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Circumcision II: Spiritual Accessories

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Romans 2:25 – For circumcision verily profiteth, if thou keep the law: but if thou be a breaker of the law, thy circumcision is made uncircumcision.In the devotional Concerning Circumcision, I stated why reading the Bible with the understanding of the Holy Spirit is so important. If you read the Bible faithlessly, then you are in real danger of being seduced by all sorts of lies and false doctrines. And if you read the Bible rigidly and dogmatically, refusing to accept anything but what you have been taught by others – including the religious and traditional systems – then you will not hear the Word of God and grow in faith. A lot of people simply close their minds to and run away from the apparent contradictions in the Bible: they just close their ears, eyes, and hearts and go “Nah nah nah nah nah nah I can’t hear you, I am just going to believe what I always have and what my parents and the preachers told me!” That is so faithless and cowardly! True faith in God does not mean running away from challenges and fights, it means tackling them and overcoming them. So long as you have faith that you are saved by Christ’s dying for your sins alone and that God and His Word are true and good, then you should have no problem confronting your fears, doubts, ambiguities, and failures to really understand the Bible. If you cannot visualize what you are reading; if you cannot put it into a context that is familiar and revealing to what is going on in your life, in your family, in your neighborhood, in your church, in your nation, and in your world, well then really you are just wasting your time. All you are doing is making your eyes tired pursuing some vain ritualistic religious exercise, the old “I want to go to Heaven so I guess I have to read my Bible” type of thing. Do you not know that such a thing, lacking in faith, knowledge, love, and sincerity is considered an unacceptable sacrifice to God and is therefore displeasing to Him? Instead of reading words that are meaningless and dead to you, you should be on your knees and on your face in fasting and prayer, admitting to God that you are a loveless sinner and asking Him to forgive you and to put love,  sincerity, and faith into your heart. Only then will the Bible come alive to you! 

So, we have the fact that Paul says not to do certain things and to do others in one place, and to do certain things and not to do them in others, including but not limited to circumcision. Realize that the things that Paul are talking about are, well, options! They are not things which we are specifically commanded to do, like honor the Sabbath, tithe, evangelize, pray, worship, and conduct spiritual warfare against devils. And they are not things that we are specifically commanded to avoid, such as blasphemy, idolatry, witchcraft, lying, sexual immorality, etc. With these options, it is God’s Will that some of us have them and some of us not. It is God’s Will that we have them for a time and do without them for a time. And God will allow us to pursue some of these things if we choose to.  

With these, well, accessories, the thing to remember is not to focus on the spiritual accessory itself, but rather the reason why we want to put on the accessories. Our only motivation for wanting the spiritual accessory should be to please and glorify God! Specifically, the accessory should be something to help us to fulfill God’s plan for us. Failing that, it should at least be something that brings us closer to God or at least represents our walk with God in some direct spiritual sense. If your motivation for choosing your spiritual option deviates from that, then you are served best by avoiding it! There are so many other ways you can choose to serve and please God; so many direct commandments to keep. So often Believers unnecessarily add to their own burdens. They want to do a complex many things when they have not yet mastered the simple few things. Oh, were more Believers to content themselves with being the best they can be at faith, charity, and prayer, even if for a time! Believers would find out that they would receive so much power in the spirit realm from just doing the basics, from casting aside all of the pomp and religion and tradition and do what they KNOW that God wants them to do and that alone, that they would not even need all those accessories!

Consider a couple of metaphors. You have the sports world. You have a team who is very much concerned with being clever; with outsmarting the other team and overwhelming them with complexity. So, they spend all of their time learning gadgets, tricks, and so many different ways to accomplish the same goal. The opponent on the other hand chooses to find out the few things that they do best; the few things that contribute most to winning, and concentrates on those. When those two teams play, with all else being equal the team that seeks to excel through simplicity will win 100 times out of 100! As a matter of fact, even a clearly inferior team that works hard on the basic simple things will often beat a clearly superior team with fanciful distractions of grandeur! 

You also have the example of, say, clothing; an outfit. If you choose an ordinary piece of apparel with mediocre materials and undistinguished colors and patterns, you will have no choice but to find the best looking hat, jewelry, belt, shoes, purse, shawl, etc. to wear with it, in the hopes of distracting people’s attention away from the base of the costume; the dress or the suit, and towards the adornments. But if you have an outstanding suit or dress tailored to perfection made with the best materials with a pleasing color scheme and design, you will not need all of the gaudy extra things! As a matter of fact, you will not even want them, for they will distract attention from and diminish the appeal of the great dress or suit! A similar analogy applies to food. If you go to a restaurant and order meatloaf, the waiter will insist upon providing you with ketchup or steak sauce to enhance your dining experience. But ask for ketchup for steak sauce with your filet mignon, and the waiter may refuse to serve you, or the cook may refuse to prepare the meal!  

The fact is that a lot of people want to put on all of these accessories for the wrong reason. They want to glorify themselves. They want to please or compete with other people. Or they have anxieties concerning their relationship with God. Such people need to realize that they are saved, justified, and going to Heaven based on their faith in the Risen Christ alone! You cannot add to your salvation. You are either saved or you are not. Doing all of these extra things will not add to your salvation. There are some who are considering their status in the

kingdom of
Heaven, literally applying to their Belief walk scriptures and doctrines concerning some being more exalted in Heaven and some being less exalted. To such people I would admonish that they should concern themselves with merely making sure that they GET TO HEAVEN,
and then allow God to exalt whom He chooses. For those who are confident indeed of their salvation and feel comfortable making sure that their room in Heaven is a penthouse suite, well remember what Christ told the disciples when they were contending amongst themselves who were the greatest: humble yourself! If you want to be exalted in Heaven, instead of doing a great many things in order to win the acclaim of yourself and others, become excellent in a few basic things in order to be awarded the designation of faithful and true servant by God! 

