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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Genesis 17:1 – And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. 

Your spirit is made perfect when you accept Jesus Christ into your heart. And your flesh is irredeemable, corrupted by Adam and doomed to die with the rest of this world and therefore must be overcome. So what is there to do? To be perfect in spirit, perfect in works, perfect in obedience. To be as Enoch, who walked with God, and therefore God took him; he was not found. Or to be like Abraham, the friend of God. To be like Samuel, who let not a single Word from God fall to the ground. Or Jeremiah, who continued to preach righteousness even after God rejected him. David, who was a man after God’s own heart, sinned grievously in the matter of Bathsheba and Uriah, and was restored. And Jesus Christ, who Himself though being God submitted unto God and went to the cross.

It is not something that can be done by sight. If you try to do it by sight, you will take the religious view that you can never do anything wrong, and you will either fail and lose your faith, or you will become a hypocrite who will claim evil for righteousness because you cannot admit your error. The truth is, do not let your falls or the fact that you may fall trouble you. As the old hymn “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” goes “if I falter Lord who cares!” So long as you retain the desire to do God’s Will rather than your own and to contend for the faith rather than to submit to the world and to evil, so long as you stand on the Truth of God’s Word written by The Holy Spirit into your heart and confirmed by the Bible, then you are fine. Have you ever been a parent or spent a little time around a small child? That child will act up every now and then just to see if his parent is paying attention! And when the parent spanks him or does timeout, that child may cry and have tears running down his face due to the punishment, but inside that child is HAPPY, and two seconds later he or she is playing and enjoying life greater than before. Why? Because if the parent punished me, then the parent was PAYING ATTENTION to me! So if the parent is PAYING ATTENTION to me, then the parent LOVES ME! And as the child gets older, the child will actually understand that a parent’s discipline is intended to develop the child in the right way, and will love the parent for it. Now, it is the children who DO NOT get punished who start deciding that their parents are not showing them any attention, and do not care if they live or die. And THOSE are the children who get rebellious, nihilistic, cynical, and ultimately self – destructive. Well, remember, everyone who accepts Christ in our lives is God’s children. And like God’s Children, we are supposed to LOVE it when God rebukes us, because God rebuking us is a sign that He loves us; that we are His and not our own. We are supposed to LOVE the character – building experiences that God places us in, and appreciate the boundaries that God sets for us. So, the beginning of being perfect for God is not being afraid to make a mistake. Now, do not think that it is OK to make a mistake. Sin is still sin, a fall is still a fall. Now if you broke a vase when you were 2 years old, you did not get punished because your parents knew that you didn’t know any better. But that did not change the fact that the vase was still broken and that you got a nasty cut from the shards. But if you were scared of breaking something else and allowed yourself to become filled with fear and never played again, it would sorely grieve you and your parents, especially since kids get most of their joy but also their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development from play. And it is the same between you and God. If you are afraid of making a mistake, that fear will cause much more damage and become a much larger block between you and God than your mistake.  

As long as you focus on the fact that you might sin, then you will always see your perfection a function of what you do and what you don’t do. That is exactly what religion teaches, and that is exactly what Satan likes. Instead, you should see your perfection in terms of having a perfect DESIRE. A perfect WILL. It is not a desire and a will to please God per se. Everyone but the utterly foolish and the reprobates, even the unsaved, want to please God. The problem is that they do not know how (and if they are unsaved they simply cannot). Instead, it is putting aside your will and your desires and allowing the Will and Desire of God to take their place. Your desires, no matter how seemingly virtuous, and your will, no matter how seemingly righteous, cannot please God because they come from your soul and your flesh. Do not waste valuable time and energy trying to refine and purify and justify your will, your desire, your soul, and your flesh before God. Do not try to change your nature from something bad into something good. I am not saying that it is impossible to change your nature, but that even if you do, it won’t be good anyway. All you will have done is gone from one thing that God won’t accept to another that God won’t accept. What religion teaches you is to change a nature that is bad on the inside and looks bad on the outside to something that looks good on the outside BUT IS STILL BAD ON THE INSIDE! Either way, it is you offering your own unrighteousness to God. God will not accept anyone’s unrighteousness, no matter how much effort, no matter how much sincerity, no matter how much blood, sweat, tears, trials, tribulations, fastings, and prayers they put into making the offering. Instead, aspire to simply pushing your will and desire out of the way so that God’s Will and Desire will take over. That way, instead of offering God what you perceive to be “a better you” (and it will not be a better you but rather a religious you, which is actually worse), you will be offering God Himself, which is already perfect and acceptable to God. Of course, getting to where you reject your own desire and will so that God’s Desire and Will can take over on a consistent basis is no small task. The truth is, it is exceedingly hard for many people. It may actually be harder for someone off the street who has no concept of self – righteousness and no delusions that there is any good about them than someone who has been “raised in the church” and has therefore gotten very accustomed to the religious lifestyle of offering unacceptable sacrifices to God and thinking themselves to be mighty virtuous because of them. But rather than concentrating on how hard it is or how long it takes, glory in the fact that at least you are doing something productive at long last instead of wasting time. Now it might be very tempting to go back to the old easy religious way thereby please your flesh while convincing yourself that you are still doing something for God. But when you do so, the Holy Spirit will convict you and lean on your conscience, and at some point you will have to accept that if you are ever going to do anything good for the Lord or receive something from the Lord, then you are going to have to stop wasting your time. Remember: it is not God’s time that is being wasted, for God is timeless and waits and is dependent upon no man. It is YOUR precious time that is being wasted, and your spiritual growth being inhibited, and your blessing being blocked.  

