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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Nahum 3:3-5 The horseman lifteth up both the bright sword and the glittering spear: and there is a multitude of slain, and a great number of carcases; and there is none end of their corpses; they stumble upon their corpses: Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the wellfavoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts. Behold, I am against thee, saith the LORD of hosts; and I will discover thy skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame. In the first devotional on witchcraft, we discussed how the spirit of witchcraft is not so much manifested through the cartoonish media images of women with cats riding brooms stirring cauldrons and looking in crystal balls. Now that is not to say that such things are not extremely sinful and evil; they are. Such images came from the actual practices of many pagan animist and spiritist religions that were common in

Europe and in the Near and Far East. It is important to remember two things: that many of these vile pagan practices are reappearing in the trendy New Age and alternative religions as well as things labeled “natural” or “holistic, and that some of these things found their way into what is now practiced as Christianity as it spread and was assimilated into formerly pagan cultures and should be ceased by everyone who truly loves God immediately. But ultimately, we need to realize that these are the least common and hence least harmful manifestations of witchcraft, and that they are promoted both by the world and the religious system as part of Satan’s attempt to deceive people about the true nature of the witchcraft spirit in their lives. The first devotional dealt with the witchcraft spirit in personal and family life, now we shall deal with it in religious life.  The Bible calls witchcraft the spirit of rebellion, but another excellent definition is whatever attempts to exert an unnatural degree or type of influence or control over a person. Consider, for instance, that drugs and alcohol are often used in witchcraft rites. If a driver is drunk or high and the police catches him, what is he charged with? Driving under the influence. Addicts to drugs and alcohol are often said that they under the control of them. Even in these cartoonish depictions of witches, what are they seen doing? Casting spells to alter something’s natural or desired state, or to get someone to act in a manner against their own wishes but in accordance to the wishes of the witch. A common depiction in cartoons would be the female witch casting a spell on a guy to get him to marry her. Which makes you think: in the action/adventure/superhero/fantasy cartoons, virtually none of the cartoon characters were married, and the only ones who wanted to get married were the female witches! Kids grow up watching those cartoons, and now look at the divorce rate today. Looks like the best witches are in

Hollywood. In any event, things like hypnosis and “the power of suggestion” are witchcraft. So are a lot of those corporate training seminars that tell you “how to be an effective manager” or “how to win friends and influence people.” Anything gets people to do something that they do not ordinarily want to do whether by pressure, intimidation, deception, mind alteration, conditioning, brainwashing, or with outright spiritual forces is witchcraft. And yes, that includes a lot of what is currently called psychology and psychiatry: trying to either get you to live in agreement with the demons in you, or trying to get you to overpower the demons in you with more stronger demons. That is what those exceedingly powerful anti – psychotic drugs are for, to get bigger badder demons to beat up your demons. Let me tell you, if you were not crazy before you took that stuff, you will be crazy afterwards because the demons that those anti – psychotic drugs attract will make it so.  But when you think about it, the spirit of control is rebellion against God’s plan. We are supposed to be under God’s Authority. God is sovereign, and we should all have free will to reject God’s Sovereignty in every area of our life or to reject it. Of course, God has organizational structures such as the pastor being head of the church and the man being head of the family, but those are things created by God so God is still in control, especially if the goodman of the house or the pastor of the church submits himself to God’s Divine Authority in all matters. But when you exert control over someone or when you change the nature of something, then you take God’s place. You are saying that God is no longer in charge of that person, I am. You are saying: “This person no longer has free will to accept or reject God because I have taken his free will away from him.” You are taking something that God has created in His own image, and with your witchcraft you pervert it with your image. Such a thing is a rebellion against God’s Authority; an exceeding abomination. Take Saul’s going to the witch of Endor. He could have heeded God’s instruction through the prophet Samuel and given the kingdom to David. But he tried to use the witch to hold onto the kingdom. He thought that he could call up the spirit of dead Samuel, get Samuel’s knowledge from the spirit realm, and in so make and end – around and outsmart the Author of Knowledge. And he perverted the natural order of things, which is that the righteous dead are to sleep and be at rest until things should be fulfilled and they are raised again incorruptible.  