You cannot save yourself. You cannot be saved by doing great things. You cannot be saved by the esteem that other people have for you. You can only be saved by God, and God says that the only way to be saved is to believe on His Son! And please, don’t taint the most precious thing that you have, your relationship with God, with your “daddy issues”, OK? So your earthly father wasn’t around or reliable. Or so he was too strict and did not show you love. Or maybe he was too soft and did not guide you with a firm, consistent hand; spoiled you. Well that has nothing to do with your Father in Heaven! Your religious system may teach you otherwise, and people who lack love and faith may teach you otherwise, but God is not some curmudgeon scold on a power trip; not some impossible to please whiny grumbler! You do not have to do all of these things to earn God’s love and win His affection! If you are waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking worrying over whether God is pleased with you and wondering how you can make Him smile at you so that you can feel good inside (until the fears come back again) then you have problems! Maybe you do not need salvation, but you definitely need spiritual deliverance from demons of fear!  

Look, God already loves you. God gives His love away freely and conditionally. God wants to build you up with love and guidance, not tear you down with burdens and criticisms. Maybe your earthly father did not know how to love, but your Heavenly Father does not have that problem, and you should not resent, blame, or be hesitant towards your Heavenly Father for what your earthly father did or did not do. Quite the contrary, you should go to your Heavenly Father so you can learn to forgive and develop true love for your earthly one no matter what he did or did not do! So quit allowing Satan to oppress your mind, body, and spirit with all of those irrational fears and burdens that do not come from God. Burdens do not come from God! I rebuke and bind that false doctrine demon in the Name of Jesus Christ! You have no burden in God, only love, promises, and blessings! You are holding onto this fear and anxiety because you have not learned to love in victory and in faith. You hold onto it because it is all that you have ever known in your life and it is comfortable to you to walk in agreement with it. So instead of worshipping God in spirit and truth with knowledge, love, and freedom, you choose a religious system that allows you to call yourself a Christian while holding onto and feeding the fears, anxieties, and oppression that you grew up with. That fake church, that synagogue of Satan that you are going to should be leading you to freedom from these demons and your unrenewed mind and flesh; DEMANDING OF YOU that you seek freedom from it. Instead, they are using those very demons and issues to keep you oppressed so you will do whatever that fake church with its fake religious system tells you. Instead of telling you that God is love and if you believe on His Son you are going to Heaven and are going to be blessed on earth, they are feeding your fears and anxieties and making them worse so that you can remain captive. And you stick around for that abuse because abuse is all that you know, abuse is what you feel comfortable with. Well let me tell you, if you like abuse then get ready for abuse the likes of which you have never even imagined in the lake of fire, because that is where you are going unless you decide that you love God more than you love your abuse and your abusers!  

Wake up! Free yourself by letting God free you! God sent His Son to set the captives free, and whom the Son sets free is free indeed! So do not worry about pleasing God with all of these vain trinkets and worthless sacrifices! God is not going to accept the mink coat covering the garment if the garment itself is corrupt! So quit trying to buy and work your way into Heaven. Realize that you are saved by faith alone. After you truly accept God for who He is and His Son’s death on the cross and resurrection for your sin, you only have to concern yourself with 3 things. 1. Love God with all your heart and soul. 2. Love your neighbor as yourself. 3. If you love God, keep His Commandments. That is all. Nothing else. Love God. Love your neighbor. Keep God’s Commandments. What are God’s Commandments? Please. Who are you trying to kid? You know right from wrong. If you do something and feel guilty, don’t do it! God is against it! If you are not doing something and feel guilty, do it! God commands it! Whatever things that are selfish, destructive, corrupt, and depraved, flee them. Whatever things that are good, decent, true, selfless, and of love, embrace them. 

Until you are certain of the direction that the Holy Spirit is guiding you in, just keep it simple. The fewer things that you do and expose yourself to, the less chance of you doing harm or entering into temptation. Doing nothing but sitting around your house all day reading the Bible, praying, and listening to Christian music and sermons (in addition to basic things like your chores, job, and studies)? Sounds fine to me! I bet it sounds fine to God too! Remember what Jesus Christ said to the righteous ones of the church in Thyatira? “You are doing fine, don’t worry yourself about anything else!” If have faith in God and are keeping His Commandments, why cannot you content yourself with that, if not permanently at least until you are ready for extra responsibility; when that extra responsibility comes as a commandment from God Himself?  

Body of Christ, it is time to work on building your faith and relationship with God, not accessorizing it.  


Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, may your Believers realize that they are saved by simple faith and not many works. May they seek faith in You and to keep Your Commandments. May they be freed from false doctrines and teachings that tell them that Your Grace is not good enough; that they cannot be confident in their salvation. Please Lord, may Your people hear sound doctrine that causes them to put their minds at ease about what they already have so that they can work on strengthening that which they have to create a strong foundation to build even more that is pleasing to You upon. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 


The demons that work in this area are faithlessness, false doctrines, fear of God, and fear of hell. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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