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Come Out Of The CHRISTIAN Closet

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Psalm 107:2 – Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy.

We Christians must declare our faith in word AND deed. We must be naked, bold, and unashamed in declaring not only who we are, but what we believe and what it means. That is the first half of what Psalm 107:2 means. If you belong to the Lord, say it! Tell people! Why not? Everyone else does it! As a matter of fact, the very reason that everyone else does it is a reason why we should! From the various racial and ethnic groups to people with political beliefs to fans of sports, music, and hobbies, you can see these people shouting the things in which they believe, support, and serve from the rooftops. They do so fearlessly, with conviction, without regard for what anyone else thinks or fear that they are offending anyone else or infringing upon their rights. As a matter of fact, many of these specifically target their outward expressions of support towards those with opposing views! And among the most brazen are those who promote and defend lifestyles that are antithetical to that of the Christian walk. And the people who do not promote and defend their beliefs in the streets or in stadiums and conventions, they push them elsewhere, such as in university halls, government buildings, classrooms, newspapers and magazines, movies, and TV shows. No matter what the belief, you have someone willing to use this nation’s vast infrastructure to promote it, enact it, and win others over to their cause. These people are getting their message out and winning converts, and usually it is the message of sin winning converts to Satan’s kingdom. It is the duty of God’s people to counteract it with our own message, which is the message of Christ.

But there is this coordinated campaign out there to silence Christians. This campaign comes from no place but the kingdom of Satan himself. He knows that if the saints are silent in public and willing to keep their own counsel and mind their own affairs that he can pretty much have free reign to pursue and torment everyone else. So, from outside the church we are pressured to keep religion separate from – yet subject to – all else. We are told that we must be respectful of other beliefs. We are told that we must keep silent in order to keep from offending people. We are told that we must fit in and act just as everyone else does, lest we make others feel uncomfortable. The reason why this is done so that people will remain ignorant of God, especially the power, wrath, and judgment of God. Satan is silencing the saints to close the eyes, ears, and hearts of potential converts lest they be converted; to win the battle over souls without having to fire a shot. And it is far too easy to convince saints that it is more important to maintain their own individual salvation and the affairs of their places of worship than it is to declare their faith to the lost. Such people have delusions of grandeur about their own importance and that of their own religious doctrine or institution. Such people believe that THEY are the way, the truth, and the light. They think that if their particular church, congregation, or way falls, then the entire world will go straight to hell! They do not have faith that God will provide for them if they would only seek his will. They do not realize that God AND his people existed before their life on this earth began and will cease after it ends … and end it will!

People like this get tired of swimming upstream against the prevailing wickedness of the world, of fighting the enemy on his turf using the name, power, and authority given them through Christ … to bind and loose on earth and in heaven. They are unwilling to go forth and reclaim God’s territory. Instead, they take the path of least resistance. They stay within the bounds that Satan has put them in, and do not even push back. If they do choose to fight, they settle for ineffective carnal means, like voting. Now I have no problem with voting; as a matter of fact I believe that it is the duty of every Christian to use every means that God allows to pursue his will. But do not the wicked vote? Do not the wicked give to charity? Do not the wicked volunteer? If you do not back your voting, your charitable donations, and your volunteer work with spiritual warfare, what difference is there between your works and those of the wicked? Your intentions? PLENTY of unsaved people have good intentions AND good works! The difference between the intentions and works of an unsaved person and your intentions and works ought to be that yours should be far more effective because your intentions and works are done according to the will of with the power and authority of Christ Jesus with the knowledge whatever is the will of God shall be done!

So instead of fighting and fighting for real, many Christians raise up the white flag and retreat. We retreat into our sanctuaries, into our neighborhoods and homes, into our minds. We stick to our own business, and just let Satan have whoever he wants! So long as it isn’t my family, my house, my church, or my kid’s private school, right? Work to create an environment where EVERYONE’S family, house, church, or school is a place where someone could hear the word and feel the presence of God? That notion is beyond the mindset of the closeted Christian who has given up the fight for every other soul but his or her own and those of a few others that he or she is personally close to. Those Christians who do not know the real meaning of being their brother’s keeper because they do not realize that everyone is their brother; that they have a responsibility larger than that of their own small circle! If you are a saint you are not a member of a particular congregation or denomination but the entire Body of Christ, and the Body of Christ is responsible for everyone because God loves everyone, even the sinner, even the sinner that you don’t know!