So you ask “What does this have to do with me, a righteous man who hates sin and who goes to church three times a week? How am I being influenced by witchcraft?” Well let me ask you: what is the natural state of man? To sin because he was born in sin. Once you accept Christ in your life what are you? A person who was born in sin, is now redeemed from sin, but is still dealing with issues related to the natural state in which you are born and the fallen world in which you live; the world in which Satan is the prince and Babylon is the princess. And if you are like that, then so is everyone else in the world. Right? So if a man is at best a redeemed sinner and at worst a rebel against God, then he is going to feel a powerful urge to follow his natural state and sin. That is bad right? But this is worse. To stop him from sinning, the religious system comes along and imposes a witchcraft system to control his behavior. To change his sin nature and alter his natural state. And yes, it is very much against his will. A man might externally want to change his behavior because the religious system tells him that it is wrong, or he might legitimately read it in the Bible. But in truth, he is divided against himself. His mind says no, but his sin nature says yes. The religious system offers him an unnatural system of altering his behavior and changing his nature through earthly discipline, intimidation, pressure, guilt, fear, punishment, and false burden. Make no mistake, the administrators of this system are witches. They may not wear black robes and chant in the dark, but the tactics that they use are nonetheless evil, have severe negative consequences, and (although seemingly unknowingly and indirectly) make use of demon spirits to harm and control people. The sad part is that while Christians are taught to revere those who regularly attend church and dedicate themselves to religious life, the truth is that the most ardent devoted people to this system are the ones who wind up in the heaviest grip of this witchcraft religious system. 

When you are involved in this system, you are bewitching others by trying to control their behavior and bewitching yourself by trying to control yours. You are using a system of shame and praise, punishment and reward, rituals, intimidation, proclamations of false virtue and self – righteousness, and (most importantly of all) fear in order to get people to act according to their wishes. One of the worst things about this system is that as it is of and administered by people as opposed to God, systematic unfairness is inherent. Some people get treated much more harshly than others; some people get away with much more “sin” than others, based on who they are. The pastor, the children of the pastor, the best musicians and singers, the prominent officials in leadership positions, the people who know damaging information about other church power – brokers, people who give large amounts of money to the church, etc. are often held to a far lower standard. Soon, as this fact gets known, these people know that they can pretty much act as they choose with impunity, and the religious system will protect them. As a matter of fact, the religious system will close ranks around the favored individual and actually severely punish anyone who tries to stand against them for justice.  This is how you hear about things like financial impropriety and sexual abuse scandals in churches. People with evil in their hearts know that they can join these churches, work the system, and then get away with whatever they want, including vicious sadistic crimes that they would never get away with in the secular arena. The sad part is that some – but not all – of these people actually sought these churches so that they could be saved and delivered from the evil in their hearts, but once they joined these churches the demons in already in them were empowered by the witchcraft in the church, and more demons already wicked than they entered into them. So a person coming into one of these churches seeking deliverance from gambling becomes a thief; a person seeking freedom from pornography becomes a child molester. And if this person is able to obtain favor from the witchcraft community – and trust me he will – his stealing and child molesting is OK so long as he “only” steals from church people or molests other kids in the church. If the victim of the theft or the child molestation wants to take the offender to the authorities, he is told “NO! We will handle this ‘in house’.” If such a person leaves this den of abominable evil, they will unleash all of the witchcraft power of the place onto that person. The person who attempts to leave such a place will often find himself stricken with horrible diseases, suffer terrible accidents and financial ruin, family and marriage breakup, or mental insanity. And then the other people of the church gleefully go around and laugh at that person’s miserable fate, saying: “See! This is what happens when you turn against the Lord! The Lord will punish you! This is what he got for trying to lie on our deacon, claiming that he stole money from the church and raped his daughter!” But it is not the Lord’s wrath at all, but the demons that they have unleashed on that person. Even though they use the Name of Jesus Christ, they use it not only in vain but in rebellious abomination and mockery! That is why we must ALWAYS HEED Matthew 7:21 – “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” For if these people really loved Jesus Christ they would use His Name to love people and set them free, not to hate and commit crimes against people. The evidence that someone is a religious witch: they glory in the destruction of others! They are always going around talking about God’s Wrath being poured out among people! No one with the love of God has that thought process!  

