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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Daniel 9:3 – And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes: 

Though we are Believers who are saved and sanctified and given all power in our spirits by accepting the sacrifice and overcoming by resurrection and ascension of Christ Jesus the Son of God, a lot of us continue in our carnal nature. Though we say we are Christian and act as Christians in many situations, we are all too quick to lapse into the flesh, all to quick to revert to our unsaved ways, and all too quick to imitate and partake in the ways of the world. A prominent example of this is the damage that we do with our mouths. Quite frankly, we talk too much! Or let me backtrack. We talk too much in the wrong manner and about the wrong thing! If what you are saying be the edifying Word of God and if it pleases God for you to say so, then by all means, speak until you are blue in the face! (Oh God, please raise up more of your people who are willing to speak in a manner that pleases you, and may they be emboldened and choose to speak as often as you allow them to in these last and evil days, in the Name of Jesus Christ!) But sadly, usually most of us are not. Most of us take part in the same corrupt talk as the unredeemed, and we do so given the first chance to. 

When someone does something wrong or something that we envy, we talk about it. That is gossip. That is a sin. When something goes wrong in our lives, we talk about it. That is fear. That is sin. When we are frustrated about a situation, we talk about it. That is lacking patience, a sin. And when we know that hardship or challenge is on the way, we talk about it. That is faithlessness, a sin. Now that did James 1:5 say about sin? That it brings forth death! So are you aware that if you keep doing all this sinning with your tongue that you may be literally talking yourself to death, endangering the body, soul, and spirit? Think about it. Research the Word of God about it, and listen to what saved preachers who preach Christ have to say about the topic. And most of all, pray on it! 

Even if you are fine by virtue of your baptism in the Blood of the Lamb, it is not just about you. Remember, we are not just supposed to receive our salvation and sit around until Jesus comes for our souls. No, we are supposed to be fruitful vines, to allow God to use us to bring others to salvation and to help them to continue in the faith! But if you are going around talking the same talk of defeat and death as everyone else, that will accomplish the opposite. People will conclude that you are worse off than them as a Believer. Look, they are not God! They do not know your heart! Furthermore, the vast majority only know you superficially, and will never have the time to really get to know you and the change that God has worked in your life and the miracles that He is working through you. So they will judge you by the only thing that is available to them; your speech! If you have the same talk as everyone else, they will conclude that they are actually better off being sinners, because not only are you as burdened and defeated and tormented as they, not only are you as corrupt as they, but as a Believer you are kept from doing whatever you want to do to please yourself, to win acceptance from others, to get ahead in life! Now of course none of that is true; you are not burdened, defeated, and tormented, you are victorious and free. You are not corrupt, you are washed white and clean in the Blood of the Lamb. And you are doing what you please, for what pleases God pleases you, and God gives you approval in Heaven and in earth and advances you using spiritual means because He is so pleased with your accepting His Son, loving Him, and your doing His Will. But a person who only knows you superficially, a person who only may even meet you once or twice will never know that! Such a person will hear your talk and may well decide that they are better off without God!
And it is not just the un – Believers, it applies for new Believers too. When a person gives their life to Christ, Satan attacks him with all that he has! Furthermore, this person will often not have developed mature faith, knowledge, or power, and though his spirit is redeemed his mind, body, and actions are not yet so. Such people are very vulnerable, literally babes! That is why Christ so often used references to “
being as a little child” and “being born again” to people who accept salvation. Paul revisited this analogy, calling new Believers “babes who are unable to accept meat and had to be fed with milk” in I Corinthians. Are you aware that with your worldly, selfish, vain, unedifying talk that you can further burden their spirit, making it harder for them to continue and develop in Christ? That you may actually contribute to their backsliding? Sure, some people are going to backslide anyway; such things much be and were spoken of by Jesus Christ Himself when He gave the parable of the sower. But when it happens, never let it be because of something that YOU DID, because do not think that you will not be held accountable for it in this world and in the next! Realize that the power of life and death is literally in the tongue (Proverbs 18:31)! Unedifying talk can and will result in physical and spiritual death for yourself and others.  

