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Christians Should Never Complain

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Job 7:11 – Therefore I will not refrain my mouth; I will speak in the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.

I already dealt with complaining Christians in a previous devotional, but decided to readdress the issue. I am going to state this as a simple matter of fact: Christians should never complain. I came to this conclusion by way of reading a book that was a compilation of writings from Watchman Nee, a Chinese Christian who died for the faith after decades in a communist prison, and that was after a life of enduring many other hardships and heartbreaks. Yet it was not so much by virtue of comparing my life to his that made me realize what a whining complainer that I was, but rather his unassailable biblical doctrine that did so. 

Now Watchman Nee wrote from the perspective of a form of traditional  Christianity that has now fallen out of favor among modern Christians, especially those in the charismatic movement and particularly those in the Word of Faith movement. So, I will not use his truths in this devotional. Rather, I will explain this point using the charismatic/word of faith theology and language, and produce something that is just as unassailable as the writings of Nee. The reason why Christians should not complain is simple: because life and death are in the power of the tongue. 

Now the whole basis of the Word of Faith movement is the Christian using the word spoken in faith to produce in the natural realm what has already been accomplished in the spiritual realm. Of course, teachers in this movement also proclaim that if you speak AGAINST what God has accomplished in the spiritual realm, then you can hinder what God wants to bring about in the natural realm with the same power in your words that come from you being made in the image of God. Well, this is also true of complaining. Whenever you complain, you are speaking that which at least a part of you considers to be true. Maybe that part is your ignorance. Maybe it is your fear. Maybe it is your pride. Maybe it is your vanity. Maybe it is some part controlled or influenced by some demon clinging onto and has a foothold inside of you because you have not renounced that demon and have not turned aside from that area of your life. Whatever it is, that part of you is still real because you make it real. Therefore, any words that you speak from that portion of your reality can be brought by the power of that portion of  your reality by virtue of you being made in God’s image and having the power that goes with it from the spiritual into the natural. 

And there is also a bigger picture here. When you complain, you rebel against God. You accuse God. You judge God. You claim that God is not being good or good enough, that He is not being faithful or faithful enough, that He is not acting in a manner according to righteousness. When you speak in such a manner, you are speaking destructive words and using your God image to give that destruction life. In other words, in the spiritual realm, you are acting as a DESTROYER. So rather than complaining and thereby bringing forth destruction with your lips, you should close your mouth so that you can do no harm.

Once you have stopped being a destroyer with your lips, then you should do the opposite. You should praise God with your lips. You should thank God for the good. You should thank God for what seems to be bad but really isn’t, because God cannot do bad. You should thank God for not allowing anything to happen to you that you cannot handle, whether it is something that is “too good” that would cause you to become proud or “too bad” that would crush you. You should thank God for giving you free will, and then thank Him for drawing you to Himself so that you could use that free will to praise Him. You should thank God that Satan is defeated. You should thank God that Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross, rose again, and is returning. You should thank God for EVERYTHING.

Now a lot of well – meaning Christians tell you that you should not acknowledge your problems in doing this. Well, I disagree with them because I am not an advocate of self – hypnosis, repressing the truth, or any other type of game. God is not a God of games, God is a God of reality. God knows that you have problems, and God cares both about your problems and the effects that they are having on your physical, mental, and emotional health, and how it affects those around you, both your natural family and your spiritual one. So what remains is your having FAITH that God is bigger than your problems, so you can find a way to express your problems to God without complaining and without fear of offending the God who made you, who loves you, and who knows about those problems and wants to raise you above them. So, I say find a way to praise and honor God in the context of your problems. I am not saying that you should thank God for your poverty, divorce, gambling addiction, pornography habit, violent tendencies, racism, or cancer. Very likely, God did not cause those and wants to heal them from them, and God does not want those things to be established within you, nor does He want to be established as the author of those things by your words. So, tread carefully. But nonetheless, the Psalms and Proverbs are filled with examples of people who were able to praise God in the midsts of their troubles. They did not have to hide their troubles or be ashamed of them, but they were able to mention their troubles to God while they were praising Him. The Psalms of David in particular accomplish this best. When David was being hunted like an animal, when he saw the wretched condition of some of God’s righteous people, when he saw the pride and cruelty of the wicked, when people were falsely accusing, cursing, and conspiring against him, and when he was dealing with the consequences of his own sin of rape, adultery, and murder, David never ceased to bring those issues before God, and he never ceased to find ways to praise God in doing so. You go and do the same!