The evidence of this is Luke 9:50-56, when Jesus went before the Samaritans but they did not receive Him because they saw that His mind and heart was elsewhere and not them first, so they rejected Him out of jealousy. James and John became angry out of their zeal for Jesus Christ, and asked Him to rain fire down from Heaven and destroy them like Elias (Elijah in Greek) did. But their anger was misplaced. Instead of getting angry at the sin of jealousy and the spirit of rejection and bitterness that was moving in the Samaritans because of their not being accepted as Jews or in Jerusalem and being moved by that anger to pray for the Samaritans that it be moved from them and rebuke and cast out the spirits of rejection and bitterness from those people with the power and charge that Christ had already given them and that they had already recently used, they got mad at the people! You had people bound by sin and evil spirits, and they got mad at the people instead of the evil spirits that were binding them! And the reason for this was because spirits of hatred and superiority against the Samaritans were active in their own lives, because they had been raised by their own religious system to think that they were better than the Samaritans and to hate them. That is why Jesus Christ told James and John: “YE KNOW NOT WHAT MANNER OF SPIRIT YE ARE OF!” Jesus Was telling them that they had demons of hatred, superiority, or racism if you will, working through them and not the love of Christ, because if the Spirit of Truth was operating in their lives, they would not lust after the destruction of the Samaritans, but instead desire them to accept Christ and be free, to be brothers like them! The evidence that it was obviously the spirit of racism working is that despite all of the rejection that they and their Christ suffered in Israel, despite all of the attempts to kill them and Christ in Israel and they had to run for their lives, NOT ONCE did they ask Christ to destroy an Israeli. But the very first time a Samaritan even LOOKED at Jesus Christ cross – eyed, they said “How dare these lowly Samaritans treat us this way? Who do they think they are? Don’t they know that we are better than them? You know, everything my mother always taught me about these Samaritans are true. These people are dogs, not even worthy to live. So please Jesus Christ, work a righteous work and kill them all!” And that spirit is still alive today, because religious witches are some of the biggest racists on the plant. Religious witches are the ones who sit up in segregated churches and talk about how righteous they are. Religious witchcraft is why Sunday morning is the most segregated time of the week. When we hear them reported in the media, we get all angry and claim that it is just another attempt by the liberal secular media to make church folk look bad. Well, the truth is that this stuff is far more common than is ever reported. The media could literally spend hours each day talking about sexual abuse, child abuse, and financial scandals in the church: they just choose not to. And in doing so, they are actually doing the work of Satan, because as people do not know about the depths of the corruption caused by this religious system, there are no real attempts by people who love God to overcome it with the power of God. Because they are not confronted with it and would rather take on sinners than other professed Christians, most believers just sit down and do their best to cover their eyes and ears and harden their hearts. Why? Because they love their religious system more than they love their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Though they say that they are into their religion for salvation, you have to realize what it represents them. It represents power. It represents security. It represents their background because they were raised in it. It represents their virtue; their sense of being good moral people. It is where all of their vital social and financial contacts and networks are. It is also their number one source of entertainment and activities. Seriously, take a look at how so many of these people linger after church long after it is over talking, gossiping, playing basketball, and flirting. These are people with families and jobs. And there are works out there off the church grounds, people who need food, clothing, shelter, salvation, and spiritual deliverance. But all of that is gets neglected because these people are so under the power of the religious witchcraft that they cannot leave the church grounds. So they turn it into some bar or country club. Read your Bible, people. You were not to just hang around the temple continuously pursuing your vanities. The only people who were to be in the temple continuously were the priests who did the services. Everyone else had to come in, take part of the worship services, pray, offer their sacrifices, and leave. They could not tarry there carrying on all sorts of unspiritual activities; the presence of the Lord was there! But now we are doing the very same things in the churches that caused Jesus Christ to come in with a whip made out of cords and drive everyone out, and we are doing worse. You are supposed to come to the church to pray, do service, fellowship, receive instruction, and then go out into the world to do God’s Work. But you can tell a group of people under the influence of religious witchcraft, because they go to the church and never want to leave! They only leave when the pastor tells them, and even then only to do what the pastor tells them to do, which is usually an activity that enriches and increases the power of the pastor and the witchcraft system and his hold on the people.  

