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Christians Must Create For Our Creator

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

I Chronicles 29:5 The gold for things of gold, and the silver for things of silver, and for all manner of work to be made by the hands of artificers. And who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the LORD?

God created the universe; all things. Realize that God COULD HAVE made His creation to be merely functional, utilitarian. But instead God did the opposite; He made it BRILLIANT! Vast, colorful, intricate, interwoven, simultaneously orderly AND nonlinear! God didn’t make all ducks the same color. Ducks would have served the same purpose in His creation if He had, but He gave them all those diverse, brilliant colors merely because He wanted to. And while you are thinking about that, realize that God didn’t have to put DIFFERENT COLORS ON THE SAME INDIVIDUAL FEATHER of a duck. In order to accomplish diverse brilliant colorings, He could have just put a red feather here and a brown feather there. Instead, look at an individual feather, and it is a color scale. Why did God do this? Sure, providing evidence that there was a Creator for the purposes of drawing His people to Himself was a motivation, but His fundamental reason for doing so was that He liked doing it and He liked doing it well. And as people who are God’s children and aspire to serve and please God and function in the image of God that He made us in, we should do the same. Whatever we do, we should do it as it is unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23 – 24). This does not mean that we should take mundane everyday tasks and PRETEND that we are doing it for the Lord in order to motivate us to do it better and to increase the satisfaction that we get from it in order to prevent the routine of life from burdening our spirits. Rather, we should consider that God is EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. God created ALL THINGS, and is on the throne AT ALL TIMES, and is master of ALL SITUATIONS. This is not to say that God micromanages every little thing, but God does OVERSEE every little thing. For that reason, EVERY LITTLE THING THAT WE DO IS GOD’S WORK; GOD’S BUSINESS! As a result, there is no such thing as a “little thing”, is it? That is precisely why we must praise without ceasing, why we should never lie, cheat, steal, complain, or be evil, destructive, unproductive, or a stumblingblock in any matter or situation no matter what it is. It is true that “God is always watching you”, but that is not sufficient in terms of describing the reality and the stakes of the situation. This is especially true for Christians, because “God watching you” implies “God judging you”, but a Christian’s true judgment and punishment was the cross which Jesus Christ took and bore in place of us. So while the fact that “God is watching you” may make a SINNER shudder (and actually in a sinner’s case, what can he do about it anyway? Without Jesus Christ he is doomed regardless, nor can he even so much as control his sins), for Christians the fact that God is always INVOLVED with you and IN CONTROL of your situation is what should concern you. And that personalizes things! If you are not always acting as if you ought, then while you may not be a rebel against or enemy of God, you are certainly in the way! You are the “fly in the ointment” or the “monkeywrench in the works” or the “screw loose” that is unnecessarily hindering and complicating God’s plans when you SHOULD be working to establish them on earth as it is in Heaven.

But even that is a limited notion of what Christians should be doing. Again, people are made in God’s image, and Christians are filled with God’s power and purpose PLUS have the curse and hindering effects of sin and Satan that would act against our using God’s power to fulfill His Purpose removed from us. By virtue of this we are indeed gods, children of the most high (Psalm 82:6), and a lot of the things that people had to pray to God for under the old covenant have already been accomplished for and within us, a lot of the things that people under the old covenant needed God to do for them WE can do in the Name of God, Yeshua Hamashiach (or Jesus Christ). What this means is that just as God created – and created in a most splendid and excellent way – in order to show evidence of His existence and draw people to Himself thereby, to glorify Himself, and merely because He wanted to, then being gods, children of the Most High, we should go and do likewise (Luke 10:37). We should create to show evidence of God’s existence in and of itself AND God’s existence within us, and use that to get people not only to believe in our God, but also to accept Yeshua Hamashiach (the Son) God as their personal Saviour so that they too can have Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) God within them and threw them know YHWH (the Father) God, and know all three as and in one. We should create in order to not only merely serve (which one can do grudgingly and shoddily) but to happily excellently glorify and elevate our God. And we should create because we want to; because it is in our nature that has been made perfect, pure, and divine by the Blood of Yeshua Hamashiach to do as God does, to do as God wants, and to do as loves, pleases, serves, and glorifies God.

Yet most of Christendom is hard at work making all of their ducks the same monochrome color with each and every feather that same color. Christianity is now in most areas concerned with being merely functional and utilitarian rather than being CREATIVE. Why? Because Christianity is a religion, and religion is only concerned with getting the job done for religion’s sake, to serve the purposes of and to elevate the religion. Even people who forsake religious Christianity for a personal relationship retain the same basic structure of what they left. In that manner, they are pouring new wine into old bottles (Matthew 9:17). Most of our energies are dedicated toward some grand specific scheme or goal. It has to be directly related to winning souls or supporting the churches in some direct, tangible, repeatable way. As a result, very few Christians spend any amount of time doing things for God that make them personally happy and feel good. Why? Because of legalism and tradition in religious Christianity. You aren’t supposed to do things for God that make you feel good and because it makes you feel good, you do it because it has to be done. So in order to be a willing joyful servant whose sacrifice will be acceptable, we use religious tricks to make us THINK that the things that really do not excite us are pleasurable. Usually it is the equivalent of putting an exquisite sauce and beautiful garnishes on a very plain meal.

