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Christian Creativity Failure

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Exodus 31:2 – 4 See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah: And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, To devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship.

Use the term “Christian creativity” around most people, and many will regard it to be an oxymoron, a contradiction. Now while in some ways this is manifestly unfair – as history records that the greatest artists, musicians, and thinkers were Christian. Indeed, the primary motivation for “multiculturalism” was not to cease the elevation of “dead white males”, but instead to prevent people from being taught that CHRISTIANS were capable of such artistic and scientific brilliance, and yes they did it to honor Jesus Christ! The only way that this “Christians are stupid and hate art and education” myth could be implanted into the mainstream was by our schools and media preventing the works of such people as Dante Alighieri, Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Thackeray, Michelangelo, etc. from being taught, and where teaching them is absolutely necessary speaking of their Christian beliefs and motivations is never done. But the sad true fact is that we simply cannot blame “the world” for all of our problems in this area. Instead, we must face facts: western Bible – believing Holy Spirit – filled Christians are no longer involved in supporting or producing the arts or any other creative endeavors in any serious way.

That this would be is totally idiotic. The verse above CLEARLY SHOWS that creativity is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Further, not only did biblical
Israel specifically give societal institutional support to artists, musicians, SCIENTISTS (what else would
“after the art of the apothecary” in Exodus 30:25 refer to?), and similar, so did the Catholic Church for centuries. Further, a great many CHRISTIAN kings and queens (and other royalty), businessmen, and other prominent people and institutions supported professional artists for centuries. But now, all of that has passed away. If you are a painter, sculptor, architect, writer, or even a scientist who loves Elohim, then you will almost certainly have to not only ply your trade but even GET EDUCATED in a world that not only hates Yeshua Hamashiach, but has made as its primary mission to make war against Him and those who believe in and love Him and are called by His Name. The most that you can do is try to promote Christianity in some “subversive” way while in the worldly “mainstream”, try to make a living in the bland risk (and reward) averse and very limited Christian niche market, or do some “Christian work on the side” as your time and economics permit. And that is even if you manage to hold onto your beliefs while pursuing your education. Let me tell you: if you are a Bible – believing Christian BEFORE you attended most art, drama, filmmaking, writing, music, etc. schools, then there is a great chance that you will not be one when you leave. But that does not change the even sadder fact that even if there were a person who could emerge from Stanford, Cal – Berkeley, or Harvard as evangelical fundamentalist Christian with master’s degree in fine arts, there would be no one to hire them and no system in place by which their Holy Spirit – inspired talents and works could be developed, showcased, and appreciated.

One has to admit the obvious: there is absolutely no reason for this state of affairs to exist. Of course, we know that there is no lack of Holy Spirit – inspired creative people in the Body of Christ. We also know that there is no lack of financial and institutional support for these people. All that is lacking is the will and desire of people who are in positions of influence and authority in the Christian world to support them. And this proves that a huge number of people were never called by God, or they have turned aside from following Him wholly. Imagine if a FRACTION of the money spent trying to influence politicians or trying to get on every single CHRISTIAN TV network time slot were spent on training, sponsoring, and showcasing Christians who have creative gifts. What a great witness to the power, might, beauty, and LOVE of God that would be, and how many people whose hearts are currently hardened to televangelists and are offended by the mixing of religion and politics would be softened and opened by works of great beauty and creativity! Do not think that there is not a precedent! One of the main reasons why God had Solomon invest such brilliance in the temple was so that people would be astounded, glorify God, and forsake their own false gods for Elohim because of it! One of the best arguments for the existence of Elohim is the majesty of His Creation, and likewise one of the best arguments that we are the people of Elohim is OUR ABILITY TO CREATE! And please recall that the queen of Sheba was converted to worshipping God after seeing the sight of the temple, and went back to her homeland and had that entire nation convert, and later that homeland converted to Christianity (the Holy Roman Empire was the SECOND Christian nation, Sheba, or Ethiopia, was the first) thanks to the meeting between Philip and the eunuch in Acts. So certainly if an entire nation can turn to God by virtue of seeing how the Holy Spirit can use man to produce a temple, an individual can turn to God by seeing how the Holy Spirit can use man to produce a painting or statue.

But alas, pouring money into the political system brings power. Being on national Christian TV 50 times a week (when you add up all of the time slots on all the networks) brings in a lot of money. So clearly these people are after money and power rather than being after God’s own heart! Take a look at the fundamentalist/evangelical universities out there, for instance.
University has a full – fledged undergraduate program in art, but

University only offers theatre. ORU also has a full – fledged music department,

University does not. Truth be told, both universities invest far more in ATHLETICS than they do the arts. But the bottom line is that even the mere presence of programs is not evidence that their energies are in the right place. Why? Because if they were actually following the example of the Bible and even of the church in centuries not long past, THE ART AND MUSIC PROGRAMS WOULD BE SECONDARY ONLY TO THE THEOLOGY/SEMINARY PROGRAMS AT LIBERTY, ORAL ROBERTS, AND OTHER CHRISTIAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES!