You people know that this is true. You see it all the time every day. But you do not want to war against it because it means so much to you. You want so badly to believe that you live in a Christian nation surrounded by Christian people, and that there are all these Christians around the world supporting you. How you err in ignoring what the Scriptures plainly say! The Bible says that many shall be called but few shall be chosen! That many shall claim great works, even healing and casting out devils, in the Name of Jesus Christ only to be cast into the outer darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth! That the way is hard, the gate is narrow, and the path is strait, for false prophets abound! You do not want to accept that you are a peculiar people, set apart, few in number and hated and despised by the world because you do not want to face persecution. You seek the safety of structure, of numbers. You do not want to take refuse in Christ, the great shepherd. Instead, the source of your security is the number of sheep. Well let me tell you today and I urgently entreat you to hear me that you are lost and you need to be found. The security that you have is false, and those sheep that you are fellowshipping with are not the true sheep of the True Shepherd. For the true sheep of the True Shepherd know the sound of the Shepherd’s voice when He calls. They will not follow another shepherd when they hear his voice, no, they will flee and run away from that temptation, or they will stand strong, resist temptation, and cause that devil to flee from them! And the true sheep of the True Shepherd will follow that Shepherd everywhere, through deep dark valleys, briar patches, and dangerous cliffs with sharp cutting rocks because their trust is in the Shepherd. They do not reject correction, for His rod and His staff of reproof, guidance, discipline, and leadership … oh how comforting! And they do not mind the roughness of the journey because their eyes are on the green pastures where they can eat their fill, take their rest, and be totally protected from both the enemy AND the wrath of tribulation that is certainly and soon to come.  And who is the True Shepherd? Jesus Christ, the Word of God, which is here with us on earth in the form of the Holy Spirit but is also represented by our Holy Bible. Despite all the contentions about translations and which books should be in and out of it, it is STILL more than good enough. So if any church out there is practicing something that is apart from the Bible, then you should not try to reform that church. You should not try to be a point of light of righteousness in that church. You should FLEE that church! You and your family! Why? Because it is no church, it is a synagogue of Satan, and you need to get out of the belly of Babylon and into a place where you can hear the True Shepherd’s voice, be ministered to by the Holy Spirit, and understand and follow the Bible so that the Spirit of Truth will lead you to the green pastures. You and your house will NEVER get to the green pastures so long as you are willing to live in

Babylon. THAT is why God told Abraham to leave his idolatrous father’s house. THAT is why God got righteous
Lot out of
Sodom and
Gomorrah. You cannot dwell in agreement with iniquity and not become a son of iniquity, because how can two walk together unless they be agreed? If you are willing to dwell in a place where they are profaning, blaspheming, mocking, and denying the Name and the Word of God, where they possess a form of Godliness but are denying the power thereof, then it is because you think that there is some good in it. Some virtue in it. There is something about it that you like. You have rejected what the Bible says, which is a wicked vine cannot bear good fruit. You are ignoring that despite your best intentions, labors, faith, and prayers, all of the fruit that you bring forth in that church will be corrupt because it will have sprung up from corrupt seed planted in corrupt ground. Leave the corruption and come into the goodness of the Lord right now! Taste and see that the Lord is good today and leave that witchcraft religious system behind! Do not be deceived. Corrupt flesh cannot be redeemed by works of the corrupt flesh. You cannot change your natural state. You cannot control your behavior. Why not? Because you are a sinner. Consider the wisdom of the prophet Jeremiah! “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil” (Jeremiah 13:23). Now you do not hear this verse often preached in your religious witchcraft churches because if you did it would expose and blow open the truth about the system that has blinded your eyes, stopped up your ears, and hardened your hearts to the Sight, Voice, and Feeling of the Spirit of Truth that is desperately trying to reach your troubled spirit. But fear not. Fear not because God is still in control, and God has triumphed over the enemy and gotten you the victory with His Blood, His Name, and the power of the testimony of the saints. I know this because you are reading this today. God has sent this to you not by accident. God wants you to accept His Word and His Spirit and begin to worship Him in spirit and in truth outside of these synagogues of Satan that only want to control you, abuse you, and keep you from the truth with the power of their witchcraft.I am familiar with the great sermon “sinners in the hand of an angry God”. I am not a Calvinist, but it is nonetheless a great sermon. BUT YOU ARE NOT TO PREACH IT TO YOUR CHURCH! Why? Because that sermon is not for them! It is for sinners! So that they can repent and accept Christ into their lives, they are no longer sinners! They are reconciled with God, and the process of conquering their old sinful ways by letting the Holy Spirit work on them! They