And yet, often that is not as bad as the pressure from INSIDE the church to remain silent, especially if it comes to issues that “make the church look bad.” We are told that “we are not to air our dirty laundry; that we must settle things in house.” In other words, we are to allow what is corrupting the church to remain by keeping the fresh air and sunshine away. We are to believe that wickedness inside the church is somehow preferable to wickedness outside of it. That all of the lies, gossip, envy, self – righteousness, self – worship, witchcraft, idolatry, hypocrisy, and sexual immorality that goes on in the church is OK so long as it stays in the church! We are just supposed to keep quiet, keep attending, and keep supporting the fraud of the place being a house of God working to build up his kingdom when it is really a synagogue of Satan destroying lives. As Matthew 23:3 says, you serpents and generation of vipers, how will you escape the damnation of hell if you act this way?

The result of this is that Christians often acquire the attitude (whether they outwardly admit it or not): “It isn’t our job to go chasing down sinners trying to push our beliefs on them and make them change. They have to make the decision to change. And when they are ready, they know where the church is.” Well, Satan’s kingdom does not operate the same way. Satan’s people are always out there pushing their beliefs and lifestyles on everyone and doing their best to shame and condemn those who do not accept! So sure, people may know where the church is, but how are they going to know WHO goes there and WHO is welcome there without you telling them so?

Even more important: we have to let people know WHY the church is there. That is the second part of Psalm 107:2 … whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy. That means that you cannot just say that you are a Christian, you have to say WHY. In other words, you have to be bold, brazen, and unashamed in telling people what God is doing for you. Not what God is doing for others. Not what God did for Daniel, Joshua, Solomon, and Paul. Not how God healed some blind boy in Brazil or said to some TV preacher. You have to go forth and tell people what God is doing for YOU. You have to tell people how God is paying your bills. How God is giving you food to eat. How God is healing your body. How God is keeping your marriage and family together and watching over your children and parents. How God is blessing your church. And what is more, you have to tell people that you talk to God, that God talks back, and what God says!

Now, maybe this stuff does not apply to you. Maybe God is NOT blessing you; moving in your life. Maybe God is NOT speaking to you personally in your own heart, head, and spirit! If that is the case, then my friend you have problems that only God can work out. You need to take it to God in prayer and do so right now, because the state that you are in you are no help to yourself or no one else no matter the intensity of your efforts or nobility of your intentions. You need faith, and faith comes by hearing the word of God as spoken by a believer! But if this DOES apply to you, then you may be in as much or more jeopardy of judgment, because you know better. As a matter of fact, if God is moving in your life and speaking to you, then God is almost certainly moving you and speaking to you to help someone else, and you are disobeying him. If you continue to disobey, then that same God will come, cut off your unfruitful branch, and cast it into the flame! He will give your blessing, your provision, your ministry, your inheritance to someone willing to obey him. Even if you avoid the lake of fire, you will still not receive the great things that God wants to give you.