So I am not like those Christians who say that you should never complain because you do not have a reason to. That simply is not true, at least not according to your flesh. See, this is the patience of the saints; the difference between works of the flesh through religion and worshipping God in spirit and truth, walking by God’s Grace according to the Holy Spirit. Religion teaches you how to manage your flesh: how to suppress the very real thoughts, pains, hurts, and fears that you have concerning what you went through in the past, what you are going through now, and the tough road ahead. They tell you to concentrate on heaven and to know that you are only suffering for a time. That can get you through the night, but what about the morning? You will never get anywhere by shoving stuff down into your subconscious. And so long as you are playing games by managing your flesh, trying to control its eruptions, and shifting your flesh here and there in order to keep it bottled up, and trying to give acceptable religious outlets to your flesh (i.e. by “praising”), you just have to find a way to pouring all that stuff out to God. Why? Because once you do that, then God will send angels to minister to you and strengthen you, and then reveal to you that His Word Jesus Christ already dealt with all that mess on the cross! That stuff is DEAD ALREADY! And once that revelation comes to you, THAT is when the praise begins.

But in order to reach that point, you have to approach God in the right way, and that right way is by lifting God up, not by complaining. Make no mistake, whatever complaint you make is a complaint against God. Even if you do not THINK that it is a complaint against God, even if you are not even thinking about God when you speak it, it is still against God. It is still a negative destructive word that has destructive power in the spirit realm. That is why God says “pray without ceasing.” If you are praying as you ought, 99% of the destructive foolish vain things that come from your mouth won’t get said, because as you are praying the Holy Spirit will bring the wisdom and the restraint required to hold your tongue. And that is why Christians just need to discipline themselves to speak as little as possible and to listen as much as possible. If you are by yourself, why even open your mouth? Who is listening to you? Demons, perhaps? Well, stop keeping company with demons. Keep your mouth shut and PRAY! A lot of times the demons are keeping you busy in conversation because they are working to prevent you from hearing the Holy Spirit talk to you. And if you are with others, listen. Open your ears to the sins, hurts, pains, desperations, and hopeleness of those around you. That stuff will give you opportunities to pray, to minister, even if not that particular person who is talking but perhaps someone that you will encounter later who has the same problem and is going through the same stuff. How can you hear the problems of others so that you can go to God and intercede for them if you are too busy talking about your own problems for them to get their cries for help in? And yes, where their complaints are cries for help, yours are just whining and complaints.

After all, why do we complain anyway? Because we think that we know better and we deserve better. Complaining is the bitter fruit that comes from the corrupt seeds of rebellion, pride, vanity, selfishness, self – centernedness, boredom, fear, and impatience within our hearts, and along with each of those comes a demon or three. But do not be mistaken: those demons do not plant those seeds, they just grab onto and exploit what is already there. So whenever you feel the urge to complain, realize that the urge is coming from a heart that needs to change, from flesh that needs to be overcome. And how does change come? How does the overcoming happen? By the Word of God and the power of His Testimony: Jesus Christ risen from the cross and returning again imminently! So turn your complaints into praise by virtue of that testimony. 

So even if all you can muster is a simple “Lord, my husband left me, my kids never call, I am swamped with bills, I am in pain and dying of breast and ovarian cancer, but I praise You because of Your Love, Your Mercy, Your Awesome Power, and because I am saved by Your Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross, rose again, and is coming again”, then that is good enough. You did not COMPLAIN because of your divorce, your kids not honoring you, your finances, or your ruined health. You did not accuse God of being unfair to you because of those things. And you did not PRESUME or PROJECT your will upon God in these areas. And that is important, especially for you Word of Faith people. For how do you konw that it is God’s Will for your husband to come back? For your kids to come back? They have free will! For your bills to be paid? It would be one thing if you had the money to pay the bills and refused, but if you don’t have the money to pay them, don’t you think that God knows that already? Even if you weren’t following God when you made those bills, do you honestly think that He is going to keep you out of Heaven over it, especially if you have already repented for not letting God run your finances in the past? 