are no longer in danger of suffering God’s Wrath! They are no longer in danger of God striking them down and any moment and sending them to the lake of fire! If they trip up and say a curse word or lie or gamble or commit some sexual immorality, as regrettable and horrible it is, God is not going to send someone that has chosen Him over the world over a mere indiscretion! But that is not what the religious witches tell you. That is not their doctrine. Their doctrine is the same of the Nicolataines that Christ warned of in Revelation 2: people who hold the continuous specter of God’s wrath and punishment over your head so that they can use the fear to control you. They use the fear of sickness, loneliness, death, and hell to strip away your humanity and spirit, to break you down so they can do things like rob you of your money and keep you poor, tell lies about you inside and outside of the congregation, work you like a slave earning them money, cause you to hate your neighbor because he is not in your devil’s denomination (to keep you from talking about the Word with your neighbor and hearing the truth) and even lie with your underage daughter and molest your even younger son and tell you that it is all God’s Will, that God told him to do it, and it is good! If these people actually cared about sparing people the wrath of the angry God, then they would be out there preaching it to the sinners in the street! But since they truthfully do not care about sinners getting saved because they have no regard or love for God or man, they preach it in the church so people will get scared and run to the altar with their tithes and offerings so the pastor can make the payment on his Mercedes limousine and buy his fancy tailored silk suits while his members ride public transportation to church wearing rags. People spend 70 – 80 years tithing in those churches and when their lives end they have and pass on to their children less than they had when they joined the church. You do not have to be a believer in the prosperity doctrine to know that it is totally unbiblical! 

A real church takes you in with love. They tell you that you are a sinner, and that is why you need to be saved, but that you can be saved with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Once you are saved, they tell you that you have been set free and can for the first time start to really live. They will show you, guide you, and support you in the Holy Spirit working on you. They will tell you that you cannot resist the temptation to sin on your own power or through natural means because you were born in that condition, but rather with the help of the Holy Spirit and with the intercessory prayers of the saints, you can grow in knowledge and strength in Christ so that you will know how to claim and walk in Christ’s victory for you over your state of original sin on the cross, and hence get to the point where you will sin no more. Now these religious liars will tell you that unless you cease all sins immediately, that you are still a sinner, that you are not really saved, so you need to keep coming to church, keep giving your money, keep listening to the church leaders and following their devils doctrine until you stop sinning, and then you are saved. But you never stop sinning do you? You just hide your sin. Or the church sees your sin and do not acknowledge it because you are giving so much money. They only punish you every now and then, when it is time for them to wound your spirit, exercise control over you, publicly humiliate you, or get money out of you.    Get out of that church. Go to a church where they teach spiritual warfare and deliverance. Go to a church where they preach the 3 stages of grace and guide you through it. Go to a church where they will teach you about cleansing, regeneration, and renewal; of spiritual development and growing in faith and power. I am not talking about a church that allows sinners to stay in the church unpunished. The witchcraft churches are the worst practitioners of that abomination despite their proclamations against it (the demon of hypocrisy). If a church refuses to discipline sinners, or allows sinners who reject discipline to remain, then you should leave and spurn that church. No, it has to be a church whose main teaching is that sin must be overcome, but you cannot overcome it! Only God can. The best evidence of how these religious people do not understand this is that they try to do everything with politics. They do not understand grace, all they know is imposing their will on people with the spirit of witchcraft. They think that since it works so well in the church, then it will work outside of it. They will not come to grips to the fact that the unsaved are sinners, and that they are going to sin whether there is a law against it or not. They will either break the law, or go find some other sin to engage in. If you outlaw homosexuality, that homosexual demon in you is more than willing to settle for letting you sodomize your wife. And if you are in some witchcraft church, they will tell you that it is OK, since you are married to your wife and she is a woman and not a man, and they will tell your wife that she will has to let you abuse her in that fashion since you are her husband and she has to submit to you. It is her job to satisfy that unnatural demonic craving that you have. They will just tell you not to let anyone know that you are sodomizing your wife, because you are an elder in the church and have a prominent name as a righteous man in the community and are very good at raising offerings, and if such a thing would get out, it would be embarrassing. It would be embarrassing not because there is anything wrong with it, but because “certain people just don’t understand church folk or how to run a church.”  

