you? How would you have liked to have been the person who carried David’s armor and spear? Such duties were given to young teenage boys who probably were not held in high esteem when compared to the mighty men of war. But without an armorbearer, how was David going to b prepared to lead and fight on the battlefield? The same of Simon the Cyrenian, who bore Christ’s cross because the 100% human portion of Christ was too weak after receiving the 39 stripes by which we are healed. Simon the Cyrenian was not Simon Peter, but without Simon the Cyrenian how goes Christ get to
Golgotha to die for the sins of both Simon the Cyrenian AND Simon Peter, AND for everyone else for that matter? Do not seek a greater portion, but instead seek to be the greatest for your God in your portion. 


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please cause the envyings and strifes to pass from the Body of Christ. May each member of the Body of Christ know his role, embrace it, and do it according to Your Will, Honor, and Glory, and therein be made content by The indeed.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Deliverance:

The demons that work in this area are jealousy, envy, vanity, covetousness, self – seeking, and delusions of self – importance. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!