And how do you know that it is God’s Will for you to be healed, for you to live and not die? You are not going to know these things save God tells you, and if God were to tell you, He would put within you the faith for these things to be accomplished and create a means for them to be accomplished, and it would all be done in a way that accomplishes His Will and brings honor to Him. But what if it is not God’s Will that these things be accomplished right at this second? What if it is not His Will that these things be accomplished AT ALL? Well, if either be the case – and you will never know because you are not God; the only way you will know is if God Himself tells you – then you still have to make sure that YOU are bringing honor to God with your words by A) not complaining and by B) giving God the praise. THAT is the true Word of Faith, my friend. The Word of Faith is not speaking a specific outcome UNLESS God has given you that outcome and told you to speak it. In absence of a specific outcome that GOD has told YOU to PROPHESY, well then the Word of Faith simply becomes YOU speaking the WORD that GOD is GOOD and FAITHFUL! That the GOOD and FAITHFUL GOD is  YOUR GOD NO MATTER WHAT! 

Is that too hard for you? Is it something that you cannot attain? Well, it is the Bible. And if it wasn’t something that you were not capable of attaining, then God would not have put it in the Bible and told you to follow it. God is not trying to force you to sin. He is not trying to break your spirit. He is not trying to cause you to give up on Heaven. Rather, God only wants you to reject your flesh and the corrupt world that it lives in. It is your flesh and the love of the things of this world that cause you to complain, and above all else what God wants of you is to reject the things that He has rejected, to hate the things that He has hated, which are all things Adam! God killed those things that you are complaining about and that are causing you to complain on the cross, so why are you still holding onto them? They are DEAD! They are just waiting to be cast into the lake of fire. If you are truly saved through Jesus Christ , then you are not going to the lake of fire with that mess, so why are you holding onto it? 

So quit judging God. Quit rebelling against God. Be loosed from that vanity, pride, selfishness, and boredom. Instead, love God for who He is and worship Him no matter what! And I did not say mess around trying to train your flesh. Renounce your flesh! You are not defeating Satan by trying to tell yourself that Satan is not attacking you, or that Satan’s attacks are having no effect on you. No, you defeat Satan by telling God about his attacks, and then praising God because both you AND Satan know that he is already defeated, that Jesus Christ has already gotten you the victory over Satan’s works, and that you do not even have to wait until you get to heaven to experience that victory, that you do not even have to wait for the attacks to stop for you to experience that victory, but your victory will be experienced and expressed to God in the spirit realm through your words by your refusal to complain and your act of worshipping God and submitting to Him instead! 

Under the new covenant we have so much more power than under the old. The problem is that religion tells us to walk as if we are under the old covenant rather than teaching us how to exercise the power under the new. The new covenant is GOD IN US. It is the GOD IN US that gives us power over the world by rejecting it. It is the GOD IN US that gives us power over our enemies by loving them. And it is the GOD IN US that gives us power over our own flesh when we make the conscious choice to reject that flesh by praising God no matter how dire and wretched the condition and situation of that flesh rather than complaining because of the condition. Why are we able to do that? Because we come into the revelation through the Holy Spirit that we are not flesh at all but rather spirit, and our spirits achieved total victory when Jesus Christ cried out “It is finished” on the cross! So I am not saying that you should DENY your problems by not complaining. I am saying that by not complaining, you THROW THOSE PROBLEMS BACK INTO THE FACE OF SATAN AND HIS DEMONS! When you do that, then you persecute that which is attempting to persecute you. The forces of Satan will by that receive torture on earth from God’s people before they receive greater torment in the lake of fire. Meanwhile, you will experience victory and liberation on earth in this life by your refusing to complain before you experience greater victory and liberation in the next life in Heaven. And if that isn’t enough reason to stop you from complaining, then you are just one who has no interest in walking in the victory of the new covenant. I, for one, am enjoying my victory under the new covenant, and I thereby refuse to complain. Whenever I feel the urge to complain, I always force myself to acknowledge that my complaining will not solve anything, and that I know it will not. Instead, my desire to complain is based on my wounded pride and my desire to be the center of attention. Which is, of course, the very same reason why a 2 – year old complains. Well, I am not 2 years old either in chronological terms OR in the faith, so I am putting away that childish thing. If you want to become spiritually mature, then you do the same. Read the Psalms, read Paul’s letters, learn to defend God rather than yourself, and start growing up!


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, your children learn how to transform their complaints into praise of You. In the Name of Y’shua Hamashiach, amen!  



The demons that work in this area are pride, immaturity, selfishness, self – centerdness, and rebellion. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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