And it makes all sorts of sense to you, because you are bound under that witchcraft spirit in that church. But you do not understand why the world will not do the same. You do not understand why the world will not accept and live under a law against homosexuality. And when the world refuses to accept the law against homosexuality, you wail, put ashes on your face, rent your clothes, and declare that the world is Sodom and Gomorrah, that God is going to soon judge the world by raining fire and brimstone on it, but first he is going to take the saints out of it first. So because the world will not follow your system of religiously motivated laws, you are sitting around, waiting for the rapture, and consoling yourself with how all of these homosexuals are going to die horrible deaths in the fire and brimstone and then be destroyed forever in the lake of fire. Sodomites! You call them. All while you have demons of homosexuality, rape, child molestation, perversion, unnatural affection, and witchcraft in you, and you therefore sodomize your wife. Of course the world rejects your religious laws. They are sinners! So of course they are going to reject anything that tells them that they cannot sin; that their sin is not OK. It is only because you have never experienced grace or the work of Holy Spirit transformation in your life that you do not understand that. If you had experienced grace and Holy Spirit transformation, you would not be sodomizing your wife, or you would not be sitting around desiring to sodomize your wife because of that homosexuality spirit still in you. But sinners? They have no problem admitting that they enjoy sin, and what is more they have no problem admitting: “I may be a sinner, but I am not a religious witch!” This is not to say that there should not be laws against homosexuality, abortion, or that type of thing. But those laws are not going to save people. Having those laws does not make us “a more righteous Christian society.” Those laws on the books does not mean that more people are going to go to Heaven. You could have a society based entirely on the Bible, and a person could somehow go through life without ever transgressing those laws, and that person not only would still go to the lake of fire without Jesus Christ, but he would be no more likely to receive Jesus Christ if preached to. Why? Because he would be so thoroughly convinced of his own virtue and righteousness in his own eyes that he would think that he does not need Jesus Christ.  A religious witch does not understand this type of thing, and that is why religious witches are always trying to get laws passed and changed because all they know is their religious system of control. What people who truly know grace understand is that if you really want to make a difference, if you really want to make a nation or city more righteous, you get out and preach the gospel. Get more people saved through the Name of Jesus Christ. But these people do not have a zeal to preach the gospel. Their zeal is politics, to change the law and culture, to influence the culture with human methods. All they are interested in is projecting their own influence and control outside the walls of the church, because that all they truly care about, influence and control. Even their desire to get people saved – and yes many of these churches are highly evangelistic – are not due to their desire to save people, but rather their desire to get more people under their control. That is why you are never going to hear such a pastor say: “If you aren’t going to live right, get out of here! God will send me people who can! I would rather have 50 true saints than 5000 lukewarm ones!” They aren’t going to say that because they want to exercise that destructive spirit and system of control over as many people as they can. It is your job to make sure that you are not one of them, and that you go out and be a disciple of ALL men – Christians included – so that you can rescue as many from their clutches as you can. So yes, you should evangelize other professed Christians, because if their professions are not real then they are sinners and should be treated as such. If God has put someone in your life because he is a professed Christian, and you do not take the time to pray over this fellow and probe his beliefs to see if his Christianity is real and that person perishes in his sins without your preaching to him and exposing to him his false Christianity, then that is something for which you will be held account. 