See, you have to realize that Satan is very comfortable with the passive church. He is very comfortable with Christians who will not tell the world about their God. He is very comfortable with Christians who will not tell the world about what their God is doing. Why? Because such people allow the world to believe that either God does not exist, or if he does exist serving him is optional. And if you do serve him, you can serve him according to whatever manner that pleases you. To the limited extent that Christians are willing to talk about God, they talk about him as a God of love. The average person will hear that and think “Great, God loves me! That makes me feel a lot better! I will keep that in mind as I face my adversities, and reference that fact when life starts to get me down!” And that person will go on about their business, living as they did before, with the only difference being that PERHAPS they will call on this God that they have been told about when it is to their liking and convenience. And why not? All you have told this person about God is that God loves them!But tell that person that God TALKS to you. That God BLESSES you. That God PROTECTS you. That God COMMANDS you. That God PERFORMS MIRACLES for you. Now, if you start that kind of talk, that is when you receive opposition. People will tell you that it is OK for you to talk about your religion and stuff, but they don’t want to hear about miracles. They don’t want to hear about God personally talking to YOU. That stuff is impossible, they will say. Who do YOU think that YOU are to have some kind of special line or connection to God? Why should God favor YOU? Does that mean he loves YOU more than he loves someone else? You are obviously some sort of fanatic, a weak minded person with fantasies. Someone whose religious ideas have “gone outside the mainstream.” Someone crazy, possibly dangerous! That is when people start to look at you funny. That is when they start talking about you behind your back. When they start gossiping about you; when they stop inviting you out to lunch. That is when even GOOD CHURCH FOLK start treating you differently! When that happens, do not weep, but rejoice, because that is when you know that you are doing the will of your God, and that Satan is responding by attacking you in order to get you to stop. That is when you do as James said and “Count it all for joy” and move on! As a matter of fact, do not just move on, but keep it up! Redouble your efforts! Do even more of what your God loves and wants you to do!You must do it because it is very necessary. Telling people that you are a Christian and then backing it up with Christian behavior merely opens the door. It gets people noticing you. It gets people interested. It causes the ear to perk up. Telling people that God loves them? That is fine. It renews their spirit. It gives them hope and courage. But that is not sufficient; not nearly so! Why? Because lots of things open the door to the human mind. Lots of things get people interested, renews their spirit, and gives people hope and courage. But you have to show them the difference. You have to show them that what you have is different from those other things. You have to show them that what you have is real and everything else is fake. That everything else that they find interesting only appears to be in order to distract them from the truth. That the hope and courage that they get elsewhere is false; fool’s gold! And the way to do that is by telling them about God’s power. You tell them about God’s power by telling them what YOUR GOD is doing FOR YOU!

When you tell people what YOUR GOD is doing FOR YOU, then that changes everything. That sports contest or those raunchy movies and magazines may interest you, but it will not do anything for you. The government may give you hope, but it will let you down, and everyone knows it. Your political, cultural, or social beliefs may give you courage, but they will not give you power. A gun may give you power, but what if you come up against someone who has three guns and is a better shot? Your money or education may give you certain advantages in certain areas of your life for a certain time, but what takes care of everything all the time? And what happens to me when I die?Now in the back of everyone’s mind are all those questions. Everyone and everything else claims to have the answer, from the things of this world to false religions, including false Christian doctrines. But only GOD can make the claim of being able to deliver every single person every single time in this world and that to come, and then back it up. When you bear witness to such a God by telling people what this same God is doing for you, then that separates the treasure from the trash; the truth from the riff – raff. When you do this, the Bible stories that they read: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, David, Ruth, Esther, Jesus, the apostles, etc. cease to become stories. They cease to become allegorical fiction that must be properly interpreted within a historical context. They cease to become traditions, routines, memorization exercises, religion. They stop being dead and start being ALIVE. They come ALIVE through the experiences of the living, breathing person bearing witness of the very same things that happened in the Old Testament happening to someone standing right before them in today’s world! And when they hear about the positive things that God is doing to those who serve him, then they have no choice but also recall the other side: how God’s wrath will be poured out upon everyone else. Why? Because if the truth of God’s Word is glorified in you, then in and through and by you is God’s Word … all of it … revealed to be true! And when that happens, not only will you have told someone WHERE the church is but WHY they should go as well!
Why must it be this way? Well, God told us that we give evidence of our faith through our works. If we are created in the image of God, then will not God also be? God gives evidence of his existence and power by working through those who love him and call upon his name. This is evident in the scripture from God bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt to the acts of the apostles after Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven! God wants this to not only be evident through you, but also for you to bear witness of this evidence just as the people in the Bible did. But Satan wants to keep you silent. He wants people to either be oblivious to God entirely, or to worship the dead god of routine and tradition; a god created by man for man’s pleasure and purposes. He wants you to step out of the space and create a vacuum so he can fill that vacuum with lies, placebos, false promises. He wants to get people to hear about, believe in, serve, and seek answers from everything else BUT the true God and his true message, and he will settle for the message sent by dead, defeated Christians who are just letting time pass them by while waiting for Jesus Christ to come back for their personal souls. What is that message? That message is: what I have, don’t bother. Not only is it nothing special, but it isn’t even worth the trouble! If it was, I would fight for it and share it with someone else! But since I am keeping it to myself, it is obviously nothing that you should trouble yourself with! It isn’t doing me any good in this world, so obviously it will not help you either!