Isaiah 55:11 says that God’s Word does not return void! Well what does that have to do with us and our words? You have to remember: we are created in the image of God! Consider what Jesus Christ said in John 10:34: “Ye are gods.” To prove that this statement was not mistranslated, Christ was DIRECTLY QUOTING Psalm 82:6! A lot of preachers do not deal with John 10:34 and Psalm 82:6 because they do not understand it, because it conflicts with their religious teaching and traditions, and most of all because it scares them. Therefore, they commit the sin of blaspheming God’s Word, and as a result the true power and understanding of God’s Word is hidden from them! They preach the power of speaking God’s Word, but they do not even know how, why, or what they are saying. We are created in God’s image with some of God’s nature and power! So, just as God’s Word has power and causes things to happen in the natural and spirit world, just as everything that God says has meaning, the same with us! And when we give our lives to Christ and take on the Holy Spirit, that is even more so! That is how come we are able to rebuke and cast out demons. That is how come we are able to tell a mountain to move and be cast into the sea. That is how we are able to use the word of faith. Religious tradition teaches you to concentrate the “faith” part, and yes faith is important. But do not negate the importance of the word! The faith needs a vehicle to operate. Sometimes that vehicle is action, physically getting up and doing things. That is how most saints do, because that is all that we have been taught and all that we have seen. But faith can also work through the word! Recall the centurion whose Hebrew servant was sick of the palsy. Jesus Christ was ready to go lay hands on him to heal him, which is how we Believers operate. But no! The centurion said “Merely speak and my servant will be healed!” Jesus commended the centurion for his faith, and that is what we focus on. But we forget what the centurion had faith IN, which is the Word! The same was true of the Gentile woman who came to Jesus because her daughter was possessed by a demon. Even after Jesus tried to send her away, telling her that He was only to minister the children of
Israel, she had faith in His Word! Now Jesus was not going to go to her daughter and lay hands on her, because it would have been extremely inappropriate, causing all sorts of problems among the Jews that He was trying to convert, for it was against their law and custom for a rabbi to consort with Gentiles, and especially to touch a Gentile woman. Jesus Christ made it clear to the woman that getting the Jews to believe in Him was His only mission at the time, and He was not going to do anything to threaten it. But because the woman believed in the word of faith, Jesus was able to heal her daughter without going to her! And did not Jesus say that we would work greater works than Him? So, if Jesus Christ used the word of faith, then so can we! 

But keep in mind: life AND death are in the tongue. Life AND death are in the tongue! So, if you have the ability to speak God’s Word and thereby do good which is the Will of God, then you also have the power to speak and use evil. Satan knows this, and that is why he is always working to lower and degrade discourse and speech; to get us to speak in the most common vulgar terms possible. We do not even realize how many words and terms in our accepted common discourse have their roots in acts of sex, idolatry, witchcraft, and violence! And that is just the subversive stuff that you will do unawares out of ignorance. But even that works negative power against the Will of God, recall that God said “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)! And that is one of the main reasons why God warns us against vain, intemperate speech. We should only talk when we have to, and when we speak we should plainly say what we mean without oaths or swearing; Christ said that extraneous speaking brings evil! And again, that is just the damage that comes from speech unawares. The even worse damage is done by saying things that we KNOW are wrong. And I am not just talking about lying and gossiping, talking about sin, and giving approval to sin and sinners, although that is plenty bad. I am talking about negative speech; speech that proclaims defeat and harm in your life and others. Speech about turmoil, strife, division, helplessness, and hopelessness. About how hard everything is and how you do not know how you are going to make it. About how that person over there has no chance and will never change. About how someone should just give up, let go, and move on; it may not even be God’s Will for them to receive that blessing. (Speaking without praying is just so wrong!) Talking about your problems and obstacles, and those of others.  

Yeah, you hear me, but you say things happen, right? You say that I have not walked in your shoes and do not know how hard your life is and have not seen the things that you have seen, right? So just how are you supposed to cope with those things? Well take the advice of more than a few old gospel songs: have a little talk with Jesus and tell Him about your troubles! Take it to the Lord in prayer! When you pray to God, you can tell him all of the negative, defeated, fearful stuff, and its power to do harm in the natural and spiritual world gets negated, because God takes over and nullifies them. You say “God does not want to hear that mess from me?” Like God does not hear it when you SPEAK it! Like God does not hear it when you THINK it! (Yes, your thoughts have power in the natural and spiritual realm too, just like God’s thoughts have power.) You say “God will get mad at me and chastise me for bringing this stuff to Him”? Well that is a good thing, for whoever God chastises He loves (Revelation 3:19)!  What God does not want you to do is to speak that mess that you are going through and seeing into the spirit and natural world, doing all sorts of damage. He especially does not want you to internalize it, causing yourself stress and spiritual harm and opening up doors for all sorts of demons to enter and work through you. He does not want to you be ashamed, for shame is not the bread of the redeemed. He does not want you to try to fix it yourself because of shame or arrogance, because God wants to fix it. God wants to be the solution, and all other solutions are fake, temporary ones that will wind up causing more harm than good!  

You have to consider that your actions have CONSEQUENCES. The effects of your actions ripple like waves in a pond, rocking people that you will never meet and continuing long after you are no longer on this earth. Such is the effect of your negative words, such is the effect of your ill – advised failed actions to deal with the circumstances in your life that motivated those words. Your only hope is to take it to God! So do not be given to much speaking, rather to much praying. Once you do that, you will see how things quickly improve for you, all that God has given you (including  your family, finances, job, and church), and the entire Body of Christ. Learn the healing transforming power of words and learn to speak life rather than death today! 



Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please give me faith in the word of faith, and please give me understanding as to what the word of faith means and how to use it to do your will. And Lord, please forgive me for speaking faithlessly and foolishly and please take it from me. Change my nature and increase my knowledge so that I will speak faithlessly, foolishly, and destructively to the hurt of myself and others no more. Thank you Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ I know that it is done! In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 


The demons that works in this area are faithlessness, worldliness, and lack of knowledge. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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