I know that this devotional is exceedingly long, but it is also exceedingly important. If you understand the church witchcraft system, then you will understand how the beast and the false prophet will come out of this system and control the whole world. These “religious right” (and “religious left”!) pseudo – churches who are working so hard to politically organize to project their influence into the world –  using Christ’s Name while denying the power of Christ – are part of how this is going to work. Now virtually everyone is ignoring these people because they are so much in love with sin, and also because the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the truly righteous saints are restraining their activities. But when that man of sin comes and the Holy Spirit comes upon the earth, that power of religious witchcraft will be unrestrained, and these religious churches will at long last have achieved what they have always sought to do, which is spread their power and dominion outside the walls of the church. Just make sure that you are not still in one of those churches so that you will be safe in Heaven when that day comes. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray that you do. I pray that you will heed the warnings that the Holy Spirit has spoken through me on this page, and that you will accept Christ into your life in truth, accept His grace in truth, allow His grace to work on you, and leave behind the religious system that will produce the beast and the false prophet. I am not one of those religious witches who believe that the world is going to end any second now because it refuses to bow to religious witchcraft; I have read and believe the Bible and know that the end will not come until all prophecies have been fulfilled, including that of the gospel being preached throughout the world. Of course, religious witches are more concerned with controlling their own denominations than preaching to some indigenous tribe in some jungle somewhere, so they ignore things such as prophecies having to be fulfilled before the end comes. But I do believe that this is the last generation, and that this generation of religious witchcraft is going to produce the beast rising from the waters. The ironic thing is that the very thing that is going to aid the coming of the beast and false prophet is also the thing that is empowering the saints in these last days. The charismatic movement and revival is what I am talking about. Do not be mistaken, I am a charismatic who not only believes in but has experienced speaking in tongues, faith healing, casting out devils, and dreams and visions with their interpretations. Trust me my friend, it is very powerful. But Satan has managed to imitate such a thing in his churches, and believe me they are extremely powerful too … more powerful than those demonic church institutions that had so much of the world in its clutches in the Dark Ages. Though these institutions had a great amount of political, economic, and social power, they had only so much spiritual power because back then church doctrine denied the power of the spirit. Why? Because Satan knew that if the church preached the power of the spirit, then there would be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would cause millions to come to Christ and bruise the head of Satan. Finally people sincerely sought the Lord and broke through the power of darkness that was causing people to disbelieve the Book of Acts and the Holy Spirit came, and many were brought to Christ. But Satan had a door number two that he used to make his lemons into lemonade, which was to incorporate false Pentecostalism into his own churches. The ironic thing is that when Satan had deceived so many Christians into denying the spirit realm, he was limiting the spiritual power of his own churches. The demonic activity was restricted, under the covers. It was the price Satan was willing to pay, because he knew that the latter rain was coming, and when it came he would have but a short time, and so he did this in order to extend his time upon the earth. Further, Satan knew that people working in other religions, especially the animist and spiritist ones, would give power to his demons on the earth. But now, the latter rain has come, Satan knows that he has but a short time, so now Satan is using his fake charismatic churches to gather into himself ever more power that he gets from the worship of man! Soon Satan will have determined that he has enough, and he will transfer that power to that man of sin with the mark of Cain. Sure, all of these false Christians worshipping Satan with a layer of separation between them and the spirit realm were bringing power to Satan for him to transfer to the new Cain, but it was less power and more slowly. Now all of these people worshipping Satan while denying and blaspheming the Name of Christ, spreading their devils doctrines, performing animist rites claiming that it is shouting and speaking in tongues; well people that is a multiplication of abominations, and that transfers so much power to Satan so quickly that it is drawing us faster and faster to the day of the multiplication of sorrows. You must understand how things work in parallel. There is a kingdom of light and a kingdom of darkness. There is Christ and there is anti – Christ. The eastern religion abomination concept of ying – yang practiced in yoga and transcendental meditation where people try to “achieve balance between good and bad energy” (and of course manipulate that energy to create a desired outcome in themselves and others – witchcraft!) is but Satan’s camouflage for what is going on in the spirit realm. The Holy Spirit has caused a revival that is winning more souls for Christ and empowering God’s people, but the other side of that is that it has created a new more powerful form of false Christianity that is ensnaring more of the non – elect and transferring more and more of man’s power that comes from our being made in God’s image to Satan, which he will then pour into the beast … all of the power from God’s image that he has stolen from mankind going back to Adam and Eve’s fall in the Garden of Eden. But when the deceiver and thief worked his first deception and theft, God told Satan that though he would bruise the heel of man, that same man would bruise his head. That man was Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ defeated Satan for us forever, and all we have to do is accept Christ and victory through him. Thank you Jesus Christ! So now, go. Get you up out of that religious witchcraft system and claim your salvation and your victory that Christ has already gotten for you.  

Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please may people’s eyes be opened to the sin of religious witchcraft, and may they love You and not death, and leave Satan’s kingdom which is soon to be destroyed and come into your Kingdom which will last forever. Lord, please lead your people to go forth and warn the people about this system of false Christianity, and warn them to flee from it as its destruction will come suddenly and quickly, and unless they separate themselves from it unto Christ they will in no wise be spared. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
 Deliverance:The demons that work in this area is witchcraft and false religion. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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