To get to the root of it all, you just have to let the old person die. Your old thoughts, your old ways, your old desires, your old will has to go. Now all people like to think of themselves as virtuous and remember all the good things that they have done. Well, that thinking is a hindrance, a roadblock. You have to reject all those ideas, because if you hold onto them they will hinder the process of losing yourself into God. Now this is not to say that you should torment yourself with all of the evil that you have done and become filled with guilt and self – loathing. Satan would love that, and will send plenty of demons your way to help you along in that process. Instead, you have to acknowledge within yourself that there was nothing good about you before, that there was nothing good that you did before, and that even everything good that you seem to have done or accomplished came at a negative cost. Maybe you can’t see the cost, but you just have to accept by faith that it was there. If you plant a corrupt seed and it sprouts up as a huge tree, you can only see the glory of the tree on the outside, not the rotten corruption on the inside, and by the time that tree brings forth evil bitter fruit that sickens all who eat of it and produces many more corrupt seeds, you may have long left the scene. But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t plant the corrupt seed. All you know is that it was a nice pretty tree when you left it. That is the spiritual principle behind the incontrovertible fact that everything that you did before you accepted Christ was spiritually evil and rejected by God, and even after you get saved everything that you produce from your own flesh is similarly spiritually evil and rejected by God. Don’t let it bother you; even if it was your fault personally, your own desire to do evil, realize that it has already been forgiven, and that no one else is any different or better than you were. All were born in sin, and all have sinned. No matter how much virtue a person might seem to have, no matter how humble or loving they appear or the mighty works that they accomplished, without Christ they are just another failed sinner whose works are rejected as corrupt just as yours. Without Christ, you will find it very easy to do evil when you try, and you will accomplish even more evil the more you try to do good. It is only when you accept Christ and become Christ through surrendering to the Holy Spirit that you can at long last be made perfect and produce good fruit. 

No, I did not just heresy or blasphemy: I said WHEN YOU BECOME CHRIST. After all, what was Christ but God’s Word in the flesh? Why can’t God’s Word live and be made manifest in you? Do not let the fear concerning spiritual things that religion has built up in you prevent you from imagining and approaching this. Remember: Jesus Christ proved this when He contended against the Pharisees and Sadducees: religion hates spiritual things because religion is of man, and therefore cannot comprehend spiritual things, so rather than admit their own man – made limitations and corruption, it rejects spiritual things as evil. So again, what was Christ but God’s Word in the flesh? That does not diminish Christ as being God; by contrast are not, were not, and will not be all things done by God’s Word (John 1:1-3)? So again, if Christ was but God’s Word in the flesh, and if God’s Word cannot live and be made manifest in you, why cannot you be Christ? In another manner of speaking, you are not truly a Christian unless you are Christ – like. And to be truly Christ – like, with the power, manner, desire, will, and love of Christ as opposed to some cheap religious emulation or imitation, Christ must live in you and be transmitted through you. Religion tells you that such is blasphemy; I am here to tell you that it is not blasphemy but spirit, and you must attain spirit in order to walk with God and produce works acceptable to God.  