This is not to say that you should not do the things that have to be done and that you should not do them as doing them unto the Lord. God forbid! Rather, that is not ALL that you should do! You should ALSO do the things that you LIKE TO DO for the Lord! This is called having faith. If you have faith in the fact that you are saved through Yeshua Hamashiach and thereby reconciled with YHWH and filled with Shekinah, then you are a new creature. As a result, your likes are now acceptable to God; what you LIKE TO DO is something that you CAN DO for God! Now I did not say what your FLESH likes to do, but rather what the new you that has been granted the victory over the flesh by the Blood of Yeshua Hamashiach likes to do. Whoever you are, have some talent, some skill, some activity, some hobby, some interest, or whatever that gives you great pleasure, and you should pursue it with all of the time, resources, and vigor that you are able to! I do not care if it is stamp collecting! Stamp collecting isn’t a sin (so long as there is nothing wrong with the stamps that you are collecting of course, but that is with any activity), and a lot of people really like doing it. So if you can find a way to honor God by and with stamp collecting, then be the best stamp collector there is! At the simplest, most fundamental level, you can socialize with other stamp collectors, encourage them and let them know that their hobby IS worthwhile and that there is nothing wrong with them for engaging in and loving it, and use the transforming power of the love of God that you show them to bring them to Jesus Christ. Think that I am insane? Quick: what percentage of stamp collectors are saved? What positions do they have in the church? And how many churches would be better off if their leadership positions were being held by stamp collectors who are joyful in the Lord who made them and gave them the ability to be so enriched and fulfilled by stamp collecting rather than the people who hold those positions now?

The truly tragic thing – and it is clearly something which Satan is indeed pleased – is that for the vast majority of Christians, they seek their entertainment, their passion, their joy OUTSIDE of God. They read their Bibles, pray, worship, go to church, perform works, etc. “to serve the Lord”, and then they go do something else totally unrelated to Yeshua Hamashiach, and in many cases are unedifying to their relationship with Yeshua Hamashiach or are in total rebellion to Yeshua Hamashiach, to have fun. Why? Because religion teaches them that serving God isn’t about having fun. It isn’t about doing what you like to do. It is about doing the activities that the religious system has passed down for centuries as “religious.” Now there is a percentage of the population that actually enjoys doing those activities do not get me wrong, and yes some of those activities are biblically based. But otherwise, a lot of those activities have no spiritual value and are only valued in the eyes of worldly religious people because worldly religious people say they are virtuous. Even the activities that DO have spiritual value, other activities that you LIKE doing and can find a way to honor and serve God doing it ARE JUST AS SPIRITUALLY VALUABLE AS THE ACTIVITIES VALUED BY THE RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENT THAT JUST HAPPEN TO BE SPIRITUALLY VALUABLE! Look, if something is spiritually value, it is because it is, not because the religious establishment says so. For instance, you have to eat to live, and that fact isn’t true because the religious establishment says so, but it is something whose truth is completely apart from the religious establishment that the religious establishment regards as true. So since the religious people are not the ones that determine spiritual value and usefulness, then there is a great chance that what you like to do can be done in a manner that produces spiritual fruit where what religious people tell you to do will NEVER produce spiritual fruit! The worst part of it all is that many of these Christians who seek personal enjoyment through sin because they have been taught any better do not need a drastic change! They merely need to redirect their passion from something that offends God to something that pleases him! Take the person who is obsessed with football and as a result is always following it, gambling on it, ranting about it, and has strong negative emotions and actions towards other people, even hate and aggression, because of it. Clearly sinful, right? But that person need not give up football! Instead, he could become a coach/mentor for at risk kids in a football league run by a Christian program. Or even better, he could be a Christian point of light in one of the MANY secular football leagues that are otherwise dominated by football – obsessed men (and increasingly women).

Now of course, this also goes for the more “traditional” forms of creative expression: art, literature, song, dance, etc. As said in Christian Creativity Failure, Christians need to start back heavily investing in those areas too. But let us face it; not all of us enjoy those things! Suggesting that a Christian can only serve God in a “respectable” or “acceptable” or “established” arena such as those is religion! Rather, it is incumbent upon each and every individual Christian to find a way to serve God by doing whatever things are pure, righteous, and are of good report (Philippians 4:8) according to GOD, and not man or religion, and then do go and do so to the maximum of his ability. Yes, the “maximum of his ability” part is important! You are doing this for the Lord, so do not dabble in it. Instead, make it the core concentration of your life. Let it consume you! Let it be how you praise and relate to God and cause others to! Give up all of your unedifying and extraneous activities and concentrate on what God predestined in you to do for Him! If you do this, such a thing will please and glorify God immensely, and moreover shall bear fruit. Remember the parable of the talents? The wicked servant who buried his talent in the sand and was cast out as unprofitable should have found something that he liked to do to make money with, even if it was buying and selling stamps. Or getting some ducks and making pillows out of their feathers to sell.

Do not be deceived, brethren, for it is God’s Will for you to serve Him in this fashion! God commanded you to serve Him from the FULLNESS OF YOUR HEART. Well how can your heart be filled if it has no joy because your only service to the Lord is doing things that give you no personal pleasure? Do not be deceived by Satan or by the religious system: there are so many great things that can be done for God if only the church would reject the lie that we can only serve and please God through our affliction, tribulation, persecution, and obligation.  


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please cause Your people to begin to serve You from the fullness of their hearts by doing the things that You created for and in them to give them joy by doing them for You and in Your Name. In the Name of Y’shua Hamashiach, amen!  



The demon that works in this area is religion. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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