And because of our sinful – yes, it is sinful! – neglect in this area, choosing money and power over facilitating the release of the Holy Spirit and using that release to do the Will of God, how many Christians with Holy Spirit gifts in the arts and other creative areas shun devoting their lives to those pursuits? A Christian child growing up today only hears two things about a career in the arts: 1) it is dominated by exceptionally amoral people and 2) it is extremely difficult to support yourself in it, especially if you are not exceptionally amoral. Those things are true, BUT AGAIN ONLY BECAUSE OF THE STIFF NECKS AND HARDENED HEARTS OF CHRISTIANS! One of the hilarious things is how Christian political activists are trying to end the National Endowment for the Arts and other forms of public support for artists because – gasp! – artists who hate God tend to express that hatred, and people who hate God tend to support artists who hate God. That is what getting involved in worldly pursuits like politics does. These people actually think that they can stop people who are unsaved from, well, ACTING LIKE THEY ARE UNSAVED! Even if it were possible to prevent them from acting like it – and it isn’t – what good would it do? Wouldn’t they still be unsaved? Of course. But their goal wasn’t saving the souls of these artists or anyone else, but rather a desire to have and exert power over other people, to make people do what THEY wanted them to do. In other words, control demons. What really sets off these Christian political activists isn’t people out there expressing hatred against God, it is that they are unable to exert the same control over the world that they have over their congregations. Since they can’t make these people join their congregations so they can control them, they are trying to take over the government so that they can control them THAT WAY. If these people had any true love for God, then they would use THEIR VAST FINANCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL RESOURCES to create the National CHRISTIAN Endowment for the Arts, and use the great beautiful works of Holy Spirit – filled Christians that it would produce to totally put to shame both the people who put crucifixes in urine and those who pay them to do it.

Read your Bible, people. It is filled with detailed descriptions of the splendor of creation, especially Heaven, and how God wants us, who are in His Image, to create after the same manner to give glory to Him. And we Christians aren’t doing it. Outside of whatever Christians that are out there finding some outlet for their creative energies by working on their projects in their spare time, or little kids who write their little songs and make wonderful creations with their crayons and finger paints of the angels and visions that they see, no one is doing it because no one is supporting it. No one is even preaching about it. Sure, the great megapreachers will get up and go on for hours about the splendor of the temple, the tabernacle, the ark, etc. BACK THEN, but you won’t hear them talk about why we aren’t doing thinks like that RIGHT NOW, and the reason is that the only way that would happen RIGHT NOW would be if THEY were to PAY for it! But no, instead they would rather spend tens – or hundreds – of millions on these tacky mega – cathedrals that aren’t even examples of Holy Spirit – inspired architecture or construction and contain no original artworks in them of any real value that are truthfully not monuments to God but are rather to the preacher, who is often so puffed up with pride that he will not acknowledge that his “beautiful buildings” sit unused most of the time and are less than half – filled even on Sundays. This is how bad it is: an unknown church in a nondescript town in rural southern Georgia was able to produce and distribute two feature – length films for the amount of money that they raise in a couple of offerings. And why not? The church and the land are long paid off, SO WHAT DO THEY NEED THAT MONEY FOR ANYWAY? For a fraction of what it would have taken for that church to get one undesirable time slot on a minor Christian TV network, they were able to pay people who have the God – given ability to write, produce, direct, edit, design sets, operate cameras, act, and yes even do the business of promoting and distributing a film. And you know what? Both films won awards! The latter so impressed a major SECULAR corporation that the corporation released the film to theaters, where it earned 100 times the production costs! That is what only a few people (though the church is one of the most prominent in its small community it is not very large) can do when they decide to honor God, and why a great many are not doing the same is because the desire to honor God is not in them because the love of God is not in them. Or at minimum they love and are serving God, but not from a perfect heart (II Chronicles 25:1 – 2).

This really is serious business. The Holy Spirit – given gifts of so many people are not being used as they ought, and souls are not being saved from their sins and from the world as a result. God will judge the people who are allowing this sad state of affairs to exist, especially those in authority. In order to prevent this judgment from coming down on you, it is incumbent upon you to support the creative talents and endeavors of Christians in however manner God has given you the instructions and the means to do so. And remember: to more that was given, more shall be required of them, but even for those who were given little, if they are not faithful with it and increase it, then even what little was given to them shall be taken away from them. That was the parable of the TALENTS, people (talk about double reference, money and ability, at least in terms of the English translation anyway); a parable that is so often ignored in contemporary Christianity to our hurt indeed. So many people are indeed being destroyed because they lack knowledge, and they lack knowledge because they have not sought knowledge, and they are not seeking knowledge because they are not seeking God, and they are not seeking God because they have not set their hearts upon doing so. We must serve the Lord in spirit and in truth people with all of our hearts, or else we are lost! And that is truly the sad thing. Israel supported all of these artists, musicians, craftsmen, etc. under the OLD COVENANT where God only demanded 10%, when the presence and indwelling of the Holy Spirit was rare, and Satan still had pretty much unchallenged dominion over the earth. But now under the NEW COVENANT where God demands 100%, where the presence and indwelling of the Holy Spirit is with all TRUE believers, and Satan is defeated, we are actually doing LESS in an area that is so vital to both our mission and the heart of God as creativity! Oh yes, the judgment upon this generation will be severe indeed, and you had better make sure that it does not fall upon you, especially if you are one who is in spiritual authority! And yes, that includes you parents in spiritual authority over your children, and husbands who are in spiritual authority over households. Parents, quit throwing away your “discretionary income” on junk and buy your kids paints, crayons, modeling clay, craft kits, music lessons, etc. and tell them to “make things about and for Jesus Christ.” Fathers, if your wife or child has a gift, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that the gift is BOTH developed AND displayed! Too much is at stake for ALL MEMBERS of the Body of Christ to continue this massive failure of the modern church.


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please put it in the hearts of the members of the Body of Christ to once again see that it is Your Will for us to use the creative gifts that You have given us to glorify You, and that we should get about the business of following and obeying Your Will in this manner. In the Name of Y’shua Hamashiach, amen!  



The demons that work in this area are control, greed, selfishness, self – seeking, power, pride, false doctrine, and sloth. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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