So, how does one become Christ? Well, it is accomplished in one’s spirit by grace upon salvation. Now Christ was also Christ in the flesh; we cannot become Christ in our flesh for our flesh is worldly and corrupt. Remember, we are the natural seed of sinful Adam, Christ on the earth was the supernatural seed of sinless God. So, that leaves becoming Christ in our will and desires. That can only be done through the Holy Spirit. Can it be done by prayer? No. Can it be done by fasting? No. Can it be done by reading the Bible? No. Can it be done by separating yourself from sin and sinful influences? No. It cannot be done by power or by might, but by God’s spirit (Zechariah 4:6). It is accomplished only by grace through faith in that God has already wrought this good deed in you because it was His Will and His Pleasure that it is done. Prayer, fasting, reading the Bible, and removing the spiritual interference and separation caused by sin may help you develop that faith, but it is done by faith. It is possible to do all of those things without developing the faith, and one can develop the faith without doing all of those things. I will say this: the less exposure you have had to trying to make yourself righteous through religion, the more successful you will be in accepting that it is only faith in God’s grace that makes you righteous.  

Is saying over and over again that you are Christ because Christ is in you and therefore you have the will and desires of God and not your own the same as having faith? No; but speaking the Word of Faith in that manner can develop your faith. Realize that you shouldn’t say over and over again that you have the faith to make it so; that is error. The moment you say that you have the faith to make it so, you admit that you believe that it is not done. Let us say that you have a car in your garage, and you know that you have a car in your garage because you parked it there and walked upstairs 30 seconds ago. If someone comes along and asks you where is your car, you are not going to say “I have faith that my car is in the garage.” Why? Because faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR and NOT SEEN, and you don’t HOPE that your car is in the garage, you KNOW that it is in the garage because you just parked it there 30 seconds ago. You SAW the car in the garage when you got out of it, closed the door, and walked in the house. Saying that you have faith that the car is there negates what you SAW, what you HOPE, and what you DID. In a similar manner, you do not confess the Word of Faith God that you are Christ, Christ is in you, and you have the Will and desires of God. Instead, just as you are familiar with the old testimony of how God woke you up this morning in your right mind (which would have to be the case if you are reading this!), TESTIFY the Word of Faith that you are Christ, Christ is in you, and you have the Will and desires of God working within you to produce fruits acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. You are able to testify this because it is fact. It has already been done. Why? Because that is God’s Will for every person that God has ever created; everyone who has ever had life. We were created to do God’s Will and to bring forth God’s desire into the natural; to make what is already a reality for God in the spirit realm a reality in the natural realm. Your being Christ has already been done and always been done. Take that car that you parked in your garage 30 seconds ago. It has gas in it, tires, a working battery and starter/generator, engine, and transmission. All that it needs is the key and the driver for the car to move. Well, salvation through Christ is the key, and the Holy Spirit is the driver, and the car leaving the garage is your attaining the faith that you are Christ because Christ is in you and the Holy Spirit is producing good works for the Father by using the Christ that is in you. Just like the working car is already in the garage, God’s destiny in this area is already done in you. You just have to move from claiming that you believe it to actually knowing it, and the first step towards doing that is moving from saying that you believing it to saying that it is done. Not saying that you have the tools or the ability to do it, but rather that IT IS ALREADY DONE.  

Let me be the first to tell you that this is not conjecture, I can stand on the Bible and put my very life and my eternity in Heaven in the lake of fire and tell you that it HAS been done. How do I know? Well, why else did God make you? Did God make you to cast you into the lake of fire? God forbid! Nay, it is God’s Will that everyone be saved! So, if God didn’t create you to be destroyed in the lake of fire, then obviously He created you to do His Purpose. And if He created you to do His Purpose, then He created you with the ABILITY to do His purpose. Now some people have been taught (by religion of course) that you have to keep going to God in order for Him to bestow you with certain gifts, things, or whatever; that in order to do certain things for God you need for God to build something in you that you were totally lacking before. I suppose that certain folks, for instance, believe that when God wants you to smell better, you go to Him and He grows you an extra nose, or if God wants you to run faster, you go to Him and grows you an extra leg. And hey, I am the first to admit that I do not know everything, so maybe that is true in some areas. But I will say that this is ONE AREA where it is DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE. Your being perfect by being Christ is something that you were born with. It is not your needing to go to God because you need an extra nose or leg in order to do God’s Will; it is your realizing through faith that you have a nose and two legs that you have never used but can now start using if you let go and let God (the Holy Spirit) work on you. Go back to the verse up top: God told Abram (who later became Abraham) to walk before (better translated as walk WITH) me and be perfect. Why would this be in the Bible if it was meaningless? Why would God have told Abraham to do this if it could not be done? Could it have been done through Abraham’s natural strength? No. And that is the point. If it would have been possible through Abraham’s natural strength, God would not have asked him of it, because the things that come from US are unacceptable to God, remember? God wanted from Abraham something that was IMPOSSIBLE through his natural strength, and could only be given to God were Abraham not to try to do the possible, not to try to do the impossible and fail and convince yourself that God was pleased with the attempt (both are religion), but instead not to try at all and accept by faith that GOD will do it and that it is already done! God did not want Abraham’s possible efforts. God did not want Abraham’s failure to accomplish the impossible through his own effort. God wanted Abraham’s admission that what God asked of him was impossible, so that Abraham would submit to God, stop trying, and allow God to give Himself (God) what He (God) wanted THROUGH Abraham using God (the Holy Spirit)!  