Such Christians are those who put a basket over their candle. Such people are those who bury their talent in the sand. Such people are those who labor all day in the vineyard and then grumble over the people who get in at the last minute receiving the same reward. Such people are the brother of the prodigal son who complains when he returns. Such people are those who murmured against Moses in the desert, and who did not respond when the call came out to fight the Lord’s battles. Such are those who tried to trap Jesus with contentions and interpretations of rules and statutes written on dead scrolls when the Son of the Living God was looking for anyone willing to go forth and do the will of his Father. And such Christians will have to give an accounting of their actions on Judgment Day!


Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, may I personally go forth and spread the Gospel, bearing witness of not only who you are and what you have done for others, but who you are and what you have done for me personally. May your Word come alive by my testimony in the ears of all who receive it, and give such as who receive it a desire to give themselves to you. Lord, may all the Body of Christ have the same desire to receive blessings and miracles from you and to go forth and tell about it. May those who are not doing so be exhorted to, informed of the importance of it, and told of the consequences of their failure to keep your commandments. Lord, if I do not have a testimony, please give me one. Please speak to my heart and mind, and make me ready and right so that I may listen and obey! Lord I only desire to do your will and to please you; please help me do so. Please Lord, send your angels and your saints to war against the demons and principalities that are working to keep the saints from spreading your Gospel and the changes and benefits it has caused in their personal lives, and from seeking a personal testimony from you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Deliverance/Spiritual Warfare
Personal (yourself):
In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and bind all religious demons within me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all religious demons to go from me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all religious demons to never return and not to enter any member of the body of Christ. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I rebuke, bind, and command to go from me all demons trying to prevent me from bearing personal witness of the power and authority of God through Jesus Christ.

Direct (spouse, child, or anyone who seeks for you to cast out their demons):

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and bind all religious demons within _. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all religious demons to go from _. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all religious demons to never return and not to enter any member of the body of Christ. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I rebuke, bind, and command to go from _ all demons trying to prevent _ from bearing personal witness of the power and authority of God through Jesus Christ.

Intercession (for named individual):

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and bind all religious demons within _ and all demons preventing _ from bearing personal witness of God’s power and authority through Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, by the blood of Jesus Christ I command all religious demons and all demons seeking to silence _ to loose _’s mind and will. Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ, please direct the mind and will of _ to seek deliverance from all religious and silencing demons in whatever manner that you choose in your infinite power, wisdom, love, and grace. Amen.

Intercession (for Body of Christ):In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and bind all religious demons and silencing demons working within the Body of Christ. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and bind all powers and principalities and human servants of Satan working in this area. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command that all religious and silencing demons, powers, principalities, and human servants of Satan no longer hinder the minds, wills, and works of the saints in this area. In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare you powerless over this area, for all power is in God through His Son Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare you all and your master Satan himself not only defeated, but already defeated. By the blood of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to loose all members of the Body of Christ and go immediately. Lord God in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please pour out the Holy Spirit over the true church, the Body of Christ, your people. Please have mercy upon us Lord. Please make the weak strong, the dumb to speak, the blind to see, the foolish wise, the ignorant to have knowledge. May your people arise and seek deliverance from the demons, powers, and agents of Satan seeking to silence them individually and the entire body collectively. May every saint pray for himself or herself and the entire Body of Christ within this area. May the tongues of the saints be loosed, and please send them forth with a desire to bear witness of you throughout the world in all places and at all times that you will, so that ears may receive and the Word will grow and bear fruit in the hearts of the lost and the lukewarm, and the result will be a plentiful harvest of souls for Your Kingdom! May thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.


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