God wanted Abraham to cease his activity, to stop trying, and to admit his failure. Now, when you cease your activity, stop trying, and admit failure, you do not say that “this thing that God asked of me cannot be.” That is not faith, that is not submission, that is not obedience. When you cease your activity, stop trying, and admit failure, and say that “this thing that God asked of me SHALL be” then THAT is submission. THAT is faith. THAT is obedience. See, all God wants is a vessel. He wants a vessel in the natural realm which He can use to bring what has already been done by God in the spiritual realm into natural reality. Man cannot do this thing when it comes to the things of God because man is corrupt, and God’s Righteousness can only be touched by that which is holy and pure. But when man surrenders to God and pushes his corruption aside, he becomes a vehicle that is acceptable for the Holy Spirit to use to touch God’s Righteousness. How, since we are still corrupt man? THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! Christ our Savior. Christ our Advocate. Christ our Intermediary. Christ goes to God on our behalf and says to God “Look, I know this person was born in sin and has committed plenty of sin and to this day has sin operating in his heart and life. But this person accepted Me into his heart through faith. He believes through faith that He is saved by Me alone, and that I alone will save him from Your Righteous Wrath; destruction in the lake of fire. He was willing to give up what was natural and pleasing to the flesh, to give up the broad way, for the trials and tribulations of the strait gate; to give up the pleasures of this world and suffer the evil of rejection of the world for a short time in order to be saved from the greater evil and to inherit the greater glory of the world to come. So Lord, because of that, because of Me, Your Beloved Son, allow this person, though a sinner, to be made righteous by me and therefore acceptable unto Thee to meet this Divine Purpose of Yours!” But in order for this to happen, Christ has to be IN YOU, and you have to be CHRIST. If you are not CHRIST, then Christ is not IN YOU to advocate before the Father, in the Face of the Father, for you to be an acceptable vehicle. Of course, Christ will still be there on Judgment Day to advocate for you for the saving of your soul, and He is daily intervening for you to save you from Satan and the many demons who seek your destruction. But as for being used daily by the Father? That is a different matter. You have to be CHRIST and know by faith that you are CHRIST in order to be used by the Father to bring any good work into fruition, no matter what that work is, even down to praying as you ought.  

But as it is impossible by you, it IS possible with God! So if it was possible for Abraham to attain this under the Old Covenant, how much more possible is it for you to attain it under the New Covenant which gives more power and is built upon better promises? God loves you, God wants to use you, God wants to see this done in and by you! The problem is that religion does not even tell people that this is available to them; that it is possible. Even if they did, it would reject the means by which it is accomplish it just as surely as the world rejected Christ. But I am here today to tell you that it is possible! If Christ is yours, then you are already perfect in spirit. If Christ is not yours, then let Him into your heart right now: say The Salvation Prayer and through desire and faith it will be done. That is all it takes, a desire for it to be done and faith that all it takes is to confess with your mouth that the Risen Jesus Christ, the Son of God who is God, did what no one else can do and saved you. After perfection in spirit, accept that your flesh, your soul, your own desires and will can never be made perfect. Then begin the process of testifying the Word of Faith that you have been by grace and grace made Christ, that Christ lives in you, and your wills and desires have been subdued in favor of the triumph in you of the Wills and Desires of the Father, and that the same Jesus Christ who saved you will now advocate for you to the Father so that you will be made an acceptable vessel (vehicle) through which the Holy Spirit to A) work on (another topic for another day) and B) produce works by moving what God has already spoken in the spirit realm into reality in the natural realm. Yes, I said what God the Father has already spoken! And what is Jesus Christ? The Word of God spoken! And what are you? CHRIST! Why? Because CHRIST is IN YOU! Such a thing is not only impossible to be conceived by religion, but it also actually greatly offends religion! But if you are a spiritual Christian who lives by faith instead of a religious one who swears by works, you will desire this, and when you desire it you will attain it! Religion will tell you “Yeah right, sure you are perfect. I saw you sin just five seconds ago. No one is perfect but the Father.” (The devil and his demons know the Bible and is an expert at using it to bear false witness just as he did when he tempted Jesus Christ during Christ’s 40 day fast.) But you, a spiritual Christian, will say “I am perfect DESPITE my faults, failures, and sins by FAITH. When I sin, God repoves me, and I love it because it means that God loves me! I LOVE it when God tells me that I did wrong and not to do it again, because THAT is the process by which I learn what I should and shouldn’t do! And most of all, I love it because God loved me BEFORE I did it, He loved me WHILE I did it, He loved me AFTER I did it, He loved me WHILE He was rebuking me, He loved me WHILE I RESISTED the punishment, and He loved me AFTER I ACCEPTED AND THANKED HIM FOR THE PUNISHMENT! So in the Name of Jesus Christ get behind me demon and flee!” Not only are you still perfect despite your sin, BUT THE PROCESS OF SINNING AND RECEIVING AND ACCEPTING REBUKE FROM GOD IS AN INTEGRAL AND NECESSARY PART OF BEING PERFECT FOR ALL PEOPLE BORN OF ADAM AND REBORN OF CHRIST!  

That goes too far? How can any good come from sin? How does sin make me perfect? Well, consider this. When you are learning how do draw a straight line when you are a kid, what do you do? You trace over a dotted line. If that dotted line wasn’t there, would you have been able to draw that straight line? No. And if you mess up the straight line despite the dotted line being there, is the whole effort ruined? Do you crumple up the piece of paper and toss it in the trash and say that drawing a straight line is impossible? No. Because the dotted line is printed in INK on the paper, and the crooked line that you drew was in pencil. You can take your ERASER, blot out the crooked line, and try again. You can try 5, 500, 5000 times until you get it right. So what? The point is getting it right, and if you keep practicing, guess what? You won’t need that dotted line printed on the paper in ink anymore. As a matter of fact, you will get so good at drawing straight lines, your coordination and muscle control will be so trained, that you will be able to draw the a straight line without a dotted line to follow. As a matter of fact, you will be able to draw that straight line with a pen with ink that you will not be able to erase if you mess up! Why? Because since you know how to draw a straight line, you won’t mess up! THAT is how the process of sinning and being rebuked by God until you become made perfect works. If you are so proud or so fearful that you hate rebuke and cannot countenance being considered a failure your own eyes or the eyes of man, you will never suffer the trials and tribulations of living by faith. You will try to trace the dotted line a few times, fail, give up, and retreat back to the safety of something that you have experienced and considered virtue through vain works of religion. That is why the notion of reaching perfection by accepting and loving the rebuke of God after you fall is so alien, so hostile to religion. Religion uses works, legalism, tradition, ritual, and other things to create the false impression that you never sin because you can create and accomplish your own righteousness by your own hand by doing things that the world considers virtuous. The truth is that either way you are going to sin. But if you rely on religion, you will ALWAYS sin because you will ALWAYS produce things that God hates, and what is more you will add to that sin by claiming what God has rejected as righteousness. Keep it up, and your eyes and your heart will be blinded to your sin and then to sin itself. But admit that through your own efforts you have done nothing but fail, give up those vain efforts, and start to live by faith (even if it means doing seemingly nothing at all for a time, or even for a long time!), and you will see the process of falling, rebuke, and correction at work in your walk with God.  

And go back to Abraham. He fell, was rebuked, and was corrected plenty of times until finally in his old age he got to the point where he was willing to take his own son’s life at the command of the Lord. If Abraham was able to get there under the old covenant, then you most certainly can under the new. The first part of getting there is accepting that your own works are evil, and for you to offer good works to the Lord they have to first be God’s own works! Once you come to that realization, and I urgently entreat you to, then you can start the road to becoming perfect! “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God” (Hebrews 6:1). 


Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, let your children know that perfection has already been accomplished in them, and may they learn to walk before You in faith until they realize and begin to bring forth through the Holy Spirit works that will be found as acceptable by You. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.   Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is religion. It causes people to believe that they cannot be what God wants them to be and to therefore instead settle for what seemingly righteous things that they can accomplish through works of the flesh. It works along with fear, doubt, false conviction, fear of God, guilt, fear of failure, pride, and shame.  Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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